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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Drifter's Final Piece

group westerntiger 2018-05-14

He lay back on the couch, and Rachel lowered her juicy cunt onto his face, while Diane continued to suck his giant cock. As he began fucking Rachel with his tongue and getting a taste of her womanhood, Diane was trying to get Hank's cock as far down her throat as possible. As he feasted on Rachel's drooling pussy, his tongue moving in and out her tight slit, Diane continued stroking and licking and sucking Hank's giant prick. As the orgasmic screams of Diane filled the suite, Hank's jutting cock drilled into her tight cunt again and again continuing to keep her on the edge.


Knock, Knock...

group qweet 2018-05-14

Lisa cuddled in Tim's arms, kissing his neck like a sweet little cat. Tim thought, well, maybe she wants to explore her feelings and said that it would be ok. Tim wanted to stay in action and positioned his middle finger inside her buttom-hole and draw a line from there to her breast. Tim's hand were now on her breasts, while Mark probed her pussy with his fingers. But she wanted them both inside their mouth, their dicks touched and as long as it was inside her mouth both Mark and Tim were fine with it. She took one hand between her legs and put Tims cock inside her pussy. Like Tim was preparing breakfast and Mark used this chance to fuck and cum inside her.

Club experience 2016

group mj8319 2018-05-14

Around 5pm, one of couples started playing in front of everyone at the bar. She started talking and soon, she was stroking 3 cocks at once, mine, John's and some other guy who happed to be at the bar. She said she loved my chest hair, gave me a kiss and then got on her knees and started giving BJs. Meanwhile, I was looking at Judit who was sitting on a bar stool right next to us and enjoying the show, but not playing. I joined 2 other guys and started playing with her breasts. She gave me a hug and said she loved all my chest hair -- and started stroking my cock.

The Cougar Game

group sleeplesssailor 2018-05-14

Mrs. Brandi Westerholm, a full-breasted redhead with trim waistline and curvaceous hips, arrived on the first floor of the Dionysis Retreat in a mid-thigh low cut black halter dress that fit her like a glove and displayed to maximum advantage her 38Cs. Her hourglass figure was molded into mythic Wonder Woman proportions by a shelf bra atop a merry widow corset with brass front clasps. If she had been stunning and alluring upon arrival, now on Floor 2 Brandi's lusty image in the black leather corset/minipant/thigh-high boots costume was enough to take a man's breath away. Brandi and Joan stepped as inconspicuously as high heels on marble and a natural self consciousness about their fully exposed tits and pussies could allow towards the steaming swirling water.


Happy Birthday

group petiteclaire 2018-05-14

They were standing facing each other Greg with his wonderful semi hard fat cock sticking out and Sam nude, having undressed before entering the room, except for her white hold-ups matching mine. After a while Greg stood up and getting Sam to sit on the end of the bed he coaxed her legs wide open then pushing them back either side of her head he lowered his mouth and started eating her pussy again. Holding his cock in one hand he pulled her pussy open with the other and started stroking the tip and head along her moist looking slit until he stopped with it at the entrance to her cunt. Greg's hands had found their way to Sam's little tits, squeezing the firm flesh and pulling and tweaking the long fat hard nipples.

Lust Burning Ch. 02

group Caresse 2018-05-14

Chris must have guessed approximately what I was thinking, cause he winked at me, making a rude hand gesture and we both spent the next minute or two trying not to look at each other so as not to crack up. I wasn't really paying attention to where Jessica was leading me, distracted by consciousness of her fingers in mine and Chris' hot breath on my shoulder. She shrieked, yanking Chris' dick from her mouth (probably so she didn't bite it off), eyes glassy, face scrunching up tight before going slack. Slowly, gently licking all around Jessica's lips to soothe her down, I finally got a good look at his cock.


Three's NOT a Crowd

group RobbieDarcy 2018-05-14

I could see Stella watching intently as I took more of John's thick cock into my mouth, squeezing his hairy balls as I did so. John didn't need to be asked to take up his position at Stella's moist cunt and I didn't have any choice as she grabbed my cock and placed it firmly in her mouth. The pace of John's fucking and the wanton look on his face told me he wasn't too far away from coming so I stuck my cock back into Stella's mouth. I think I'd like you inside me on my fours" Stella announced as hubby squeezed the last drops of spunk from his shrinking cock.

Our First Threesome FFM

group PollyPerv 2018-05-14

I leaned back for a moment, and enjoyed the beautiful sight of these two sexy women french-kissing, as Amy's hands began roaming over Raquel's body. I came again while holding Raquel's legs up to my shoulders and pounding my cock into her pussy, while Amy kissed her and sucked her breasts. I laid on the bed and began stoking my throbbing dick as I watched Raquel begin to kiss and lick Amy's thighs, working her way up to the folds of Amy's pussy. Stroking my cock, I knelt behind Amy and began licking her pussy through the straps; I remember hearing her gasp as my tongue penetrated the folds of her own pussy, as she slid her cock back and forth in Raquel.

Sharing my beautiful wife with my best friend

group zarafirehot 2018-05-14

He was demented and his lusting for to explore every inch of her petite toned body, his fingers probing under the waist band of her leggings, into the wet crotch of her saturated skimpy panties.I pulled up her tight white vest to give him full view of her gorgeous breasts which he immediately sucked on. Zara was making her way out the shower and as she entered the room, there he was standing before her with a hungry look in his eyes. I slowly opened the door slightly further and watched in awe as my best friend was licking her beautiful smooth pussy. I turned her body over, she spread her long, luscious legs apart revealing a very wet, and wanting pussy.

A Surprise from my Mistress

group az8nchr 2018-05-14

Next, thing I know, you grabbed the leash and make me waddle to the edge of your bed and order me to open my mouth and keep it open while I slowly bend over the edge of the bed. Now that we are in position, you order me to eat your pussy until you cum and tell the other male “Since you have been a good boi, you may fuck his ass hard. Next thing I know, you start screaming in ecstasy as you cum on my mouth at the same time where I can feel his cock grow in size, he pounds me harder and yells out as he cums deep in my ass.

Nude Surprise Ch. 03

group regularguy13 2018-05-14

Since we're all nudists," Lisa said, "can we make our home a sanctuary, a safe place for us to be naked whenever we feel like it?" Lisa saw the look of distress on her mother's face and apologized, "I'm sorry, Mom. I'm treating you like one of my girlfriends. "Hello Sam, Sarah, Lisa," Mrs Thomas said graciously. Brigid smiled and said, "You sound just like my dad." Brigid said, "Mr. Wolfe, free feel to be naked with us. Sam looked Brigid dead in the eyes as he removed his clothes. "Whoa, big guy," Luke said as he returned and saw his father's erection. Soon Sarah was comfortably naked with a glass of bourbon sitting on the sofa beside Brigid.


Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 01

group johnnydrama 2018-05-14

I was unsure how to proceed, but saw no way other than forwards, so I pulled out of Laura's pussy and re positioned myself at the entrance to her virgin ass, all the time staring right at Michele who actually took a step forward allowing me to see her, and also to see that she was topless and had her hand inside her panties furiously rubbing herself to orgasm. I started slowly sliding my dick into Laura's wonderfully tight ass, looked directly into Michele's eyes She sat down suddenly, opposite Michele, right next to me and put HER hand on my other thigh, leaned in close to me and started asking me all about Laura, looking at Michele's face for reaction the whole time.


Captain Jack Ch. 05

group Captain Jack 2018-05-14

I was there about five minutes watching and Sheree started to cum, her ass moving with her hips trying to get more of Sandra's tongue into her cunt. They started taking turns trying to deep throat me I was surprise that Sandra got a little more half of the shaft in her mouth, now Sheree was a different story she could get the head in and maybe an inch more. Finally I could feel Sandra letting my cock slid out of her mouth and Sheree was still riding my face. Sandra looked up and saw me watching the action and grabbed my cock and started moving her hand up and down the shaft.


Our Favorite Party Game

group MBeeJay 2018-05-14

I trace light, slow circles along the head with my thumb, and you kiss me, long and slowly, letting your hands roam through my hair, now tangled between your fingers. I then break from our kiss to kneel and capture the head of your cock between my lips, cupping a hand gently around your scrotum. She suddenly grabs my head in her hands and pulls me close, joining her lips with mine in a juicy kiss. I suck at her, tugging the little button with my teeth, my fingers ream her pussy, curving inside her and pumping into her rapidly, matching your rhythm as best as I can.

Missy's first party

group oohmick69 2018-05-14

the womaen replace the guys playing your body --- i'm thrusting hard into you we arrive at our climax together ---our bodies are as one rything and rolling together --- the woman whose party it is comes to you and whispers in your ear ---- you smile and nod and say yes please --- i don;t know what she asked -- but i soon find out ----- the women are sucking and wanking there partners like mad now --- as if rehearsed the men take it in turns to cum all over your heavy tits !!!

The Love Boat Ch. 02

group lyke2bite 2018-05-14

Liz had held up her end of the bargain by keeping an eye out while Steve and Jamie were fucking in the missile vent space forward of the Torpedo Room. On several occasions, Liz would watch them and fantasize about trading places with Jamie, taking Steve's cock in any way he would give it to her. Liz made it off the ship as well, but Steve and Jamie had to stay behind and tend to the dinner needs of the duty section. Steve, Jamie, and Liz each went about the business of the day, running around town getting ready for the evening's events. Liz and Jamie headed straight for the dance floor, but not before giving their drink orders to Steve.


Crystal Clear Ch. 24

group Romantic1 2018-05-14

After another minute of the intense stimulation, Luba erupted with a stream of clear girl ejaculate that arched over me and Beth into the middle of the tub, some even splashing off Joe's back as he faced into Renata's cunt with his tongue wagging full bore. I'll tell the captain it was my request so you don't lose a brownie point with him." Beth reached behind her to the standing girl and stroked Luba's erotic thigh, running her hand right up to the younger woman's pussy. I said to Beth, "If you ever want to replace Luba or Renata, I hope you'll let me know so we can add them to our circle of close friends." From my other side, I felt Luba turn her head to me and kiss my neck.


The Conversation Ch. 01

group Hope1868 2018-05-14

Adding to the normal nervousness of meeting friends and family of your significant other for the first time was the fact that months earlier Jack had let slip that he and Garrett had, more than once, shared a girl for a night. Fuck me more." She slammed back against Jack, keeping her head up, Garrett cock thrusting in to her mouth in her mind's eye. He softly stroked her head as he said, "Babe, I would never plan something like that without talking to your first." His eyes were closed and his words came out slowly. Her eyes were closed and as she rocked back onto Jack's cock, she saw Garrett fucking her face. Tammy, head tilted back, opened up her mouth and closed her eyes, picturing two men above her, pumping their cocks.


My Friend Mary

group jeri_lickwet 2018-05-14

He began to rub my shoulders and seeing that my husband was still smiling at me, I got braver and slid my hand along Mark’s thigh and soon was rubbing his cock and his balls. Mary smiled and nodding her head up and down, said “Yes, yes, do it!” So, I kind of shyly looked over to David and said, “I want so see you suck that beautiful cock of Mark’s.” David’s face flushed crimson as he said, “So is that what you girls were cooking up in there?” Soon the rhythm increased and Mary encouraged her husband, “Oh Mark, honey, yes, fuck his mouth baby, give it to him.”

All Hands Aboard Ch. 01

group fluidline1 2018-05-14

She had joined Atul and the other crewmember, Raja (Joy had got back into the yacht) and the three of them were splashing water over a giggling Nasreen. Deep and Aparna sat next to Divya and Atul, Girish, as usual, was with Nita while Nasreen sat between the crewmates. By the time Raja returned after yelling out to Aparna and Nita the reason for the dimmed lights, his captain had sidled towards Nasreen and they had started kissing each other just as passionately as Atul and Divya were. Parveen, like Anjali, was engrossed in watching the amorous couples kissing, so despite having announced earlier that she was due to have her shower next, Girish and his sister Anjali rushed to the cubicle.


Slut of the Party Ch. 3

group X-Factor 2018-05-14

Erin’s pussy was tingling like crazy – this gorgeous guy had his huge cock in her mouth and she could tell he was about to cum. Darrell could hear her slurping on his teammate’s cock as he reached forward with his hand and began to rub the little slut’s pussy. She could feel a large cock slide into her pussy all the way in one hard stroke just as hot liquid sprayed off the back of her mouth. Matt continued to slide his manhood in and out of her warm pussy as Craig ran his penis over Erin’s pretty face, the last of his cum trickling onto her forehead and cheek.


It's the Weekend

group Yarhooo 2018-05-14

Anyways, Hayley is at your donga now and waiting for you to finish work. As the big trucks pass you by, Hayley ensures they pass on the left so that they can see what you are doing, you hear them as they blast their air horns letting you know that they appreciate the show you are putting on. You just lay back and enjoy your own wetness knowing that soon you will be gushing pussy juice, one way or another. Hayley see this and in a flash she is naked, and straddling my face while pushing you backwards so that you are laying on my legs. You are cumming again and when I push my finger into Hayley's arse, so does she.

Ms. B Redux

group temp171 2018-05-14

I don't think I could have said no, but just at that moment, B descended onto my cock with her mouth, making me cry out in pleasure. "Sure, if you want to." Margaret coyly seized the hem of her dress, and pulled it slowly and teasingly up her thighs, letting it drop as if by accident, and then dragging it up again to reveal some lacy red bikini panties. Then she seized my left forearm, pulling my hand away from her breast, drawing me around in front of her and saying in a pleading voice, "Let me suck your cock." I stood in front her, my cock just out of reach of her mouth, and teasingly stroked myself a few times.


Repressed Feelings

group English Bob 2018-05-14

Horrified, Dean realised that both Abbey and Rick were looking at the lower half of his body where the unmistakable bulge of his dream-erection was still clearly evident. His discomfort was by no means lessened by the ghastly realisation that Rick had actually been right – Dean had suddenly recalled that his dream had been about John, one of the boys (although a very good looking boy, Dean thought with a shudder) that he had know in high-school. Dean looked down and suddenly realised that Rick was gently rubbing his hand up and down the length of his, Dean’s, throbbing shaft. But the sensations as Rick stroked his cock and slipped a cupped hand under his balls were so strong that, slowly, Dean began to stop looking for answers, relax and ejoy himself.