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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

House-sitting 2

group stupot61 2018-05-12

"What do you think ?" I reply and push the door open wide.By now Sandra's pale cream dress has gone completely see through and she has gone down on the lad and is sucking him for all she is worth, his massive dick sliding easily in and out of her lips .Lucy's hands have now undone my flies and I feel her fingers round my roused dick, here we go again I think to myself.With that we step into the bathroom and start to join in,we ae soon naked except for Sandra who keeps her soaking knickers on , and then to my surprise tuns to me and guides my throbbing cock deep inside her,moaning with pleasure as I sink into he willing fanny.I turn my head and see Lucy receiving a very long length from the pizza boy Pete.I concentrate on my mission in hand and soon have Sandra coming again and again until I can't keep it in any more and just have to release my load right inside her juicy pussy.Oh boy, I'm not doing too bad for a 62 year old, twice in six hours and still feeling up for more!

Stockings and High Heels Sluts Ch. 02

group muffinstud 2018-05-12

As if she wasn't horny enough, the sight of her sister taking two cocks simultaneously into her cunt and arse, dressed like a slut in black seamed stockings, a corset, 6 inch high heels and proudly showing off her tits, was too much to bear. The guys fucking Shelly had shot they loads into her cunt and arse and she was now looking for more, jealous she hadn't had cock and cum in her mouth like her sister. Two gorgeous blond haired sisters in slut make up; sheer black seamed stockings; the highest heeled stilettos; covered in spunk; tonguing each other cunts; forcing their lace covered hands & fingers into each other's wide gaping arses.

Unexpected Find Ch. 02

group Overhill63 2018-05-12

Cathy headed down the hallway towards their bedroom and when she was out of Gio's sight, but not Art's, she pulled her bikini top down with a grin and gave him a brief peek of her tits. "You see Gio, Art has been helping us with our vacation fund for a few months now." She leaned over a bit further and pushed Shelly's robe open revealing her tits and her quickly hardening nipples to Gio eyes. With a mesmerized look on his face, Gio stood and Art watched as he moved over to the couch beside Shelly. Cathy slipped around to the other side of the couch and knelt before Gio. He had moved his mouth over Shelly's nipples and she moaned softly and held his head in place.


A Very Lucky Husband Ch. 03

group happywifey 2018-05-12

He quickly sent a text to Iza letting her know he was thinking about her and hoped she had a good night at work. When they got to the car, Leslie pulled Mike in the back, quickly sliding her pants down as she climbed in. Though he tried to keep his voice nonchalant, she heard his excitement, adoration, lust, and even love seeping in as he spoke of Iza. And though Leslie felt a gnawing in the back of her mind, it wasn't one of jealousy or anger. And tonight will be perfect." They chatted for a bit, Mike giving her the name of a bar they were going to go to that night that was next to the hotel, before they said their goodbyes. "Goodness, you are looking HOT, Baby!" Mike said, his eyes wandering to take it all in.


The sl**pover part3

group 2018-05-12

Her horniness, her tight ass and the feeling of my friend's dick so close, made me hornier than I've ever been before. My girl and my friend laid down on the bed and I sprayed a heavy load on their faces and in their mouths. My friend took my dick in my mouth to make it hard again. 'Now it's my turn to be fucked.' He went down on all fours, I wet his ass and slid my dick in. With a loud scream he unloaded in my girl's mouth and I came in his ass. The next morning I woke up with my friend's mouth on my dick.

The Kinky Couple

group 2018-05-12

“Tut tut Justine, you need to lose that dress –now” I don’t know what it was but as she said it I felt a shiver and I liked it. I popped his balls from my mouth and looked over my shoulder, my arse in the air, then I saw a big black cock, well a dildo, actually a strap on. My eyes looked up at Tony and he was in heaven as he watched his wife fuck me as I sucked his cock. I slipped his cock back in and sucked, I looked up and Karen was kissing him. I then opened my mouth and showed his cum resting on my tongue to Karen, I crawled up the bed and kissed her.

The Hotel Room Ch. 2

group Dkwild 2018-05-12

You are rubbing your naked body on mine and I can feel your hardness, you slip your cock into my wet pussy easily, you slide it in and out slowly as you kiss me and hold me. Watching you and then watching him has pushed me over the edge, I just let the 2 of you move me the way you want, it feels so good, I can feel my cum dripping out of my pussy onto Peter, and so can he that does it for him, he throws his head back and lets out an almost animalistic groan, I can feel him shoot his load into me, it feels so good, you can’t take anymore and finally you let go too and cum in my hot ass.

Tedra Out of the Closet

group tedra 2018-05-12

Judy called me at work today and had made all of the arrangements for a "Special" evening for the 2 of us, starting with drinks at a new bar followed by a night in a Jacuzzi suite in a nearby motel. She asked me if I wanted to ride back to the motel with Jeff while she rode with Pat. As soon as I concurred the 2 couples paired off once we got outside. I watched as Judy removed her sport coat as she got into Pat's car. I looked over and saw that Judy was sitting on Pat's cock facing him while he caressed her large breasts. Jeff and Pat then dressed kissed their respective "dates" for the evening and left saying that Judy needed to spend some quality time alone the remainder of the night.

Louisa Joins the Party

group johnniedee004 2018-05-12

As Robert's buttocks began to twitch and flex, Louisa took a firmer grasp on the cock, jerking it firmly, studying the foreskin as it closed, then retracted. As each gush emerged from the dilated slit, Robert howled like a dog, and Louisa joyfully ran her fingers over the end, smearing the starchy sperm all over the shaft with both hands as it emergesd, watching the discharge with curiosity and fascination. Johnnie knew that Virginia had an interest in naturism, though mainly because it gave her the chance to indulge her obsession with studying the male anatomy and showing off her own personal pride, which was her large breasts and their astounding nipples.


Trying Bi With Hot Young Couple

group mike2123 2018-05-12

Kate grins and leans down and pulls my cock out of her husband's mouth, and starts bobbing her head up and down quickly while I finger her. This declaration just spurs them on as Kate grinds her pussy into my face and starts jacking my cock as Dan sucks the head. His cock feels warm and huge in my mouth, and I quickly forget about Kate as I start bobbing faster, sliding my hand up and down his shaft as I go. Kate leans forward and licks Dan's cum off my chest (my face is still covered) and starts riding me hard. As I start thrusting into his wife, Dan comes over and climbs up on the bed and places his semi hard cock by my mouth.

Prisoner of Horny Tribe

group SM402 2018-05-12

The leader went to the young lady and said something and then stripped of the rag that covered her breasts. The chant went on for about five minutes, and then the leader moved close to the young lady, and then took of his rag. "Leader says he will enjoy pouring his juices into light skinned one like you, I will leave now for I have to attend to another," Cynthia said as she led the leader to Diane and then walked towards me. "You enjoy show, now your turn, you look good, I want your penis in my rear like her," Cynthia said as she undressed to unveil a model type body.

Dinner With The Neighbours

group gab365 2018-05-12

Georgia's hands made their way under my shirt and bra and began searching for my nipples. Georgia stood in front of me and used the vibrator against my nipples, while Nathan came up behind me and put the vibrator he had up against my pussy. Georgia came up behind me, took off my shirt, unhooked my bra and threw both items onto the bed. Nathan pulled away and went back to sit on the bed. Georgia extracted herself from my crotch, moved around the bed so that I could see her and got naked. Georgia and Nathan leaned into each other over me and began kissing. Georgia pulled at my nipples while she watched Nathan fuck me.

She Really Loves Cock

group touchofgrey910 2018-05-12

My cock fell against my leg again as my eyes stared at Bryan walk into the room and start laughing. Bryan looked at me waiting for an approving gesture, but all he got was me laying back on the bed as Jessica reached for my cock. Jessica continued sucking my cock and Bryan stood there watching. She cleaned his flaccid cock like an animal as her body started shaking and I could feel her cum running down my balls. I got on my knees on the bed and got my dick sucked as I watched Jessica being fucked hard. I realized she wanted to orgasm to so I started to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit.

Pool Boy Ch. 47

group BigZeke13 2018-05-12

I picked up the carry bag and we went out the door heading for the beach where we agreed we would meet up with Linda and Pia. I knew Alexis had to tell someone about her becoming an Aunt and she would work that into the other topic that was hurting my head. Pia grinned at my compliment and said, "That makes perfect sense to me." She kissed me again and pulled on my cock and continued, "Come on we need this magnificent cock to finish off Alexis." She squatted down in front of me and stretched her lips over my cock and lashed it with her tongue all the way to my balls to make sure I was clean before pulling off and standing up.


"The Taking Of Curious"

group Starhawke 2018-05-12

Steve and James, duly obeyed and shouted out “I’m cumming babe!”, “Me too!” said her lover … “Don’t fucking cum all in my cunt save some for Terry and me!” My body then began to tremble, “I’m going shoot, where do you want me to cum?” … she replied “Deep in my mouth you fucker!” … this I did my balls tensed and relaxed as I shoot deep in her mouth … at this point the other two guys came over and began wanking all over her mouth and cock, then seemed to shoot for fucking ages … she loved it … she released my cock and began licking all the cum off her mouth and my cock, she sucked hard on the cum and slurped it up like a cat ..

Mordern Draupadi

group chandan0707 2018-05-12

My lower muscle were crying with ecstasy Raman please give some more and he said to bittoo he is full inside me then very slowly he started roll our both bodies to place me in upper position so bittoo can come in my front hole and he did it comfortably without let coming out a bit of his penis and when I came in upper position I gave a slight push so his penis come in me fully and bittoo saw my face and told me sushma your face is bl**d red are you feeling pain.

Head Games at School Ch. 02

group stephen55 2018-05-12

Kris kept silent, so Trish said, "Not yet, but it'll probably happen." Just what does 'he needs a lot of work' mean?" Trish and Kris both burst out laughing. As much as thinking I had really been raping Trish anally had given me a sense of power and the mother of all orgasms, could I accept some guy or three proceeding to do that to Kris, even if I knew it was fantasy? Kris, whose hand was still caressing my penis, looked at me and said, "I guess this is where we start to learn about playing fair." Then she leaned over me, drew Trish's head to her and gave her a long and sensuous kiss.


College Visit with Not My Niece Pt3

group imornery81 2018-05-12

Ellie is a hot little gal from not too far away and we have shared enough that I felt moved to write this fantasy for her. Every Dad on that tour, not to mention the guy that was a student and assigned to help lead us around the campus all kept ogling Ellie, which left me plenty of opportunity to bump an ass here, brush my hand over a bottom there and bump into a set of tits on moms and offspring galore! They walked around a corner just as the guy leading the tour said it looked like we were missing a couple of people. It started raining and Ellie’s shirt became almost transparent as the few people we had seen dashed for their cars.

My First Gangbang Made Me A complete Slut

group 2018-05-12

and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking. 3 more times he started to fuck my pussy at full leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me. I felt like such a slut fucking 3 guys at once for the guys to cum shooting a load in my ass, my mouth, and my pussy adding to the cum already in I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum fucking my pussy came all over my breasts. While one guy came up to fuck my mouth. dick in my ass and mouth I came again. ass they were scooping cum out of my messy pussy

Desert Debauchery Ch. 01

group Boonter66 2018-05-12

Rick closely watched Allie's beautiful ass while I stood to put my shorts on and get a slightly better look at his dick. "Another beer anyone?" "Sure!" There we three sat, with Rick wearing only his boots and long-tailed uniform shirt with his recently drained soft dick and balls peeking out from underneath, Allie in her tank top with her soft brown muff showing and me in a pair of loose shorts with a slowly developing hard on. After rinsing her face and body, Allie lifted one foot onto the back bumper of the Jeep, showing us her beautiful muff with pouting lips with her small hole barely visible beyond.


Together At Last

group Frans Tooten 2018-05-12

I hear him moaning and shuffling behind me and suddenly I feel his weight onto my back and buttocks and I feel how John's prick is entering even deeper and then all of a sudden my boss's pole enters my arse, all to the root and I'm filled down there totally, in a way that has never happened to me.

First time for everything.

group whatRtheodds87 2018-05-12

Tammy’s hand is still stroking my cock, John’s hand is now massaging my balls and inner thighs, and I feel like I’m going to explode any second. Then, there it is, I knew it was coming, John leans forward from his knees and takes my cock from Tammy’s hand. I’m starting to feel pretty good again, and the sight of Tammy and John on the bed is seriously turning me on. Her head is bouncing as John fucks her from behind, but they slow down, and Tammy takes my cock into her mouth. Looking for validation of my intentions and receiving none—I have a pretty good feeling everyone’s cool with that—I pushed her cheeks apart with my hands and began to slowly push my cock into her.

Kellys marathon weekend - Part 3

group WaMan2010 2018-05-12

The guy in her mouth pulled back and climbed off of the bed and Kelly turned her attention to the big headed cock that was cumming inside her. As both guys were finished, Big Head slipped his cock out of her ass and said "I didn't hurt you did I?" Kelly turned and said "If you did, I wouldn't be feeling your cum inside of me!" She looked down at the long skinny cocked guy and softly said "Did you enjoy yourself? Are you okay with fucking me full of cum?" I somehow missed this, but Kelly noticed that the next guy in line was the black guy with the big bent cock, and he said "I think it is going to be so fucking hot.

My Favorite Time Sharing My MILF

group MILF4USE 2018-05-12

Miguel was sitting near Melanie watching intently, when I suggested it might make a neat pic if Miguel’s hands were applying the lotion. Then, to add an exclamation point to what I had said, I asked Melanie if she wanted Miguel and Dave to fuck her there in the sand. Melanie is a superb cock-sucker, and loves to lick and tease a guy’s head and balls, but Dave never got to feel the full pleasure of her talents because he started to pump in and out of her face as he held her head in place. Having spent our loads for the time being, Dave and I both sat back in the sand and watched Melanie and Miguel get it on.