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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Party: Engaged in Infidelity

group LeoDavis 2018-05-17

As Linda turned to face us, the panel in her front swung partially to the side, exposing most of the insides of her thighs, and the little weighted strips on her breasts nearly exposed her areolae completely. She wrapped her arms around me, crushed her breasts against me, kissed me fully on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth, and ground her pubic bone against my erection. "This should feel really good, too!" I said, and I reached my freezing-cold left hand across my body and rubbed it over both of her breasts. I reached up and began to rub Linda's breasts, tweaking on her nipples. After a couple of minutes, her rhythmic grunting started again, and her hips began to push hard against my thigh as I raised my left leg against her.


Remember When Ch. 01

group PaulStevens 2018-05-17

That got his mind going and looking in Katy and Mel's direction he said to them, "Hey you guys remember that night that Ashley was out of town for that conference?" Katy smiled mischievously and nodded Mel too smiled. "Well let's just say leaving your man alone with Katy next door, not a good idea Ashley." Mel said with a smile. We do this thing well you know..." Brandon did, he had watched that 'thing' several times and it never got old to watch Ashley and Katy make Mel cum that hard. "Yes, it's him." She said directing Brandon to a seat on the couch near Mel, "Ashley's out of town tonight so I asked him to stay here with us tonight."

Life After Divorce

group Clohi 2018-05-17

Nigel held my pussy open with his fingers as Sean leaned in and touched his tongue to my wet, sensitive cunt. As I sucked Sean’s cock, both Sean and Nigel stroked my head. As I sucked him hard and fast, Nigel slowly pushed the tip of his cock into my pussy. I looked down at Scott again and watched him stroke his cock, rolling his hand around the tip. Sean pulled his finger from my ass and then I felt the tip of his cock at my opening. Slowly, as Nigel kissed my mouth, Sean pushed his cock inside me. Nigel and Sean fucked me harder, both of them moaning as they pushed up inside me.

Nice Things

group Master_and_Sex_Kitten 2018-05-17

Even as I thought this at the time, sitting at the bar with my one drink, I watched him start to eye off the young ones, mentally licking his lips like a big cat predator in Africa or somewhere. I thought about the young girls who could have ended up in this position and what would have likely happened to them if Bobby and Jake had gotten their hands on them, and thinking this I jerked the boys off faster, sucking each of their heads one after the other. For a brief moment I felt him press against my asshole, moaning around Bobby's cock and stiffening with fear, but then Jake moved it and slid his length into my pussy roughly, his longer shaft going deep inside me with little effort.


Jennifer, the Cumbucket Ch. 02

group dpaul 2018-05-17

Jennifer stood in front of the mirror and felt a brief sensation of shame, but looked down to her enlarged 36D breasts, gave them a squeeze and a jiggle and realized one day of getting doused and drowned in a gallon of cum was worth a lifetime of big tits. Katie realized that she had no choice and now knew what her sister meant when she said 'let them do what they want.' Katie took the cock into her wet mouth and felt her skirt being pushed up her back. Jennifer glanced over, as much as she could with a cock stuffed down her throat, and saw him shoot his cum into her little sister. Jennifer quickly pulled off the two guys she was sucking and fucking and hurried over to her bent over sister who was getting a face full of cum.


After Hours

group ade773 2018-05-17

As for Hannah, she had just gotten out of a long relationship with a guy who, as from what it sounded like, didn't know anything in bed. Knowing that Jared likes his ass, I decided to spread his cheeks with my hands and give my tongue a little tour. There was, though, and a little bit of Jared's hot, sticky cum got onto Hannah's lips. For the next few minutes Hannah and I sat across from each other, looking over each other's breasts and stomachs and pussies—the parts of each other we wouldn't be seeing come tomorrow morning—and we smiled at each other, getting ourselves pleasured by the same person at the same time.

The Wedding Party

group Sully_M 2018-05-17

Lana and Danielle looked at James as if he'd grown a third head while Mark nodded ecstatically. Lana and James had been together for over a year while Danielle and Mark had gravitated towards each other in an unspoken sexual attraction fueled by the fact that neither of them were in relationships. Danielle looked over her shoulder to see Lana grinding her ass into James while they made out. Both women were equally gorgeous and out to please him as he felt Lana's hand on his balls while Danielle leaned over him grinding her clit into his lower abdomen while picking up the pace on his cock; her wetness making it all the more better as it coated his shaft and slicked down between his legs.

Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 06

group BarryandDiane 2018-05-17

Steven licked deep into Diane and paused at the top, wagging his tongue back and forth, his nose pressing on her clit. Not wishing to miss out on all the fun I crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Diane, my own rock hard cock next to her luscious lips. Holding her tightly Steven gently but firmly slid his cock into my wife's silky pussy once again. "OH GOD!" she gasped as he entered her, and Diane resumed sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Diane was moaning and gasping around my dick as Steven bucked, her tits swaying with each stroke. A couple more strokes and Steven gasped, then erupted shooting hot gobs of cum deep into Diane.

Club Paradise Ch. 05

group dutchpantyraider 2018-05-17

For the ladies understood very clear that it had been our cocks hanging through the wall of the Mirrored Room, and that they had obtained a lot of sexual pleasure from it without exactly knowing whose genitals they had been playing with. Another bell, the moving railing, stepping back, losing contact with the fluff girl, the turning carousel, the second bell and... "At every next bell, you step back instantly for the carousel will start to turn right away. During the fucking you may hold on to the thighs or hips of the girl, but you must use your cock in the way it was meant to be at all times.


Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 03: Kelly

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-05-17

I wondered whether it was because of the story Berni was telling, or because he was in bed with two girls, or because he knew my hand had been working its slow way to his penis. I knew nothing would ever come of it, of course; but here she was, sitting on the bed naked, right next to me, visibly aroused, while her boyfriend gives me my first fucking... Or Bernie suddenly reaching down and rubbing her boyfriend's cum into my breasts, giving me a small smile and nod of her head that was her way of saying this was payback for making her feel so good a few minutes earlier.

Happy New Year

group mistyfox 2018-05-17

“Hey,” Dixon said as he moved closer to me, “there’s not much we can do until this party winds down, which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon.” He moved up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I felt Bryce and Jacobs repositioning themselves and pulled away from Dixon to see what they were doing. “Get on your knees,” Jacobs said, moving closer to me, with his cock in his hand. My mouth continued it’s dance over Jacobs shaft and I saw Bryce stroking his own cock. Dixon was finger fucking me, and licking me at the same time and I felt the first spasm come over me. “My turn,” said Jacobs, making me realize that I was sucking on Bryce.

Travelogue Ch. 05

group BradBigBrain 2018-05-17

Tomas and Bryt began kissing as soon as we got in the spa. Two beautiful women, one a Yank, one a Brit, were sucking my cock in a hot tub in Rio. I needed a release or I needed to stop. Bryt grabbed my cock and started stroking it, while rubbing the head against her tits. Then she licked my balls and continued up my shaft, until she got to the head of my cock and Bryt's nipple. Watching these two gorgeous women suck Tomas off made me extremely hard and I was hoping that Bryt wanted to watch me fuck Maria while she worked on bringing "little Tomas" back to life.

From Romania With Love Ch. 1

group St_Julian 2018-05-17

His hot mouth sought her succulent pink nipples for a gentle feast as his hand fluttered down to her pubic mound and started to gently massage it, moving forward slowly, to that secret fold that hid her moist love bud. Pushing forward firmly, Chevy felt the pressure of Beth's hymen against his cock head, and felt the membrane burst apart to allow his dick to stretch her insides to fit him. Lifting her left leg and placing it over his shoulder, he pulled his cock all the way out and reinserted it slowly, pushing in until the base of his dick was flush with her pubic mound.


The Circle Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-05-17

Monica was cuddled against Bob toying with his flaccid cock, Zoey with Jim, and Alice and Sheila with Matt who had his arms around both women stroking their breasts. It's Tracy – Jim's sister, and she looks determined." She added, "Go into the bedroom, and I'll see if I can get rid of her." The two had met at a fast food restaurant downtown weeks earlier when Jim had introduced them and they had lunch together; he explained that Alice was his primary source of dating help with the ice princesses. "I thought we might spend the rest of the night talking about that one question and I wanted to allow enough time," Bob said with a smile back at her.


The Plant Whore Ch. 03

group brownsugar1976 2018-05-17

"You said you wanted to be my whore, so I'm treating you like one." And even though I said that it hurt, my pussy felt super-charged, and even through the shame, I still wanted to feel David's cum spurt inside me. "Fuck -- what an unbelievable feeling!" I unzipped John's pants and began to stroke his cock as well. I love being your slut!" I continued to suck John's stiffness down my throat, while David corkscrewed in and out of my wet pussy. I continued to slurp John's cock, and David started playing with my clit while he fucked me. David pulled out of my pussy and slipped just the head of his cock inside my ass.

A Visit to San Francisco

group Nemarle 2018-05-17

Tonight you'll have all access, which means the dance floor, bar, both the upstairs and downstairs showers and Jacuzzis are open, and there are towels and lockers for you to use just around the corner through those next set of doors." He points to his right, our left. Amanda and I walked until we found a place to sit and we giggled at the looks we were getting from everyone around us. And when I got close to orgasm, people were playing with my hair, putting their hands on me (I don't know how many, but it felt like a lot of people) and cheering me on as I breathed heavy and started to cum.

Rita and the Boys

group Damanshot2 2018-05-17

Rita approached our table and said, "look guys, this will never happen again, and the only reason it may happen now is that the bar was empty except for us and that I need the money for school". Joe moved his well lubed cock to Rita's ass and gently began pushing the head into that luscious hole. This girl knew how to give a blowjob for Frank began pumping her mouth, Joe and I developed a rhythm in her cunt and ass. Rita removed Franks cock from her mouth long enough to let Joe know to shoot his seed into her and that Mark and I should do the same.

In The Sac

group RonCabo 2018-05-17

Directly behind his wife, Derek couldn't help but notice that Tammy was braless beneath the nearly sheer through not transparent t-shirt she was wearing. Though she was no real competition for Kim, the somewhat sultry image Tammy offered, with her short shorts and nice legs, would provide Derek with a pleasant mental image when he soaped his cock in the shower. All the while, Derek tried to position himself so he could keep and eye on Tammy's jiggling tits without being caught by his own wife or Greg. Still, Derek was the kind of guy who saw someone like Tammy and couldn't help but having fantasies.


Don't Bring me Flowers!!

group blueeyes57 2018-05-17

My partner sent me out to the pub to join my mate and watch the football.She was going to be busy on the phone anyway,talking sex with other guys,she said she might even do a bit of camming for them if she could be arsed.I knew she would though,it was wednesday and her favourite cock would be on there,big Dave was his name.Every wednesday he would b there with his nine inch thick cock and a knob she said looked like ther head of a lump hammer. Anyway,I joined my mates at the pub and watched the game.It was shite and infact the night was a big drag.I was just thinking about pissing off home early when I spotted a young girl in a tight top and short skirt sitting at the far end of the bar all alone and at the exact same momment she spotted me.

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 01

group flashgordon562006 2018-05-17

Diane laughed and said that Richard is popular with the women, mostly because of the size of his cock and that he is a good fuck and that he cums like a horse. Lisa looked over and told Diane to leave Richard alone if he wants his cock hard, let him and she was ok with it. Lisa looked at me and gave me a yes nod and told Diane that she was fine with doing it tonight with Richard fucking her in front of her and John. I was so interested in watching Lisa, I did not realize Diane had her hand on my cock and when I did, I looked at her and smiled as she told me that she thinks we will easily get into the swinger club.


Saturday Night Wrestling

group Slickman 2018-05-17

"Good.....then maybe I should just do this," Annie giggled as she moved her butt back onto May's legs and grabbed both the jeans and the pink panties. "Sorry interference remember?" Joe said knowing he was going to be in trouble later but he was hoping his wife would do some similar things to Annie. "I'll......" She pulled the silky undies up just over her bush and when Annie lifted her body she quickly turned and lunged upward to grab a large handful of dark brown hair. "Pull them down," Joe smiled hoping to see Annie's sweet pussy but as May relaxed her legs to let Annie breath she jerked her head back and twisted it and her body around.


3-3-5 R, W, and NC-Blue

group CopperSkink 2018-05-17

It landed in pieces on the face of Starry's boyfriend, he being naked apart from the usual black leather spikes in the form of collars or wristbands, on top of an equally-dressed girl who looked like she was about old enough to have snuck out of summer band camp to show up at our show to the show with her fake friends and her fake I.D. With my mind a little sharper from escaping the groping hands, I could manage the thought that she hadn't been awake when he did his little deed the first time since the rules of after-show parties like this and screaming teenagers didn't bleed onto boyfriends of band members, though none-too-few of the already-few boys that made it in were shy about going after the girlfriends of band members.


mmf camping trip

group 2018-05-17

pull down your pants and show us your arsehole, becca went straight in and stuck her tounge on his rosebud slurping and kissing, she grabbed my had and sucked on my finger then placed it onto sams arsehole she was making me penetrate him, i could feel his hole clenching on my finger, after finger fucking him for a while it was beccas turn. Jump on my cock i told her and press your body against me, she was so wet she just slipped gently onto my cock and f***ed her body up against mine, suddenly she jumped, it was sam sticking his cock up her arse i could feel him sliding against my cock inside it felt great, "uh oh im gonna cum fuck truth or dare" i shouted.

No Consequences Ch. 03

group wildlyhorny 2018-05-17

She forced her eyes open so she could look up at Kevin and came so hard that her juices could be seen running down Trish's tongue into her mouth. When Kevin looked down at Trish's amazing body underneath them, he felt a sudden increase in pleasure and almost came in Kelly's mouth. While he continued to thrust his hips up, driving his cock deep into her pussy, Trish matched his strokes with her tongue in Kelly's asshole. When Trish saw Kelly's cum streaking down the shaft of Kevin's cock, she wanted to pull it out and suck him off. The moment he buried his face in Trish's ass and felt the heat of her asshole on his nose, Kelly tilted her head back to take him even deeper into her mouth.