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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Couples Seduce Teens Ep. 01

group Sensa8 2018-05-17

I hopped in the back seat and went to close the door but was surprised to find Linda climbing in the back with me. As he started up the engine and began watching traffic, Linda casually slipped her tanned, soft arm along the back of my seat and rested a hand on my shoulder. Linda's soft hands were on my hard on now, pulling it up and out of my pants. "Almost home." Danny announced from the front seat as he made a gradual left hand turn. Stunned at what was happening to me, I hurridely fastened my pants, got out, shut the door and moved to follow this sexy couple inside their expensive looking ranch.

cd gangbanged

group tanyacd65 2018-05-17

I was just out to show off, and have a good time wearing a short skirt and high heels at the local TV club. It was smooth enough not to show under dresses, and tight enough to make me look like I had natural breasts, even let them jiggle a little. I decided that I wanted to flash a little before getting to the club, so I parked about 10 or 15 blocks away. Maybe it was my horniness from flirting with Bill all night, or maybe it was the alcohol, but I couldn't resist giving him a little show to turn him on. The first one unzipped his pants, smeared a little lube in my ass, and plunged his dick into me.

Wes Checks Out Our Toys

group korpus1957 2018-05-17

Suk giggled a little when I told Wes we would put one end in her pussy and the other in mine then rub our pussies together. I told Wes to come closer to us and rub our pussies through our panties. Holding it between us, he began to rub the heads around our pussies then inside us. Wes watched for a few minutes then removed his shorts and came to Suk's end of the table. As we looked each other in the eyes, his cock came closer and between us our mouths licked and sucked on his dick. Suk and I came about the same time then Wes rammed his cock deep inside her and his balls emptied.

the dirtiest sluts i know

group 2018-05-17

I looked over at my girl to see her with a big cock in her mouth another guy in between her legs licking her smooth wet pussy, all the while stroking the to guys beside her. By now the guy licking my ass had it nice and ready to be fucked and I felt him pressing the head of his big cock slowly into my ass, slowly but surely he worked it all the way in and started pumping building up speed. One took me by the head and started to fuck my face, the other slid his big cock into my ass and started to fuck me good and hard.

Remembering the Beach

group indentcouple 2018-05-17

With her other hand, she fondled her breast and then raised it to her mouth and tenderly licked and sucked her nipple as she continued to speak to Freddie, "I'm going to cum just watching them. Nicki said "Let's get started," and she began sucking Freddie's cock and Cecil began to suck my dick. Nicki said, "Freddie, do you like to watch Cecil give head? She took her mouth and hand away from Freddie and Cecil and Maureen stopped (hey wait a minute, I thought). Freddie accepted Phil's cock into his mouth; as he did, Nicki said, "That's a good boy. Nicki then ordered Phil to move and said, "Freddie, watch Cecil."


Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients Ch. 05

group walterio 2018-05-17

Brandy continued to suck Curt's cock as Marty got the oil and lubed Brandy's ass. Sandy knelt down and sucked on Kyle's cock as Marty moved behind the other blonde and began to fuck him. She lay there with Curt's cock deep inside her and Rick's finger starting to enter her ass. Cindy felt Curt's finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn't stop her from continuing to enjoy her husband's cock thrusting up into her as he held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. He didn't wait for Cindy to start sucking his cock but instead he held her head and started to fuck her wet mouth as though it was her or Rick's ass.


An Unexpected Visitor

group gmwnkcmo 2018-05-17

Bev nodded at me, and said, "Jo, I will leave if you want, but it occurs to me we could all have a good time together if you wanted. Bev looked at me and said, "We could not leave that restaurant that Friday night quickly enough. Even though I knew that Bev had plenty of experience in 3s and 4s and Mores, I knew she would go along with Jo's rules, which she did: "Ok, fine with me." A moment, then, "Ok, what DO you want to do?" When I started to answer, she held up a hand, "Not you, dumbass, we both KNOW what you wanna do, and most likely you'll get laid. Bev said, "When he answered the phone while he was fucking me, we were doing it doggy style."


After party with Jeff and Thalia

group rory_mason 2018-05-17

You’re young, only slightly more in shape than me, and according to Thalia, a nice cock.” Jeff told me while running his hand over his wifes hip, and over her boob, squeezing it as he spoke. Jeff was standing on his toes as the pleasure coursed through his body, he shot me a smile, took another sip of his drink, and said “I bet Rory would love to know how amazing your blowjobs feel, look how hard his skinny dick is.” Keeping his dick in her mouth she turned to me and said “Come over here let me suck that skinny thing!” Dripping wet, I stepped out of the shower, and joined them, She took my cock into her free hand, stroked my foreskin back, and took me into her mouth.

My Desires in an Email

group eroticbr 2018-05-17

I pull my dress aside and stroke my horny nipples as I work his strong thick cock up and down my wet mouth. Stephanie has opened her legs and pushed her long finger deep into her cunt and moans loudly as she fucks her pussy for me to enjoy. Bruce is over me on his hands and knees and bends his mouth to my eager pussy as I suck his gorgeous cock. Stephanie fucks her soaked pussy as she takes my mans cock deep into her gorgeous mouth. I gently hold his cock and nurse his slippery cum to my mouth letting it fall onto my eager tits and body.

Surprise Threesome

group ValhallaValkyrie 2018-05-17

"I know," you respond and stroke my cheek with your thumb, "I didn't plan it, I just woke up and couldn't help but want both of you," you brush my hair out of my face and behind my ear, "Come here, kiss me." With your hand on the back of my head, you lean down and I reach up, my breasts are pressed against your side as our lips meet. She keeps sucking on my clit, finger inside me, As I come down, I relax, letting go of her head, my legs hang to the sides and, in a kind of daze, I watch you fuck her.

Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On - BBBBTS

group therealbk 2018-05-17

I found your keys just outside the door to the laundry room." said Tori. Don't be late pussy licker." said Tori. She started to bash her big breast on my face, and head. I like pussy licker better." said Tori. Then you can start putting together the baby furniture and help decorate." said Tori. Got it paint boy." said Tori. My mouth fell open when I realized she had a big purple strap on cock between her legs. I think Tina and I could use a big cock around here." said Tori. I then felt Tori big breast, wrap around my cock. Tina likes his big cock too." said Tori.

The Bridesmaids Ch. 02

group GreyGoose 2018-05-17

"You'll need a marker," Kelly said, handing Kevin a dark blue one. After pairing Kelly with Jack, it took a little deception for Kevin to pair the last girl with himself without her getting wise, but Claribel seemed not to catch onto him right away. Rachel had finally written her guess down Alex's abs; he hardly minded that she had gotten it wrong with "Alan." Kristen's name, curiously, was tattooed in Charlie's black marker right across the bottom of her bum. The first thing Kelly did was to take Marietta and pair her with Kevin. This time Kevin knew that Kelly would be the one watching, and he tickled his tongue into her friend's tightly trimmed lawn.


Office Feet: All-Nighter

group footfetishguy591 2018-05-17

I looked and Sarah turned around and asked her what she was doing and mentioned that maybe "he doesn't want your foot there." The girl I barely new said, "Oh, he doesn't mind." Sarah looks at me and smiles, embarrassed. Fred Flintstone feet chick says, "Hey, should we just ask him?" Sarah says, "You didn't ask him yet?" Remmy laughs, no, we just got in here. "What do you like about them?" Fred Flinstone Feet (FFF) asked. If it wasn't true, and I didn't like feet, you guys would look really fuckin stupid right now, don't you think?" Big, suddenly relaxed vibe hits the room. "You didn't answer" says FFF, the only feet in the room still in shoes.

My 63 Year Old Wife and The Young Man

group Hottie62 2018-05-17

When we arrived I opened the door and as soon as we were inside I looked at Diane and said, "lose the clothes, little whore." David and I both dropped our pants and he was as hard as a rock. While his young cock was in her mouth David kept telling her that she was so pretty and asked if he could kiss her. She said, "David, make me your whore." I told David to fuck her titties hard and as he did so, I rubbed the slut's pussy. I told David to position himself so the slut could take his cock in her mouth and suck him to completion this time, as I fucked her hard.

Fishing in the Rockies

group ChazThain 2018-05-17

But I clearly saw Angie spread her legs wide to give her soapy fingers access to her hidden asshole, and Dagmar used both hands for a long time on her thickly covered pussy. My left hand was buried in the thick hair at the top of Dagmar's neck while the fingertips of my right hand caressed her writhing legs from ankles to hips, concentrating on the sensitive skin behind her knees and on the insides of her thighs. This time I pulled my hand entirely out of her panties and I saw her questioning eyes open to watch me as I put it to my face and slowly sucked her juices off my fingers.



group splendid_ 2018-05-17

I knew she came quickly after that as I saw her back arch and the tell-tale redness appeared at her neck, I pulled out of her and gave her some lube and told her to fist Angie ( I remembered from our discussions before we met that Angie loved that and knew that Marie also enjoyed it too) Marie started smiling in her 'knowing' way and I began to get much wetter as I could see that Angie was going to cum and that Marie would be struggling hard to hold back herself.

Lilac's Sluts: Giana's 3 Tests

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-05-17

I'm Thom, I'm a rich, good-looking, hung, married-but-cheating playboy, and I have the perfect mistress: A 20 year old, gorgeous, skinny, Chinese college girl with big, fake tits and an insatiable, outrageous appetite for every kind of erotic sex. "Ooooh, fuck, Thom," whined the hot bitch as she fondled those big dicks and had her boobs in their hands, "holy shit!" Then she looked at both guys, back and forth, grinning, letting them see she was enamored at the opportunity to be groping their pricks through their clothing. As the bald-headed man leaned back and pushed his cock forward, his muscular, thin thighs spreading wide, I saw Giana grin and suck the top couple of inches of his fat cock back into her mouth, while Sawyer was now behind her bony little ass, about to fuck her doggy-style.


Dream Cum True

group skylergirl 2018-05-17

Last, but not least, came Chris (kittylicking in chat) who was 23 with brown hair, blue eyes and had the biggest cock she had ever seen. Grace looked down to see her hands on two hard large cocks, with Chris' head in between her thighs. It turned her on so bad, with the feeling of Chris tongue on her clit, and seeing the sexy sight of two cock in her hands she came hard. Having a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time, with Chris biting her nipple, made her cum harder then she ever had before. Just as grace was coming down from her second orgasm mike came, yelling as he did, filling her ass with more cum.

Languid Afternoon Transitions

group pleasuremodeloneten 2018-05-17

Opening wide, he slowly and completely engulfed this soft four inch cock, only closing his mouth around the base when his nose was pressed into Dan's thick pubic hair. As Cheryl gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, Dan slowly brings his clenched fist to the side of Ethan's head, as if sizing up the blow. As Dan's legs firmly sandwich him, Ethan sucks on a mere two inches of cock, two fingers fully inserted in Dan while with the other hand he pumps rapidly up and down, milking thick gouts of cum. Dan's now cum-covered hands still firmly gripping, he gently pulls upward, forcing a surprised Ethan to straighten his legs and kneel erect above him.

79% two

Pleasure Times Two

group justboycrazy 2018-05-17

Nick smiled at Amy as he passionately, deeply kissed her super sweet, soft lips. Amy was running her hands all over his body as his mouth moved lower to her belly button. Amy wondered who else's hands and mouth other than Nick's was on her body. Nick moved himself to the nightstand and watch AJ pleasing Amy. His fingers made a soft trace around her mouth while touching her body. Nick then wet his fingers with his mouth and began rubbing her clit and pussy. Amy lifted her head and let out a moan as she felt Nick's fingers rubbing her pussy till it was nice and wet. Amy then turned to touched Nick's body before pulling down his underwear and softly sucking his cock.

Before the Pill

group Pegasus_Flying 2018-05-17

I crawled up beside Vickie and held her close, kissing her, allowing her to taste the wonderful cum her pussy had poured all over my mouth and face. She stroked his cock, she sucked it and she even knelt by the bed and squeezed his hard-on between her breasts, and watched him work his hips, fucking them as he looked into her eyes. When Allen finally came, Cindy stroked each spasm of cum out of his cock onto her throat, breasts and tummy. The good part was that Vickie usually got me off twice in the time it took Cindy to make Allen cum. Vickie took my hard-on into her mouth as I watched Allen plunge in and out of Cindy.

Temporary Girlfriend: Wedding Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-05-17

Alex moved to the side of the bed away from the camera and gently took hold of Josh's cock. He was on the bed taking shots from every conceivable angle -- up at Alex, down at their union when Josh's cock almost separated from Alex's large labial lips -- his penis glistening with her juices in the light and the edge of his mushroomed cap just showing against her vagina, Alex's face as a climax neared; Josh's face as he jetted his cum deep into Alex. Jeremy paged through the photographs from the start of the day until just a few moments earlier when he'd caught Alex and me washing each other in the shower with coy looks on our faces as the camera clicked.


Late Summer BBQ

group Danieluk 2018-05-17

There was a moment of silence from us at her retort then as she started to giggle again Claire reached out and rubbed Steve's cock through his shorts. While I watched, Joy let go of his neck and reaching down, began to ease Steve's shorts down off his ass. It was clearly the signal to Steve that she was ready to let him fuck her totally now and without stopping his kisses, he helped her get his shorts down his legs. The last thing I remember was listening to Joy moaning as he pushed his cock up her and seeing his white ass pumping up and down between her open legs as she was fucked again.


Jessica meets Master M and Mistress V (Part 1)

group Want2BeTrans 2018-05-17

Once M had gotten Jessica's cock mostly hard, he reached round her, squeezing her ass cheeks at the same time as pulling her close, and as she got nearer, M opened his mouth and took Jessica's little cock inside sucking greedily on it. Jessica smiled at the view, and couldn't believe the experience so far, there she was having hot Mistress V sucking on her cock, but she was also watching Master M enjoying himself fucking his wife hard from behind, the whole time listening to V as she moaned in pleasure with her mouth and pussy filled with cock.