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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Coming Between a Man and His Woman

group DonnyDickson 2018-05-13

Between licks and sucks on the nipple in my mouth, I watched as Staci turned her head to face Ray's dick that was now pointing right at her face. Between licks and sucks on the nipple in my mouth, I watched as Staci turned her head to face Ray's dick that was now pointing right at her face. Between licks and sucks on the nipple in my mouth, I could glance over and watch as Staci turned her head to again face Ray's dick that was once again pointing right at her face and once more engulfed his meat nearly to his balls.


The Challenge Ch. 02

group newbiemikey 2018-05-13

Suzie slowly took Ken's cock in her mouth, sucking him hard and slow. Mikey moaned and opened his eyes, looking down to watch his rock hard cock move in and out of Missy's breasts. Mikey looked over and watched as his wife took his friend's cock in her mouth and sucked him. Over and over again, Mikey watched Missy take the tip of Ken's cock in her mouth before it disappeared between her breasts. As Suzie continued to tit fuck Mikey's cock, Missy crawled down underneath and Mikey grunted as Missy's mouth closed over his balls and sucked. As Mikey slowly disappeared inside Suzie's tight hole, he watched as Ken rammed his cock up inside Missy's pussy.

First Threesome

group i8u269er 2018-05-13

Paul soon joined in and began to kiss her left breast. As I was soothing my wife, I realized Paul had inched his mouth down this time. Paul grabbed her hips and turned her, guiding her into a hands-and-knees position. We formed a human letter "H" with my wife as the crossbar, taking my cock deep in her throat while Paul pumped his dick in and out of her hot box. I took a few steps back and watched Paul fuck my wife doggie style. She turned her head to me and once again took my cock into her mouth as Paul pumped her from above. Their kissing turned passionate as my wife lay on her back and Paul positioned himself above her.

Criminal Passion

group RogueWolfF 2018-05-13

I brought my hand to her inner thigh and as my fingers ran across her panties I could feel her wetness. As she looked right into my eyes, she brought the hand to her mouth and slowly licked my juices clean off. She then took each finger in turn in her mouth, inserting the entire length before her lips wrapped tightly around the digit. The instant she let up on her hold of me I quickly turned to her with eyes wide, fumbled for the keys, then pulling her behind with one hand I took the lead. Looking straight into my eyes, she takes one finger and lifts my juices of the side of her lip and sucks it deep into her mouth.


Felisha's First Double Cock Fuck

group Girl Friend 2018-05-13

Uuuuuuuuuh," Felisha expelled as a stream of mingled cum from both Brian and Kyle seeped out of her freshly DOUBLE FUCKED pussy. As Brian was fucking Felisha's pussy frantically, Kyle was fucking it nice and slow. Then Kyle would fuck her pussy frantically and Brian would fuck it nice and slow. Then both Brian and Kyle would fuck her pussy nice and slow. Kyle flipped Felisha onto her stomach as he fucked her singly doggystyle while Brian shoved his cock into her mouth. Then Felisha flipped the page to the author page and she gasped in amazement the authors were listed as Brian Kelly and Kyle DeMonte the two guys that had doubled fucked her pussy and came inside her mouth and cunt ALL NIGHT LONG!

A Casual Game Of Strip Poker Ch. 03

group privatejoker 2018-05-13

Liz laid her hand down first and it didn't look good with a jack high, Steve then followed with a pair, then Charlie with another, Jake his straight and finally Amy paused. Jake jumped in quickly, with "I think Amy should remove Steve' boxers with her teeth as her dare." Both argued, pointing to the earlier draw but Liz played ref and stated out that they were a long way past that now. Amy then ran two finger slowly along the inside of her folds upwards and then brought her hand up to her mouth, and whilst staring directly into Jake's eyes sucked her own juices like some porn star.


Mr. Lips

group Eveluvzadamsdick 2018-05-13

I had been at work for half of the day, everything was going quite smoothly when Teeonya stuck her head in the office and told me I had a unscheduled visitor (I am the head nurse at the only all black clinic in the city of Vallejo, we only deal with black owned companies and we only see African American patients) by the name of Carnesha. His fine ass built body glistening in the morning sun, abs ripped nicely but not to much that it makes him look like a workoutaholic (if that's a word), his pants hang below that cut line... "Okay, let me take a look at your eyes." Oh shit, I need to maintain my composer, I feel a orgasm coming, don't do it...


Kelly and Stacey

group DavidFun 2018-05-13

I slid my other hand higher to Kelly's breast and Kelly pulled her body a little away from Stacey so I could reach between them. Kelly pulled me to her and kissed me, tasting her cunt on my lips, and we shared a finger until Stacey joined us also. She stopped trying when Stacey's tongue licked the length of her slit, so I started taking my own pants off while watching Stacey lap at my beautiful wife's cunt. But Stacey took a final lick of Kelly's cunt, and kissed her way up to Kelly's tits. Kelly grunted as I slammed my cock into her wanting cunt and she licked harder at Stacey's soft folds, trying desperately to gulp up the ever increasing fluids almost gushing from her friend.

Satyr's Lust

group GoldenCojones 2018-05-13

"I know, Larry, I am sure that everything will work out right today." The saint smiled and his eyes twinkled. "That's my boss, Mr. Krendle." Martin said, his eyes never leaving Carol's face. They were beautiful, Carol realized, although she hadn't looked at other women's breasts like that before today. As Ted released her hand, Carol turned to Jack. If Ted would like?" Carol kept her eyes on the stocky man's face. "Do you mind, Jack, if I get more comfortable?" Carol didn't look at her boss or wait for his response. Carol pressed forward, taking more of Ted's cock into her mouth. Carol pulled off Ted's cock and stood up. "Jack, I want your cock in my ass while Ted fucks my pussy."


Saturday Night Sperm-a-Thon

group zeke81 2018-05-13

There are five couples total; Kim and myself, John and Lisa, Paul and Grace, Robert and Tammy, and Rick and Hannah. That meant that I started with Tammy, John started with Kim, Paul started with Lisa, Rick started with Grace, and Robert started with Hannah. “Well, we guys all worked pretty hard to play this game so I think the prize should be that for the next four weeks each wife will spend the night with the four men that are not her husband and nobody can get mad or jealous about it.” I said. Starting next week the wives will go home with a different man every week until we have had all four guys that aren’t our husbands.” Kim said.

Helping my boss in the business

group fotisampini 2018-05-13

“Hmm… beautiful big black cock,” I said before giving a lick to his hard “Suck my cock, Miss Scarlett,” Mr. Robinson said lying on his back. “I’m going to bend you over and fuck hard,” Mr. Robinson said, and I got “I’m going to cum,” Mr. Robinson said, and he pulled out his cock. “She is a big whore,” Mr. Robinson said, “And I like her.” He came to me Mr. Robinson gave his cock in my mouth, and I enjoyed it more when Boss “I love it when my boss fucks me in the ass, Mr. Robinson, I’m a really “Fuck me Mr. Robinson, while Boss fucks me in my ass,” I said, “Yes, I

First Night with Don & Kate Ch. 04

group windblownx10 2018-05-13

Sandra was also wearing a short black skirt that really complimented her tan legs and I couldn't help but imagine how good it would feel to run my hands up her smooth inner thighs until I reached her panty covered pussy. She didn't seem to mind at all as she kissed me deeper and then she placed her hand on my thigh and slid it up until she was covering my cock that was hard by that time. I knew she got a taste of me before pulling my cock out of her mouth but she was all smiles so I know she didn't it mind it.

The first time away for a week with the wife when

group cornieboy 2018-05-13

Anyway, one weekend in the summer I had to go to visit a friend of mine, my now wife Trish at the time had only been going out with me for about 3 weeks and I asked her if she wanted to come along with me to keep me company on the trip. I then laid on top of her and started to fuck her slowly, she was still crying and asking me don’t you mind that two other men have left the seed in me and your cock is it there with it, Oh God she said I am a real slut I am so sorry.

The Nude Model

group Guitman69 2018-05-13

"There you are, Jim. Come on in." The hand belonged to Ms. Thomas, the head of the Art department for the college. When she turned towards her easel and started to paint, her legs uncrossed. As she turned away, a cute little brunette wearing a pair of glasses and a low cut shirt walked up to the instructor. Ms. Thomas turned toward me and saw the paint that had spilled all over the place. When Julie returned with the rag and a pail full of water, Ms. Thomas knelt down in front of me and started to clean up the paint. The skirt on the red head in front of me had ridden up; giving me an even better view of her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the puffy lips below.

The Chair Ch. 32

group Rickd_1960 2018-05-13

Rachel then leaned forward again, this time pressing her huge breasts against Alex's own 34D's, her face alongside the blonde's. He then watched in utter amazement as Rachel slid her hand down inside of Alex's panties and began fingerfucking the blonde. She then took one of the large nipples in her mouth and began sucking as Rachel continued to manipulate her fingers inside of her. After having Rachel sit in The Chair, he and Alex began fastening the padded cuffs around her ankles, thighs, wrists, and arms. While Rachel was sucking Alex's clit, he positioned himself between Alex's legs and began tonguing her pussy. It was a little slippery, still covered with a mixture of his and Rachel's cum, so Alex moved down and began licking and sucking him clean.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 30

group SteveWallace 2018-05-13

Jane, Brenda, Mike, Pam, Pete, Bob, Fran, Loren and I crammed into my car after filling the back with the share of leftovers we were to take home. I followed Jane's nude body to the living room, marveling at how sexy she looked when she walked and even better when she turned and captured me in a stand-up kiss that gave me another hard-on. I told him, "Ned, you can date any of them, even Fran, but know that some of them are from out of town and married, and based on what you just said they might not help your hermit like existence." I chuckled at his terminology.


Air Tight Birthday

group CoyoteGirl69 2018-05-13

My husband Carl invited a couple of friends, Dana and Jim, over for a little birthday gathering last weekend. As I grabbed her cute little butt, she turned and asked "You wouldn't mind if I made Jim clean up would you?" I felt Jim slowly beginning to slide his cock in and out of me, as Dana rocked gently against my backside. I could feel my vagina contracting on Jim's cock and knew he was going to have a difficult time holding back as I creamed on him. I looked back at Dana and pointed to my mouth, still full of Carl's cum. Jim opened his mouth and Dana began pouring the contents from the condom.

Coffee Shop Confessions Ch. 02

group oo0_boo_0oo 2018-05-13

“Oh yeah” said Lee. They both turned to look at Tom. Tom’s heart was beating so fast he was sure it would jump right out of his chest. Tom walked into the bedroom; Lee followed placing the towels Lucy had given him on the chair in the corner of the room. Lee took Tom’s hard cock in his hand and stroked it gently. Lucy fucked him harder and reached round to feel his hard cock in her hand as she pumped. Lee positioned himself behind Tom. His hard cock still wet from Tom’s expert sucking. Lee knew he was close; he slowly removed his cock from deep within Tom’s arse and joined him wanking over Lucy’s tits.

There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 04

group DonLeeds 2018-05-13

Ellen was sucking on the tip and Carolyn was twirling her tongue around the base. Hit me." Said Ellen, imitating Carolyn "You were pretty loud." "I guess I'm not the only one that loses control." said Carolyn with a smile. I walked over to Carolyn and said "Maybe we should head back to the bedroom?" I slammed my cock into her cunt and slipped two fingers up her butthole and then we both bucked for all we were worth for five or ten minutes. Ellen, smiled at me, and said "None of that until we get to your place big boy." I was grabbing her ass and pulling the dress up one handful at a time. As I slipped a finger into her ass, Ellen moaned passionately.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XIII

group Victor2K 2018-05-13

I moaned and moaned with Bebe sticking that thing inside my pussy, thinking about the kinkiest things ever to do with her and Elvine, who in her turned, liked how my mouth had fun with her clit and her vaginal lips, tasting all the joy of female sexual fluids. There was the one where the girls laid me on the bed and Bebe come to lick my pussy as Elvine sat on me ordering to eat her both holes. I could talk for hours about that night, but I will leave you all with a good taste in the mouth, because I might come back later with another of my sexual adventures with Bebe and Elvine, or with anyone else…

Masturbation club - new endeavor my first

group NYLooking100 2018-05-13

His name was Rob (not really) and he was interested in mutual jerk off and asked if I would mind joining a party for him and his male partner. Every guy started stroking and I saw lots of hot erect cocks being jerked. I watch and touched myself and one of the regular came to me and started stroking the outside of my silky panties. It was about 30 minutes of play before I heard the first cum shouts......guys were cumming on each other's cocks or into a community cum bowl..... I also saw a "cum glass" passed around....that is a 3-4 inch drinking glass that a few guys came into that was inverted ad slid over two guys touching cocks.....both of them fucking the glass.


group miss_trust 2018-05-13

I don't know how or when but this man I knew, this man whose lap had been offered, this man who's legs were my support, he was cradling my breasts – one in each of his hands. Two men across the room holding each other – I know they weren't gay a moment before and aren't even now, just two people finding each other beautiful and close. Legs splayed as I suck on the cock in my mouth, I press my face as far forward as possible, feeling that man's pubic hair against my nose while I try to move my tongue still. These people who touch us, both men and women, who bring us to this little death, relish the place they occupy, this space of giving while they take away the joyful explosions.

Friendly neighbors, very friendly... part 1

group catbit20 2018-05-13

I slid my tongue on both sides of her outer labia, she began moaning, my cock felt like it was going to blow out of my shorts and was leaking pre-cum making a stain. I tongued her outer shaved lips then slid my tongue up her pussy and teased her ass as I felt her spread my legs so she could get to my shaved balls which she promptly took into her mouth and sucked. "Mmmm need some more?" I got down spread her legs and buried my face in her hot pussy and ass she laid back moaning rubbing my head as I swept my tongue over her swollen outer fat labia and then slid in her hot pussy licking up to her clit.

Welcome Home Three-Way

group rockettime111 2018-05-13

But then I saw Samantha's eyelids go wide open, then begin fluttering wickedly, and she pulled her mouth off me and began a low, keening moaning. I reached out and grabbed her shoulders and gently rolled her over onto her back, and as her body turned, Jill came over along with her like a lamprey, her mouth glued to Samantha's cunt. She accommodated me by climbing up Samantha's body and began mouthing the red-head's tits while I lined up my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I took a moment to watch Samantha begin, one arm going up to caress Jill's tits, the other snaking around behind to grab an ass-cheek.