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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Year's Celebration Ch. 07

group AlwaysStiffScott 2018-05-16

"Yea stud, only one, besides..." she looked at her sister, "I think I might need to loosen up a bit anyway," the grin that followed that remark gave something away to Ann I knew nothing about. It was too dark to make out her face, but as she neared, I noted that she was also wearing an electric blue, silk spaghetti strap dress, matching Tina and Ann. It took a second for me to register that this must be our fourth guest! She was becoming well rounded, and from the look of things over the past few days, Ann's plan to put the final piece of the puzzle in place; and it was working tremendously well...much to the enjoyment of Tina and me as we spent more and more time together.


The Day After Ch. 3

group Visitor35A 2018-05-16

I knew I’d not last long with her tits bobbling like they were and, just as Nicola came again, I began to squirt inside her. “Oh goody, lets find something for you Pen” replied Zoey as she reached forward to grasp my cock. Nicola watched Zoey suck my cock and kept smiling that knowing smile. I watched as Melanie walked around behind Nicola and plunged her plastic cock deep inside Nicola. Meanwhile, Zoey waited patiently beside us – ready to lick Penelope cunt when my cum started to dribble out. I was fucking her little sister and watching Nicola’s tits bobble in and out of her cat suit. I turned back around as Nicola began to suck my cock dry and I could not resist groping Melanie’s big tits.


April Showers

group Dusty933 2018-05-16

As I turned the corner to head for Mac's April said, "Would you mind terribly running me by Mrs. Dunn's, I need to change out of this hospital stuff and into real clothes." "Oh, April you always want the cum," said her mother as she dismounted and her daughter started licking and sucking on my cock. I licked a mixture of cum and urine until her mother gasped and screamed, at the same time April mounted my cock and began pushing hard and fast until I felt the storm rage once again and I exploded in her to the beat of her moans and gasps.

Summer Ch. 18

group TheTyke 2018-05-16

This year the troop had organised a camping trip towards the end of the summer, nothing too exciting, a few days in the woods down behind the village church but enough girls were going that it still took some organising and as usual Jackie and Sue had been roped in to help check the camping gear which was stored under the stage at the village hall. Jackie watched for a moment longer as Steve finally managed to pull the front of Sue's t-shirt up and over her breasts and he began to try to worm his fingers into the cup of her bra.


River Cruise

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-05-16

I looked her in her beautiful green eyes and said "my name is Jack, what is yours." She smiled and put out her hand and touched my lips with her fingers. "My family has always had boats, I am glad I could help." I gazed into those green eyes again and I knew I had lost my heart to this little girl. "Come on Kitten, let me show you around." I took her little hand in mine and we went into the living room and the lights came on in there and went out in the kitchen. She looked around and said, "I love this room, it has a lot of you in it but it is not too much, just right."


One Thing to Another

group extremedimensions 2018-05-16

She continued, "My imagination for that guy, got so strong that I wanted to be in bed with him, to make love to him, to get his big hard shaft in my mouth, to suck on it, to run my hand up and down his big throbbing cock." Just when everything seemed right, Susan said, "The confession is not mediocre, I know I have been with few guys and I have done stuff too, but I kinda have always had a desire to get kinky with a girl once, just too feel her warm pussy in my mouth, to suck her breasts, to finger her while she finger fucks me back.


Pussy In Boots Ch. 5

group Natalya 2018-05-16

Her mouth moved quickly, kissing around my pussy lips and my entrance whilst her tongue would do the same, but never touching my clit, driving me wild with anticipation that it would. She took hold of my cock and led me over to the sofa, causing my pussy to flood with intense feelings as the dildo inside me moved also. I eased the fake cock out until only the tip was still inside, all the time watching Helena's pussy lips reluctantly give up it's grip on the dildo. The sight of Helena's body, writhing and bucking in front of me, and the thought of Phil straining to hear our fucking put me on a path to my orgasm that I knew was impossible to stop.

My Trip to Boston Ch. 02

group biwifeplaying 2018-05-16

After a long night on Friday, I finally got some much needed sleep Saturday morning, I managed that between a buffet breakfast, an hour at the hotel gym and the time between a wedding we had to attend later that day. It's probably a good time for a drink, then." That was bold of me, I thought, but I went on to say: "I'm Ana, I'm meeting up with a friend at the bar if you'd like to join us." Stacy looked a little upset hearing this but then I got on top of her, I kissed her and whispered in her ear "let him fuck you in the ass, he's really good at it and he won't hurt you.

Bus Gang Bang

group shotgun1985 2018-05-16

Next thing I knew I was picked up in the air and one of the guys laid down and I started to ride his cock while I took another one in my mouth, all of a sudden I felt a tongue start licking round my arse hole, I have never been a big fan of anal but did not stop as I felt a finger slide in first and then followed by a cock. I could feel it getting harder again and he pulled it out and bent me over the seat, he just stood and stared for a bit at my nice tight arse in the air and he knelt next to it slowly kissing my bum cheeks and rubbing his finger over my arse hole which then he slowly started to finger.

Jessica's Birthday Surprise

group litpervgrrl 2018-05-16

Andrea pinched one of Jessica's nipples through the black party dress, and with one hand on the back of her girlfriend's head she forced Jess further and further down my cock, until her nose was buried in my pubes. Andrea was concentrating on her clit now, finger fucking Jessica's pussy and flicking her big fat clit with the tip of her tongue. Keeping her hand busy between Jessica's thighs, fingering her pussy and clit, Andrea started licking up and down Jessica's ass cheeks. I took a chance and started gently tickling Andrea's ass with one finger as I rubbed her clit and pussy with two others. Andrea watched, wide eyed, as I slowly worked my cock all the way up Jessica's tiny little butt.


group hornylittleredhead 2018-05-16

Allison had always fantasized about going down on John and after seeing how sexy it was when Hannah did it, she couldn't stop herself from living that fantasy out. Unable to use his hands, John tongued her pussy and licked her clit with all of his effort, until finally she came and he saw her arching her skinny little back in ecstasy. She knelt down on the other side of John and her and Allison began to take turns licking and sucking his cock. Then Allison stopped sucking for a minute and began to finger Hannah's pussy. Hannah was entirely spent, and took a reclining position on the bed so she could watch the steamy sex that was about to happen between Allison and John.

A Basketball Team Gangbang

group pussylove69 2018-05-16

She enjoyed the sight as the ten young boys started playing with their cocks and as one after another came once again and ten loads of young, fresh cum landed on her black bush of pubes, on her belly, her breasts and her face. Inch by inch she went down the mature, but so sexy woman's body and licked the boys cum from her, she sucked her coverer nipples and licked the big black bush clean of semen before Anne pressed her young face into her crotch. It was a first time licking, without any experience, but Anne came wild at the thought of this young, slim girl eating her cum-filled pussy.

Chapter 02: Afternoon Leather

group shakenmartini55 2018-05-16

Liz continued to finger my leather covered balls as we turned to greet John. Almost immediately John's hand had joined Liz's stroking my hard bare cock. Liz looked at John and said, "You know how much I like new toys. John smiled, took a sip from Liz's glass and headed out of the room. He was wearing was a leather collar like Liz's, a leather restraint on each wrist and ankle, and a black leather cock strap and ball spreader. She slid his dick out of her mouth pulling gently on the foreskin as she did to expose John's shiny cock head. The feeling of Liz toying with my balls and asshole and John's hard cock in my mouth was indescribable.


Tonya In The Hotel

group Betrayer 2018-05-16

He looked at us and saw such a perfect view: young, tanned, hot russian maid, melting in the arms of his buddy, with her skirt lifted and her perfect ass exposed, trimmed pussy ready for action. Tonya shrugged her shoulders, but said nothing: her hot wet mouth was filled with my fat dick, and my hands held her head tightly. Girl moaned, her hand raised and found Ron's cock, she started to stroke it. We started to fuck our little maid mercilessly, Tonya shuddered, squirmed, moaned, her body sweating, her hands squeezing Ron's legs. “She's a good cocksucker, Pol!” – Ron grinned happily, he held girl's head, fucking her mouth as if it was her pussy.

Hands Free

group Vasdefrn 2018-05-16

In fact, all that I could focus on right then was the two moist tongues slowly stroking up the length of my stiff shaft, tracing circles around my swollen head and combining in a sweet, sensuous kiss, duelling right above my hot prick. Seeing this made Lisa hot, and I watched as she stood over me, a foot either side of my head and began to stroke a middle finger along her enflamed pussy lips. As my tongue swirled and lapped, another hand began to carress my soft nob, its fingertips teasing and stroking the length of my growing shaft. I began stroking my way up both of their thighs, tracing shapes on their soft, warm flesh, watching transfixed as Lisa sucked a nipple into her mouth making Carla moan softly.

My Buddy and Me Ch. 03

group Bigguy4u2e 2018-05-16

Feeling his man hood deep in my ass, holding him tight as he slide his cock in and out of my wanting hole, kissing him and feeling his 2 day growth of hair on his face made me realize that I was one lucky guy. We made love that afternoon, I spent time eating her sweet pussy to many orgasms, she riding my cock like a champ as I drove it deep into her, bring her to more earth shaking O's. Soon I could see no more of his cock, Sue was wild with delight and started to beg Charles to fuck her hard and deep. I took his semi limp cock in my mouth and began to suck while Sue had my cock in her mouth, tasting Charles love hole as she licked the backside of my shaft.

Sino Vaginos

group GrettaStamps 2018-05-16

In order to make it clear that she was straight and that this wasn't THAT kind of all girl band, she started talking about how she had to get ready for her date that night, that Alan was real anal about being on time, etc. But there were times I would catch her checking out the other girls when they weren't looking, especially Erica who was so cute playing her bass like she was humping the thing. Zack looked a lot like Kelli except without the black make-up and the edge. As Kelli's big peroxide porcupine ball of hair went down between her legs, Cindy whispered, "I can't believe I'm doing this." A moment later she gasped.

Great car Mate! - A tale of Tea, Biscuits and som

group flashgit 2018-05-16

(Windows are still closed at this point) I whip off my pants and tell her to suck on my cock which by now is sticking out like a miniature flag pole (well a medium size flagpole!) I love her gobbling away on my cock, she such a good cock sucker and she knows exactly how I like it, I’m telling her how much I love her sucking me as I reach down between her legs and start to stroke and finger her damp hot pussy, as I pick up the pace she starts to moan louder and louder being only young she is very wet and I can feel her juices running down my hand nice and creamy I pull out and lick my fingers mmmmmmm, taste fantastic and I now can’t wait to get my tongue between her legs, we shift positions and now she’s face down in the kneeling position with her lovely arse sticking up in the air, I know the guys outside are struggling to see what’s going on so I ask her if we can turn on the light to help them out.

Betsy and Lisa

group trippy64 2018-05-16

Lisa kept staring as I slowly deflated, and Betsy was going on about coming out of the closet and being honest, and I countered that I wasn't being dishonest or hiding, just exploring. I leaned over and started kissing Betsy and fondling her while Lisa worked my member to full and ready status. I then motioned Betsy to move her ass in to my favorite spot, over my face, and started kissing and rubbing it as it was over my head, and I worked my tongue into her ass and then her tight pussy. Rob must have thought they were fooling around with each other, or they dressed in time, because he took Lisa home and Betsy came back and stripped and crawled back into bed.


Angie Gets Even

group Tamzarian 2018-05-16

Angie leaned towards the glass, her cleavage falling out of the blouse a little and said "I'll make it worth your while." She licked her lips and let a breathy and subtle ooh escape. Even Angie didn't exactly know what she was going to do when she got to the room. Fuck that ass and cum in my mouth." She felt him close to orgasm and got off to inhale his member. Angie was being pulled up onto the bed ass way in the air as she paid two men attention with her mouth. Cum in my mouth not in my ass." She looked back up and deep throated the man to her left. Angie was covered in cum and had satisfied each man that was in the room.

What Happened Last Night

group MFelder 2018-05-16

Her mind was pretty cloudy, so it took her by surprise when she suddenly realized she was completely naked, "What the hell happened to me?" She asked herself, starting to get concerned, because for the life of her she couldn't remember leaving the bar. "He fucked me like that till my legs were starting to give out, then he flipped me over and fucked me from behind, I loved it all!" Starting to get thrilled at telling her story, Kelly becomes more and more animated, spinning around to shake her naked ass in Amys face, "Then he had me ride him, I swear I came again bouncing up and down on his dick, I made his cock all creamy with my pussy juice."

Picture Perfect

group FertileMind69 2018-05-16

While she loves to come while riding my cock and having me suck those amazing nipples, it takes a lot to get her going. If you are up for it, I am going to taste your hot pussy as Teri fucks my lucky dick! Teri went nuts riding my cock and had a huge orgasm while having her nipples sucked by Renee. I want to get plenty of pictures of that white cock fucking your hot black pussy!" I told Renee to watch as I took Teri's tits and pushed them together as I had hers, and took them both into my mouth at the same time.

Part 3 - Sirs and their boy

group atlsexyguy 2018-05-16

While Chris was detailing how I would be his and Steve’s fuck toy/slave, Steve had put on a chain mail jock strap, harness, armband on his left bicep, and black work boots to the knee. It was hard and big thanks to the little blue pills and the play, then he got down in front of Steve and blew thru the chain mail jock strap that popped off, to reveal Steve’s big uncut cock. Steve said “go boy!” and Chris got his lips so close to my cock I could feel their heat, but he waited.

Redheaded Delight

group BetweenHerLegs 2018-05-16

Rose would cover Ken's strong, bare chest with gentle, wet kisses, stroking his sturdy shaft with her little, pale hand -- and Christie would start sucking on his nipple while massaging his balls and running her long, thin finger between his ass cheeks. "Ken, did you know this is Rose's first time being sexual with another woman?" Christie's fingers curled up inside Rose's bush, and the younger girl blushed, now feeling the humiliation a bit more acutely. From the couch, Ken now bounded up, naked, and lifted Christie's skirt to her own waist and, see that was as wet as or wetter than Rose, plunged his erection deep inside her, taking her doggy-style while she ate the other girl's ass.