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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Perfect Model

group seyeregit 2018-05-17

He was a creature of habit and Linda found it frustrating g that even though she had taken so much care to maintain her figure, even after having two children, Mark never seemed to notice. At least not in the lustful way that she wanted, Mark was always a gentleman, always proper and nice and Linda was sometimes bored of this too. "Oh don't worry—we get new comers all the time," said the girl as she asked Linda to wait. Michael came up from behind and put his tape around Linda's breasts as Jake watched. Linda gave a gasp as he slowly unzipped her skirt and his hand found her way into her panties.

Different type of dogging

group splatter_her_face 2018-05-17

Still he stood there so I went over to the girl I was seeing, got my hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees before giving her bum a nice squeeze and running my fingers against her pussy entrance before slipping a finger in and checking how ready she was. She was still wet , but felt a bit tighter than Helen as I pulled her bum-cheeks apart and guided my dick inside her. This really turned me on so I pulled her pussy lips apart and buried my dick balls deep into her , she turned to her mate and said "Jesus , what does he feed that thing on, it feels like its coming up my bl**dy throat".

Wife's Fantasy

group petrelis 2018-05-17

"Umm I dont think that's a very good idea Karen, why not I want to see her suck my mans huge cock while I fuck her ass." With this she ripped Karas mask off. Karen!!"shut up bitch I know it was you, I have been looking at those tits, that arse for years wondering what it would be like to fuck you, take my mans cock and suck it that's it suck it hard while I drive this cock up your arse, now Ken, cum in her mouth, that's it shoot that load." My cum oozed from Kara'mouth dripping on her luscious tits.

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 02

group JohnEvans 2018-05-17

"Principal Schwartz!" exclaimed Cindy Brown, who was the school's nurse and almost identical to Sarah Stevens, except that she was tanned and had brown hair, while Sarah was fair-skinned and blond. Cindy walked up to Adam and Jeremy and reached down to their crotches to fondle their cocks through their pants. Cindy started stroking Adam's dick as she leaned over the other way to lick the head of Jeremy's cock. Cindy's mouth came off Jeremy's cock with a pop and she said to Adam, "Waiting for an invitation?" Cindy smiled that Sarah's last remark was in the past tense and said, "Schwartz was going to cancel the bet because she didn't know how to pull it off.


On The Set

group blklthrjkt 2018-05-17

Once Brad and Bambi were on the set, they would not be wearing underwear, and a penis or vagina getting into the shot would ruin the scene, at least for US cable channels. The Assistant Director called Brad and Bambi to the set, and after a few last minute touch ups by the makeup department we were ready to go. As the camera reached the end of the dolly track, the director whispered to me, "Take it back the other direction and keep shooting." I agreed that this was a good scene and the action looked very realistic. My balls contracted as Brad greedily sucked my cock deep into his throat, Bambi was moaning loudly as her orgasm began to rumble through her body.


A Demon, A Witch and Frankenstein

group geronimo_appleby 2018-05-17

I saw the stain of her lipstick around the cock shaft and then, for the first time in my life, I took another man's penis in my hand. The witch groaned as well and I looked into her eyes as I finally took the man's big glans into my mouth. I felt another hot spray gush against my lips and then the witch had her mouth fully around the spitting cock head and was taking it all down her throat. As the witch lowered her face into the sofa and sobbed her release to the room, the man grunted as well and I saw his fingers dig deep into the soft flesh along the witch's juddering flanks.


Watch Me

group jmfk527 2018-05-17

Jamieka was away for the weekend with her boyfriend, and I really didn’t have any other friends to speak of .I then turned on my laptop and decide to explore the World Wide Web. After about 30 minutes of this I discovered that the World Wide Web wasn’t very entertaining at all but I could order a pair of Prada shoes I had my eyes on for about month for only $200, this was a bargain because in the mall they were damn near $500. Again dreams of me and Eric took over my dreams, along with the thoughts of Shantell eating my pussy intertwined with # 1 and #2 fucking in both holes at the same time.


group Chuck_etal 2018-05-17

As Kia opened a new deck of cards with the airline's logo on the back (of course), I said to Lisa, "Don't break out the bottles yet—they're part of the game." Kia shuffled the cards a few times, and then dealt to Lisa, Annie, me, and herself. We turned over our cards, and I had a 3 of Clubs, Lisa had an 8 of Clubs, Kia had a King of Hearts, and Annie had an Ace of Diamonds. When they turned over their new cards, Lisa had a 7 of Hearts, Kia showed 5 of Clubs, and Annie lost with a Queen of Diamonds. "Another interesting aspect to this game," I casually said, "Is the opportunity for PAYBACK!" I looked at Annie, rubbed my hands together and licked my lips as she had done to me.


"My Best Friend & His s****r"

group adel5000 2018-05-17

After our drive and 3 hour hike to the waterfall and setting up camp, Mike said time to cool off stripped down and jumped in the pond, this really shocked me since his s****r was there but just like that she had stripped down and jumped in right after him, so what the hell I did the same. Peggy broke the kiss and moved down to lick the head of his dick as Mike looked toward me and saw me watching he just gave me a smile and waved for me to join them. I quickly removed my shorts but I wasn't sure what to do so I just scooted over next to Mike and then as Peggy was giving Mike Head she reached over and started stroking my dick.

How I Earned Extra Money

group ARGEE 2018-05-17

Suzie couldn’t agree with that thought, but when George explained she would receive $50 for each half hour modeling session, just for holding a man’s cock in her hand, it became another matter for her to think about. He came over to her and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and simply said, “I have already told you these photographs will not be seen locally – they are all for the overseas market!” George then asked Suzie what her husband thought of her being in the pornographic pictures. Suzie wondered what this would be, but wasn’t kept waiting long because George said, “Suzie, you have done such a wonderful job, doing everything we have asked you, that I would like you now to start having photographs taken with you actually sucking the men’s cocks!”


The Marathon - Night 2

group 2018-05-17

She was facing away from the table, so they got a great view of her plump ass and pussy peeking out when her skirt came up. Taking advantage of her head hanging over the edge of the bar stool, about a half dozen guys skull fucked her, she obediently opening her mouth for each as they grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting into her. The last guy finished, and then grabbed a pool cue off the nearby table and shoved the fat end inside of her. The crowd started taking bets “One minute!” a buy yelled “5 minutes” one woman said.

First Time Bi

group Dragon Dreamer 2018-05-17

I quickly unzipped and dropped my jeans, and as I looked up, Mary, still with Paul's cock in her mouth, spread her legs in my direction and winked. She moaned even louder around Paul's cock, and her hips began to gyrate, so I wrapped my arm around her leg to hold her steady as I began to lick and suck with a passion. I closed my eyes as they both started licking their way down my stomach, and when I opened them again, they each lay with their heads on either side of my cock, looking at each other, as I looked down, they both looked up, then Mary pulled my cock towards her and engulfed it.


Cock Star

group Rubirosa 2018-05-17

A casual lover called. I asked for details. Fucking trumps talking. The phone fell to the floor. I hung up without saying goodbye, donned a trench coat over my lingerie like some clichéd centerfold, and ventured out into the cool night air. Orgasmic K.O. His hips slow from fourth to second gear. Samson is in my bed. He fucks me for the finale. Typical guy date: five hours of talk/five minutes of sex. Samson date: five minutes of talk/five hours of sex. I don't know his birth date. He get laid like a cock star. Samson conquers armies by day. I miss our fucking. A multiple orgasm is emotional. Getting fucked all night is emotional.

Surprise Surprise

group flutter_by 2018-05-17

I brought up my knees and started rubbing at my clit as I held on to Rob-Lees arse and pushed him deeper into my mouth, sucking faster as I could feel myself cumming again. As I came I felt Rob-lee tense and he came, his spunk hitting the back of my throat and trickling slowly down I swallowed and carried on sucking as he moved his hand to my clit rubbing it with me. Pulling my head towards him Rob-Lee kissed me hard and I felt the passion run from his mouth. "C'mon baby." Rob-Lee held out his hand for me to get out the car, my legs felt like lead and I heaved myself out.


The Loan Officer

group latinafmm2 2018-05-17

"I wonder how you feel about women who make the first move Mr. Griffin." A half smile was his only answer as I got to my knees, undid his belt, and then his jeans and pulled a long, he had to be 9'' at least, very thick, 4" around, cock from his pants and wrapped my lips around it. Rachel knelt before us and licked and sucked my pussy and his balls while he fucked deep into my ass. I moved from off his lap, and pushed her to the floor so that I could lick and suck at her pussy better, I needed to taste her on my lips, she moaned and pleaded with me to stop when she got closer, and if I stopped or slowed she would beg for me to keep going.

78% debt

Las Vegas Gang Bang

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-05-17

"Hi, come on in, sorry we started without you." Two black men came in and took in the lights, porn running on DVD, pumping-beat music piped throughout the room, wine bottles and glasses lined up on the bar, and a woman being fucked doggie style on the bed, nearly fully dressed except for her bare cunt being rammed and her tits peeking out of her top. Her elbows were supporting her, but she turned her hands palms up and said, "Give me your cocks to stroke, I want to feel how hard you are, watching me get my brains fucked out!" Then she lay back, her knees went to her chest and her head lay back over the edge of the backside of the table where black number two was waiting for his opportunity.


Taking Control: By His Rules

group CateJ 2018-05-17

I wanted you to feel like a naughty little slut, wearing nothing but underwear under your coat as you took the tube here to meet me. I gripped the top of her thong and pulled it tight, watching the fabric disappear into her pussy, she moaned softly as it rubbed against her and I stopped immediately. "It's okay if you want to make noise," I leant over her back until my mouth was by her ear, I purposely pressed my semi against her, letting her feel the rough denim of my jeans against her tender skin. I slipped my free hand between her body and the bed and pulled gently on her pussy, baring her nub to my fingers.


Ex wife lets pal check out pussy

group gdhubby 2018-05-17

My ex wife who my best friend couldn't stand because of her personality, and always said "I can't see what you see in her" and I'd hint about her pussy being so tight. Scot had never done a passed out girl, or expected to, but I had gotten consent to several times with other women, and had with her when we were married. There's a thrill seeing a good friend pop off in your wife's great pussy, and really enjoying it, it's like sharing and showing off. Her body responded to our steady attentions, orgasming three times with out a hint of wakening..something Scot thought couldn't happen. I made sure she watched Scot getting off in her, and pointed out how full of cum her pussy was which turned her on.

Kitten Gets Some Creme

group Mr_Occupant357 2018-05-17

It slowly moved up her body like a wave and as Mark was pounding her pussy with longer and deeper thrusts she was starting to lose herself again. Caleb looked down her and replied," Shut up slut and keep sucking." He took a fist full of her hair and guided her head to his mouth. "Stop calling me a slut." Then she started to peak again, this time was different, and Mark had taken his finger and slid it into her ass. Then she turned around to look at Mark pulling out his cock and start to slide it into her ass. As his Mark started to use her breasts as a fuck toy, looked up as his face.

Adventures of a Naked Man

group StatesOfUnrest 2018-05-17

He came in and started picking out clothes to wear for the party, the football guys were watching TV and drinking beer and they hadn't noticed that he had come in yet. "Oh, you know, just getting ready for that party later," Bill replied, and started leaving again, unfortunately the biggest guy was up from the couch and grabbed him before he got out the door, he pulled him back in and was smiling so big that Bill could see that he was missing a few molars. Bill, noticing what this must look like turned and ran and Susie, too angry to care that she was butt naked, ran after him right out into the halls screaming, "Oh don't even think about taking my fucking robe!!"


BJ Bliss Ch. 07 Mother Daughter

group masterandmargarita 2018-05-17

"Katrin, did I tell you who I finally met the other day?" Mom asked as we laid by the pool in reclining lawn chairs on a particularly hot and sweaty afternoon. "I'm sorry, sötis," Mom said as she flipped on to her stomach and untied her bikini top. I experimented with a variety of different cocks and learned how to make them squirt with my mouth and hands, like a true Spear Maiden," she said with a laugh. Eric needs to borrow a dry t-shirt and shorts," she said, suddenly putting on her demanding mom-tone. I've seen it all." I can only imagine the look on Eric's face when my bikini-clad mom asked, in so many words, for him to strip completely naked in front of her.


How to Stop Smoking Ch. 16

group Jim McKay 2018-05-17

Jane rubbed some jell on my cock and began slipping the ring on, easing it all the way down to the base. Renee' began to suck on Yolanda's pussy, spreading the pussy lips further so she could stick her hot tongue deep into it. Jane forced her hot pussy against my mouth and I began to lick and suck. Jane began to suck my cock while Renee' straddled my face, easing her hot pussy down to my mouth. Yolanda waited until Jane mounted my stiff cock, then began to lick and massage my balls as Jane fucked me. Jane was sliding up and down the length of my cock as I licked and sucked Yolanda's hot pussy.



group tate66 2018-05-17

He could only stay for the first afternoon but she was free to enjoy it any way she wanted for the rest of the time. I wanted to crawl between Sheba's thighs to bury my face in her pussy. A very tall young man stood naked stroking his monster cock. Certainly I was mesmerized by the size of him because Sheba had to ask me twice if I wanted to join in. Sheba floated in the room in a silk robe with the fully dressed young stud trailing. We chatted, we teased and by the time my drink was gone Bill was massaging my thighs. Sheba's dark skin and Bill's white skin in my face and on my face while his pink cock slid in and out of her engorged pussy.

Night Nurse Ch. 03

group david62 2018-05-17

James looked at his wife, with a fixed, angry stare, as Anna started to explain. "James, for goodness sake, I didn't let them do anything, they tied me up and raped me, haven't you been listening to what I said?" Anna replied, trying to control her own anger. Anna did as she was told and James forced his semi erect penis in her mouth, holding her head with one hand as she licked and sucked him to erection. When James finished, he withdrew and dressed again silently, then went upstairs leaving Anna alone. "Thank you for being sensible Anna and yes, Matron on the private Wing is expecting you now for an induction," Mrs grant said, in a kindly tone, to soften the blow.