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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Roomies

group DontHavU 2018-05-12

She pulled away and winked and said "I'll be right back" She went off to Dave's room and I lay there waiting anxiously for her to return. When she finally returned she admitted that while Dave was sleeping she had sucked his cock till he was hard then had rode him to his completion but that he was back asleep before she even dismounted. She teased him by pulling off his shorts, getting his cock nice and hard then telling him he needed a good whipping with her new leather whip. "Very hard" she said gripping his large tool, "come feel this" Part of me wanted to take his cock in my hand and slip the head into my mouth just to fuck with his macho chauvinism.


Emma's Pool Party Ch. 09

group thewhitestripe 2018-05-12

The girls were spread out in front of me engaged in their various activities: Amy lying on a towel on the grass reading what looked like a textbook, wearing a long, white tee, Holly and Aysha floating in the pool supported by foam noodles, their bikini-clad breasts bobbing on the surface of the water, and Emma to my right, flipping through a magazine, her upper arm subtly jiggling her bust with every turn of the page. She tossed her hair to one side and picked up where her best friend had left off, taking me into her warm, wet mouth and slurping loudly as she bobbed her head, her hand working in concert with her lips, sucking my proud cock in an earnest, enthusiastic, oral apology.


Sex on the beach and another clouple

group bufffreak 2018-05-12

Lisa didn’t shave her pussy like Jenny, she is trimmed, What a beautiful sight I quickly looked around to make sure Jennifer hadn’t seen me, Lisa just giggled and smiled at me Jenny and I gasped as Lisa began to stroke and then suck Thomas Lisa moved around and Thomas began licking her beautiful young pussy, she moaned. I was staring at them with a hard dick and Jenny was still panting, Lisa and Thomas smiled Jenny looked at my hard dick and got into position to suck me. This time Thomas and Jenny didn’t leave together to play Frisbee I tried to give Jenny the same quality licking I had given Lisa the day before; soon she was ready for penetration

Anniversary at the Restaurant

group Robert Anthony 2018-05-12

The man whose cock Cindy was sucking, turned his head to the side and yelled, "Judy get your butt over here – you have a customer to take care of." I didn't understand at first, and then our waitress walked around the corner. As she began to push her pelvis into me grinding her clit on my mouth, I reached for her tits and felt those massive boobs and those rock hard nipples, squeezing and sucking. I started to hold back and slow down and she pulled my face to hers looked me in the eyes madly and said "Don't you dare stop, I want you to come inside me and I want it NOW."


Miss Julie Ch. 2

group jack_straw 2018-05-12

Realizing that the angle was bad, and wanting to move the show along, Janet pulled the big cock out of Julie's pussy, and instructed her to get on her hands and knees with her face on the bed. Julie opened her mouth wide and ran her lips past the fat head of the black rubber cock. She took him in her right hand, pulled her mouth off the black and sucked the white guy's dick into her throat in one smooth motion. Cum gushed out Julie's pussy and onto the bed as the white guy pulled his dick out, and the Latino left a streak of cum across an already cum-covered cheek as he disengaged his cock from Julie's cum-filled mouth.


Portrait of a Modern Marriage Ch. 08

group oldiethevoyeur 2018-05-12

What did surprise me however, (and thrill me a little I must admit) is that the first time Michael and Sarah holidayed with us in France, Sarah joined my mum and my wife in discarding her top almost as soon as they had arrived – Claire had in fact warned her mother what to expect and Sarah was totally OK with the situation, as I'm sure her husband was too.- She also carried on with the established trend of just wearing shorts and no top around the house, together with my wife and mother, something she would have never considered when we were at home in England.


The Hive Island - Prologue

group drelord2102 2018-05-12

With any further ado the man pushed in and in one smooth stroke he was inside the warm depths of the woman as her creampied pussy offered little resistance to the penetration. The other ten men freed of their duty to stimulate the giantess, stood in line waiting patiently for their turns to fuck the woman. But he was sure that the giantess completed three full cycles which means each of her lovers had fucked her thrice and ejaculated thrice inside her which means her pussy received sixty ejaculations from twenty cocks. After the entire ordeal was over for him and finally the large woman fell asleep along with her exhausted lovers, Adam silently went back to his room silently.

Erotica Made to Order 02

group mr_rippley 2018-05-12

To the handful of men standing around the counter chatting, she must have looked like a character from a bad fish-out-of-water movie as she carefully peeled off her coat and folded it over her arm. She spun around and, when she was reasonably sure the other truck stop denizens were no longer watching her, she quickly snuck through the door to the men's room and sought out a stall. Looking at the head of his cock pulsating in her hand, she became overwhelmed with the need to make him cum. The stall door swung open, and the man stood there for a moment, his throbbing cock in his hand.

First Night with Don & Kate Ch. 05

group windblownx10 2018-05-11

Turning where Sandra could not see her face Janet gave me a little smile and a wink and then said quite professionally, "If you would like to come back Tim, we can go ahead and get you started." After checking a few of the connections for the leads attached to her he took his time feeling her breasts and told her he was going to measure her sexual response and he rolled both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and then applied pressure to them. He pushed his scrub pants down around his knees and started jerking off his hard cock right next to me as he watched Janet fuck Sandra with the dildo.


Discovery Ch. 15

group D H LAW 2018-05-11

I noticed as Sharon watched her best friend suck her brother-in-law's cock, she brought both feet up onto her chair and began working over her nearly hairless pussy with both hands. Dave sat up straight on the couch with his full attention directed at Jen and asked where she saw naked sex if not at the movie theatre. The sexual tension was growing in the room as Sherry asked "So you've watched porno movies with your friends?" Jen and I looked at each other and answered our own question, before Jen said that we had. Jen studied Sherry's face and took a long look at Dave before she responded, "Actually, we had sex with them."


After Practice: The Back Row Defender

group jooshman2003 2018-05-11

Remember how I said Dana and Mallory would do anything for my cum, well I let suck me off before practice. Just as they said, Mallory and Dana held back Eron, their excuse was they wanted her to teach them how to short serve, which she happily did. I withdrew my fingers and stood up, not letting go of her hair and bid the forgotten Dana and Mallory towards me. I looked over and Mallory was doing the exact same smiling back at me as Dana and Eron screamed in pleasure. I reared back and simultaneously broke my hand down on Dana's ass and gave Eron an extra hard and deep one.

Vivian's Darkest Dream

group dark_whisper 2018-05-11

"Fuck, she's tight," - Jake said to Rob, who was sitting nearby, watching intently what his cousin did to the girl, - "I thought fat chicks had big pussies, but this one is really small. She was not Vivian anymore - she was a plaything for the two men: a wet pussy and a pretty mouth for them to stick their big cocks into, and a few handfuls of soft fat fuckable female flesh for them to grab and slap. "Hear that, Jake?" - Rob laughed, grabbing Vivian's hair and pulling on it, making her head tilt back, - "the slut is in love with your horse dick now."

Stripped Bare

group dodger125 2018-05-11

Ali gently lifted Heidi forward and unhooked her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the garment away. Ali finished up shaving round her tiny anus, each small brown hair disappearing with every stroke, before one last firm rub with the thumb on her clit and then giving Heidi a towel. Amy teased it, like a small pea between her lips, she sucked it, tasting Heidi her juices began to flow. There’s nothing I don’t know about you now”, Amy looked to me though Ali was there first as she put her mouth around my cock, having put the camera down. It sent shudders down me again, Amy sure was hot but I couldn’t complain about Ali either as she worked my penis, pushing down with her lips and sucking as she worked up again.

The Renewal of Joyce Carlton Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-05-11

First, I had decided I wanted to change -- enough so that I finally called Ray, a man I hardly knew and yet, someone that seemed able to peer deeply into my soul in the few minutes we'd met at Jay and Sarah's party. I repeated a short version of the five lessons I'd extracted from sitting in silence with him for an hour the evening before: I wanted to change and I'd taken the first step; I had a voice in my head stopping me from changing; I'd solved a hard work problem; he would not make this easy for me -- nor should he; and the anger I expressed, was often more due to what my truth was, not what was actually said.


Three's Company

group StephenBP 2018-05-11

Your 'gay', best friend from high school was safe, and we both needed to feel loved and safe after our respective break-ups. Sue kisses me and moves the hand on my breast to my sex. Robert moves behind me, and as Sue plays with my clitoris he slips a finger into me, finding my G spot. I feel like I could come then and there, but Robert and Sue have other plans. Where Sue's touch is gentle skill, knowing what to touch and how much because she is woman, Robert's is insistent, full of passion, made all the more exciting because of its unpredictability. I feel Robert's arm shift from my breast so that he embraces Sue as well.

Lessons in the Art of Sex

group bob_martin4125 2018-05-11

"Good boy" replied Carla as John shot his hot sticky cum all over Sandra's breasts. Sandra, although riding my cock, was still able to give instructions to Pete, and Bill started to feel Carla's pussy lips with his fingers at first and then progressed with his tongue. "We are now going to demonstrate how to fuck doggy style." As Carla said this, both she and Sandra sat on their knees with their asses exposed and their hands stretched out in front of them. "Look lad," the husband called over to Bill, "Pinch my wife's nipples like I am doing to Carla's, Sandra just loves that."



group annegenieve 2018-05-11

It was another satisfying GANGBANG with a group of guys I met. I can tell he`s d***k i smeel it from him, he mashed my boobs right then and there, pulled up and remove my sando and started licking and sucking my nipples. Fuck i get horny" shouted by the one guy, "Yeah she`s so deym good," said the other. I just let them touch me, suck me, lick me, take photos of my pussy while another one was fucking me. All I can hear was, "Shit this gal make`s me horny as fuck, her pink nipples was so great!" So, they fuck me alternately while im sucking their cocks on my mouth.

Finally Got Her... and Him

group Daniel_Steele 2018-05-11

I tried to pull away, but Laney locked her fingers behind my head, trapping my mouth on her glistening pussy. I watched with a mouthful of pussy while his black cock raised like a pillar as he twisted his hand slowly around the shaft. He pushed the first few inches into Laney's pussy and took a moment, letting her accept his cock. Laney moaned and moaned and just about whined in pleasure as inch by inch, Andre's mammoth cock invaded her tiny pussy and split it wide open. Soon, Andre had worked his rhythm to a hustled pace, hips pounding into Laney's ass as he buried his dick deep inside of her.


Single Again Ch. 15

group WhatIKnow 2018-05-11

As soon as Reena came through the door, Tiffany ran over and hugged the pretty brunette Right behind her is her fiancée, Stu. Stu is a huge man, kind of like Andy. Fifteen minutes later Tiffany comes out and sits in my lap, looks me in the eyes, then kisses me passionately. Tiffany iss looking directly at Chrissy before she reaches out and pulls her in for a kiss. Before it gets too far, Tiffany moves her hand and lets Chrissy get into bed with us. The girls kiss again and Tiffany plays with Chrissy's pussy some more. Watching Tiffany play with Chrissy's pussy really gets me going. Chrissy looks disappointed, but doesn't stop rubbing Tiffany's pussy.


Cash and Ass

group fiik_gremlin 2018-05-11

Tracy took the weight of them and lifted them to her mouth, she ran her tongue around her nipples and then took her hard nipples between her teeth and started to stretch, suck, and tease her own breasts till her nipples stood erect on top, her body again flushed with the excitement of her own needs in front of this group of strangers. Pulling him to floor she kissed him briefly, then while holding his hardness gently in one hand, she ran her tender red lips along the muscles on his neck she nibbled on his taught male nipples on his broad chest, down to tickle his belly button with her talented tongue, and finally her flushed face rested inches from his cock.


The Changing Room

group MikeBroughton 2018-05-11

I slid my hands over your hips and pulled you against me, so you could feel my hard cock pressing into your body through our clothes. I run my fingers over the back of his hand and he turns his face downwards to watch as he opens my fly. His wet mouth slides down my shaft until I feel my cock head pressing again at the soft flesh of his throat. You keep driving in and he turns to look at you over his shoulder, lips open, his face lost as the fire in his hole sends licks of pleasure through his whole body. In the mirror, you watch my white juice leaping from my slit onto and into Caleb's waiting, open mouth, dripping from his thin red lips.

Close Neighbors

group thepleasureprinciple 2018-05-11

At the same time Lisa used her immense talent to work the head of my cock, taking her fingertips and nails to lightly tease my most sensitive places, while her other hand stroked my balls with the very lightest touch. I groaned as my dick erupted, shooting two steams of jizz in the air like a geyser before watching pulse after pulse of cum ooze out of my cock, running down the head, then over Lisa's fingers and finally into a large pool forming in my pubes. Lisa laughed and as soon as she was sure I was watching, brought her hand to her mouth and licked my jizz off of her fingers and swallowed it.

Bob & Susan Ch. 04

group mostanything 2018-05-11

"Oh my God!" Gina replied, watching her friend's tits and entire upper body move as Susan pushed her ass back onto the face behind her. As Susan enjoyed the tongue, breathing deeply and moaning, she watched Gina, who began to rub her pussy through her shorts. With Bob raising her to a sexual frenzy by fucking her ass with his tongue, Susan felt a desire to lick Gina's pussy. "While I suck your cock, I want you to describe to me eating your cum out of my pussy." Susan said, then moved her mouth back down to Bob's hard shaft, sliding her lips down over the bulging head, one hand softly playing with his balls.


The Hazing Ch. 03

group jallen944 2018-05-11

Pam suddenly felt pretty silly standing in the center of the room with all the other girls. A hooded individual emerged from the room, startling Pam. He was varying a tray with a silver cover, like a cake. Julianna appeared with a tray of pewter goblets and a small bowl of what looked like sugar cubes. It sounded like a simple release, removing and responsibility from their shoulders and placing it solely in the hands of the girls, but from the way it was worded, it could have been a document read to King Henry III. "Pam?" the good-looking guy said. Christine, sitting next to Pam, had only her glass of sperm, and was looking at it disconcertedly.