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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Tub Host

group AutumnAuthor16 2018-05-15

She still could not see exactly what was going on, but she knew that the men were having a good time playing with her and perhaps each other, since she was tied to the bed and blindfolded it was hard to tell exactly what was happening but whatever it was , it was all amazing and she continued to build towards orgasm after orgasm. Their host was close to face then and she took his cock in her mouth while he continued to play with her nipples with the nipple clips and then her lover moved between her legs and as soon as his tongue touched her clit she moaned in pleasure and he started licking her and sucking her and touching her and she was cumming again and again and still she was sucking on the host's cock!

Sat in a bar

group CT89 2018-05-15

me and the other girl took down his trousers, and started to share his dick between us, she was sucking on his balls while i took his shaft deep down into my throat, we both started to lick his bellend, the girl then started to make her way up to his face and sat her soaking pussy on his mouth, her pussy juice going all over his face and him eating her out, we then swapped and I went down on her, licking her out while he pounded her mouth with his fucking hard cock.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

group shempus erectus 2018-05-15

Tina and Doug's hands began to wander over Ingrid's goddess-like body. Their lips moved alternately to Ingrid's mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately, then back to her saliva slicked breasts, rolling their tongues around and over her wet erect nipples. Tina could feel Ingrid getting more excited and began finger fucking Ingrid's twat, matching the rhythm of Ingrid's mouth on Doug's cock and synchronized to her tongue on Ingrid's hard clit. Soon, Tina felt the telltale contractions around her finger as Ingrid, with Doug's cock still in her mouth, let out a long, low ecstatic groan and came. Tina raised her head a little, looked toward her own pussy and saw Ingrid's breasts swaying to the rhythm of Doug's humping.


Getting Kinky During Xmas Break!

group adel5000 2018-05-15

So on the big night, Jennifer and I went to the game along with Brittany and a guy named Hartley, an older guy about 24, from Connecticut, who was a medical student at Emory University and an old f****y friend of both Jennifer and Brittany’s families. In a haze I remember that soon we were all on Jennifer’s huge bed and I was fucking Brittany and Jennifer was being fucked by Hartley. My mind still has a difficult time trying to remember the details of that d**g and alcohol driven wild night but I know we all switched again and I had sex with both Jennifer and Brittany one more time each before falling asl**p.

The Rest of the Story-Passed Out from Being Fucked

group ruffredmuff 2018-05-15

I have been nagged by several people to tell the rest of the story about what happened after I passed out. They said they just kept taking turns fucking me while I was out and shooting cum all over my face and body. I can tell you this...I know I was fucked long and hard because my pussy and ass were very sore and I wasn't walking very well for a whole day afterwards. My body was covered in sticky cum all over my legs, pussy, ass, belly, tits, neck and face. I don't know how much fun it is to fuck a girl that's passed out cold...but obviously it must have been exciting for them because the evidence was all over my tired body.

Stiff Club Ch. 02

group loveking 2018-05-15

Richard went on to explain how he liked the contrast of the conservative looking blouse and skirt, which, when removed, would reveal the wild sexy underwear. Mary had not noticed at first, probably because she was feeling shy, but as she looked at the screen again she saw that there were four men including Max. The thing that really caught her eye was that each man already had his second camera activated and she could see the second images of each of the men showing the bulges in their underpants! Richard interrupted her thoughts as he moved from behind the camera, still completely naked, and came to stand behind her and said, "Gentlemen, under this conservative blouse and skirt Mary is wearing some very sexy underwear.


The Job Ch. 01

group Blackdraman 2018-05-15

Figuring on taking a shower now and give her hair time to dry while looking through the papers, Amy began to strip as she headed toward the bathroom. With a towel wrapped around her head, Amy used a second to dry herself off then grabbed the papers off the table and plopped down on the couch and began to skim through them. Looking down Amy noticed her skirt had bunched up when sitting down and now showed the a small strip of skin above her thigh highs. Reading the directions Nancy gave her last night, Amy walked two blocks north of the bus stop to a small building on the corner.


Four of a Kind

group MissAndy 2018-05-15

Todd and Gina were like a slightly younger version of Luke and Andy, before kids. Gina gave Todd a kiss and turned to Andy, "Shall we." They linked arms and walked to washroom giggling like a couple of school girls with a secret. "Well it looks like she's got one now." Said Luke "Andy could use a girlfriend too." Luke then stood and Andy took his cock into her mouth, leaning over the edge of the tub with her ass in the air. With a nod from Luke, Todd took advantage of Andy's position, placing his hard cock against her waiting pussy. Gina scooted out from underneath Andy, turned around and took Luke's cock.


group ThePack 2018-05-15

This time Phil wasn’t going to give her a chance as he slid his own cock between her love lips and fucked her with a slow steady pace whilst trying to get the whole thing on film. I want to make sure that we get some really good footage of that beautiful cock of Eriks fucking my pussy tonight, but don’t tell Phil yet. I watched as Tinas tongue trailed delicately up and down the length of Eriks cock, Laura looked on and stroked her tits with one hand and gently teased her cunt lips open with the other. Laura smiled back at Phil and said “please fuck her darling, then I want to see your cum spurt over her cunt hair”.


Young Pregnant Couple photo shoot

group 2018-05-15

i was so hard and phil ask Ange if she want to suck me off to her releave my presure to my suprise but she said not really i would prefer to feel his cock inside me phil as if i was keen and before i could say yes i found my face down between her tighs licking her sweet pussy no even caring that phil had emptied a load into her it didnt take long to make her cum again then she return the faver to me and took my cock into her mouth she suck me for a few minutes before guilding me into her pussy i was so worked up i blow in about 5 minutes but after a short break phil and i both got stuck into her until we all cum again

Theresa and her Neighbor

group shoeman1965 2018-05-15

She slowly started to stroke his cock with her right hand while massaging his shaved balls with her left. Steve, in the mean time, started licking and sucking her pussy harder by the moment. As she sucked their cocks one at a time, they started rubbing her back and reaching around to squeeze her tits and nipples. "Enough of this shit, I want to watch your face while I fuck you!" Steve pulled his cock and thumb out of Theresa, picked her up and carried her over to the chaise lounge she had been relaxing on a while ago. He started to pump his cock in and out of her ass, while she frantically rubbed her pussy with her hands.

Divorcee Becomes a Sexual Predator

group walterio 2018-05-15

Bev recalled Jimmy's finger leaving her ass and then he applied lotion and saliva to his cock. Bobby moved closer and took Bev's tits in his hands and began to fondle them and then he leaned in and sucked on them. Tim pulled the snug shorts down Bev's legs and he let out a slow complimentary whistle when her ass was bared. Bobby was still working on her tits when Tim pulled Bev's thong panty off and tossed it over with her shorts. Bobby then called out that he was going to shoot and Bev repeated her actions taking the first stream in her mouth and then aiming the cock at her tits. Bev released the cocks and looked up at the young men, "Let's take a dip in the pool."


Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 02

group Disbi 2018-05-15

Mike was watching all of this while he fucked Jennifer and felt his cock start to swell too. Sean felt himself getting hard and saw that Mike's dick was already standing up as he took in Jennifer's naked body. She sucked the cock deeply into her mouth and felt the warm balls rubbing against her cheek. Jennifer felt Lisa place her hand against her warm, wet pussy and began to rub her clit. Her pussy gripped Mike's cock, and her mouth sucked Sean's deeply. As she was sucking Sean, she felt MIke's cock swell in her pussy and shoot deep inside of her. Lisa saw them all cumming and came too, her pussy shooting warm juices all over Jennifer's hand.


Lucky Girl

group lesleyryder 2018-05-15

I kissed the head, flicked my tongue teasingly over it and then around the head several times as one hand reached down for Marie's breast squeezing, finding her nipple, pinching it, tugging on it as I let Mac's cock slip deep into my mouth. Mac's body went taut, he growled, Marie groaned loudly, and I tasted the sweet nectar that I so longed for and felt it coat my throat. Marie's hands slid over my body to my breast and found nipples, pinching them., and then her mouth replace her fingers as she sucks on the hardened nipple. slightly moving ...and once again ......very carefully ...lowered myself on to Mac's hard cock....I groan as it pressed against my anus as I continued to plunge my fingers in and out Marie.

Swingers Sauna Ch. 02

group devilsden79 2018-05-15

Fiona had her towel really low, and I could almost see her nipples, I tried my best not to look directly, but I am sure Gavin would have followed my gaze a couple of times. I tried to do a quick count, and could come up with 13 couples and 15 Single Men. The ratio was perfect, but I was sure there were more men in the Sauna, the Spa, in the rooms, and men just walking around, trying to be part of any action happening in the venue. Once I went in the room a bit, I could see Tania, She was on all fours, facing the door, had a cock in her mouth from this tall guy, which I made out was Tony, her partner, had a guy under her, licking her nipples, and a guy behind her fucking her doggy style.

My First Tattoo

group penncd 2018-05-15

He moved toward her and she felt her skin grow warm all over, her face flushed and her pussy was wet with desire. His hand moved to her throbbing pussy and he gently massaged it while incredible little after shocks went through her like tidal waves. Her hand moved over his balls and up to his hard cock and she began to slowly move her hand back and forth. She wrapped her hand around his engorged cock and ran her tongue over his balls – sucking first one and then the other into her mouth. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around his ass and pulled him deep into her mouth, pumping his hardness in and out, wanting to savor the taste of him.

The Masque

group Paul44 2018-05-15

Below them the man almost ready moved with a dancers grace and speed gathering his Leda's legs into his hands and pulling her delightfully plump haunches just a little into the air before plunging his magnificent cock deep into her cunt. The satyr and nymph waited and the King moved between her legs and guided his cock to the glistening, gleaming flesh that poked through the sparse hair that covered her pubis. The King again rampant now joined his guests on the couches and caressed and fondled their offered bodies whilst feeling lips take his cock into their mouth.


The Education of Debbie Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-05-15

Once we returned to the apartment we went straight to bed and Walt gave my pussy a good licking and fucking, Walt told me that he didn’t want me to forget about how good it was to have his cock in my ass. I was to learn later that each of the five men came in each of my holes, which meant that I had a total of fifteen loads of come, five in each my mouth, my pussy and my ass. He told me how good I looked taking all that cock in my pussy, mouth and ass. I dreamt that night that I would have cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass for the rest of my life.

Snowy Night in the Mid West

group writer52 2018-05-15

The two women on the screen began kissing and feeling each other’s boobs while the man sat on the bed enjoying the show they were giving him. I turned my head and was mouth high on an eraser sized hard nipple I looked up and the redhead was smiling at me and pushing her breast into my mouth. My black haired beauty was playing with my rock hard cock when I felt the warm sensation of a hot mouth circling my boner. I reached for the pussy that was attached to the wonderful breast in my mouth and she offered no resistance as I began pulling her towards me so that I could get a taste of her sweet female nectar.

Group Connections Ch. 03

group Vo0d0oGirl 2018-05-15

I slide my arms up over her hips, and slip my hands around her bare back, letting my fingers settle on the thin line of a g-sting just under the scooping back of her green silk dress. The dark green fabric of her dress falls in a concealing drape between her legs, and she pushes it back against her own hot mound, digging her finger tips into middle of the gentle ‘V’ made by my skirt between my legs, teasing my already swollen clit. A single drip inches down her right thigh, and I push my fingers hard against my clit, forcing my underwear and skirt between my swollen lips. I feel her hand slide back around my upper thigh, and her fingers probe my lips through the thin red satin of the thong.


Copying Victoria

group LadyRoscoe 2018-05-15

It's a pain in the ass." He laid the photo copies on his desk and looked straight in to Victoria's eyes. "See?" He dropped it in to a drawer in his desk." Victoria still looked unconvinced and Jameson sighed, running his fingers through his hair. Jameson watched as his business partner felt the girl's every curve and pull her blouse open to cup her full breasts, weighing them in the satin and lace that held them captive. Jameson groaned as Victoria pushed into him, making her more aroused by the un-abating heat and pain that painted her ass in strokes. "I just want this." He ran his fingers over the belt marks and spread her ass cheeks, pulling her thong aside, allowing the hard length of his cock to slide between them.


The Adventures of Abby and Nick Ch. 01

group mstwistedangel 2018-05-15

Tony stepped back and reached over and slipped on a condom before sliding his cock into her warm, wet pussy, keeping her on her back with, she turned and began kissing Daphne while Tony was burying his cock into her and Nick was still orally pleasuring Daphne. Once he was hard, he slipped his thick hard cock back into Abby's warm, wanting pussy and buried it hard and deep once again, her body responding with moans of pleasure, reaching up and grasping his arms as if willing him to cum for her. He slipped his cock back out of her pussy, turned her over and gently placed it back into her ass, she groaned at how much better it felt without the condom as he buried it deep and hard and then finally, cuming.


group charlessmythe 2018-05-15

It wasn't long before Barbara was down on her knees licking and caressing Tyler's cock before she put it in her mouth and started sucking it. As I taped my wife Barbara fucking my good friend Tyler, she started to work her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting his thrusts halfway. I'd licked his cum off Barbara's breasts but now I wanted Tyler to cum in my mouth so I could taste it first hand and feel it running down my throat. As I sucked, without even waking up Tyler moved his hips and moaned Barbara's name over and over as he moved his stiff cock in and out of my mouth.

Post Game Perks

group Edge23 2018-05-15

Kyle, our coach/starting center and my best friend gave us the post-game pep talk about how next week we face the team that beat us two weeks prior and that he really wanted to give them some payback. He stopped when he looked at Becca because, as far as I knew, no one in the locker room knew her, except for Ashley and I. Becca kept her mouth on Josh, but moved her hands over to Luke's monster. After a few more minutes of incredible head, I felt Ashley groan around my cock as Kyle got her off. Josh looked pissed that he was suddenly left out of the action, so he grabbed some lube from his locker and started stroking himself.