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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Another Fantasy Fulfilled in Vegas

group okayjack 2018-05-17

After I sent the forms back Fabio told me they would do some checking and if approved, Marie would be invited to the very special "3-P" club. We wound our way through the lovely neighborhood along the Spanish Trail Country Club and golf course and eventually came upon a large property with a twelve foot high wall surrounding the house and grounds. We were led to what appeared to be a guest bedroom but it was set up much like a "green room" in a television studio (where on air guests waited for their appearance surrounded by fresh fruits, bottled waters, a full bar, an oversized closet and a king size bed.


Tom Billionaire Ch. 05

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-17

At the same time, I didn't want to bring Evania and Vivienne with me to Ashlyn's place, knowing that the presence of my new girls would only complicate matters and prevent me from getting the quality time needed to rebuild my relationships with my daughter and ex-girlfriend. Other than those morning trips to visit Joey and Ashlyn, the first couple of days were spent taking my girls sightseeing. But the day after Ashlyn told me to stop visiting, I took the girls down to Wall Street again. I must have missed quite a bit during my time away, because the breathy young reporter was going on about how Ashlyn had been seen on several occasions with one Nicolas Petrov, a Russian hockey player for the New York Islanders.



group davep2001 2018-05-17

Nicky started to protest to Mark that she didn’t feel comfortable and that she didn’t want to continue, but she trailed off at the end of her sentence as Justin turned back around and started to walk towards her completely naked and with a cock hanging between his legs that must have been 12” inches long even though it was soft. The cameras started to click again and Mark coaxed them through various poses, even getting Nicky onto her hands and knees in the doggie position with Justin behind her with his hands on her hips to cover the strap of her thong, so that it looked like he was about to fuck her.

Jamie's Confessions Ch. 03

group indigoharvey 2018-05-17

"I want some of that tight pussy" Someone growled and the next thing I knew I had been moved so that I was straddling Greg with his cock deep in my pussy while Bryan fucked my ass. They built such a good rhythm that it wasn't long before my pussy clamped down hard and began spasming around Greg's cock as I came, I let out a loud yell as my body was wracked with pleasure. "You are one hot fucking stripper." He slapped my ass before pulling out and going to collapse on the sofa, a moment later another man took his place and slid into my cum filled asshole.


Jessica Changes Ch. 2

group Cybersk1 2018-05-17

My cum was dripping down my leg as I watched Jessica on the floor just staring at the strap-on dildo Valerie was wearing. Watching my wife as she sucked another man's giant cock, had her pussy eaten by another woman and now about to be fucked by this woman wearing a strap-on! Jessie who was finally recovering from her massive orgasm said "do it mike!" I opened my mouth and Valerie laughed as she slid it in. Her eyes were big as she watched the head ease in and then she moaned and gasped as Steve worked a few inches in and stopped. A thought flashed through my mind, a mental image of Steve's cock in my wife, cum oozing out of her and suddenly I exploded in Valerie's mouth.

Brown Slut's Surprise Party

group brownbeauty 2018-05-17

His cock was pressing hard into my ass crack, and with each pump my pussy flooded and I slammed my face a little harder onto the cock in front of me. While I gobbled cock I worked my ass muscles on Butt Boy's lap, then started a slow bounce. "Damn, you can handle a dick," Blondie said, taking his place in my face while Papi calmed down. Finally I pulled the cocks from my mouth and started jerking away, licking and sucking on both their heads and letting Butt Boy fuck me any way he wanted. Your pussy's all swoll up, cum's leaking outta your ass, and your face and tits look like melted ice cream. Leader was fucking me so good, I'd have sucked Butt Boy's dick.


Personal Interviews

group nassanuk 2018-05-17

Emma turned to me with the black dildo in her hand and said would I like her to show her commitment to the role before I could speak she opened her mouth and began sucking the 12" latex cock into her throat. I sat down and started to rub my hardening cock through my trousers, the girls both laughed at me and Joanne said "I bet you have never interviewed two nymphomaniacs at the same time before", I replied that if I had known what they were like I would have had them in the office sooner. Joanne's hand came back to my cock this time she pulled it from my pants and started wanking me, Emma looked down at my hard cock and then slid down to her knees and took the bulging head into her mouth.

Amanda's Life-Changing Decision

group SearchingCouple 2018-05-17

Amanda could not believe how good this man was at finding things that suited her. She watched and felt as he gripped her hips, positioned the tip of his cock in the mouth of her pussy and then drove forward straight into her deeply with no resistance whatsoever from her absolutely soaking pussy. Amanda ran through every step of her adventure in her mind as she drove back to the fair Bromley two bed. 'I hope so' Replied Amanda with a huge number of thoughts running through her mind. Natalie then actually started clapping and giggling and she said 'Amanda, I always knew there was a fire burning inside you'. 'What do you mean by a gift Natalie?' Amanda asked.


Paradigm Shift Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2018-05-17

I started to pump slowly into her body, bringing my cock all the way out until only the very tip touched her cunt lips, and then carefully and slowly pushing my wrought iron shaft back into her - feeling every ridge and twitching muscle inside her as I did. "This is just like old times, baby." "I dreamed what you'd feel like when my cock was in your cunt or in your mouth, but you're better than ever." "What a hot fuck you've turned out to be - best ever." "I could do this all night long all the time with you, and I think I will." "God, you love cock more now than you did in a few years ago." "You have the best feeling pussy in the world." "Did you miss our cocks?


Coed Craving Ch. 03

group jayrandolf 2018-05-17

To recap, my wife Tina and I are spending our summer vacation taking a tour of western theme parks with our 18 year old daughter Rikki and her college roommate Jenny, also 18. "Were you a bad girl in college, Tina?" I could tell from Jenny's hand movements she was now finger fucking my wife. With my free hand I began to finger Jenny's puckered ass hole, causing her to plunge the black dildo with even more gusto into Tina's spitting gash. I grabbed Rikki's head and pulled her mouth down onto my cock crown, causing her mother to jerk harder on it to give her daughter a mouthful of Daddy cum.

Locker Room Blowoff

group storyxteller 2018-05-17

As April sucked on the twins and occasionally Andy and finally Jimmy, Evan walked into the locker room. April left Robbie, Billy, and Evan to jerk off and turned her attention to Andy and Jimmy, sucking one while stroking the other and switching off. Feeling that it would be rude to walk away, Jimmy and Andy just stood there stroking their dicks as April turned to the twins and Evan. Ahhh!" Billy pulled out and just stood there and watched as his cock jumped and spit up his cum, again and again and again, all over April's face. Damn!" Everyone turned their attention to Kelly who was growing tired as she continued to suck and stroke Sam's still engorged cock.

My Fantasy.....part 1

group 2018-05-17

We make some small talk for a few moments, until you look and me and simply say "we can talk later but right now I need you to fuck me" and "you can start but getting over here and licking my pussy, it has been dripping since this morning" Well the driver now forgotten I bend over and kiss you first before dropping my face in your lap, it takes no effort to slip your skirt off and you came prepared without your panties on.

I Didn't Know...

group WillHarty 2018-05-17

That's what I thought then, in that brief moment where I could think, before her tongue swirled like liquid honey and her lips, incredibly soft and wet, made every other part of me grow weak. As her shaking began to subside, in a moment of inspiration I pressed my thumb onto her wet anus and she started her orgasm all over again. I ran my tongue and lips from her sweet anus to her protruding clit, penetrating as deep as I could into her tunnel each time I passed over it. With her lips barely brushing mine, she smiled warmly and said, " going to have fun today!" And with that she held an awful smelling cloth over my mouth and nose.


Shanti's Tryst with Adventures Ch. 03

group shanti2010 2018-05-17

Rani got up from the sofa and walked over to where Shanti and Ram stood. Ram's hands stopped their attack on Shanti's breasts and slowly went around to her back, unfastening the catch at the top and in agonizing slowness, pulled the zipper as far down as it would go. But Rani's hands were now reaching around her waist, and slowly worked themselves up to the tips of her breasts, tracing light fingernail lines along her white, creamy skin as they went. Shanti jumped as Rani's nails scraped the side of her soft, hairline entrance, then the pain was gone and she felt the nudging of the other woman's fingers inside her.


Cindi returns birthday surprise

group bufffreak 2018-05-17

Cindi is 23, 5'6", 110 lbs, smallish titties that are firm and a tiny muscular butt. We had a great dinner; Cindi wore a dress that almost revealed everyting and it was obvious she didn't wear panties or a bra "Leave the door open and undress" Cindi directed from off in teh distance Cindi has smallish firm tits, these were globes. I tried to s;low stroke her but the thought of multipole strangers in bed with me as I fucked a cutie was too much This time I got sucked as I licked. I think I licked three more pussies until I was hard again and allowed to fuck anotehr pussy When I got hard I was sucked and allowed ot fuck again

My First Time to Cheat

group zimabean 2018-05-16

I was right at the edge of a huge orgasim when this man pushed deep into me and unloaded his balls spraying my insides with his hot cum. He fucked my cum filled cunt for several minutes and then drained his balls deep inside me. The two men pulled their pants up and waited for the last guy to finish fucking Susan and when he did they all high fived and walked away. Susan asked if they wanted some of this and they ran over with their little hard cocks out. As my husband unloaded a huge load deep into me I wondered what he would think if he knew three other guys had cum inside me earlier in the evening.

Fun with Becca and Steve Ch. 02

group wakedad8 2018-05-16

Steve had his hand up Becca's skirt, fingering her pussy. We actually saw a guy lift the back of a girl's skirt and fuck her from behind, right there on the dance floor. "Looks like you guys are ready for some action; let's go upstairs where it's more comfortable." Becca suggested. Katie reached down and began to finger Becca's little clit. I felt Becca's hand reach up my shorts and wrap around my hard cock. Katie stopped playing with Becca's clit and attacked Steve's thick cock. Katie kept her hand still, wrapped tightly around his tool, and nice and tight up to Becca's cunt flaps. Katie spread her legs a little and Steve helped himself to her smooth pussy.


The Vibrating Panties

group blondekats_lover 2018-05-16

I don't want the feeling to stop, but I pull my wet cock from your mouth, watching a thin line of moisture connecting my cockhead to your beautiful lips. You make a soft cry of disappointment, but it changes suddenly to pleasure as I push an enormous vibrating toy into your already wet and puffy opening. When you catch your breath you lift your head from the pillow, and with the blindfold still in place turn your head toward me and plead, "Baby, don't tease. With the rubber dick still in your pussy and your hand still holding the bullet to your clit, I begin slowly to pump my raging hardon into and out of your warm, tight, unbelievable ass.

A Whore?

group A_Member 2018-05-16

I felt Tommy kneel between my legs and finger my cunt as Mike said, "No, she ain't drunk ...that dumb bitch Sharon called her a whore and she's been worried about it ever since." As Tommy's cock began to probe for my hot, wet, ready hole, Mike said, "I don't think she's a whore, do you?" So wanting to give him as much pleasure as I could, I tried to ignore Tommy fucking my cunt and concentrated on loving Mike's cock. Snuggling against Mike and caressing Tommy's back and shoulder, I said, "You guys sure know how to make a little whore happy!"


John's Options - Boss or Threesome?

group mv8802 2018-05-16

I was a late bloomer in the world of dating, as it wasn't until I left High School when I gained enough confidence to ask a girl out. Once or twice a month I would get asked out by guests in the hotel to see if I would like to have drinks when I got off shift. I got slammed with about 4 guests and the phone did not stop ringing, so Jennifer came out to help at the Front Desk. I had to work the rest of the next half hour facing the lobby and check in guests left and right, without backing away from the desk, otherwise my shaft would be popping out of my pants.


Before It's Too Late Ch. 03

group coolpen 2018-05-16

Yes, of course I'd thought about it, not constantly but often, always with Jerry as the other man but now, now that it seemed a real possibility after the conversation at dinner last night, it was Mike's face that filled my mind as my fingers touched and stroked my labia and clit. I moved again allowing the head of his cock to slip between my labia and then fully into me but as he pushed into me my mind was filled with images and thoughts of Jerry and then of Mike, for it wasn't Bob that I wanted; it was someone else, anyone else, the illicit feel of another man's cock taking me, filling me.


The Babysitter, My Wife and the Bi-Girls

group kingmickyb 2018-05-16

Caz continued to eat Kim out as I banged away, and Helen got all the way naked, tits big and fat over a tubby little belly and wandered through the door into the kitchen with her arse jiggling, returning with some beer and sitting on the armchair next to Laura. Once, Dani pulled my cock out of her little pink cunt and had Caz give it a quick suck before guiding it back inside and lapping away at the point where our bodies met. Both women came before too long, and Dani stood and pulled Kim to her feet and kissed her spunk-coated lips before saying, “Girls, lick that cum off her slut-face.

The Housewife Gets A Double Header

group ErroticWhispers 2018-05-16

Not sure exactly what he meant by that Jane continued to watch as Derrick pulled up another chair next to the computer so that both he and Kirk could work on it. "We are done and Derrick asked if we would like to join him for dinner down at the little Italian restaurant around the corner." She heard Kirk say through her fog of fantasy. Derrick and Kirk pretty much dominated the conversation, while Jane ate her dinner, and sat quietly watching the men exchange their opinions on racing, football, cars, politics and a variety of other subjects. "Let's go have dinner." Kirk responded, and then asked the bar tender to bring Jane a drink in the dinning room.


Are You Wearing Panties

group adel5000 2018-05-16

licked her delicious little love hole, sucked that panty string into my mouth, and then I I said, “I’m sorry honey but I just couldn’t resist her sweet little pussy.” licked Sandy’s pussy my wife looked on as if she wanted a taste. I wanted to see what Sandy would do so I licked at my wife’s pussy until my tongue while then I slipped my cock deep into my wife’s pussy for a couple of strokes and then promised my cock and cum to the winner, how could I tell my wife that I wanted to fuck My wife then said, “What if we asked Sandy to move in here with us. My wife replied, “You will become our little fuck toy.”