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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mountain Music

group hisemerald 2018-05-13

"Sure Davy," Jenn smiled at him and kissed his cheek before turning to follow Marjie. "Yum, we are good together!" Jenn, about to groan in response to Marjie, gasped as Davy closed his teeth around her nipple and pulled slightly, his tongue flicking over it. Jenn's hot mouth now enveloped the head of Davy's cock and Marjie moved her mouth to his balls. They whispered briefly to each other then Marjie moved, kneeling at Davy's head and lowering her pussy to his mouth. Jenn had forgotten to continue moving her hips and had slid her hands up to JT's behind, holding Him there as she nibbled on the side of his cock.


Hot Tub and a Soul Sister

group Athalia 2018-05-13

The guest bedroom got pretty lonely after that, so I moved back upstairs with Paul and Sara. Sara, too, was sort of holding her breath, and Paul kept glancing at me as he was feeling Elly up. Sara sealed the deal when she said coyly, "Emily, why don't you show Elly what you showed me the first time we were in the hot tub?" So I said to Elly, "Let's go." We each gave Paul's cock a squeeze and and slipped out of the tub. We then we went to the guest bedroom, where the queen-size bed that was Jeff's and mine, and then Paul's and mine, awaited us.


Sensations Escort Services Ch. 20

group SteveWallace 2018-05-13

Each girl had adopted a protector for the night: Kat with Mark Hanley; Crystal with Steve; Melody with Flynn; and Amber with Wick. Amber, Kat, Crystal, Melody, and Samantha lay naked on chaises beside the large pool of the august mansion where the bachelor party was anchored. Find ways to hone your fucking and consulting skills as you go along." Kat looked back at the large house where the bachelor party was being held. Samantha spent the rest of the morning in one-on-one time with Melody and Crystal talking about how they transitioned into being high priced call girls. Amber, Kat, Crystal, and Melody went to some of the other clusters of men, also inviting them to sexually play with them.


What a Way to Spend Christmas Eve

group only_more_so 2018-05-13

She had chosen Bill Hicks to build the houses since he specialized in mid to small sized custom homes, and apparently because Grace had remember Tina from the single year they were in high school together. "No, but I thought you might like to wear it in our new hot tub!" As she was saying this she started unbuttoning her shirt and I saw that she was wearing a very small black bikini underneath. "Well, he tried, but I told him he would have to wait until Christmas," Amber said giving my cock a squeeze under the water. The splashing bubbles kept sending water into my nostrils and mouth and instead I kissed my way towards her lips as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.


Fuckin' Bus

group glory_first 2018-05-13

I saw Mike's hard cock pumping into Lena's wet open pussy, her pubic fur sexy in flattened curls on the inner side of her wide spread thighs and flat pubis, their fucking reflected in her moving breasts, the darkly flushed hardened nipples marking the rhythm with their tips in the warm air. The sounds of their fucking each other, matched with the wandering attention of Lena's hand on my cock, sometimes tightening, sometimes slack, not really focused on my pleasure, which wasn't necessary - experiencing what was going on, watching two people together in such clear ecstasy, was completely absorbing, and at some point, we all came in some impossible to know sequence, sharing ourselves so deeply in mutual pleasure that details were impossible to note in any way except for echoes afterwards.

Holly's Threesome

group hotdoll 2018-05-13

My tits were out, and I felt both mouth's down on them, licking, sucking, and hands squeezing, I dropped my arm down and began to rub my pussy, Andre pulled his shirt off and went back onto my tit, Mac followed suit. I came off Mac and began to finger myself as I continued to mouth fuck Andre. I kept on Andre's cock, and sucked him in time to Mac's rhythm I rubbed my tits and squeezed them as I got fucked both ends. This was just orgasmic, having just had one man fuck me, now another was, Andre began to pump me, I really didn't think I would last that long, and sure enough, I felt my pussy going.

The Choir Director Pt 3

group n8xpr 2018-05-13

Oh fuck yeah I had a dream about that big black cock last night and I woke up stroking Dan's little cock waking him up so I had to give him a blow job just to get him back to sl**p, all the while I was thinking of Joshua's much bigger cock and hoping to get it in my hungry cunt again soon. I moaned as Tom started to enter my horny cunt but was quieted by RJ's huge cock in my mouth I was finally getting just what I wanted a big cock in both ends. Tom mauled and bit my tits while RJ slapped my ass as he said I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you won't ever think of having a tiny white cock anywhere near your cunt again.

After Practice

group jooshman2003 2018-05-13

If you got up close the girls while they were wearing the shorts and looked really hard, you could faintly see the juicy mounds of their pussy lips protruding from the extremely tight and revealing material. "MMm. It looks like he's enjoying this." Dana took hold of cock and started to undress me. With my cock in Dana's hands, Dana started stroking it and I closed my eyes and returned my attention to the tongue in my mouth. When Dana was going over the edge, I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and sucked cunt until she orgasmed in my mouth. I took my cock in my own hands and turned towards Dana on her knees looking up at me.

Wendy52, young cock slut

group 1daymayb 2018-05-13

Now if you aren’t all mouth then follow me.” With that I started walking home, I went the back way so the neighbours wouldn’t see the crowd of excited young men following me. I bent forward to start sucking the first lads cock, good I loved the feel of it poking my throat, so warm and he was throbbing too. Another cock went to my mouth and I obediently started sucking it. I opened my mouth and pussy between them being filled so they could see how horny they looked full of their wonderful white spunk. I’d be sore tomorrow but hell I looked forward to that soreness as proof of just how good a fucking they’d given me.

why I love swing clunb

group asiaNaughty 2018-05-13

Many party don't have enough of something or too much of something...Too much ugly guys or not enough hot men, too much of shy couple who just look but don't do anything, or too much of d***k people.... I can hear the dance music, the people talking, and sometime some couple moaning already, I feel already the ambiance and know if there is many people or not, most of the time there is at least 20 to 30 persons.. I know many guys will take the advantage of this moment alone to follow me, try to touch me, grab my ass or boobs, start talk or kiss... I cannot see anything, I don't want, all I do is blow my guy and feel others men fucking me behind.

Travelling the Campaign Trail with America's

group n2oral 2018-05-13

"Well, tonight the Candidate has a speech at a rally for his supporters at Bartle Hall, followed by a meet-and-greet with his closest supporters at the Downtown Athletic Club, and then the Candidate would like to relax a little, enjoy some of Kansas City's barbeque, and then maybe hit some live music." Annabelle grabbed my hand and said, "Come on, we're heading to the big bucks meet and greet." I stayed right with her, because I didn't want to let go of that soft little hand. I finally got in the back and there were three or four women already in there, when Annabelle and The Candidate piled in, said "Whew - let's GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!"

Consoling the Widowed Neighbor Ch. 02

group timmywells 2018-05-13

Paul reluctantly handed over my cock to Melody, who sucked while her husband played with my nuts, and after they went back and forth a couple more times I had them moth licking my cock on the sides, their tongues even meeting on the tip before I decided that we should go to the bed. "I think you know what I want Paul," I declared as I had him lay on his back, and as I straddled his face and squatted down a bit I pulled Melody on to the bed and gave her a kiss while kneading her little titties.


The Garage

group mollycactus 2018-05-13

Instead of merely groaning, or even laughing, Mike did a slow scan of my body with those twinkling eyes and replied, "We could probably inspect your chassis, check your points, check your oil, and lube any parts that need it, sure." Turning to his partner, he said, "Isn't that right, Chuck?" Moments later, they pulled down the front of their work pants, plus the underpants beneath them, and displayed two generous helpings of manhood - semi-rigid cocks, sprouting from beds of pubic hair - sandy brown for Mike, and dark black for Chuck. "These spark plugs of hers look like their in tip top shape," Chuck stated, as he grasped my right nipple in his powerful, but gentle, hand.


Shy 30-Ish Male's First MWM

group Erosite 2018-05-12

Emily had described herself as a tall slender brunette, her husband Gordon as goateed, so it was easy to spot them and extend greetings as they came through the door right on time. We sat and chatted for a while, then there was a silence; we all somehow acknowledged simultaneously that it was time for some of that "joy." Emily moved closer to me on the couch and we kissed, and I gently squeezed the nipple of one of her small, firm breasts, prominent beneath a silk blouse and sheer, loose-fitting bra. Then Emily whispered something, and Gordon assumed a position straddling her where she could suck him, and I took up the logical alternate position, and one very dear to my heart, between her long legs with mouth nuzzling her sweet bush.

Jenny and the Landlord

group driver13 2018-05-12

'Jenny, I don't have to forgive you, look how hard my cock is after listening to your story. No I didn't suck any when we were having sex but after the last one had finished fucking me, he scrabbled up the bed and pushed his dripping cock to my lips and said.' 'I just couldn't help myself, I put my tongue out and licked some cum of the end, then I let him put it into my mouth and I lovingly sucked it till I had gotten every last drop out of it. As she said she 'lovingly sucked his cock,' that was too much for me and I came, shooting my spunk into her well used cunt.

The Conference: Strange Relationship

group ladyroxanne21 2018-05-12

"Yes Mistress." Jayson gently rolled my chair out of the way so that he could crawl under my desk. "Jayson is doing something vitally important for me at the moment," I stated calmly, lowering the report to look my boss in the eye. I noticed that my boss was gazing curiously at the 3 or 4 inch gap at the bottom of my desk, and I felt a moment of panic as I realized that he probably saw the bottom of Jayson's shoes. "Jayson, show our boss around while I get started on dinner," I ordered, unable to change the way I treated him. "Yes M- Elena," Jayson replied, also too used to the way we acted when alone to prevent a slip of the lips.


Wanda's Story Ch. 27

group rpwilbur 2018-05-12

Donna's hands moved faster than Wanda-Rose could follow, but Katy could read her mother, and then giggled. Wanda-Rose saw some green beans in another bowl, and grabbed them, following in Donna and Katy's wake. Patiently Wanda answered them all, ranging from "What did you bring me?" to "Why do you love Mommy?" Donna laughed silently as Katy held up two identical Barbie dolls and asked "Which one is prettier?" Donna signed to Wanda-Rose "Bought the bed new last week, knowing we'd need more room. "Wanda-Rose, meet Bob," signed Donna. While Donna finished stripping, Wanda-Rose deep-throated the cock, getting him fully in his throat and sucking hard. Donna came over and started sucking on Bob's cock as he licked at Wanda.


Gym Muscle War

group BigTimmy 2018-05-12

I flexed my left bicep a couple of times, creating a mountain of rock-hard muscle 25 inch around before looking at the guy. "The name's Tim, or Big Timmy, for obvious reasons." I replied, while slowly jacking my long, thick, hard cock, precum steadily oozing from the humongous tip. Mercedes was dripping from head to toe in my cream, four of the one meter-wide wall mirrors were caked with my heavy goo, Whitney was still gargling my tasty offering, Barbara was wiping from her face and hair the sticky side-gobs she had received in the last couple of minutes, and the whole room reeked of cum.


Road to Padre

group southernweather 2018-05-12

The car started moving again and I shifted my attention back to Megan as she undid my pants and grabbed my stiff cock. As Reya and I continued kissing and both girls continued jerking me, I took off Megan's white lace bra and threw it in the back. I let her lick her own juices off of my sticky fingers, then I lifted Megan's head up. She let out a little moan and Reya, who had been playing with herself, started making out with her. After a minute or two of that Megan gasped and the juices started leaking out of her cunt. Megan, who had had her fill, climbed into the front seat and started gossiping with Miranda.

Bobbi & Her Construction Crew

group bobbiwilson 2018-05-12

"We're actually on our lunch break right now", Todd said, and then introduced me to his two co-workers, Eric and Steven. Inside the trailer was nice and nipples poked right through my bikini top as soon as we got through the door. I turned around and Todd was right face was right at his neck...I couldn't believe what was going through me, but I just put a hand on his chest...and rubbed around a little. Steven worked his cock into my was so big that it hurt...but the pleasure soon overcame the pain. At that same moment Steven pulled his cock out of my pussy...and brought it up to my ass.

Last night i truly wore out that i'm bi curi

group hornybiguy88 2018-05-12

Walking there few guys standing infront of door/entrance to gloryhole, I was shy red nervous nipples were hard goosebumps......I want to try something that would get me action fun/fantasy hot stuff. I saw and heard few guys walk behind open door but no entries and no cocks in my hole to suck.....I guess lot of shy people and mainly I think were picky choosy to see who they wanted to have xxx with. So I posted it in bathroom, went back to my room this time got courage took off towel left door open light off and lay on my bed to see who was near.

The Cruise

group ConfusinglyDelerious 2018-05-12

It was around the halfway mark of the second glass of scotch, that I saw Marie further down the bar, ordering a drink. Clearly I was not the only one with a few glasses under my belt before getting to the bar, because by the end of the second round that had been procured by Brandon, we were all good and drunk. "Listen, Daniel," Brandon began, his words slightly slurred, although he worked to keep them straight, "I do like you, and this has been good fun. And although Brandon was one of the good guys, he wasn't that good a guy that I'd be quite willing to walk out on even half a chance with Marie.


Breaking the Curse

group Scorpio44 2018-05-12

I smiled and thought, "Yes, and they'll get our gender by looking at our names." My smile got bigger. "Yes. When we got to her room she opened the door and was greeted by a woman in her eighties." "I've already washed my front, shaved my underarms, legs and pussy but if you want to make sure I did a good job, Ok by me." She turned around and I sat down on the toilet. I brought the little bottle of skin lotion out of the bathroom with me and when we were on the bed I opened it. I ran my hands down her leg to her puss and touched her clit each time I got there.


Earning It

group 2018-05-12

As the boys began to take off there shoulder pads, I walked through the locker room gently brushing my fingers across their chests and open mouths. The lifted me off the ground and began to pass me around the room laying on their hands and shoulders. Most of these guys were getting fucked for the first time and being high school boys, they usually came in less than 5 minutes. The water in the toilet began splashing from all the motion and soaked my body, running down my vagina and legs. The football coach took my small towel and gently began to wipe the wetness off of my body.