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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Charlot's Sandwich

group cmau 2018-05-16

Charlot drained the residue of their lust from his cock and looked at me, panting, as she put her hand between her thighs and smeared his come and her juices into her pussy. Jim resumed his blunt diatribe as Charlot took his cock in her mouth and sucked vigorously. I did not want him to blow in my wife's bum, but I did not stop him just yet as I could see Charlot was having the time of her life, relishing the uninhibited lust of the moment. Charlot eyed his cock expectantly, her mouth open in anticipation, and was soon rewarded with a stream of come lacing her right cheek. Amazingly, Jim lifted Charlot's legs and sucked my come from her love tunnel.

Jennifer's New Boyfriend

group ab-2007 2018-05-16

David was a little surprised when his girlfriend pulled out the nylon cord and whispered into his ear, "I'm going to tie you down to the bed so you can't get away, then I'm going to do really nasty things to your body and you won't be able to stop me." She looked deep into his eyes and then pushed away with a giggle and took first one hand then the other and tied them with a loop over the headboard. Jason had made love to her so many times before that the thought of his dick screwing a male butt made her feel like she couldn't ever let it back into her cunt again.

My Wife's Seduction

group adge747 2018-05-16

Whilst kissing her neck I asked would she like to feel Adrian's tongue and cock on and in her pussy, she gently answered "yes". Whilst having his cock sucked upon he again lent over and began working his tongue into my wife swollen pussy, sucking and biting on her clit whilst again fingering her ass. It was not long before the squelching of my wife's pussy juices began to be evident which had me ready to explode then again she moaned loudly as he withdrew his cock allowing for her juice to escape, again he quickly plunged into her bringing her off again and again.

Kristina & Kathy Pt. 03

group jeff29 2018-05-16

One of her hands slipped casually down my abdomen and cupped my balls; the other began to massage my cock as Kathy worked her sopping pussy against my ass cheek. Kristina’s probably in her room crying.” Despite my protests, I allowed Kathy to move my body as she wanted, and soon, I felt her soft hands spreading my ass cheeks, her tongue working it’s way around my hole. One of Kathy’s hands found my cock, which had sprung to life, and she began to work it up and down slowly, while her tongue stiffened, poised to penetrate me in a way I had only allowed Kristina to do previously. “Kathy, what are you…Oh, fuck…” I groaned, as Kathy slipped her tongue deep inside my ass, her hand still working my cock mercilessly.


Two Sisters and a Cock

group Erlikkhan 2018-05-16

I was pressed against her back with one hand down the front of her shorts fingering her pussy and the other under her top squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. This is Brenda who lives across the way, Sherry who is an old friend from high school and my little sister Debbie." Sandra pressed her body up behind mine and slid her hands from my stomach up to my chest. I rolled onto my back pulling Sandra on top of me with my cock still buried deep in her pussy. Sandra squealed uncontrollably while fucking me faster and faster repeatedly slamming her pussy down on my cock and driving me deep into her belly.


Tuckme Into Bed

group Katthrynn 2018-05-16

Sarah watched as Betty took all of Duncan's cock in her mouth, held it there for a moment and then let it out slowly. Sucking on the cock like Betty told her to, Sarah pulled her head up letting it the cock slide slowly out of her mouth. Betty lay down next to Duncan's cock and Sarah watched her take it into her mouth. Sarah closed her eyes and focused on the wonderful feeling of Duncan's cock fucking her wet tight little pussy. Duncan leaned back a bit to make room and Betty kissed her way down to Sarah's clit. Duncan was fucking Betty hard and she was moaning and licking Sarah's pussy frantically.

Holiday fantasy - my girlfriend services two apart

group 2018-05-16

Later that night Janina and I are making love and engaging in dirty talk, we are getting filthier and filthier and finally she says that she wants to fuck Jon and suck Sebs cock at the same time – letting them totally misuse her as they like. Janina moaned almost continuously with little make up tears running down her cheeks…but she kept encouraging us saying ‘fuck me, fuck me hard!’ Jon responded and pulled her head back by her hair lifting her breasts back into my face so that I could suck and nibble her erect nipples. At the same time he also thrusts his penis deep inside Janina making her open her mouth wide with delight, so that she orgasms simultaneously with Jon. His penis is pumping her ass full of cum – I can feel every squirt through her pussy.

The Club - My Personal Orgy

group kezza6969 2018-05-16

Slowly, gradually I returned to the reality of the mattress, the man between my thighs, his cock still pressed inside me, cum flooding my cunt, the darkness, and the bodies around me. Two men in front of me joined him in touching me up, their hands and fingers sliding between my legs through my weeping slit, erections brushing my body. I entered the alcove and paused to enjoy the moans and groans, the wet squelch of cunt around thrusting cock and the slap of bare bodies smacking together. I was bent forward so that my arms rested on the legs of the man sitting, my face and mouth having easy access to his cock.

Naked Party

group amadthon 2018-05-16

She came in wearing a bra and panty set, and she and her partner, who was a really good looking, muscular guy (who turned out to be really cool when I talked to him) started dancing and making out immediately. Guy number two stood in front of her and helped her lower herself down, and then moved closer to play with her breasts as she began to move up and down on number one's cock. We went down onto the dance floor and wrapped our arms around each other, her full breasts rubbing my chest and my already swelling cock rubbing against her soft belly.

A company of three tames Lindsey

group 2018-05-15

He wrapped his hand behind her head and gripped her hair so she couldn't move away, then after a few more pulls a stream of cum shot into her face. He started to slowly withdraw and she sucked hard on his cock as he threw his head back and moaned in pleasure, then thrust back into her mouth so deeply it took her breath away. She rubbed her tongue along his cock as it slid between her wet lips, sliding in and out of her mouth, slowly at first, then getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her head was pulled up, he ripped the condom from his tool and then thrust his cock back into her mouth just as he started to come.

Rani's Going Away Party

group adamaxilla 2018-05-15

We met at the same motel as last time, and I sat in the chair and watched Rani and Monica make love. Rani saw where I was looking and slid her bronze hand over to Monica's milky white jugs, stroking the aureola with her fingernail and making the pebbled surface come alive again. "It's a big freakin' cock Adam," Monica said as Rani took it in hand and tugged on it. I looked over at Monica who was busy watching Rani sucking my cock. Through glazed eyes of my own, I watched my cock spurt into the air once before Rani rammed me under her arm, where I continued to ejaculate like a jack hammer as the coarse black hair raked the head of my dick.


Saturday Night

group hard2debon 2018-05-15

I had met Debbie and Tony her boyfriend in a chat room one night whilst killing a bit of time online. Debbie took my cock in her mouth and started moving her head smoothly up and down my shaft while Tony fucked her pussy from behind. An inch of my finger went in and I moved my tongue to her clit, she slowly started pushing on my finger, forcing it deeper into her ass until it was deep inside her. I started flicking around with tongue, teasing her with it inside and outside her pussy all the while she was getting wetter and she began to ride on my finger in her ass.

Geek's Revenge Ch. 03

group Creamer 2018-05-15

Beverly Li was a youngish looking Asian woman who had started her professional life hacking Unix code, and was smart enough to know that while tech was hot, the real money makers were the suits, not the programmers. We didn't get to be friends until years after, but she was one of the flat-chested little nerd girls who hung out in the library and got harassed by the Bitch Squad, as Carla's group had been unaffectionately known. Carla had a kind of dazed look in her eyes, and her face was soaked with Bev's secretions. Carla was a whore, and no doubt could fake an orgasm better than she could read a map, but Bev was not going to let her fake it.


Going To Hell in a Handbasket

group Helena-Handbasket 2018-05-15

I mean I've fucked a few BIG men, but largely I have looked at porn sites regarding BBC's but it was so fucking LONG, it reached a third of the way down a VERY long thigh. I nuzzled his cock and began to lick round the head. "Stop, lady , enough" he said "Let's get you back up here, get you fucked" "no" said the big guy "I fucking WON'T! I opened to suck and lick him, he'd got an utterly, utterly gorgeous cock. His cock felt HUGE up my bum, and he and his mate began a co ordinated fuck which had "OH FUCK YEAH" I screamed as the two comdommed cocks gave up their load into each of my holes.

Recollections Ch. 14

group Kaadorix 2018-05-15

On this warm and beautiful Sunday afternoon - Mother's Day, by the way - Alexa and I had taken the two young children, Cooper and Madison, to the city of Lawrence, Kansas, which was a half-hour or so's drive away from our home in Lake Quivira. She did not want to pursue a full- or part-time job, however, as Alexa already worked six days a week as a fitness instructor at a local health club, and actually had a degree in Physical Therapy (but had yet to put it to use). "I really enjoyed sitting and watching Cooper and Madi play while we were having lunch," Alexa grinned, turning and looking back at my daughter with Merissa as I set forth, driving along the road.


Bob's Birthday Bash

group Stormysailor 2018-05-15

Sam, the first winner, slipped between the drapes where Bob was reclining on a pile of cushions on the window seat. "No time for napping, Bob has people to do on the window seat," Adele exclaimed and they got back into action. They started the children's game of pin the tail on the donkey and the winner (best of three, to make it last sufficient time) was Sue. Bob reclined on the window seat and was quickly joined by Sue who stripped off for the second time. "I hope I can get it up," worried Bob, "Three times in one evening plus all the other activities is the stuff of dreams but could be a challenge for someone of my age," as he got in to position over Sam.

Saturday Night at Home

group Lauries Husband 2018-05-15

The buff, blue-eyed blond smiled at me as he took Laurie's hand and drew her closer, making her lean over the bar. And if she wasn't 'occupied' by the end of the evening, he said I could fuck her if I wanted to." Laurie gasped as he spoke to me, but I noticed she didn't exactly try to pull away from him. By the time I got off the stool and walked around to say hello to 'our new friend' he had one hand on Laurie's shoulder and a drink in his other. Then, knowing we were all still watching, he put his hand on Laurie's breast and fitted her dress back over her nipple with his fingers.


Roommates Pt. 02

group Stories4Her 2018-05-15

You feel my tongue and hand on your cock and it's an overwhelming sensation. While we are kissing, my roommate needs something to do so she starts to run her hands over my back and down my spine toward my ass. She wants to add some sensation to the already incredible feeling of your cock deep inside me, searching for my g spot, rubbing up against it and feeling it engorge further. You want to cum but you're a gentleman and you feel you should wait for my roommate. My roommate decides she wants a taste of me and heads down to the end of the bed so she can start eating me.

This Old Cock Ch. 02

group GentleGeorge 2018-05-15

The list also sometimes had job titles listed, and I could see those who were not wearing wedding bands, so this reduced the 28 candidates down to about four possibilities -- Sue, Liz, Lisa and Bev. I decided that I would focus on each one in turn, trying to identify my Mystery Lady. Since our group seemed to get along, I said something about going out for dinner together, and I got a strong yes from both Liz and Sue, and another guy named Dan. Jane said that she needed to call back home and would likely be doing room service. She then got on top of me and started fucking me, as she told me about her time with Dan. We did agree to try to arrange a time with Sue and Lisa sometime later in the week.

The Girl Who Gets What She Wants

group kurtomatic 2018-05-15

However, since she'd parted ways with Todd six weeks prior, she had been thinking about dropping by Ryan's place every time she showed this listing. "Or, if you're in the mood for a more adult beverage, we've got a couple of open bottles of wine, or I could probably make something fruity if you like mixed drinks." Katrina paused. "Best drink on the planet." Sarah watched as Katrina pulled out three distinct bottles of alcohol from the wine bar - Southern Comfort, sloe gin, and vodka. Both women took a drink - Sarah a small sip, Katrina a larger one. Sarah decided she liked this woman, and took another drink.


Initiation to Dena's Club

group jasexy28 2018-05-15

I watched his legs shudder as he pushed his cock hard into her pussy and she slid back up onto the bed a little, then as he relaxed, he pulled his shaft out and held his foreskin down and let his tip touch her between the buttocks. He finally stood back holding his cock and I got a quick glance at her two wet shiny holes before Dena lifted her ass up off the bed and pulled her panties back up tight over her pussy. Just then Dena reach around and took hold of his cock and pulled the head down to her wet asshole and placing her hand around the head she held the tip down as he pushed forward and easily penetrated her ass.


Strange Encounter

group d4david 2018-05-15

Harry slipped two fingers in my butt causing me to flinch, Linda stroked the hair on my head saying 'don't worry you can eat all the pussy you want as long as Harry is fucking you.' Harry said 'start licking that cunt, now.' With that Harry lunged forward and the head popped into my butt, I opened my mouth and started to yell, Linda pulled my face into her cunt. With out warning Harry f***ed all his meat up my butt, I could not help but start to holler, Linda raised her head and looked in the mirror and smiled 'get that pussy Harry,' she said.

Freshman Year

group PrincessErin 2018-05-15

The massive football player was kneeling on the bed as his large cock slammed into Daniella's pussy. "Fuck, I love your pussy." Chad grinned as he untied her hands. You're so fucking hot." Chad grabbed Daniella and sat her on his chest. "I missed you today." Daniella wrapped her legs around Chad and felt his member push against her thigh. Chad lifted his leg and let Cat grind against his thigh. "Oh fuck, you feel good." Cat grinned and watched as Daniella fucked Chad's member. Once Daniella came, Cat climbed off Chad. This firecracker was turning him on so much and now she wanted to watch him fuck Daniella. He felt his cum flood Daniella's pussy and loved the fact that Cat's hand was massaging his balls.

Mums secret and how I lost my virginity

group maturemancock 2018-05-15

Then she groaned louder and screamed out “Harder HARDER” as she groaned, the lad she was wanking also moaned as his spray shot out and landed on mums tits, it didn’t stop her enjoyment. The dark haired lad was fucking her harder and she was getting louder as she screamed “Yes, Yes, Yes, HARDER” then after another minute or so “Oh my God I’m coming” as he plummeted into her, then it went quiet for a split second and then eruption. I sat up and pulled her onto my bed and spread her thighs she looked at me and said “Please ****” I pushed my hand up her skirt and felt the front of her knickers, they were still sticky.