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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharri RN_Blizzard

group Haunting 2018-05-16

Gulping at the steamy cup Sharri twisted her mid-back length blond hair into a tight vertical bun and carefully inserted a pink plastic barrette to hold it all in place, absorbed the latest news, and then tuned to the animated radar on the weather channel pushing a dark bluish snow shadow at Rochester, again and again and again, first in a wide regional view then with the progressively tighter closeups. Off staring at hidden meat, again?" kidded Kelly as Sharri flumped down in the conference room they all used for report of patient status and doctor's orders flinging her stuff into the chair beside her. At the door Sharri absently squooshed a dollop of white antibacterial foam from the inverted can and lotioned her tiny hands with it as she walked down the long corridor to her other patient's room in 440 West.


Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 05

group hotorangecouple 2018-05-16

The bus ride to the resort was interesting, instead of hitting us with questions about our relationship, Crush told Misty that it was very erotic seeing her sucking on Juan's cock when he came. As we had sex, I told Crush, that I'd like to make love to Diane, then watch him make love to her, while you make love to me." Misty said excitedly. I start kissing down Misty's back wanting to lick her sweet pussy badly, but the girls grab each other arm in arm and move away from us onto the bed. About 5 minutes more of this, she grabs Misty's head and forces it to her pussy, while she starts bucking and deep-throating Crush.

The Party

group phoenixcire 2018-05-16

I slide up to your mouth and just as I reach your tongue and the tip sits just inside the hole on my cock I pull away. My tongue licks both of her lips, darts in and out of her pussy, swirls around her clit and just when I go to move it to her ass, a nice looking cock slides up in it and the balls land in my eyes. I push my tongue back into her pussy as far as I can and press my nose up against his cock, giving an added sensation as he rams into her, smacking my face with his great smelling balls. Your tongue is delving into me and scooping out cum while one hand strokes my cock and the woman feeding me her pussy starts to suck on it.

Hot Swap Session

group kandie 2018-05-16

Then in the heat of passion I glanced over at him and said, "How would you like to try some on my wife's hot steamy cunt? I positioned my wet throbbing cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and fucked her deep and hard with her leg spread as far as they would go. I looked at Roger and said, "Wow, man that was some hot fucking last night. My wife Jane had her arms around Rogers neck and was kissing him and saying, "I want to fuck you again!" My wife and Rita became very needy of the hot extra fucking sessions. Other times I would see Jane getting fucked by him and get her more aroused by letting her watch as Rita jacked me off.


Trish, Kate and me: part two

group Mercutio85 2018-05-16

The girls (Trish, Kate en Mel), Klay and me became a sort of organism on our own that year. Mel and Klay looked like they made a similar pact and disappeared to the attic where we’d all sl**p. Trish looked pleased to just let me finish in her mouth. She didn’t say anything, but, in one smooth move, started kissing my neck and e****ted my hand under her panties. I looked to Mel and Klay again, I’d completely forgotten about their existence. Then she was off again, put her dress over her naked body and went down with Klay to smoke that joint. I let her roll over a bit so I had my arm free again and chatted in whispers for a while with Kate, talking her through what Trish and I did.

A New Adventure

group bonnyg 2018-05-16

She turned to me as the lift doors slowly slid open and smiled, her eyes sparkled. thank you for all this" She paused, looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips, "We've come a long way haven't we?!" The three other men turned, their eyes following my wife as she moved slowly through the room. She stepped back slowly and turned towards the first man, the one who had opened the door. She broke the kiss, looked into his hungry eyes and grinned. She peeked behind the four men searching for my eyes, giving me one last lingering look, checking I was really okay with her desires. Walking slowly to the bed, she looked over her shoulder suggestively at the men.

First Time Using a Strap-On

group pi3p14i 2018-05-16

She was so turned on by the way Steve and Howie sucked on her fake cock, now she wanted to know what it was like really fuck a woman. She started to moan with every thrust into Steve's ass and soon felt her body shuddering with an intense orgasm, but she kept pumping into Steve, wanting to make sure he got his full pleasure from the experience as well. When Steve felt Jean's smooth, soft hand wrapping around his cock and milking it, he started to moan onto Howie's cock, filling his mouth. fuck, man, I'm gonna cum!" Steve moaned his approval and continued to suck Howie's cock. Then Howie cried out, "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" Steve kept sucking Howie's cock as he felt it erupt in his mouth.

Recollections Ch. 20

group Kaadorix 2018-05-16

Alexa and Merissa sat in silence and listened as I explained to them, in exacting detail, the events of my visit with Dad. About how we were sitting in Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City without another soul in sight, in the middle of the night, yet with all the overhead lights on. Dad spoke to me about family and love, and seemingly gave his blessing for my three-way marriage with Alexa and Merissa. "Do you really want me to stop, son, and go away?" With those words, Dad snapped his fingers and, just like that, we were in the back fields of the family farm in Pleasant Grove.


Hotel Erotica

group ChelsDD 2018-05-16

"Hit me," Chelsie said, and Erika handed her over another card, this time a three to add to her nine and five. She got to the bottom and opened it up, flashing Laurie and Erika who both stared at her tight white bra holding in her perfectly round tits which seemed to be sticking out six inches over her flat stomach. Let's see what you have in there," Chelsie said, releasing her puppies which continued to stick straight out and a little to the sides – one aimed at Erika and the other pointing at Laurie. Erika, standing in her bra and still wearing her pants, grabbed Laurie's other tit, then one of Chelsie's, and gave them a few light squeezes, rubbing their nipples together.


I Have Never

group StoryScott 2018-05-16

Despite his obvious flirting with Steph and Zoë, Ashley still found himself warming to Rob. That may have been due to the presence of Warren, who seemed to be moving around the room latching onto them one by one. Zoë stood and turned, Jason's hand caught beneath the slit of her dress, it pulled the material to the side and gave everyone a clear view of her white knickers as she lowered herself to her knees. Once he got into a good rhythm, he saw Steph being lowered by Rob and Jason onto Warren's cock. Rob and Jason were moved aside so that Steph knelt on the floor between Warren and Ashley.

Starting Over Ch. 03

group HOM1954 2018-05-16

Nan moved her lips to my other ear, "Oh Jack, I'm so happy that Judy invited both of us here tonight. Judy and Nan each took one of my arms and eased me toward the hot tub stairs. By now my cock was rock hard (At least as hard as it gets!) Nan took it gently in her hands and began to slowly stroke it. Nan finally relented and on one of her approaches to the head of my cock, she moved just far enough for it to slip inside. The overwhelming sensation that I felt was Nan's pussy slowly massaging my cock. Oh fuck yesssssssssssss!" Spurt after spurt shot out of my cock and blasted into Nan's waiting pussy.

Deep Space Exploration Ch. 02

group TowlieTheThird 2018-05-16

Flip couldn't answer, he couldn't even drag his eyes from the captain's hand as it pushed up and beneath Macey's top, venturing around and cupping her breast, prompting another moan and renewed vigour in her tongue's movements, sliding from the tip all the way down to tease his balls. Roland lifted her, taking hold around her with both hands as she slid down, her asshole stretching tight around his member, and she took hold of Flip by his collar, dragging him closer to kiss him on the mouth, one hand falling to his cock to tease it gently, drawing it toward her, the heat from her pussy stiffening it further, and he inserted it slowly, timing it with a rolling thrust from the captain.

Bisexual Pool Party Ch. 2

group Phreaky1 2018-05-16

She said, "Nothing has ever made my pussy wetter than watching Dave suck your cock.." She took Dave’s cock in her hand and brought the head to her lips. Linda went to work sucking Dave’s cock and then switching to mine. What an amazing feeling to be swallowed by her ass and feel Dave’s cock rubbing against mine with only the thin layer of flesh separating her ass and pussy. Dave moaned and shot a load of cum up inside Linda’s pussy. I licked Dave’s cock clean and then went to Linda and cleaned her up as well. Linda said, "Let’s go take a shower." Dave and looked at each other and knew we were in for one hell of a night.

Wife Swinging UK

group swingercouple08 2018-05-16

I was seeing my wife pussy licked by Jeff .Sarah looking into my eyes…and said thank you..hubby, for getting me one more cock.Kate at this point of time…fully naked….sat on my cock and started pumping while smooching me with her juicy lips.I was truly amazed fucking a hot fair wife.Her pussy was creamy.I was enjoying fucking a used pussy from a wife which was creamy and a little bit loose. Jeff looking at his wife getting fucked by me…took hold of Sarah's hair and got her in doggy style.Sarah's face was towards me, Jeff fucking her from behind.I was smooching Kate & Sarah too and forth….now I roughly pulled Kate's hair and asked her to get up and suck my juicy cock filled with the pussy juice.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 15

group oldhippie1949 2018-05-16

As we came down 82 approaching Woody Creek, Amy pointed to the turn off and we were parking in front of her grand house a few minutes later. Danny's email told me that some of the masters were waiting for me at the post office and that Shadow had received copies as well. Amy was going through the packages to find Sal's gift so I took the opportunity to go out to the bus. Stevie loved the recliner and the big TVs. I walked them outside and showed them the rooftop terrace, the amp, the hot tub, the whole thing. Amy joined us in time to hear about that and promised to look over the reports later.


Friendly Request

group KaytaJay 2018-05-16

When Daine arrived, he came with a bottle of Ede's favorite vodka, "This will help take the edge off," he said with a wink. Jennifer, you've been my friend since we were kids...and I don't disapprove of your choice in life partner." Ede laughed nervously, "Thanks." Daine grinned at him, "I'm going to rock your world, Ede. I'm good at this kind of thing. After the dinner dishes had been cleared away, Daine put on one of our favorite records, "Dance with me, Jennifer." He pulled me into his arms, and while the feel of someone other than Ede was odd, it was not unpleasant. I felt Ede put his hand on Daine's ass, and together we fondled it.


group randyteacher 2018-05-16

He held it still for a minute and the guy fucked my mouth again, then I felt the dick enter my arse further then they got into a rhythm and fucked me together. I started to fuck his mouth, suck his dick and feel a dick in my arse. The first guy came to me again as I heard him I got up on my knees felt for his dick and sucked him in, after a while I let it slip out turn around and offering him my arse. At one time after seeing Anthony I fucked her arse thinking about having the same done to me but I wanted to have a dick in my mouth as well.

I Love This Beach

group u24me2 2018-05-16

Plus the facts that I can walk him anytime I want as long as I pick up after him (the town has plastic doggie-bag dispensers in the parking area), that it's close to where I live and that during the week, it is usually empty, makes this beach ideal. We all cleared the table but Emily pushed us back outside with a tray of pot, rolling papers and an old water pipe which John filled with Sauvignon Blanc. "Here Emily, you work on this while I work on this." I took John's cock into my hand. John stood up and with Emily taking a dick into each hand, we walked through the door onto the bed.

Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 02

group 3Pete 2018-05-16

Then Audrey stood up, turned around facing Pete's feet, straddled his legs and lowered her hot cunt carefully onto his stiff cock. Then Judy began licking and tonguing both cock and cunt, and fingered Audrey's clit as well. Judy kept tonguing Audrey's clit and squeezed a finger up her throbbing cunt beside Pete's hard cock until in less than a minute, Audrey shrieked loudly. As he grunted loudly, Judy pulled his throbbing cock from Audrey's spasming cunt and engulfed it in her hot mouth, just as his cum began to shoot out in spurts. Pete turned carefully, keeping his cock in Judy and his mouth gently kissing Audrey's swollen cunt.

A Friendly Game of Strip Poker

group mghbc 2018-05-16

Carl had been going for a straight and had nothing, Leila had a pair of eights, Maria her pair of sixes, and Mark had three kings. So there they were, Carl sock and shirtless, Leila without her socks or her watch, Maria in a very sheer pink camisole and no socks, and Mark, still fully clothed. Maria knew that by the time Leila had played another round, and finished that glass of wine, she'd probably be feeling a little more daring. Maria felt like Carl probably wasn't as ready for all this as Mark was.


On the Road for the Job

group patdown 2018-05-16

As Stacey slowly worked that strap on deeper in Dave's ass she reached around wither left arm to play with his cock which was surprisingly getting hard. Stacey pulled Dave back and up so he was sitting on her big belly and taking his stiff dick in her hands looks over at Kelly and me. Kelly actually had her eyes closed getting off on my handiwork so she didn't see Dave's big dick pointing at the ceiling so I rubbed her ass lightly and said, "I think there's a pony ready for you to ride." And I held him tightly to my body under the spray of the warm water with my left arm, my own hard on bumping into his ass and took a firm grasp of his stiff dick in my right hand.


View From A Site Ch. 03

group wizarddriver 2018-05-16

By now I was desperate to free my swollen cock from its confinement in my jeans, I wanted to fuck this wanton young woman as she squirmed and withered on my desk, But I also wanted to enjoy every moment there in my office, so I eased my free hand down between her thighs to lightly tease her clit some more. As I started to tease her nipple with my teeth and delve two fingers into her sodden pussy while my thumb tweaked her erect clit; Mary Jane quickly thrust my jeans and boxers down to get her hands on my hard meat.


Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

group luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-05-16

it was an old '67 Chevy regular cab and I had replaced the hearer core the year before and it got the cab nice and toasty in no time at all. Anyway she said it had been a long time since she'd made out in the cab of a truck and asked if I'd mind. She asked Dawn if she'd mind is we made out and Dawn said that if we were crazy enough to she'd be OK if we fucked in the truck as long as we didn't get caught!!! She leaned over and gave me a wonderful sweet kiss and said that Dawn was telling them the truth when she'd said that I could fuck for hours and very often stayed hard after I'd cum.

Camping with Mrs. Lawrence

group dinernighthawk 2018-05-16

When we got off the bus at Morro Rock, all I could think about was getting back to my cabin tonight and trying out my new toy: it was a dual vibrator with a big thick dick that curved around into a slimmer dick, made to penetrate me both vaginally and anally at the same time. His mother was ecstatic that I was going to keep a closer eye on the boy, and with that we pulled Bobby aside privately and informed him of the situation. "Wondering how deep Mrs. Lawrence is sleeping." Joshua's voice was a little louder now, like he was growing confident that I was out for the count.