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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

group ChocolateStrawberry 2018-05-13

Mr. Flare put his cock in my mouth and I automatically wrapped my hand around Mr. Grizwell's dick. Mr. Grizwell followed and stuck his big cock in my mouth as Mr. Flare slowly entered my cunt. Loud moans left my mouth and entered Mr. Grizwells cock. This only coaxed another breathy moan from my bosom and he walked over to where Mr. Flare was and pushed him away lightly, laying himself on the desk and pulling me on top of himself. Moans and groans left his body and Mr. Flare had me spit on his cock. A smile broke out across his face as Mr. Grizwell got up from under me and cleared his throat, "Well, Miss Ashley, was it big enough?" He asked, smirking.

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 3

group belab 2018-05-13

Stefano put his hand on her breast and squeezed it hard and then slipped his hand inside of her bra, touching her bare tits and running his hands through the coarse twinkling brush of jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. I unzipped myself and slowly wanked myself as Frankie sank his cock deep into Serena and her moans filled the room as he shoved his huge prick into her. This bitch likes to feel cock in her coarse bushy armpits" She maneuvered herself until she was straddling him as she rubbed her hairy pussy over his knob, and slowly slid it inside, inch by inch, I closed my eyes and jerked harder on my swollen prick just like Don who was content in feeling the hairy hedges in her silky armpits and jerking himself.

A Walk Turns into Much More

group _Hogster 2018-05-13

I slide my finger inside you, feeling your wet pussy as you start to convulse, fucking my face and hand as the orgasm sweeps over you. I lean back and look at your sexy body, and reach down and grab a handful of your long hair, pulling you back onto me as I fuck you. He walks slowly up to us and I'm pumping you harder and faster now, making you grunt and moan with enjoyment, your tight pussy gripping my thick cock as it slips in and out of you. I concentrate on your wet pussy, plunging into it, driving my cock deep inside you as you take his long thin shaft into your mouth.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 27

group FinalStand 2018-05-13

I only want to make sure you are a good sport about it because she really likes you and she's worried you might take this beating the wrong way." "Sometimes it helps to remember we are still listening to the words of a poor carpenter's son who suffered through exile," I pointed out, "who wouldn't do what the authorities told him to do, died because he was betrayed by a close friend, and went to the grave abandoned by all those who said they understood him; not most people's first choice for founder of the world's largest religion." "Okay, she's not so little, and I have it on good authority she was a champion on the Tijuana Midget Fighting Circuit while still in preschool," I covered my ass, then a fear began clawing its way inside me.


Mystery Guest

group darkdaylady 2018-05-13

Michael kisses her hard, forcing her lips apart so he can slide his tongue into her mouth. Finally he gives her clit one last pinch before stroking his middle finger rapidly back and forth along its entire length. He pulls out a few inches until just the head of his cock is poised at her lips and she runs her tongue all around him, loving his sudden harsh breathing as licks the underside of his shaft. When a warm mouth closes gently over her right nipple, she almost doesn't notice until she realizes she can still feel the tongue flicking relentlessly against her clit. Teeth worry her jutting nipple and her clit is sucked gently and she freezes, finally realizing a second man – woman?

Gangbang at the Oregon 9/28/13

group gangbangcumslut 2018-05-13

As I got fucked, I sucked cock after cock, some exploding cum all over my face and some shooting their thick loads deep down my throat. So many men cummed so deep inside my ass that I didn't expel the cum till hours later. I had cock being shoved down my throat, one after the other, while cocks where fucking my pussy and shoving their way up my ass. I have massive orgasms from these cocks fucking me, deep and hard. Letting any man who wanted me have me and use me as his fuck toy. It's funny but I would like to let people know that having sex in a dark seedy adult porn theater with random strangers is not what you think it is!

Four for the Ride Pt. 02

group billyb1972 2018-05-13

Jess pulled Billy's cock out of her mouth and leaned her head against his side and let out a loud scream of pleasure at Leo's fucking. Jessie's ass gently pulled on the plug as Billy worked it out of her, causing her to moan in delight and ecstasy. Billy moved a bit over to his right and left a small space for Leo to step inside of and try to work his cock into her pussy. With not a lot of room to maneuver, Leo got the head of his cock into Jess's tight pussy between Jason's cock and Billy's cock pressing down from her ass left little room for his dick. Fucking her and moaning with every thrust as cum started to leak out of her ass onto Leo and Jason's cocks.

The Mother-In-Law Ch. 06: Final

group luvjuice43 2018-05-13

I looked the thirty years old brunette up and down as she moved to the sofa beside me; she wasn't a beauty like her Mom but she was a very sexy young lady dressed in a short skirt that hung just below her hips leaving her mid-drift bare up to the knit halter top that held her firm, round "C" cup breasts and showed off her more than ample cleavage. Marie moved closer to watch the mother daughter action; her bra slid down her arms and quickly landed on the bed beside Ronnie's. Marie and I took places beside Ronnie's hips where we could see the action up close; Claire quickly moved onto the bed and into the saddle between her Mom's legs.


One Nasty Saturday Night

group manard 2018-05-13

Last Saturday night I was sitting home relaxing drinking a beer and watching a little porn.getting a little horny I decided to get naked and enjoy myself.well it did not take long before I had a hard cock and was pounding it hard getting ready cum all over myself. Hey, guess what Wayne`s doing right now I heard her tell her girlfriends he is jerking off getting ready to cum. OK what the hell!April,Amy and Valerie was kneeling down right in front of me as I started slowly stoking my rock hard cock and I started really getting into it and was pounding my cock hard.Frank and Sandy had moved closer and now was right behind the girls.

The Comfort of Strangers

group trevorm 2018-05-13

Leona's mother had managed to find them a porter, the two children were waiting quietly, pacified by the promise of dinner in the station's famous Le Train Bleu restaurant before they boarded the sleeping car. Two young men, in their early thirties, looking merry with drink and Christmas cheer, both handsome in completely different ways and weighed down by luggage and ski gear, came to sit across from them, picked up their menu and ordered. "It's because they think mummy is very pretty," said Sophie, knowingly, cuddling up to her mother to demonstrate that Leona was hers and hers alone. Leona hesitated for a moment, thinking she would really like to, but knowing she just couldn't abandon her mother and family to please herself.


Massage Fantasy

group SPEN STERLING 2018-05-13

Candy slid her hands down to the jewels, allowing Coco's lips to find the head of my cock, and as her beautiful eyes met mine she smiled and slid her mouth down over my cock. Candy nodded, and in the time it would've taken my heart to beat twice had it been beating, her mouth was tasting the massage oil that was glistening on my cock. They slowly continued their warm french kiss as their hands massaged the lollipop, and then gradually their tongues worked their way back down, ending with more kisses and licking, with each other and with the incredibly excited lollipop between them.

Island's Sail Ch. 03

group Justdome 2018-05-13

The first girl collapses onto the deck and the second girl, whose name turns out to be Deborah, starts to finger herself until Kathy recovers. Deborah starts to thrash around grabbing the back of Kathy's head and holding her head on her pussy until she finishes coming. We collapse back onto the deck and I just hold onto Deb for a little while with my cock still in her pussy. Then Kathy gets up and straddles my lap; my cock is already starting to rise to the occasion from watching Deb and Nathalie. Nathalie is sucking on Kathy's tits and fingering Deb's pussy at the same time. Nathalie collapses off to the side and Deborah impales her pussy with my still rock hard cock.

An Open Book

group Never-more 2018-05-13

Anthony released his choke hold and took Jack by the shoulders, pushing him forward into Marcus's grasp like he was handing over a bag of groceries. Jack didn't have time to think it through before he was being dragged in the window by Marcus's strong hands, with a rough kick from Anthony to help him up and in. Jack, on the other hand, was anything but firm in the one place that mattered—his six-inch dick was shriveled into a tiny terrified nub, as if it had tried to retreat back into his crotch when faced with Erin's scornful smirk and Marcus's massive black meat just a couple of feet away.


His Birthday

group Mr Eee 2018-05-13

The veins stood proud and the purple head throbbed visibly, John figured normally he was about 9 inches when aroused but Ruth's hand looked tiny in comparison maybe he had the magic 10 inches, he couldn't remember the last time he had been this excited. They made small talk, the weather, the kids, work and stuff but John was only thinking about whether his wife's pussy was naked under the table so close to him, the tension was beginning to get to him and the more he thought about it the more his dick grew until it was beginning to get painful; constricted in his tight jeans. When John returned the girls were silent, Lou had her eyes closed and Ruth was slowly moistening her lips with her tongue.


A Night At The Club

group CAIceQueen 2018-05-13

After about 20 minutes I finished my drink and told Stacie that I felt like dancing. I looked at Stacie and told her not to worry I knew the writer of this note very well. I sat and watched you tongue bathe Stacie knowing exactly what you were doing to her and how it felt. Once I knew you were laying there waiting I told Stacie to stay on her knees like she was and to position herself over you skillful tongue. I leaned in and gave Stacie a deep passionate kiss and played with her nipples with my hands.. With your skillful tongue working on her pussy and clit and my teasing her nipples I knew Stacie wouldn't hold out long..

Expanding Our Secret Relationship

group TopDownJeepCA 2018-05-13

When Ro had gotten Diane down to her black bra and thong, she said, "The rest I want to remove with my mouth." A smile came to Diane's face as Ro moved her lips to her bra. Ro was not going to wait any longer; she pushed three fingers into Diane's dripping pussy and started to fuck her. Her juices started to flood my mouth and she pushed hard down onto my face and back onto Ro's hand. Diane moved her body down on top of mine and pushed her face into Ro's dripping cunt. There we were: my cock being ridden in Ro's tight ass, Diane's pussy lips pushed onto my face and her face devouring Ro's clit.


Educating Charlie Ch. 03

group privatejoker 2018-05-13

Jake picked up a deck of cards from the lower shelf of his coffee table and slowly pulled them out of their box whilst Si was lost in the image of Charlie, and she in turn was lost within the haze of yet another smoke. Jake slowly started to shuffle the deck and eventually the other two pairs of eyes in the room noticed what he was doing. Charlie reached for the cards and as the edge of her fingernail touched the top of the pack she paused and looked at her boyfriend Jake. Finally he calmed down and without looking started to pull his boxers down without getting up and it was then that Charlie saw the largest penis she had ever seen.


Wanting the Same Thing

group LoveMenLoveSex 2018-05-13

I felt his hands slide down the inside of my thigh and lifted my hips slightly, a tacit plea to touch me, hearing Dean's groan as he watched Pete's fingers slip through the folds of my lips, his thumb circling lazily over my clit as he dipped a finger deeper inside me. I felt my body's contractions, squeezing and pulling and pummelling Pete from the inside, felt my breasts swelling larger as Dean moved his mouth to a nipple, sucking hard but the rest was a wash of pleasure that seemed to have no beginning and no ending and I couldn't do anything but lie there, my legs drawing up by themselves it seemed, to give the man inside a deeper access, and every muscle and tendon and nerve ending twitching and contracting and shuddering with the overload of intense pleasure.


Salt & Sweat Ch. 1

group SensitiveSuccubus 2018-05-13

I got the idea for what would eventually be one of the best house parties I'd ever thrown after a particularly fun trip to the Salt River. This last trip I went with a couple of my friends, requisite cooler full of beer propped on a smaller inner-tube, and we three guys just lazed the day away as bikini-clad beauties floated around us, some of them wild or drunk enough (or most likely both) to flip up their tops and show their breasts, some tanned, some hidden and pale, some sagging and some firm as can be, and all of them great, just because they were there, and so were we.

Poker Night

group Penny_Tralia 2018-05-13

Christina with her husband Steve in tow, Katie being led by her husband Rob, Karen and Dave almost fighting to see who walked through the door first. Karen’s husband Dave jumped out of his chair and almost ran to Katie, taking her hand, slowly licking at her fingers. She looked up at Rob and said “I’ve always wanted to suck a huge cock like this” and slid his cock into her mouth. As his cock disappeared into Christina's mouth, the dildo slid deeper into his ass. They were both taking turns licking at her pussy and ass, Dave holding her pussy open for Katie. While Katie sucked cocks, her fingers began to play with my pussy.

Soccer-Mom: First Swap Party

group KissedMany 2018-05-13

I have my eagle eye on the attractive wife sitting nervously with her legs crossed on the sofa across the darkened room in the sex club "playroom." Her husband is flirting with the woman beside him and ignoring her. You know, the kind of hair that feels great when you grab a fistful of it when the woman's head is bobbing up and down while sucking your cock. Good luck guys." And he gets up and walks over to another sofa and starts chatting with a nice brunette before Dorothy can say a word. "My dear, how the fuck am I going to feel your pussy if you close your legs like that.


Our Trip Together Part 1

group 22catch 2018-05-13

You tell the lifeguard to have a seat on the beach chair as you kneel down on both knees beside me and gently whisper in my ear "I have a surprise for you, you'll want to watch me". You lay back and she again begins to run her hand up your thigh and over your pussy as she leans down and traces your nipple with her tongue. Her one arm outstretched playing with your tits, her head between your legs, tongue moving over your clit and in and out of your fully wet pussy working in conjunction with her fingers. The lifeguard starts to unload in your mouth and over your tits and you continue to stroke his cock with your hand begging for every last drop of his sweet cum.

Majorcan Surprise

group BJ_HoneyCut 2018-05-13

While the Alexandra on the screen is getting her cunt licked, the Alexandra in the room is pulling my dick out of my pants and starting to go down on my raging cock. Suddenly, behind me I heard someone say, "I see you like my wife's pussy" and I looked up, and there was Paul standing in the bathroom with a video cam, naked and stroking his hard cock. Paul told me to straddle her and put my cock in her mouth, while he started rubbing his hard dick on her pussy lips, and then slipped it inside her.

Return of the Black Widow Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2018-05-13

Deputy Chief Della Harlow came in, followed by Captain Cindy Ross and Lieutenant Teresa Croyle. "Now that one will stay in the office," said Cindy, "but here are some blue crowbar replicas for our past and current MCD leaders." She handed a blue crowbar to Tanya, and another to Lt. Masters. Captain Cindy Ross blocked my path with her green crowbar for a second, to stop me from going into the back bedroom where the crime had occurred. The meeting at 2:00pm in the Main Conference Room was attended by Sheriff Daniel Allgood, Police Chief Sean Moynahan, myself, Captain Ross, Lieutenant Masters, Detectives Diana Torres, Theo Washington, Joanne Cummings, David Krueger and Teddy Parker, newly-promoted Crime Lab Supervisor J.R. Barnes, and Commander Della Harlow.