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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Potion by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-05-15

The feeling on the end of his cock was incredible, and seeing Becky sucking on those big nipples, well, he couldn't take it anymore, and like a fast freight barreling down the tracks, Tommy's sperm blasted into the back of Miss Arnold's throat, causing her to momentarily choke on the river of cum filling her mouth! Before he and Becky left, Tommy gave Miss Arnold another stick of gum, made her chew it in front of him and said smugly, "That's a good girl, I want to make sure you're always ready for me!!!" On their way back down the hall, Tommy let his hand slip around Becky's waist and he cupped her small firm breast.

New apartment complex

group bufffreak 2018-05-15

I moved outdoors by the pool so I could get a look at what the local talent looked like in swim suits. We introduced ourselves, the dirty blonde is Susan and the redhead is Jody One evening when we returned from the pool Susan took charge. As I fucked Jody, Susan rimmed me. I couldn't wait to fuck Jody while Susan played with my ass. Jody and Susan rubbed me and watched. I wasn't sure what I thought but as I watched the two girls kiss and finger each other I got hard again. As my dick got harder Jody licked my ear and whispered "you'll never get a chance like this again" The dike Jody guided my dick towards his ass

The Concert Ch. 04

group petitmort 2018-05-15

Amanda could see the look of sheer pleasure on Isabelle's face and Franco's strong back and luscious ass, but she couldn't see where he was kissing her exactly. Listening to her soft moans, she imagined herself in Isabelle's place, with one hand in Franco's thick, curly hair while the other brushed her hard nipples, felt her full lips, and reached high above her head. And then Franco felt the electricity surge through his limbs and gather in his groin, exploding through his cock with a stream of cum spraying deep inside Isabelle's gorgeous body. And both Isabelle and Amanda, their eyes rolling back in their heads, felt the sensation peak and their bodies shudder as it crested like a tidal wave, consuming them both at the same time.


My Lover's First Woman

group pjwolf 2018-05-15

Brenda holds the back of your head and presses it closer to her when you feel my hands reach around to caress your own breasts. You then begin to taste and explore her, licking her and feeling her smooth lips beneath your tongue. While you begin to lick and explore her erect clit, I slide my still fully erect penis between your legs and rub the shaft back and forth along your lips, allowing the head to rub against your aching clit. You feel me begin to throb so deep inside of you that you know I am about to cum, as are you, and from the way Brenda' pussy is clamping around the finger that you just slipped in, she is also close.

The Bus

group lil1812 2018-05-15

Thoughts rush to my head about fucking the bus driver as I think about my wet pussy waiting to be rubbed and prodded. I look down to the mirror and watch the bus driver watching me as the guy sticks his oversized finger in my hole. The guy is fucking fast and really hard at this point; totally oblivious to the fact that the bus had stopped and the bus driver was standing behind him. One of the policemen pushed past the driver and started to walk slowly up the bus. He takes me off the bus as I hear the other policeman telling the driver and the guy to stay were they were.


Doris and Lisa Ch. 01

group highclassic 2018-05-15

Doris wasn't in her room yet, so Lisa went downstairs to nervously wait in the parlor, not knowing what to expect from a girl who had called her a little brat back home. Stripped down to her underwear she sat heavily on the bed, running her hands over her black bra, the one Lisa remembered Doris wore the first night at the beach. Doris became very quiet, and Lisa looked into the pale blue eyes of the tall girl sitting across from her, knee to knee. Lisa closed her eyes and Doris said "You kept this on because you remember how much l like this little piece of cloth.


Freshman Spring Break

group ncsoccermom35 2018-05-15

I was laying there trying not to act like a stupid girl who'd drank too much and concentrate on getting the room to stop spinning when Jake got beside me. I felt like I could die right there when I heard the one fingering me tell Jake how wet I was getting, using 2 fingers instead of one. The man behind me started going faster and telling anyone who could hear how good my pussy was, asking me if I liked it. He started moving faster and asked me if I liked his big dick, then how long was I going to be in Florida.


Size Matters but Endurance matters more.

group caroline2255 2018-05-15

Kalpana's hubby said that if your dick is better than mine you will have it perhaps, mine is medium sized but of long endurance. Seeing my huge circumcised cock ok of Rob, she grabbed it and said how beautiful is your dick compared to the uncircumcised puny one that my hubby has got but it is a dead piece of meat. By that time Sammy told Kalpana to stop becuase he can see her sucking the knob of Rob. He gave me five deep thrusts and I screamed with pleasure. Sammy told Rob that I have to fuck you as well because my wife sucked your pink knob.

A Corporate Affair Ch. 03

group tantricjim 2018-05-15

Donna crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder at Howard. She lay back, her beautiful face looking up at Howard from the pillow with her legs spread, her fingers making teasing circles around her swollen clit. Donna wanted to feel him in her and arched her back upward while pressing his cock downward with her hand. "I want you ready baby, I want your pussy to be so horny it will bite my cock off." He lowered his hips so that she could rub his knob in her trembling slit. He tried to keep fucking but his massive cock had met its match and she squeezed him out until the knob was oozing cum in her pussy lips.

Stop Sign by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-05-15

Trying the “I don’t have a clue approach”, he offered, “Something wrong, officer?” The female police woman ignoring his obvious con job, said, “Sir, you just ran that stop sign and you didn’t even make an attempt to stop!” “Well,” he ventured, “I am late for work and I just didn’t see the sign, I’m real sorry!” “I’m sure you are,” she intoned, “but we’ll have to write you up a ticket anyway, maybe next time you’ll pay a little more attention.” Now feeling desperate, Mike decided to plead with her, hoping that by throwing himself at her mercy she might let him go with a warning.

Cheating Can Be Good

group BiAndProud 2018-05-15

She broke off and said," My boss fucked me today." And she kissed him again and started rubbing his stiff cock and pulled it out of his pants. Stanley now pulled his dick out and stood in front of Kyle's face and Kyle ravaged the cock that his wife so loved to suck. Stanley pulled out and Letisha stood up brought her ass to Sandys face so Sandy could eat Kyle cum from her pussy. They fucked in this position for long and when they all came Kyle lay down and Stanley slowly put his cock in Kyles asshole while Letisha and Sandy took it in turns to sit on his face and watch him eat the cum out of their pussies.

Special Showing

group erotic51 2018-05-15

When Suzy found her pussy, Connie relaxed her thighs to let her lips open to the insistence of her fingers, murmuring deep in her throat. She closed them again and suddenly felt Don's prick touch her lips, smelling so deliciously like Suzy had tasted not so long ago. Don walked to the foot of the bed and kissed Connie, a moment later, she felt his prick slip past her labia and spread the walls of her pussy. Connie felt Suzy's hands busily rubbing his balls against the sensitive parts of her pussy while Don drew his prick back down the crack of her arse.


Never Enough Ch. 04

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-15

I wanted to talk with Amber about making the porno movies. "Amber said you wanted to talk with me." "We'd like to talk with you about the movie business if you've got time?" Scott stated. Scott and Melissa had played around making their own little porno movie together. "To what extent are you two wanting to get involved in the porno movie business?" I asked. Scott handed me a business card with their home phone number on it. I left the apartment early enough Sunday so I wouldn't be late for the meeting with Scott and Melissa. "Melissa and I would like to think it over a little before deciding." Scott stated. "Well, Scott and I aren't into the open-marriage thing!" Melissa said, smiling.


Peeping Dave Ch. 05

group JennyWrites4Fun 2018-05-15

Despite my momentary pause, my darling girl was pushing her ass back at my face and I looked up at Dave between licks, his gaze meeting mine, and I knew everything was still good. I still hadn't gotten her to cum so I slid my hand down between her legs and began to finger her wet pussy. Just as Dan's mouth sealed over my cunt, I opened my eyes long enough to see what looked like a movement in that skylight. He pumped my cunt and drew my clit into his mouth, forcing me to cum so hard that I sat up partially, eyes wide open, seeing Dave standing at the skylight, watching me cum on Dan's tongue.


My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 03

group duddle146 2018-05-15

Blythe meets Josh's friends - Edwin and Li Ling. "Yeah...well, I'm glad you approve, old buddy," Josh laughed, obviously pleased at his friend Edwin's remarks about Blythe. "Okay, If you're going to dance with Blythe; I'm going to dance with Li Ling," Josh laughed, pleased the four of them were getting on so well. A moment later she felt a pang of jealousy as she watched Edwin dance Blythe over to a darken corner and start kissing her. With Josh's thigh between my thighs - I'm humping him like a bitch in heat, Li Ling thought, laughing to herself. "If she agrees, maybe sometime later tonight I'll get her down and pay her back for trying to steal my husband," she teased, knowing how Josh loved sexy talk such as that.

Fucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

group 2018-05-15

Some of them include a variable length vibrator, dildos of various sizes, a two headed dildo that can penetrate both my pussy and my ass at the same time, bondage toys like leather ropes, masks, whips to spank my ass and also David’s ass. I had sucked Davids cock many times, but I was finding it difficult to get his whole balls into my mouth, they were huge. I couldn’t believe that David got hard by seeing me suck another man’s cock. I went and climbed onto the bed and started to suck on davids hard cock. I was sucking David’s cock by sitting on the bed with my knees and my ass was pointing to the man in the mask. Just one cock of yours isn’t going to satisfy this whore’s pussy.” He said to David, I couldn’t look back.


group melissamd 2018-05-15

Stephanie and Jason told us to get on the bed, and Tony and I did as ordered. Tony sped up, plunging into me, harder, faster, I tensed the muscles of my pussy...raised my hips...watched Stephanie slide down Jason's body and take him into her mouth. Tony turned his head to the side and was able to watch Jason fuck Stephanie as I gave him an amazing, slow, thorough blow job. Stephanie was at the head of the bed and tied one hand down, then Tony completed the bondage. Stephanie handed Tony a bottle of champagne and instructed him to pour it into a very sensitive place...the champagne felt cold and silky as he poured it into my pussy.


Ryan's Christmas Present

group ErotcaCouple727 2018-05-15

Ryan thrusted into that tight ass a few more times and that was too much for him as he screamed out "I am going to cum!" and just then Jessica told him something that he never expected to hear, "Shoot that huge load into my tight ass and fill me with cum!" That was all that he needed to hear as he felt his balls release and he shot his load inside her with such force that his cum started to lick back out of her and ran down the cheeks of her ass and onto his wife's face and she looked up and smiled at him.

Unwinding After a Long Day

group fxm77 2018-05-15

I must not have heard them come in, because I looked up to see two more of my son’s friends, Kim and Tanya, by the kitchen door, with a look of shock on their faces. With a huge grin on his face he took out his cock and sat on one of the kitchen chairs and began stroking himself. After he came, it didn’t take him long to get hard again and started to fuck Kim from behind. Kim was sucking my son’s cock while getting her ass fucked by his father. My son and my husband came all over Kim’s face and tits, and Tanya hungrily licked it all up.

Gang bang

group 2018-05-15

It was all do quick before i knew i was being passed around sucking their cocks one after the other, chocking and gagging, my mascara running down my face,gasping for air i stood up , only to be pushed down again, but this time they tied up my hands and feet, i felt one guy shove his huge cock in my tight ass, i screamed with pleasure, i could feel every inch, the other guy spread my legs even wider and inserted himself in my soaked pussy, it felt so good i could feel my pussy juices flooding out onto his cock , he got up and then shoved his cock in my mouth , making me eat all of my cum, it was right down my throat as he rammed my head back and forward, telling me i was his dirty cum whore.

Just a Little Tennis Match Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-15

Anyways, normally Michelle sat with her roommates, but today she came into class just a few seconds before the professor arrived, and slid into the chair next to me. I settled down, bounced the ball a few times while Michelle hunched over to tie her shoelace in the middle of the court. It was Michelle's roommate Nicole, standing in the doorway that led to the bathroom and shower beyond. Nicole had apparently just finished a shower, and had her long hair tucked underneath that towel turban girls make on top of their heads when drying their hair. Apparently I'd gotten ready a little too quickly and Michelle hadn't finished her shower just yet.


VIP Titty-Bar Treatment

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-05-15

They slathered themselves all over me, Roxanne pulling up my tee-shirt to rub her lovely boobs against my chest while Cherokee first kissed her then got down on her knees out of my line of sight to nibble my cock through my cum-encrusted shorts. They took turns sucking me and simul-sucking me as I variously ate out Cherokee's pussy and ass some more, spanked her perfect, tight buns, played with her dangling boobs, and, with my long arms, even reached Roxanne's enhanced ones. With my cock all the way in her mouth and her throat muscles contracting around it as she swallowed over and over, coupled with Roxanne's index finger buried in my ass as she sucked my balls and tickled them with the nails of her other hand while I stuck my tongue deep into Cherokee's ass and vibrated my palms against her erect nipples, I could say it was the best orgasm of my life.


group 1094 2018-05-15

He cupped the twin orbs of her arse one in each hand and started to lick each one turn, at the same time feeling his tumescence turning into a roaring erection. He reached for a bottle of oil kept at the side of their bed for similar occasions to this and filled his hands with it and started to slowly stroke it over her thighs and then smear and kneaded the oil sensuously over her ripe cheeks which were still wet from his kisses. He was sure he could hear Pammie having an orgasm at the other end of the phone from his new position as he slid in and out of his wife's embrace.

Big Easy Romp Ch. 02

group screwpunch 2018-05-15

As you struggle with the huge mouthful, Carl begins sliding peach slices over your neck and breasts. As Julie moves her head down to suck the peach into her mouth without using her hands, I return from the food table with the melted butter from the shrimp plate. As I slide between those fantastic breasts I watch you working Carl's cock over, seeing what you do with your hand, your tongue, your teeth. Julie is enjoying the complex medley of tastes at your throbbing pussy -- honey, peach juice, girl juice and come from two boys -- and she's pushing your legs wide and high so she can dip her tongue into your leaking twat.