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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Oh We're Having a Threesome?

group scarlet_letter87 2018-05-18

Perry took the opportunity to almost pound my ass with his fingers and I was moaning into the mouth of a complete stranger. I filled my mouth with her hard pink nipple and suckled while my free hand lightly pinched the other. I hadn't really been paying attention to what Perry had been doing, but I realized pretty quickly when I felt his hard cock slid into my own dripping cunt. My fingers plunged in deeper and harder, filling her cunt while Perry's cock did the same to me. My pussy squeezing in Perry's cock as Jane watched my face. Perry came just as I was pulling on her nipple with one hand and slapping at her stretched breast with the other.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 17

group riverboy 2018-05-18

It's beautiful this time of day," she said to Kathy and Ron. They wandered off down the trail, and Penny wasted no time telling me what was on her mind. You're such a nice guy, I couldn't get you to do somethin' wrong even if I wanted to," she said, and she gave me a nice wet kiss just as Kathy and Ron approached. I had a feeling, since there's only two places to sleep," Kathy said, winking at her old friend Penny. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not," Penny said and she winked at me and smiled, in full view off Kathy and Ron. "Two can play at that game," Kathy said quietly, and I watched her head move slowly down Ron's body and suck in his cock.


Therese & Liz Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2018-05-18

"This is so hot," she finally said and we all turned to stare at her, though Therese never stopped sucking Curt's cock. I don't know if she was concerned that we didn't have enough room or that her ass was aimed right at us or if she just wanted to continue getting fucked, but Therese straightened up and moved to straddle Curt just as Liz was straddling me. I was more focused on Liz's ass in my hands, her tits bouncing in front of me and her hot pussy moving up and down my tool so I was just aware that Therese had changed positions and didn't pay much attention otherwise.

Kelly Ch. 5

group CalWriter 2018-05-18

We guys took of our clothes and started stroking our cocks as the ladies got naked and into a wicked sixty-nine. The sight of my girlfriend getting fucked by a handsome older man was turning me on to no end, and I could tell Bob enjoyed the sight of his wife being taken by a young stud. Kelly came behind me and massaged my balls as I gently thrust my cock into Bob. I worked it in slowly, letting him get used to being fucked. Kelly stroked my cock as it went in and out of Bob, lubing up her fingers. Kelly let out a little squeal as Bob drove his cock into her ass. He then pulled out and started stroking my balls as Kelly rode my cock.

Saturday Night at the Movies

group sophiewilliams 2018-05-18

As I waited to see if my new friend would be joining us, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of the look on his face when he discovered he was buying tickets to watch Harry Potter. Instinctively I turned to Mike and felt the hands on my breasts stop. Recognising the voice of the grey-haired man I tilted my head around and they both smiled at me, still with my breasts in their hands. "Yes, baby, that's it," the grey-haired man grunted, "fuck that pussy with your fingers. "By the way I'm Gary," the grey-haired man said, "and this is Ritchie." Again we all chuckled as Richie stripped off and sat on the toilet.

Taken To The Woods

group patuk54 2018-05-18

"That's ok Pat, we have just got your latest letter and it has given Margo ideas as to how to turn her punters on, so thanks for that, the thought of you meeting a stranger and being taken to the woods and used by all was very original and erotic." Jack butted in. I felt all nice inside, as Margo took the phone off her husband and was laughing and thanking me, giving Jack time to recover his breath and composure before trying to make this date with Me. I felt the atmosphere, knowing we were being looked over, but feeling the whole of Jack's erection sliding into my eager wetness overshadowed every doubt I had of the experience that I had enjoyed so far as he was soon probing deeply inside me.


Julian And Jadzia Meet Seven Of Nine

group XXXNoBounds 2018-05-18

mumbled as she began to work on Seven's left nipple with her tongue. started to lick and suck Seven's right tit, occasionally pulling at the While we had been kissing, Jadzia had been busy licking every inch of Seven's Jadzia began to stroke Seven's breasts and pinch her nipples was feeling the crack of Seven's ass with one hand and holding Jadzia's Fortunately Jadzia pulled back and told Seven "Now it's his turn!" Seven of Nine lowered her head to Jadzia's own snatch and began to lick her she moved her mouth towards my cock and began to flick her tongue at the tip. Jadzia too moved her mouth to my cock and began to lick it gently waiting for

Fun Times and Threesomes

group aussie_101 2018-05-18

I could tell right away that there was something going on between Jamie and Brett. My sister Jamie is two years younger than me: a mother of two, happily married to Mick. All of the above background, plus the knowledge that Jamie and her husband Mick had the strongest and safest relationship one could ever hope to achieve, definitely had me raising my eyebrows as I observed Jamie and Brett together at one of our regular family brunches. Brett's back was turned to me, but I saw him turn to say something into Jamie's ear. This earned a truly beatific grin from Jamie, all warmth and delight, and I saw her turn and murmur something in return.


Vacation Adventures Ch. 02

group NoontimeGhost 2018-05-18

Then they all headed downstairs, Laura going to the hostel, and Emily and Jeremy telling her they'd meet her there. "Hey," after he left her that day she wasn't sure whether she was just a quick fuck, of whether he planned to come back. As her orgasm wore off she got back into the rhythm, meeting each thrust with her ass pushing off the bed. She wanted to know what Emily was doing, but she couldn't look back at her, she could only occasionally look up at Jeremy as he watched his cock disappear past her lips. Laura wasn't sure what she was talking about, but when she got out of bed it was rather obvious. Laura stared at Emily as Michael filled her ass.

my wife a old friend and a new cuckhold who is me

group 2018-05-18

i go to get up and tom say's no bitch suck and push's me back down sarha takes off here silk gown and hag's it up my uncle is just looking and eyeing sarha my uncle asked for me and ben told him to have a set. he undid his pants pulled his pants and underwear down then just toke them off all togather gets sarha by the arm and says suck my dick my ucle lens back and sarha sucking his ols fat cock good as i am ben ben gets up and brings sarha to the liveing room and tells my uncle to fuck her my own uncle said not yet and yells come here bitch looking at me and tell me to get on my kness and suck his dick and i do after i sucked him a good 5 min he has sarha on her hands and knees as he fuck her doggie he did not last long he shot his cum deep in her fast.

The Marital Pick-Up Wager

group 2018-05-18

I knew I would be cleaning the pool since guys hit on Babs all the time but the thought of walking in on her having sex with a stranger in our house was so hot that I was looking forward to losing. Babs smiled at me and said it was her turn, so I moved over and began sucking and licking her pussy and clit. When Greg had made Molly orgasm, he moved over to Cindy and I started fingering Molly’s pussy while eating out my very hot and sexy wife. Babs knew I needed a break and asked Molly and Cindy if they wanted to join her with Greg.

Trip To The Lake House

group JanetNTom4U 2018-05-18

My pussy was soaking wet and I told Tom that I should have went ahead and let the four guys at the party that offered me three hundred dollars cash to gang fuck me like they were asking me to let them do so I wouldn't be so damn frustrated. After about thirty more minutes of silence and sunning my breast and letting our two new young friends drool all over them selves, I got up and picked up my towel and kissed Tom and told him I would see him inside later and turned and waved and said to Danny and Brad, "Bye guys, hope to see you again." Their eyes were glued to my tits so I just smiled and walked away back to the house.


Second Honeymoon Ch. 02

group Roboboy 2018-05-18

I reached behind me ad wrapped my fingers around his hard cock, turning my attention back to Gerry and Sue. Tom reached into my crotch and I spread my legs to give him complete access. Just as I was about to turn around to let Tom enter me from behind, I felt Gerry's hard cock pressing against my hand. The guys got up and refilled our glasses, getting themselves new beers, and when they sat down they switched places - Tom was by me and Gerry was alongside Sue. Naturally, we all started fondling and groping our new partners, but there was no urgency to it.


The Pleasure Chest Erotic Emporium

group MrDeviant 2018-05-18

Serena was into the whole shrink wrap and orgasm denial tease and Mistress Samantha liked to assfuck me. Like a good little slut she kept her mouth open awaiting a cock or pussy to use her. I pulled hard on sluts hair as I worked my way toward her deepest, darkest nightmare fantasy and my cock must surely have been in her throat by now. Day two for slut was winding to a close as 2 am quickly approached and finally I released her from suspension, but only after first filling her mouth with the apple sized head of my cock and making her lick and suck it clean after being in her ass.


Hot Bi Threesom

group 2018-05-18

He was talking to me and my wife (I was in between both of them) and he kept moving a bit closer, but his cock was so hard, I couldn't keep my eyes off of it, and he loved it. We were talking about Hooters girls and how we loved the nylons (I have a bit of a nylon fetish) and my wife told him she had a Hooters uniform (its in our profile pics) and how excited it got me when she dressed up. I think its one of the few times my wife actually watched me suck a cock, and she moved her body so she could see better.

Something Different Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-18

In the midst of it, a sharp attraction I had felt towards two coworkers, Francine and Catherine, had crossed over into a series of sexual encounters, and then into a tender romantic relationship with Catherine for a short time. If it weren't for the emotional baggage weighing me down right now, having been with four different women in the past week, five if you include Alana's friend Alicia last night, would be considered a fantastic thing. It was near the end of the day when I felt firm hands grabbing a hold on my shoulders, pressing and caressing. Still swaying her hips in a slow erotic dance, she sucked her fingers into her mouth, then reached down and whipped the blouse up and over her head, revealing a matching black lacy bra that barely contained her large tits.


Margot's Morning

group Belinda Blue 2018-05-18

Rolling onto her side, and raising one leg, Margot brought her other hand down, reaching around her leg, and gently pushing a finger all the way into her vagina. As she pushed another, and then another, finger inside herself, she began sliding the skin around her clitoris back and forth, squeezing the shaft, gently masturbating the exquisite organ like a minuscule penis. And you want to feel my hot cum spurting inside that horny wet cunt, don't you." Margot nodded to her imaginary lovers, stroking her clitoris faster, thrusting deeper into herself- into her cunt- with her fingers. Margot's thighs began shaking, her one hand deep inside her, the other furiously rubbing her clitoris.

Bar Games

group luvalot 2018-05-18

Ginger moaned and nodded, spreading her legs as far as she could in the tight skirt, while Jake continued to finger her hot young pussy. Suddenly, Jake pulled out, grabbed his dick, tugged on it a little, and squirted his creamy cum all over Ginger’s tits. Obediently, Ginger opened her mouth, and began sucking hard, while Kev still kept thrusting his cock furiously into her open cunt. When the coat was wide open, Ginger reached down between her legs, and began to play with her pussy, opening her legs wider, so the cops could watch her fingers sliding in and out. “Oh yeah, screw the slut,” the driver said, pulling hard on his stiff dick, watching his mate fucking the girl.

Nebraska in the East Village

group frank11101_2004 2018-05-18

Steve looked at her with wild eyes, desperate for her mouth to return to his hard cock, but Ann and Lisa turned to each other and started kissing. As Ann was laying down with her head pointing at him, he looked down at her tits, her nipples hard and red and watched Lisa smiling at him and starting to lick at Ann's cunt with long exaggerated strokes, driving her tongue into Ann's dripping pussy, coming up with her lips shiny with pussy juices, and he thought of driving his hard cock into Ann's mouth, imagining it was him sucking another guy's big hard cock.


My First Dual Encounter

group teacherlady123 2018-05-18

He pulled me to the bed and knelt behind me, releasing the tension of my day by rubbing my shoulders, kissing my neck, and reaching into my top, freeing my breasts from my bra. Soon enough, the panties came off too, and he was sucking my nipples, squeezing my breasts, and rubbing my smooth pussy, when we heard a knock on the hotel room door. We had brief introductions, and then my friend asked, "Where were we?" as he pushed me onto the bed and began to suck my hard nipples again. I moaned in pleasure at another new sensation, one cock deep in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time!

Two Hot Dates

group CyberBitch 2018-05-17

"ha" Tess said, "I dont think we need to ask that question" She walked over to her and took her hand, pulling her into the room, they all watched as she ran her fingers over her cheek, "you wanna be our slut for the night?" "MMMMMMM" he moaned as he walked towards Tess, he grabbed her from behind, she felt his hard cock pressing against her ass, his eyes never leaving the sight of the slut licking and sucking Micheals huge cock, "mmmm" he thought, "I want a taste of that too".


Lottery Price Pt. 06

group Worldandmore 2018-05-17

I think Jane also enjoyed as Helen was eating her pussy and fucked her with fingers. Girls were changing, one was riding his hard standing dick while the other kept her pussy against his head to be licked. I just want to ask where is Helen when she came to us and start caressing Li's back up to her ass and pussy in front of my eyes. I saw Rosie had Peters dick deep in her ass while Jane used a dildo to fuck her pussy. Saying that she lower herself on Peters dick and I start to fuck her pussy. I saw my girl losing her mind from being fucked by two hard standing dicks that were stretching her holes to the limits.


The Gift

group miss_eve 2018-05-17

What is he thinking?" Izzie thought to herself as Mark moved in behind her and put his arms around her body, shockingly reaching for and fondling her naked breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers, pressing on her neck with his lips and tongue. Izzie squealed as Jane quickly knelt down and placed her head between her legs, licking at her swollen lips, continuing to finger her deep inside, Mark still slowly pumping at her hand from behind. Mark pulled Jane's top over her head, removing it with a quick yank and quickly moved his hands to the soft skin of her breasts; he put his hands inside the cups of her bra and Jane tensed as he teased her already hard nipples.


Surprise at the Adult Arcade

group Tinman 2018-05-17

Feeling nervous, but already getting horny at the thought of watching some beauties suck and fuck, I had to rearrange old "George" in my pants to minimize my own "show" before I went in. It showed a very pretty, dark-haired girl spread on the edge of a hot tub moaning as her guy was licking her clit, rubbing her belly, and squeezing her butt. At first I was too busy pleasuring my slippery cock to pay much attention, but after a few minutes it got through to me that the sound seemed to be coming from next door, and I looked around the booth. Pressed up against that wall, moaning, lost in pleasure, my prick inside her soft, sweet, fiery mouth, I soon lost it, squirting four or five long streams of hot cream into her waiting throat.