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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cassie's College Years Ch. 02

group irishlovr83 2018-05-12

It's called 'experimenting'." Julie gave me a long look and when she saw that I wasn't convinced, she added, "Besides, I haven't seen Charlie come visit you at all to take care of your womanly needs." My mind soon drifted to Trent and how it might feel to have his nice hard cock in my pussy. I slipped my other hand inside Julie's top and felt her breasts, exposing her to the boys in the process. Seeing Julia getting fucked made my pussy juices flow even more, coating Trent's cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sean stand up and walk over to me with his freshly hard cock in his hand.


group watcher_phil 2018-05-12

A gorgeous short and chubby dark-haired one with huge breasts, a tall curvy blonde, and a slim brunette with nice rounded tits. Her hands reach in front and begin lifting the shorter woman's breasts, every so often her fingers moving to tease and caress a nipple, while the dark-haired one guides her hand with her own, and with her other slowly rubs her crotch. As she sucks me, and I slide my fingers in and out of the other two as my thumbs rub over their clitorises, they lean in and kiss each other, keeping their balance with their arms around me, and their other hands fondling each other's breasts. As the slim one start eating her out, the blonde kneels next to them and starts sucking the chubby one's tits, one hand caressing the slim one's breasts.

Fantasy 1

group mstrmrd 2018-05-12

started fucking back onto my cock like a wild woman. "You will." Linda said as she took my cock into her mouth and started Mary moved to the bed as she continued to watch Linda's cock sucking. Linda let go of my cock from her mouth and said, "Go show Mary what a real I watched as Mary sucked on Linda's clit and pussy. Mary then asked Linda if it was alright for her to suck my cock. cunt Mary leaned over and started sucking one of Linda tits. continued fucking her cunt Linda put her mouth on my cock and shallowed it to When I finished cumming I removed my spent cock from Mary's well fucked

The Bet

group HorneeCouple 2018-05-12

Then he straddled Bridget's chest and titty fucked her and entered her waiting mouth then back to the titty fucking till he came and covered the tits with his cum. Judy then moved up the body and licked his cum off her tits and deep kissed Bridget so they can both enjoy the mixture of Marcus' and Bridget's cum. Then Bridget asked if he could do something for him and told Judy to get on her knee and wrapped her tits around Marcus' cock and instructed Judy on how to get her titty fucked like that. When his dick was hard Bridget pushed him onto the bed and straddled his face and told Judy to get on top and ride his cock till he cums.


Wedding Party

group SixtyMinuteMan 2018-05-12

I'm going to tell my boy 'Don't ask unless you really want to know, because you're not allowed to get mad.' Hen night party games are things like 'See how many boys' phone numbers you can get' and 'Get to second base with a girl' and 'Show a stranger your underwear' and 'Give the stripper a hand job' and something that involves kissing some boys." The younger girl again looked like a teenager on a dare, barely making contact with her fair-skinned, large-breasted, and very nice body as she danced for Henry and doing her best to hide her pretty green-eyed face behind her long chestnut hair. There was a lot of grinning and laughing going on, mostly by Marie at first but increasingly by the shy stripper as a couple songs passed.


Airtight Tailgate

group dpingjessie 2018-05-12

I noticed, though, how he eyeballed Jessie from head to toe, taking in the shoes, her bare legs and styled hair, which must have seemed out of place for what he thought to be a casual get-together with some new friends. "Oh, fuck!" Tom said as he watched my friend suck on my cock while stroking two others, simultaneously pleasuring all three of us. Jessie pressed her hands against the backrest and spread her legs a little wider as she moaned and took in that new cock. I really enjoyed the view of Jessie with her eyes closed, open mouth moaning as she sank her hands into the back cushions and took Tom's pounding. As Jessie took a few minutes, John and Tom sat down naked and watched some of the game.


Kay James and Dunbar

group peterswiftt 2018-05-12

Kay kind of gave me that 'Gee I wish I hadn't had fucked things up by inviting someone else to come along' look, kissed my cheek and said: "Thank you Peter." And I told her to call me if she needed anything and I drove to my home in Oyster Bay. Sunday afternoon Kay phoned and told me that her friend had made it in as planned, loved the house and they were both looking forward to the boat trip. As I sat behind the shiny stainless wheel I looked back and Kay had started applying some over Dunbar's neck, back and shoulders, then over the tops of her large round breasts and by the time that she had made it past the small of Dunnie's back and started down the backs of her thighs, I was getting an erection.



group gothgodess 2018-05-12

Moments later Tony returned to the room to see his girlfriend come all over Adams hand grinding down and screaming in ecstasy her back arched as James sucked head on her nipple. When a finger finally brushed her clit she nearly screamed, it felt so good, her hips bucked as he began circling his fingers round the little bud, another hand began caressing each nipple in turn, gently pinching them causing her to gasp. Tony and James were rocking in time driving both cocks into her as she pushed back forcing them a deep as possible while Adam was holding her head sliding in and out of her mouth as she licked and sucked, fondling his balls and rubbing the base.

Bjs Can Be Boring

group Imstillfun 2018-05-12

As we walked in our room mrs said, "Too bad they were married or this would have been a different night." A while later we saw the couple come into the pool area. The guy noticed and asked the Mr if he wanted a blow job from the woman. The guy is fucking the girl from behind while she is giving mr a blow job. So here's the scene, mr is getting a blow job, bored, and waiting for mrs to come back to help him find an excuse to get out of there. Mr gives the cue, Mrs makes the excuse to leave. As we leave mr said to mrs, "What took you so long."


Fucking Tammy's Daughter..Sasha &Mike.

group fillmeup2 2018-05-12

Cameron eyes fluttered and her body language let Mike know that his guest was a beginning to get a little hot in the ass. “This is between us Cam. It would hurt Sasha if she knew I fucked her best friend’s daughter.” Mike reminded Cam. Cameron gave him a nod in agreement and they entered the foyer and walked into the living room. Mike smiles to himself and thinks about how Sasha had no clue that Cam was fucking her pussy with her tongue earlier. Sasha sat back in the chair and played with her cunt as she watched Cameron and Mike in a little 69 position. Mike loved the face that Sasha was getting off watching he and Cam fuck each other.

Truck Stop

group allergictolove 2018-05-12

"Don't worry about the menu, we just want coffee, for now." Sue responds and she gives Becky a come hither look. Becky helps Sue get up and gives her a deep long kiss. The Sheriff, Officer Lewis, was still chatting with Pam. Becky sat down next to Lewis and Sue moved around to the kitchen. Pam head into kitchen to find that Sue has begun to give Tony a head job. Tony was taken be Sue and Becky helped Pam to mount him. Pam had know idea what Sue and Becky had in store for her, but she didn't care. She turned her head to see Becky guiding Lewis'es unit toward her other hole.

Before The End

group Seriously4U 2018-05-12

The fact was, she did look unbelievable hot, with the glimmering fabric pulling out her blue eyes, her long red hair streaming down her chest like it was teasing her breasts. Then I looked to Tina, who had pushed even closer to her, and was now extending her hand onto Amanda's face. "Suck his cock, Tina." Amanda settled back on the bed, and slipped her hand between her thighs. I moaned with each pump, and Amanda began to moan as well, until I could tell she was having another orgasm, this time with Tina's tongue inside her. My cock isn't big, but it looked perfect to me at that moment, sliding in Amanda's grip, just inches away from Tina's face.

Story of... Ch. 01

group cock whore 2018-05-12

As I heard her footsteps re-entering the room, he firmly grabbed my hair at the base of my neck and made it obvious I was to turn over. On all fours over the arm rest of the couch, I felt hands lifting the bottom of my dress all the way up over my back. Then another hand parted them and held me open while the stinging blows kept landing just to the right and left of my clit. Just as soon as it was obvious that she was going to go over the top - I felt that familiar hand at the base of my neck, pulling my head away. He started fucking my head so hard and fast, I knew I was going to gag soon.

Ben Around Ch. 02

group johnbaldwin1 2018-05-12

Heidi turned and walked to Jenna, being sure to sway her hips for Ben's enjoyment. He sat on the end of the bed and watched as Jenna and Heidi kissed, their tongues seeming to battle between their enjoined mouths. Ben pulled Jenna close, licking her nipple and sucking it while Heidi continued to blow him. Jenna took the hint, straddling Ben as Heidi guided his cock into her pussy. Heidi crawled onto the bed next to Jenna and kissed Ben. Her tongue invaded his mouth as Jenna's pussy slid up and down on his cock. She placed her knees next to his shoulders, facing Jenna, and then she lowered herself until her pussy rested gently against Ben's lips.

Super Sunday

group Spider1 2018-05-12

"Why don't you let us see you suck on that gorgeous cock, baby?" Roxanne said, reaching over to stroke Misa's thigh. I love watching Misa's face get fucked," she said, easing down to give my cock some licks, eyes glued to Roxanne sliding closer to the pair. Troy's groans and commanding "Fuck yeah, suck it good baby." Misa's keening and soft, slurpy gags and she worked his meat. I fucking love it," Rox said, tongue slurping up the wetness smeared all over Carole pink pussy and soft thighs. Misa leaned down, getting quick licks at Rox's asshole when she could, taking my juice-slicked cock into her sweet mouth every few thrusts when I pulled out.

83% orgy

First Time

group randy_wendy 2018-05-12

They chatted on the journey and Jean was in a good frame of mind after they arrived at the pub and had a couple of drinks she said to Wendy "I suppose you would like the story" Jacko came around his desk to comfort her and Jean says I just folded into his arms and he gave me a lovely cuddle, nothing sexy just a nice hug as I reached for my hankie his hand slipped from around my waist and I felt him touch my suspender and my panties, he instantly pulled his hand away and I mopped my eyes.

The Bar

group Cajun Boy 2018-05-12

Your hand moved up my leg, and you reached down and grabbed the lump in my pants, and you squeezed my cock and opened your legs a little more, giving me access to more of your panty-clad pussy. You take one hand and move down between your legs and start massaging your clit, yet continuing the sucking motion on my cock. You reach down and slide your hand down your legs and collect some of the cum and begin rubbing it around your pussy lips, causing them to glisten with moisture. Bill moves forward and you grab his cock and use your tongue to lick some of your juices off of his cock, causing him to start getting hard again.

The Favour Returned to Carey

group mandywilluk2000 2018-05-12

It was quite surprising at how easily such a young guy could say things like, "from the first time I saw you I wanted you," or "you have a body to die for," and "I just so badly want to make love to you," without sounding either, yucky, smutty or just too glib. I know how difficult it's been for you adjusting to life and sex after Kevin and I think it's great you've found a fuck buddy and particularly one like Brad." "I see what you mean Mandy," Carey said on the phone the day after we'd had a lovely evening with her and her husband. "You're incorrigible Brad," I said softly as I rubbed him a little harder, "thinking of Carey and me like that."


Peeping Tom Ch. 06

group Many Feathers 2018-05-12

With Holly's pussy still spritzing a bit of her own female nectar, and though Rub had in fact let go of my cock, no longer holding on or working it as she savored the last final moments of her own sweet cum, I felt the throb, the pulsating sign, another throb, and then the "no-hands" jettison of my spunk as I stood there watching the first several spurts suddenly leap from my cock. "Yeah," she moaned as she finally let go of it, hands coming up to rest on my shoulders as I slowly began to ease the neck of the ice-cold bottle into what I was fairly sure was a hot slick pussy.


A Haunted House To Remember Ch. 02

group m_storyman_x 2018-05-12

Her hand disappeared between her legs, pulling the skirt up until I had a clear view of her pussy. "oh good.!" She said with a smile, letting her hands leave the bottom hem while she spread her legs slightly, giving me both a better view of her pussy and holding the material tight so that I could still see. The ice cold water knocked the wind out of both of them and I quickly waded in to pull Jill out and then help Jenny into the boat. That confusion grew when Jill slid up my body and fed me one of her luscious tits and Jenny, I think, slid a leg across my body and gently impaled herself on my dick.


My Best Flight Day 05: Final

group Tetris07828 2018-05-12

Like yesterday, Carrie texted me that you butt banged her in the bathroom, I got so freaking wet from thinking about it that I went to the ladies room and rubbed a couple out. After a couple of minutes Carrie repositioned herself onto her hands and knees so she could suck on my nipples one at a time. As soon as I was emptied Sara got on her hands and knees and shared my load with the still cumming Carrie. Carrie picked up what was going on and worked her hand underneath to tweak Sara's huge clit. I repositioned to be able to work a few fingers into Sara and felt Carries hand almost jacking the big clit off. Between Carries hand, my tongue and fingers Sara's hips were positively vibrating.


The House Warming Gift

group Eros Guru 2018-05-12

I reached for my shirt, trying to reclaim some composure, when my wife lay her hand on my arm and said, "Hold on, James. Anna caressed her friend while Amanda's lips moved over my cock. Anna moved over her friend's body, placing kisses gently on her breasts, nipples, ribs, and stomach, working down to her pussy. My wife's tongue started working on her friend's wet lips, bringing moans and gasps out of Amanda. I watched, already hard again, as Anna's hands continued to rub Amanda's thighs while her mouth worked what could only be called magic. Anna leaned forward and licked my cock, then moved to lick her friend one last time, tasting us both together.

Jim Meets the Coeds Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-05-12

Watching and feeling the whole house full of sex addicts together in one bed, fucking and sucking one another was too much visual and thought stimuli for me not to cum -- and even remain hard. Mel got up, pulled Robbie from Chris' vagina, and led him from the room holding onto his flaccid cock. She turned flashing me her entire beaver and with a big grin said, "Oh good, someone's here to fuck and eat pussy." Now, I'm a sucker for naked women and dirty talk. Sarah came and kissed me and thanked me for spending time with her the night before and insisted that she would be happier if I spent time with either Holly or Chris -- or both of them.


The Pyjama Party Ch. 02

group sally69er 2018-05-12

I moved my head back slightly kissing the guy on my right our tongues deep inside each other's mouth as I felt the third guy push his cock into my pussy. He slowly rocked his cock back and forth as I felt two sets of lips on each of my nipples sucking hard on them as I moved my head from right to left kissing the guys holding my up. My head was held back as the guy fucking my mouth eased out, he wanked his cock hard until he shot his load into my open mouth I swallowed his warm cum which he loved. I felt my legs being opened wide as I felt a cock slam hard into my already well cum filled pussy.