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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dominican Slut: Janitor Gangbang

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-18

In part three, Dominican Slut: Cunt Muncher, Elizabeth's Jewish bitch boss learns of her submissive slut past and present and reassigns her job duties, naming her the firm's CUM BUCKET...where she proceeds to taste pussy for the first, second and third time. "Move gringa, I want to fuck the bitch's face," a man said, as he pushed the older woman out of the way and shoved his cock in my mouth. When the guy in my ass pulled out, I was quickly flipped over like I was a rag doll, which is pretty impressive because I'm not a small woman, and the last guy to not come yet, I think, began pounding my cunt.



group VirgoGo 2018-11-18

I spent the night poring over the dossier and playing with possible team members.  Ludmilla and her paramedic training was an essential component, the man was old and fat. We hope you come back often.”  I put my mouth close to his face, intending to kiss him three times on the cheek, in typical Russian style, when he leaned in and put his lips to mine and gave me a wet, messy kiss with a lot of tongue. I love how Anna tastes.” I grabbed the bottle and took a drink as I turned to The American, “You may want to try her yourself, Mr. Just Here for a Good Time.” He grunted.

cuckold lifestyle 44

group woreout 2018-11-18

She said well Tommy is in the hot tub and I was getting him a drink. The way the sun was shinning he couldn't see me inside the sliding glass door so I stood there for a second. As soon as my wife got to the tub Tommy stood up and got out. I couldn't see anything but her ass..she turned around and while looking straight at me she sat down on his cock. He finished his drink and sat it down then took both hands and put them on her hips to help her . She said out loud ,damn it Tommy you fucked me too hard. She said Tommy wanted to see her sandwiched, so while they had her ass and cunt full Tommy got a blow job.

A Pornographer's Tale: The Dealer Team

group RexRouget 2018-11-18

Erik squeezed the hand held in between them to get the shots of Jack’s cock slamming into Mariann’s cunt, his loose balls swinging up against her clit at the top of the in-stroke. He had a stand camera on the floor in front of her chair and that was capturing some great shots, so that gave him time to video from in front of Mariann, looking back at the line of men waiting for their turn to pound her. “I’m there!” shouted Tim, pulled out of Agneta’s mouth, knelt and just got the end of his cock into Mariann’s cunt as he blasted cum into her.

A Crime Saga Ch. 08

group BBC 2018-11-18

Jerome and Rambull were hard at work plunging their big black cocks deep into Rosy. Rosy felt like a fuck-toy made just for taking in big black cock; just holes to be stuffed. Jerome's shining big black cock was well lubricated from fucking and cumming in Rosy's ass. Rosy felt bloated from taking two tremendous large black cocks in her pussy and ass at the same time. The big black cocks pounded into her, fucking her tender pussy and ass hole raw. Omar aimed his big black cock at Kim's inviting ass hole. Kim backed-off from sucking Tyrone's cock momentarily to look behind at Omar; she gave him a disgusted look as she prepared herself to take big black cock up the ass.


Fun night at the hotel

group cindy_4u 2018-11-18

As I sucked him, Alan tried fondling my tits and feeling my pussy through my thong. 5 minutes of sucking Josh, I stood up and walked seductively into the room showing the guys my ass. I asked Josh to come next to us so I could suck his cock while Alan ate me. He face fucked me as Alan went to town on my pussy. I knew that will be tough given that I am a small girl and Josh's cock is thick but the boys had some lotion ready and we went for it. I returned the favor by pulling his towel off him, sucking his cock and letting him fuck my wet pussy.

King for a Day

group Sandrine 2018-11-18

“Oh yeah, good morning!” he said loudly enough to wake Melinda. Liu smiled as he watched her naked 36C breasts move back and forth to the rhythm of her messaging. I kissed the tip of his cock and sucked him some more before Melinda and I lapped his cum off his body, much to his amusement. I had the honor of messaging his cock and balls while Melinda took his neck and chest. “Oh God!” I moaned as he watched me ride his hot cock. Liu watched in amusement as Melinda and I started rolling on the floor, covering our hot, naked bodies in kisses. The three of us kissed as both Liu and Melinda licked his cum out of my pussy.

Pizza and Pussy

group Buz 2018-11-18

Then he felt Kara take the bottle out of his right hand, and Staci with her tongue still planted deep in his mouth, took the pizza out of his left hand. As he began tonguing Staci he gripped her ass cheeks tightly with his hands and immediately felt the other girl, Kara, grab his hard throbbing cock. Then to Josh’s utter amazement, Staci pulled her head back as her hair hung off the seat of the couch and Kara’s fingers began to move quickly, almost vibrating in Staci’s pussy; her tongue still lapping at her clit. Then to Josh’s amazement, Staci slid over next to them and began to fondle and finger Kara’s pussy; Kara was grinding on Josh.

The Dice Game

group marie5555 2018-11-18

I poured more wine for us all.  God knows I felt the need for it, and sat on a cushion on one side of the table, trying in vain from letting my dress ride up too far. The game continued with me still trying to keep arms across my tits as much as I could, but with only one more item won from each of the men, I had my first forfeit.  Which by the throw of the dice turned out to be a naughty pose for them to  photograph. Once I had recovered a little, they led me to the low table and I was knelt on the floor at one side and laid face down across it.  Then I felt Keith enter me from behind, while Dave kneeled in front of me, cock near my mouth, waiting for attention.

Wife's Triple Sex on the Beach

group leighm 2018-11-18

            Why I said the next thing I have no clue but...  I blurted out...  "Lotion party on Angie!"  and squeezed out gooey slippery  oily spf 20 stuff into the hands of Bob, Jim, and Billy who eagerly took up my offer and proceeded to "Examine"  Angie's now naked body with their hands almost furiously.              I saw her cheek being pushed outwards by his cock going in her mouth, and all the  while Billy and Bob are still fondling all  over her naked body.  Intense shit!    Jim cummed enough in her mouth to the point where it was spilling out of the sides of her mouth.  He seemed happy.

Black Power Exchange

group Samuelx 2018-11-18

While Woody lived in the city of Toronto, he and Dick used to hook up regularly, and Kitty also joined them in their erotic fun and games. Well, Dick's wife Kitty is also bisexual and has a thing for tall, big-bottomed Black women. Right now, I'm completely naked, kneeling before Kitty and I'm eagerly sucking on her chubby white toes while her husband Dick watches. A big and tall Black woman getting fucked in the ass by a white guy while she licks a white woman's pussy. Dick's big white cock filled this big-booty Black woman's asshole completely. Afterwards, Dick spread his ass cheeks and ordered me to lick his white male ass while his wife Kitty roughly thrust her strap-on dildo deep into my asshole.


Ashley's Place

group peaches 2018-11-18

"Well you better stand up and we'll have a look at those boners. I'll flip this coin, If it’s heads you’ll have to pump those pricks for us, okay guys?" They agreed right after Nika said they would go nude if they lost. "Here, you can put your hand in my panties Ben," Nika said, while still pumping on both the boys' erect cocks. Ben decided to give Nika a rest as he took his cock and watched Ashley's expression as he mounted her pussy. Ben humped and pumped her hard like he did to Nika , while behind Ashley, Tom continued to thrust in and out of her ass with his rock hard cock.


group Sexxy_Delilah 2018-11-18

One of them said he wanted to lick me, and Matt said, “Hell yes, let’s show this little high school slut, a really good time.” "Yeah suck his cock good you little whore, or I will spank that pretty ass." He suspected how much that turned me on. Matt’s hands rubbed my ass, and I opened my mouth and Billy stuck his cock in my mouth, pushing my head down immediately. He slid his hard cock inside my pussy and started fucking me. The guy kept thrusting into my throat moaning in pleasure as I sucked him and he fucked my mouth. I sucked the taste of his cum and my ass, off his cock, and he got hard again.

An Interesting Bet and Other Fun Things

group Mysteria27 2018-11-18

I've been with women several times and the more we were drinking, I was starting to feel horny and maybe wanting to get together with Kay. I wanted her to make the first move, because I didn't want to come off as being pushy. I’m going to fuck your asshole and Donna is going to lick your pussy.” Kay was spitting on my cunt and licking my pussy, while Jay entered my tight anus. Kay pushed her tongue inside of my pussy and was tongue fucking me fast, while Jay was deep inside my asshole. His cock felt good as Kay tongue fucked my pussy, which was starting to drip.

young dumb and full of cum

group bekka25 2018-11-18

He began to kiss my upper thigh and rub over my pubic bone, his fingers slipped farther down till he was pushing through my panties in to my pussy. One removing my shirt , I now lay naked on a couch with three men eating me, kissing me, and sucking on my breast. As the man behind me pulled out and went to the couch were he passed out, the man that had just cum in my mouth was hard again and ready to fuck. The two of them continued to fuck my pussy, ass, and mouth until we had all cum several times, and had to pass out from exhaustion.

Tuesday Afternoon

group Susan 2018-11-18

“ Don't what me, you know damn well I want to hear all about yesterday with Richard, and don't even try to say nothing happened. Richard comes up behind me and the feel of his body behind me and Michelle in front of me is almost more that I can stand. Richard thrusts into me a few more times and then pulls his hard cock out of me and looks at Michelle. Richard heads for his office as Michelle and I look over all the work we have to do. “You want to come over tonight Annie, get to know each other better, I have Tequila?” Michelle asks.

Sally Plus Two

group Rotsen 2018-11-18

That sparked a flash point and within seconds of passionate kissing and hands freely roaming each others bodies, Sally slid to her knees on the hard alley surface and wrapped her lips around the head of Frank’s cock as she freed it from his pants. After a few moments Frank pulled her up and kissed her and said how he was right about her being sexy and how he had a condom but first he needed to taste her, and he was already under her blouse pulling her bra up over her breasts so he could feel their flesh and roll her firm nipples, so large she finds them embarrassing, between his fingers before bringing his mouth down to them.

The Gift

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-18

Mistress is on top, grinding her auburn trimmed pussy into her guest's mouth as she chews gently on Sarah's meaty camel toe. Gulping air quickly, I continue to massage Sarah's puffy pussy lips and ass, I hear her say, "I love to watch people fuck! She continues to rise and fall on my rampant cock, warning me not to cum until instructed, as she devours Sarah's luscious cunt, bringing her guest to another delicious orgasm. Pumping back at my anal assault, feeling the wet heat of my Mistress' mouth, and sucking the sweet nectar from her freshening cunt bring me to the edge. Mistress proceeds to drool warm cum all over her guests clit and inside her gaping pussy, some dripping down her crack to her ass.


group quietsoul 2018-11-18

It was hard not to think about Sarah, with April talking like she was. The nights April was home, it was pretty much the same routine, except Sarah would retire to the apartment. Several nights, April would go to the apartment and stay a couple hours, talking with Sarah. Just like clockwork, around a half past eight, Sarah came parading through the living room in her tank top and thong. “He needs a distraction or he is going to blow before we are done with him,” April said to Sarah just before their lips met.  Sarah looked at my cock and then back at April as if asking for her approval.  April spread her legs and Sarah dove tongue first into pussy.

A hot summer Bar-B-Q

group genelmroo 2018-11-18

Tori and I both watched as Josh and Tom sucked and licked on Lynn tits. Josh moved Tori to get access to her and began to pump in and out of her with some force.  Having Lynn on her knees pumping my dick in and out while she sucked on Tori’s tits. Tori took one leg as I did the other Josh started nice and slow , Lynn moaned as you can see her pussy stretching to fit him. Finial balls deep in he pumped her in and out, Lynn was moaning like crazy, Tori had turned to start sucking on Lynn tits, and I placed her hand on my cock. Josh looks over at Tori and says, I have a thought you have 3 holes and 3 guys, Lynn you film?

Doug and Lora's First Time Bi Stories

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-18

It was Doug and Lora who convinced Roger and Patty to rent a Hamptons vacation house in the first place and so for that alone, I liked them. I remember the first time I put my head down and took it between my lips...that soft, spongy thing that was pulsing in my mouth, it felt so good. In my memory, I can hear the girls moaning in orgasm as he began to cum in my mouth and I remember swallowing it. One night, horny and frustrated, we went all the way and it was my first time licking a vagina which I liked a lot. "Great story, Lora," Doug said stroking his dick. "I desire to suck Doug's cock and swallow his cum while you watch us, caress us and encourage us."

Romance On The Rails, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-18

Terri and Becky, it turned out were a couple college girls on their way back to UCLA. As I sat there watching the two girls, Becky took the initiative and began unbuttoning Terri's white blouse. Becky also reached back but she went between her legs to pull her tight pink pussy wide open, its inviting depths beckoning and a drop of her sweet dew seeped out. As I pounded Becky's pussy and plunged my hand in and out of Terri, the girls' moans became cries of urgency. Terri and Becky scrambled to get into position, both girls kneeling, heads back and mouths open, like a couple cute baby birds waiting to be fed.

Five Nights Ch. 06

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-18

She motioned to me to come around to face her, and took my softening cock in her hand, brought it to her mouth, and sucked me clean, swallowing our combined juices as Mike sucked my cum from his wife’s fuck hole. Mike started making noises like he was getting close, and I felt Marybeth pull the hair on the back of my head, pull me to her face, and kiss me hard, forcefully, driving her tongue inside my mouth like an attack. “And you took your fucking like a real ass whore, it was so-o good!” She pulled the harness away, and I watched the inner dildo slip out of her open pussy, wet and slick, shining and seductive.

Cindy's First Bukkake Gang Bang Party Part 2

group lindaswan 2018-11-18

Jack and I entered the back, John got in the driver's position. "We'll be there in five," John said, but our back seat action just got more passionate. I gave Jack's cock a quick lick and kiss, all we had time for, put myself together, and got out, followed by Jack who was re-fastening his pants. "How's our timing, James?" John asked. During introductions, the men looked me up and down, obviously pleased with how I presented, especially since my erect nipples made their appearance. A group was watching what looked like a basketball game, seated in the semicircle of couches. I nodded yes, this time with more enthusiasm, eliciting more applause, smiles and laughter as the night got officially underway.