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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me, D, and Annie

group Kittyscave 2018-05-15

Annie knew what she wanted and in one swift movement laid me back on the bed, moving her mouth to my breasts. I paused to watch you massage Annie's breasts, feeling it in my own aroused body as you pinched her nipples and took them into your mouth. She kissed your mouth to taste her musky sweet nectar and reversed her body to trail her tongue down your chest, her ass and spent pussy on full display for you. Annie took your manhood into her mouth and began to slide the head around her parted lips. But, instead Annie moved aside and we took turns licking and sucking you, pausing in between to kiss and share the taste of one another.

Bad Swing Experience part 3

group Greg1953 2018-05-15

This combination of restraints held her upper body securely to the bench she was laying against leaving her big tits jutting out and exposed. The sturps were positioned far apart that left her shaved pussy and ass exposed and wide open. They fucked her of course bare back and all made sure when they came pounding their cum deep inside her pussy and ass. It asked questions like rate the victim’s looks, reactions, severity of treatment as well as many other questions. I guess it was in a way flattering that Kathy got very high ratings on her looks. I guess deep down I had always wanted to see something like this and to have it done to Kathy only made it more perfect.

Summertime Lust

group JayTinMan 2018-05-15

As it were, she planted her right hand on my left thigh, stopping herself before her head hit the chair. What I do know is that even after she started breathing again and looking around her, it only took her a split second to realize that what she was gripping with her right hand wasn't chair or leg. I could feel her hand working on my thigh, turning and gripping my dick, making sure that was indeed what she had landed on. Somewhat insistently, she pressed harder and harder on my hand, eyes closed, head rolled back, eager for a firm touch on her clit. I rubbed my cock through my underwear as she humped my face with wild abandon, hair askew, head lolling, moaning like an animal.


Hotel Californication Ch. 03

group Many Feathers 2018-05-15

I squeezed in between them and another couple, with a woman sitting on some guys cock, another near her as she sucked on what almost looked like a candy-cane cock, just managing to speak loud enough into my wife's ear so she could hear above the noise, letting her know I had run into Diane, and that we'd been invited over later. I was for damn sure looking forward to this, and soon knelt, the hard knob of my prick even then probing and teasing that hot wet opening of Charlie's cunt, the sight of her stiff hard dick sticking upwards just beyond that an amazing sight, especially as Carol quickly came over, sliding down over the top of that, allowing me to see the woman's prick now fully and completely disappearing inside my wife's cunt, as I now disappeared fully and completely into hers.


Parent-Teacher Conference

group BadBuzzard 2018-05-15

After Shirley had cleaned my cock, she looked up at Debbie and said, "Get up on the desk and spread your legs so I can eat John's cum out of your ass. John, why don't you get my cock ready for your wife's pussy before I fuck her." Mr. Smithson was staring into my eyes with the same penetrating look that Shirley had employed earlier. I'm ready to fuck this slutty mom's cunt." Shirley pulled her head out of my wife's cunt and took her boss' big cock and guided into Debbie's hot, wet pussy saying, "Here it comes, Debbie." Debbie watched as the monster plunged deep into her pussy.


Second Wind Ch. 02

group nothingspecific 2018-05-14

Watching Sidney cum for the second time, Mike pulled out of Amanda, eliciting a groan for the horny blonde. Amanda began to moan, enjoying the feel of Sidney's hands on her body. "God, Sid, that feels so good," Amanda moaned and then turned her head, catching Sidney's lips with her own. When he could feel that she had a good grip, Mike lifted Sid up off the chair and brought her down to the floor, just inches from Amanda's pussy. Mike brought Sidney's legs straight up, giving him a good angle to really get deep into Sidney's pussy. Panting, Amanda brought her lips to Mike's and the two began making out, the first time that evening that the two had kissed.

Birthday Swinging

group msthickclit 2018-05-14

While kissing Kenji and getting the best ass eating and pussy licking I've ever had, I cum all over Alyssa's face! Kenji spreads Alyssa's pussy lips, takes her index finger and massages her clit. Kenji takes a long slow lick of that big ass clit and Alyssa moans in desire. First Kenji takes a long slow lick from the top of Alyssa's glistening mound; then I take my tongue and starting at her ass, lick my way from top to bottom, stopping at the top to bite on that clit. While I'm enjoying licking Alyssa's clit, Kenji puts one finger in my pussy and with her thumb she rubs the rim of my ass.

Theatrical...... 20

group the_priest 2018-05-14

I began to sway and a guy came on to dance with me, I held him close pressing my breasts into him, I could feel his cock tenting into me, I moved my hips against it, making it swell even more, this was the lust I was seeking, the need in them, not in me, he was kissing my neck and face, I tilted my head and he went for my jugular licking along it, I turned my face and planted my mouth on his squirming my tongue into him, his hand went up to my breast and groped me through my suit, the silk lining rubbing against my skin and nipple, he pulled it open to reveal my breasts and I undid the buttons letting my jacket flap and felt his hands close round my naked breasts, I was soon surrounded by them, hungry young men who could not control themselves, they were tugging at my jacket and skirt, fingers prodded and poked at me touching feeling,

Bowl Game Ch. 03

group GentleGeorge 2018-05-14

Cindy said, "Oh, I want to eat your pussy and suck Steve's spunk out of you." Cindy then moved down between Heather's legs and began licking her cunt and clitty. After fucking his wife for a few minutes, Steve pulled out of her pussy and moved his cock to the entrance of her ass. Heather had stopped eating Cindy, and was watching Steve in the mirror start to push his cock into her ass. With such encouragement, Steve pushed as Heather pressed down to open her ass, and he was quickly deep inside with his balls rubbing against her lower pussy. Bill walked over to Cindy, who had moved upwards on the bed and had been watching Heather get ass fucked by her husband.

Turning Japanese

group heiro888 2018-05-14

You turned slightly to face her, shortening the distance between you and as you did so Yuki put both of her small hands on your tits, a look of wonder in her eyes. I watched your tongue tease her nipples into rigidity, she gasped, breathing quickly, her eyes now closed and a smile of sheer delight on her face. As she recovered from her fuck, you too moved away to leave me grinning and damp, her pussy juice and my spunk glistening on my pubis, your sweet cunt liquid smearing my face. As the probing intensified Yuki raised her body slightly to reveal your vibrator was wedged between the bed and her pussy, your other hand holding it steady.


SAD Entry: Helping a Friend

group Elise37 2018-05-14

Still on top with Tony's cock inside me, he handed me the phone and said, "It's for you. Judy tried to retain a pure image, her arm across her breasts, and her other hand covering her pussy. "You look cold, get in bed" Tony said, and opened the covers on his side. I reached over and took Judy's hand and guided it to Tony's cock. When she did, she lifted her hips from the bed, and held Tony's face into her pussy. Tony began to get erect and Judy pulled away. I held her hand as Tony spread her legs and positioned his cock right at her pussy. Tony got up, removed the condom and began to fuck Judy's tits.

The Handyman

group Shadows0 2018-05-14

Janice slipped her arms passed Sam working his jeans off, which pressed his hard cock against Sam. She began to squirm, wanting, feeling lusting for more. He reached over and began kissing and licking Janice’s nipples, cupping her breasts and squeezing them with each thrust from Sam. The moans from Sam sent vibrations through his hard cock, which made him, pulse even more. Inviting her, Janice looked to Sam and held her breasts in her hands and smiled. Sam moved her fingers in and out of Janice, watching her and feeling her tense with each movement. Releasing Janice, Sam turned to him and kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue, sharing the taste of her friend.

Two Girls In Sexy Outfits

group Stusion 2018-05-14

Nicole moved along side us with those hot red nylon covered legs were facing our way and stared playing with my balls and Megan’s ass. In response, Megan lifted Nicole's Nurse’s outfit so she could play with her ass, so I lifted Nicole’s leg and started fingering her wet pussy. Still playing with her ass I looked at Megan, she was lowering the top of her red velvet Maid outfit as her firm tits bounced out. Nicole stopped and got up, she turned around and mounted me on top facing me, she quickly put my cock back in her pussy which was dripping wet and she looked at Megan’s show,

Weekend Getaway Ch. 02

group lckscknfck7 2018-05-14

I looked over Sarah's shoulder and could see that Ken pulled his fat dick out of Andi's pussy and had worked the relatively small head of his cock into her asshole. Ken pulled back on Sarah's hips and the head of his dick disappeared inside her asshole. Sarah sat on his dick in the same way Andi was sitting on mine, giving us a spectacular view of Ken's enormous cock pummeling Sarah's asshole. Ken let all of Sarah's weight onto his fat dick, filling her completely, then reached in front of her and began fingering her pussy. She proved her point to Andi, though -- Ken's fat cock did indeed fit up Sarah's beautiful (if not-so-tight) ass.


Strip Night

group Noon 2018-05-14

She had watched several of the couch dances around us including one with 2 dancers rubbing each other. As the dancer spread her legs I let one hand drop to the soft inside of Deanna's thigh. After the dancer left Deanna again turned and gave me a full tongue kiss and told me she liked the dance and thought it was sexy. She began her dance on our couch standing over us, and I let my hands touch the bottom of Deanna's breasts again. The body directly above us entranced Deanna, and with the courage from my buzz I let my hands move to hold both breasts under the sweater. The dancer cupped her breasts, pushed them up to Deanna's face and rubbed her nipples across her lips.

mmf stranger meet

group 2018-05-14

Nodding in agreement i watch as paul undresses and feeds his wife his already hard cock im stood thinking, a little confused as i see paul notion to me to undress. Silently i do and he beckons me over, withdrawing his cock from his wifes mouth, he winks and nods to allow me to replace it she moans with delight as paul pushes his cock into her mouth next to mine having never sucked a cock before i needed some persuading but my god with her encouragment i found it turned me on massively without thinking i got down between her legs and lapped up all our cum mine, pauls and his gorgeous wifes

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 94

group SteveWallace 2018-05-14

Mel said, "So, if the right opportunity presented itself you could relocate to another area of the country, for instance, right here in this city?" I noted she was posing her statements as rhetorical questions and making them the kind Tom had to agree with. "Julie, meet Tom. He's one of our really good friends, and I have a feeling he's going to become a family member since he's moving to the city. In those two years, we'd added four women to the family, opened the Club Infinity, annexed five men into the family, and had three babies including my own with Mark -- Philip Emerson Worthington. Julie and Philip Emerson rode in the back, specifically because I thought that Mark's parents would want to play with their grandson on the flight back to the city.


Dirty Fun

group Vixen77 2018-05-14

He rubs my clit without touching my pussy and within minutes I'm writhing under his touch, he continues to stroke me as he slides his dick into my now soaking pussy, he fucks me ever so slow, hardly moving inside me, it drives me wild, I clench and unclench around him and before long I arch my back and cum hard all over him, it's the most intense orgasm and as I buck against him the surrounding men begin to play with my tits, pinching and licking my nipples and I cry out in pleasure as I squirt over the table.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 39

group SteveWallace 2018-05-14

Lucas also got a low power, broadband jammer that covered most of the frequencies the drones were known to use; anything coming into our zone would get jammed and lose signal with its controller and most likely fall relatively harmlessly out of the sky. When we got to the martial arts center, Wan Suh was there, but so here Geck -- still wearing a shoulder sling from the damage I'd done, Marshall -- Mark's driver, Lucas, Marcia, and a man we called Buzz because of his close crop haircut -- a buzz cut. I explained that most people were right handed, and I wanted him to have to lunge at me and thereby turn his body if I feigned to my left.


Truth is Better than Fiction

group Lazarus 2018-05-14

It came to pass that the leader Steve, and his girlfriend Brenda, decided to get married. In spite of her rhythm becoming interrupted my hope for delaying my orgasm quickly went away as she began to squeeze my cock now fully inside her. I gave into her pleasure and still remember vividly her skin in the candle's glow, glistening with light perspiration from her excitement and efforts, the smell of her sex rising up to my nose, and the tastes of her nipples in my mouth while her moans filled my ears. Her lovely ass lowering over his cock as she writhed herself down slowly on it was an incredible sight. Steve moaned and pumped all the harder in response to her tightening which caused Brenda to moan louder and a moan escaped my lips as I felt his movement again inside her.

Out of the Dark Wood Ch. 01

group flatliner 2018-05-14

In shorts and Teva sandals and with his t-shirt tied around his head he followed the trail past an elbow in the stream where house-sized boulders shouldered the water into a narrow ravine. He was standing with his right arm stretched over his head, his left pulling the t-shirt low across his back when he heard a woman's voice behind him. "The gun is not necessary," Jack said, jammed into the low end of the tiny tent while the women struggled to sort out their arms and legs and keep him on the defensive. Three strangers who'd caught each other in the buff, soaked by the cold rain, nearly shot, now trapped in a fragile tent in a thunderstorm as night quickly fell.


Jamie Ch. 24

group Jay2Kay 2018-05-14

I'd planned a two-week long road trip up the entire west coast, but Jamie had secretly planned the sexual activities along the way. Michael and Jamie shared a bed while Camille and I took their oversized, plush couch in the living room. Michael joined in and we fucked Camille like crazy until Jamie woke up. Ben's name was chosen because he was my closest brother and Michael's name was chosen because he and Jamie had been very close growing up, and would have dated if their timing hadn't been off. This is who I really am; a nervous, introvert who has a hard time telling girls how he feels about them; especially gorgeous girls like Jamie.


group Bones Malone 2018-05-14

Sam gave Jeanna a look that said, "I didn't know he was going to do this." Jeanna got up to leave but Sally pulled her back down. Jeanna watched in awe as seven or eight thick streams of semen erupted out of the man's cock, right onto the woman's face. The thought made her moan a little, but she knew she couldn’t lose her head; she had to aim his cock just the right way so all his semen would land on her face. Because she expressed in her interview that her main interest was the cumshot on her face, inspired by the "Face-Cummers" video, the studio offered her $500 to do a naked, one-man cumshot clip on camera, and Jeanna agreed right away.

Cuck Weekend without My Husband Pt. 02

group nnj986 2018-05-14

As we pulled onto the street, Danny reached across and ran his hand up my leg and brushed my bare pussy. This night, I had already sucked Danny's cock and was now being fucked by him. Later he told me that he had assumed I would suck Danny's cock. Danny said, "Come over here and get on your knees so you can see your wife take a real cock." At the same time I could feel Danny ejaculate deep inside me. Danny instructed him to lick his cock clean, to clean the entire shaft. As I came I could feel both Danny's ejaculate and my piss coming out and flowing into Will's mouth.