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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Night with Don & Kate Ch. 02

group windblownx10 2018-05-14

Her hand remained on my thigh as the doctor examined my other leg and she only moved them when he started his exam on that leg. Trying to get my gown out of the way her hand brushed against my cock which I realized was starting to get erect. I felt the nurse's hands on my cheeks and she was starting to spread them as she informed me the lubricant may feel a bit cool. I couldn't help it, I was completely hard now and I was sure the doctor could see me as he sat on a stool behind me and examined my asshole apparently using the cylinder device to look inside.


Caught in the Act, Intentionally!

group onwardbob 2018-05-14

And I know her hands would have been on her hips, when she asked, "OK then, take a good look...nice huh?" Then, not waiting for Chuck's answer, what she did was bust him with her, "Actually, what I think Bob claimed was that you said my tits were made for fucking!" Already breathing in gasps, Jodi managed an insistent, "Yes, oh God yes, do it...fuck me!" And when Chuck abandoned his stool, walking right up to where he could look down at the action, I slid my hands over, spread Jodi's ass cheeks and gave Chuck a bird's eye view of me penetrating her over and over again.


Extra Credit Group Pt. 01

group lustskrypt18 2018-05-14

"However, I've decided to do an extra credit group, so you can bring up your grades." Relief came across their faces and Caleb raised his hand, he always had a question. "So would you boys, like to help your poor sex starved teacher, and earn some extra credit at the same time?" Another chorus of nods came from my audience. "So who wants to cum, to our little extra credit group?" Again hands shot up like bullets from guns and I let the bra drop to the floor. "They're so big and lonely, they just want some nice warm hands to play with them." Of all the boys in that room, one was a man, Kel. He got up and walked right to my desk.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

group Cromagnonman 2018-05-14

"I got lost last night and I was cold and thirsty, I didn't think you'd mind if I had a drink and then I sat down and I must have fallen asleep." All this time I was trying to push Junior Bear's hand away, but he kept doing it." Whoever she had fucked obviously wasn't choosy." As she was telling her version of the story she could see the smug expressions on the faces of Mister and Mrs. Bear and Junior Bear, they're look told her that they didn't think that she'd be believed. "While we waited for the police to arrive the defendant told me a fantastic, at least I thought so at the time, story of non-consensual sex involving Mr. Bear, his wife and son and Constable Plod.


Cupid's Valentines Day

group StuarttheWriter 2018-05-14

Cupid is a little winged boy who flies around, naked not in a diaper, but he doesn't just use his arrows to make people fall in love. The girl's head suddenly swiveled to the side as she caught a quick movement, and possibly a glimpse of a naked little boy, but saw nothing once she turned her head. Her eyes opened wide in surprise when she saw the girl sucking his cock and playing her pussy right there in the middle of the lecture. Cupid quickly pulled back on his bow and let another arrow fly into the girl. Most of the guys in the class had instant erections and some of the girls could feel their own pussies begin to drip.


group RejectReality 2018-05-14

Excitement bubbled within her as she followed her young friend — eyes drifting of their own accord to the way Sarah's hands moved as she walked — so flowing and graceful. "Let me help," Sarah said, first taking off Alyssa's shoes, and then grabbing the skirt, pulled it down past the knee-length black stockings. Before Alyssa could react, Sarah stroked two fingers over the newly smooth skin and said, "Doesn't that feel good?" Alyssa parted her legs wide, her need now far outstripping any thoughts about consequences, and sucked in a sharp breath as Sarah leaned in. When the delicious shock faded enough for her to open her eyes, Alyssa said, "Oh yes," as she looked over her rapidly rising and falling breasts at the beautiful woman between her legs.


Double Dipping Ch. 06

group Erlikkhan 2018-05-14

Dan started fucking her asshole hard and fast causing her pussy to squeeze against me as it slid up and down my cock. She was tight but juicy enough that I buried myself in three quick strokes She let out a muffled cry as I was going inside her, which caused the cum spewing cock to fall from her mouth. When he started to cum, Amy pulled him from her mouth and hosed down her face and tits, then put him back to swallow the rest of his load. My cock had grown hard from watching Greg fuck Sarah in the ass. Scott had his arm around her ass and was plunging two fingers up her cunt while he was getting his cock sucked.


Bachelor Party at a Resort Bar

group captjim51 2018-05-14

One day my wife Suzy said, Phil’s resort bar is in financial trouble and Lori needs something to draw in the young boater crowd to increase their business. Lori asked me and two young teachers on summer break Sasha and Sandy to “spice up" the atmosphere in the bar by wearing just skimpy shorts, sexy white gym socks and a small bikini that would draw in a crowd. He said Suzy began by licking the groom’s balls and slowly working her long tongue up to the top of his now swollen cock. The crowd went crazy as she began licking the groom’s dick like a lolly pop. Dan said she stopped sucking and began stroking the Groom’s dick and shouted to the cheering crowd “for another hundred I’ll take his load”.

Occasional Lovers

group Coltrane 2018-05-14

Kate’s body was pressed against Em. I could see Kate pressing Em’s leg against her own pussy, grinding herself slowly. Kate moaned louder and mumbled, “Yes.” Em’s eyes were wide open watching my hands work on Kate, my left hand fucking her pussy, my right fucking her ass. I like the sound of the word, “several.” As I stood beside the dresser Kate watched as I opened the condom package and began to roll it over the thick red head of my cock. I stepped to the edge of the bed and watched as Kate, still straddling Em’s face, took both her hands and raised Em’s thighs high, spreading them wide.

The Party Continues

group Joey747474 2018-05-14

Right next to her Allison was sitting, and lying next to Allison was Darla, with her sheet wide open, revealing her completely nude frame, and she was masturbating furiously, and obviously having quite a good time with it. I looked at Sherry, Allison, and Darla – three beautiful girls and me in this room together. I had been treated to an incredible blowjob only a few hours earlier, but either as a result of this drug or Allison's experience – or both, it felt as though my dick had never been touched before and was for the first time responding to the sensation of pleasure. Darla, not wanting to wait and see if it would subside, pulled me quickly onto Sherry's bed and began to mount me while Allison and Sherry at each other out on the floor below.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 04

group eroticwriter28 2018-05-14

"That's a good start." He selected a bottle of water from the fridge and walked toward the circle of men who had been fondling and fingering Barbara. Frankly, it kind of surprised me that despite the prevalence of this activity on the internet, there are still a lot of wives and girlfriends who won't let their guys do it." Joseph brushed the back of his hand lightly over Barbara's cheek. "My, my," said Joseph, slipping a hand down Barbara's back and letting his fingertips tickle the crack of her behind. "Now that we have a soft, pink glow," Joseph said, as he walked over to the equipment cabinet and returned the horsehair floggers to their hooks, "we're going to step up the sensation." He reached for a single flogger.

Penny's Fantasy

group sexkittendea69 2018-05-14

After I tried on just about everything in the store and had not found what I was looking for, she handed me a card and told me that she held lingerie parties with a different stock than in the store. They felt my large breast, my tight ass, and a few hands made their way to my, now wet, pussy. As I was leaving, each lady thanked me for coming and invited me to join them and their husbands at a dinner party they were having and to bring my husband, he was sure to have fun. After telling my husband the details of this party, he now makes sure that he has the night off to go with me.

The Perverted Bridge Club

group gustav_jorgenson 2018-05-14

"So where are Gracie and Paige?" asks your wife referring to Chad and Matt's wives, as she hands Matt a gin and tonic. "And of course, I was gazing at Gracie's pert, pink nipples, while Chad examined Paige's gorgeous orbs," says Matt, looking at your wife with a devilish smile. Seeing Matt get all excited by my wife's body reminds me what a sexy woman Gracie is," says Chad blushing slightly. You wife notices the bulge in your pants and says "Frankly, the idea of that actually does turn me on a little, but I don't think I could live with the consequences." She puts her hand on Matt's again as he pushes up toward her crotch, but doesn't pull it away.


Fiji Baby

group boysetsfire 2018-05-14

" New Zealand," Becca said, smiling at her sister and pulling in close to me. Lucy stopped mid-sip and looked from Becca to me and back with a big smile and a nip of her lower lip. "It looks like Eden," Becca said, Lucy nodding in ascension. The look of wonder on the faces of Lucy and Becca got more and more pronounced as we neared the beach, and a scene that they had only ever seen in airplane travel magazines came to life. "They'll give you girls flowers," I said, speaking to Lucy and Becca over a mound of bags between us, the lapping water only inches below the gunwhale behind me.


Starbucks Sadie

group pussliquor 2018-05-14

"This is my girlfriend, Lauren," I said, introducing the new girl, like I somehow knew her. I barely knew what was going on and Lauren already had my pants undone, pulling down my underwear, releasing my now throbbing cock. Sadie pulled her face closer to me and looked up at Lauren, as if she was asking for permission. Lauren pulled a hand around, and pushed Sadie's head forward. Sadie pushed my hand away, and started rubbing Lauren herself. Lauren slammed her hand on the mirror, as she started to cum, yelling "Oh fuck!" If things were still busy at the moment, there was no doubt everyone knew what was happening. She just kissed my cock, as Sadie licked the remaining cum from my head.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 06

group wolfdragon76 2018-05-14

I would like you to spend the night with Julien, Amanda and Katherine tonight, but you don't have to do anything you don't want to." "He would like us to help her get past her fear of anal play, and I know Katherine is the best person to do that if she will not let me. "Of course you can play kitten, I would not have you spending the night with them if I was not okay with you going as far as you wish," Alonso replied. Kitten slowly entered the room and crawled up on the bed next to Amanda, watching as Master worked her over with long, steady strokes.


The Angel and The Devil

group CianPerrel 2018-05-14

Angel looked back at my dick, which the Asian girl had started to stroke, "It's just different; I wanted to try it." She stood back up and looked down at the crying Angel, "Now for your punishment." The Asian girl stood up, released my dick, and proceeded to strip, until she was wearing nothing but her red knee-high stockings. I immediately picked up the pace, and started pumping as fast as I could; Miko had released Angel's legs and was now using her right hand to rub Angel's pussy, while she rubbed her own with her left hand. I could feel her pussy trying to squeeze my dick, and was about to come when Miko yelled, "Pull that thing out of her right now!"

The Slap

group EroticallyYours 2018-05-14

Once Kit went back inside, Eric told Nathan he'd overheard what Kit had whispered to him on his lap and Nathan just chuckled and said “She’s an absolute handful mate, just when I think she there’s nothing that wouldn’t surprise me, she shocks the shit out of me again. Eric and Bryan walked in quietly as Nathan stood at the end of the bed and said to Kit, "Ok, the door is closed. "Now we're going to take our clothes off and then we're going to play some more." Nathan said, nodding to Eric and Bryan to strip all at the same time so Kit wouldn't hear multiple shorts and shirts being discarded.


First Midnight Rodeo

group Interval 2018-05-13

Ladies, y’all need to lay on the floor and spread those pretty legs nice and wide.” The cowboys finished their beers as the girls settled in as instructed “Now, here is the rule on this event. Now spread them legs, girl.” Tiffany’s eyes went wide when she realized Roy was slowly working the neck of a beer bottle inside her tight wetness. Roy and Chuck proved their staying power while Tiffany and Marcie fucked and came until their pussies went almost dry. Marcie told Tiffany she need to shower at her place and recoup a little before going home to Steve. “And when we are through breaking your ass in right you can tell Tiffany if she wants to midnight rodeo with you anymore its going to happen right here.”

The Sitter Ch. 1

group stosh79_00 2018-05-13

I was entranced by Stacey's eyes...I didn’t even think twice I dropped the blanket and Stacey started to squeeze my tits and play with my nipples...she then hugged me and asked if I had ever thought about sex with a woman before...No I said, but I was willing to try it out. We took turns fingering each other till her husband came home and asked if we were okay because both of us had beat red faces...I thought that it would be our little secret until she told Julius that we had just got done having sex and that we were waiting for you to come home and give us some good dick...

The Monaco Grand Prix

group mrsexlover 2018-05-13

Again I started slowly on the ladies clit and worked my way up like before with Carmen, and soon Bea was gushing her fluids too, but this time I did not stick my head in to drink her, but start slapping her pussy with my fingers to keep her going. Feeling the wetness and hearing the moans I noticed Bea was getting close and just when she came she let my cock slide out and a warm gush of her wetness squirted in my face witch made Carmen dive in to lick it off, as I joined in with my tongue and our tongues started dancing I felt Bea moving back in to ride me.


Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 10

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-13

JT took control and slowly spread Holly's legs wider, lowering her until she came to rest on Dawn's teasing mouth. I'm going to come from having my ass fucked, oh God!" She started a litany of groans and 'yes' and could feel her tighten up, wound up like a spring, ready to explode at any moment. She was making good progress, but when Holly joined her, and they licked me together, their mouths battling for my cock head, their lips coming together frequently, their tongues tangling before one or the other would break free and suck me, that was too much and I was soon back to best form.


Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 09

group SusanJillParker 2018-05-13

Something she hadn't thought about before, she wondered how many of her friends, their wives, would do Brian in a gangbang in the way that she was doing Jack, Tony, Mike, and Jim. She wondered if their husbands promised them a new car, a remodeled kitchen, a fur coat, and a diamond ring, if they'd look down at her for doing what she was doing with their four husbands now. Then, after you've all made love to me and fucked me silly, after you've all given me orgasms with your mouth and/or with your cocks," she said looking from Jack to Tony to Mike and to Jim, I want to suck all of your cocks.


Sharing My BBW Wife.

group fatpinky 2018-05-13

“Show our friend how you suck my cock, baby” I said, as I guided her sweet face to my waiting erection as I stood slightly to one side so Dan could see her face as she opened up her lips and started slowly licking and teasing my now purple cockhead and let her start out slow for a few minutes, until I was already holding her by the hair and just fucking her face as she made slurping noises as I showed Dan how good my wife was at taking a cock down to the balls, letting me glide way past her tonsils.