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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Three of Us

group MP111070 2018-05-11

My hands start to slide gently, slowly up and down your body and I can feel myself getting excited. You work my pants the rest of the way down my legs with your feet, and then reach down and grab my cock. I take my cock in my hand and start to jerk off as I'm driving, and seeing this you know you want it in your mouth so bad. grabbing you by the hips, I start to fuck you hard as your tongue works it's way up and down between her pussy and her ass. I grab you by the hair, and slowly start to fuck your mouth with my cock while she is under you sucking and licking my balls.

In The Name of Art Pt. 03

group TheTravellingMan 2018-05-11

The sight of her body astride him driving each thrust widened his eyes, the sense of danger and risk fuelling the throbbing ache of his hard cock. Easing back, still teasing her nipple; the look of want on her face told Penny all she needed to know. With a lecherous grin on her face, Harry watched as Penny started to explore her body. Her kisses were becoming more urgent and showing initiative, Harry felt the brush of her fingers as she rubbed on Penny's clit in return. Using the strength of his body to hold Penny still, Harry bucked his hips to graze that sensitive place inside her. Harry could see Penny looked lost on the sensations of Lisa's tongue and fingers.


Chrissy: Catching Up

group Azuldrgon 2018-05-11

I started slowly rubbing her shoulders as she moaned a little. My right hand then slowly slid down until I started to slide into her yoga pants. Soon, the yoga pants were a memory and Mae's tongue started caressing Chrissy's pussy. Chrissy's moans were so intoxicating before I slid my right fingers towards her lips where she sucked on the hungrily. By the time Chrissy was on the bed in just her tank top bunched up around her waist, Mae was stripped of her work uniform and wearing just her bra and panties and I wore just a smile. I started feeling Mae's tongue licking my cock and Chrissy's pussy as we fucked.


Seducing Beauty Ch. 02

group erossmantic 2018-05-11

"You want me to say 'yes' to fulfilling your fantasy without knowing what it is?" she asked calmly. "Actually, I'd like to invite you to a little lunch opportunity tomorrow," Carl said. "Just an intimate lunch with Krasa, and maybe one other girl," Carl said. Let your imagination run today and I'll fill you in with more details tomorrow morning." Carl got up and walked back to his desk. "Think about it and let me know by noon," Carl said. If you decide you want her tomorrow, I'll fill you in on the details." Carl smiled and returned to his desk. Steve and Carrie watched Krasa step off the elevator and walk across the room with unprecedented confidence, even for her.


Bressa's Birthday Orgy

group 2018-05-11

She'd whip her honey-blond hair around like she was in heat, giving all the guys the sexy eyes as she pinched her nipples and humped her twat up and down the pole, leaving a snail-trail of pussy juice. Every week on poker night, my four buddies, Frank, Ed, Don and Wes come over and Bressa plays hostess. After some beers, Wes usually starts, saying something like, "Damn, Roy, just look at those titties on your wife! Wes and Don kept massaging and sucking Bressa's sweet titties, as Ed began to lick and finger her dripping snatch. The night continued, with Bressa giving her best whorish blow-jobs to Ed, Don and Wes in turn, as I reached in to tickle her clit and nipples.

Three Is More Fun

group MissKitty32D 2018-05-11

I was in shorts and she was in a skirt, and we'd been going batty with the itching of the grass until Maggie had dug the fleece out of Max's gym bag. "Maggie, are you sure about this?" I asked once more, because what we were contemplating was not just a game of Truth or Dare taken to extremes. I heard Max suck in some air, but I kept my attention on Maggie's soft mouth. Then she got bolder, liking the length of my damp lips and teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue. Then, quite suddenly, her thighs tightened around my shoulders and her moaning got louder, though still muffled by the mouthful of Max's prick.


Case of the Murdered Bride Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-05-11

We watched in the anteroom with Nash, Rose and ADA Paulina Patterson, who'd come in while I was letting the cabbie know of his impending death. "Mr. Burger," said Epstein, showing a bit more ability than I would've thought he had, "it's my duty to advise you that once you waive your right to remain silent, you cannot re-invoke, and you will have to answer their questions. As we walked out of the Interrogation area and into the hallway that ran along the back of Police Headquarters, Teresa Croyle came up to us and said the Chief wanted us to come to the main conference room. "He said the groom took the bucket to get ice, then hurriedly came back in, taking long enough for the cabbie to get a blowjob from the bride.



group minnie179 2018-05-11

I hand it over and he points me to the door and tells me to take the elevator to the 3rd floor, go to room 305, and use my key. You move a little and I feel someone else part my pussy lips and lick my clit. I remember telling you a long time ago that I would love to have multiple people making love to my body. You tell me that you are going to move away and watch but all I had to do was say stop and it would. You come over, take the blindfold off, look at me with such passion, and impale me with you hard cock.

Mandy Ch. 02

group alias_the_archangel 2018-05-11

As the second woman hurriedly moved in his direction, Joe heard the theater doors lock and felt Mandy briskly straddle him. When Lacy began to stand in order to more efficiently pull off her partner's pink panties, Joe grabbed her own and slid them quickly to the ground. With this she in turn grabbed the luscious ass of the woman in front of her and they symbiotically slid slowly towards Joe. She knew then what his intention was and she tried to relax as he positioned himself at her slick entrance. Amanda wasn't quite sure where Lacy had gotten off to, but she almost didn't care, because in this position the tip of Joe's cock was pressing right against one of her favorite spots.


My Second Apartment Ch. 02

group Waynegod69 2018-05-11

Megan, meet Wayne," Shane said as he nearly ran to the bathroom. "So, Megan wants to see your dick, dude," Shane said in a matter-of-fact sort of way, jolting me from the confines of my thoughts. I felt Megan's hands at the waist of my jeans, her need making her move faster with me than she had with Shane. Megan moaned around his prick as I licked her, letting the tip of my tongue slip into her moist opening, my lips kissing every inch of her down there. It wasn't long before the three of us were moaning in unison, Shane and I passing the point of stopping the climax that would soon over come us.



group Xanaduvian 2018-05-11

It felt nice, and she began to wonder what it would feel like to have him lying over her, kissing her, with his hard, seven inch cock in her fully. She pulled back and sucked him slowly, and after a lifetime, after an instant, she felt him spurt in her mouth, his legs rock hard as he pushed up gently and held her head in place. After a few moments of licking and rimming, Paul moved up to her clit again, and gently sucked it into his mouth. As he did, her husband moved up to the head of the bed, and pulled her mouth down over his rock-hard cock.

An After Party Christmas Present

group AnythingGoes2008 2018-05-11

He must have been close when we started, or it was just the sight of my hot wife, 5'3", 135 Lbs, brunette and hot as fuck, but he walked over to the rear of the couch pulling her head down to the edge and pushed his cock into her mouth and immediately filled her throat with his cum. Ray went to work cleaning there now semi-rigid cocks, cleaning the remnants of their cum mixed with her pussy and ass with her mouth as they again started to fuck her throat. As I pulled out, Sara did her thing and moved between her legs and began licking up ever drop of cum from my wife's pussy as she slowly fucked her ass with her finger.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

group hornybastard66 2018-05-11

When Joe could tell she was enjoying herself he pulled his cock out of her throat and watched as Bob began fucking Penny as hard as he could. When Penny reached for the contract Joe took her by the hands and pulled her towards him forcing her to be bent over his desk revealing her tight little ass for Jack. Penny greedily took his cock in her mouth and Jack and Joe began fucking both ends as hard as they could. Penny did as she was told and spent the rest of the day at her desk with Joe's cum and the butt plug in her ass.


Airport Continued

group Dr. Gurviest Love 2018-05-11

Eve began kissing down from the woman's breast and across her flat stomach, as I replaced her mouth with my hand, giving both the flight attendant's breast equal attention. Leaning in I brought my tongue out and, as I'd done with her breast and nipple a short time earlier, began licking around the flight attendant's cock. As I bobbed my head up and down the length of her cock, trying to get it as far into my mouth as possible each time, the flight attendant's body began to tense, and her balls pulled in tight against the underside of her shaft. Without a word Eve was bent over, mouth on the slowly wilting cock of the flight attendant, sucking up the excess cum that was still oozing down the shaft like a vacuum cleaner.


CvsN 18: Business Complications

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-11

Bigger than Day-One, with lots more play area, and plenty of room for parking and picking up." She gestured excitedly, while I got some odd looks from Derek and Mike, buddies from work who were being directed in their efforts by Beth and Robin. "We're building an island of custom cubbys for the kids to store their stuff on one side, and to hold educational supplies and toys on the other." I saw that the guys were working on that, and it looked like the flooring job was finally finished. By the time the last of my buddy's had departed, probably going home to work off their frustrations after being around a house full of gorgeous, scantily clad women, I was tired and looking forward to a little relaxation.


Taking one for the team

group ILoveBigBush 2018-05-11

Because they started a little earlier and already experienced each other a few times before, Kevin and Katie were a little ahead of us, and were fucking while Denise played with my cock and I fingered her. At this point, I started articulating my passion so that Kevin and Katie might see Denise in a new, sexier light. When Kevin didn't turn the light off as quickly as Katie thought appropriate she remarked, "Hmmm, he does have an awesome cock." To that, Kevin said, 'Alright, alright," and turned the lamp off. Needless to say, even though I made quite a mess, both Katie and Kevin laughed out loud, and Denise said innocently, "Oh my God, did I cause that?" "Oh my God, yes, I couldn't hold back," was my reply.

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

group LolaTstorm 2018-05-11

Caleb's left hand continues to work on Kim's breasts, but then he catches drift that Jonas is fingering her cunt, and moves his right hand below. Jonas takes the initiative and removes his briefs, the only thing that has been keeping the boys' cocks from rubbing against Kim. He sees that Caleb has done the same, and awkwardness is palpable. As Kim works on Caleb, making sure to get plenty of spit on his dick, the fingers on her left hand focus on the head of Jonas's. He has always enjoyed eating girls out and he is ready to work on Kim. He places his hands right on her lips, making her think he's going to start.


Bi Bi Baby (bi-sexual)

group pure_lust 2018-05-11

It was a wonderful feeling having those balls and that cock in his hands but he couldn't wait to find out what it feels like to have it in his mouth so he leaned forward and covered the crown with his lips as he sucked on the head. John told him that he had never, in his wildest dreams, imagined that sucking a cock could be so good and George agreed telling him that he was surprised when he tasted cum for the first time because it was so delicious that he couldn't seem to get enough. He and George pulled their mouths from their erections and stood up, taking Angie by the hand and leading her into the bedroom whereupon they decided that they would start with George in her cunt, John in her ass and Rick feeding her his cock to suck.

Rebecca's Summer Vacation 4 (By: Jarvis80)

group 2018-05-11

Robert and Ryan where in the back playing with Rebecca's tits for the ride, she kept saying she wasn't in the mood, but she was wet and it was running on the seats for a bit. She behaved like a good dog following my every command, she took off her wet panties and began to bark a little and started to rub her pussy slowly for me and everyone else. And found Rebecca being fucked in the ass by Robert with Ryan on the beach with the water washing up and hitting them. Rebecca was getting fucked up in the ass by Robert with Ryan fucking her in the mouth on the sandy beach, a couple of times she would grab Ryan's hips and f***e him down even more on top of her.

Strip Hearts Ch. 04

group alternatereality125 2018-05-11

Score for round 6 -- 1 point to Ellie to bring her to 19, Nicole and Krystle remain at 47 and 51 respectively, while Jenny got 25 points to add to her 14, which brought her to 39. Jenny picked up 4 to bring her to 43, Nicole got just one to bring her to 48, but Krystle picked up the dreaded Queen of Spades, which meant she was going to lose her bikini top at 64 points. Michael tried to stroll casually towards her, once again taking in another eyeful of Krystle's bare tits and Nicole's in her bikini and Ellie's in her black lace bra as he walked around behind them.


My First Pussy

group KittyCora 2018-05-11

Sometimes I would catch one of the girls looking me, eyeing me up and down and I could tell she was thinking about licking my pussy and what it would feel like to make me come hard. Jessa would be flicking her tongue across Anna's tits while Georgina sucked and licked her clit. She smiled and maneuvered her way underneath Jessa's pussy, moving her mouth up to her ass and licking her entire slit up and down, making Jessa pause and moan loudly. "You like licking that sweet clit?" She was clearly very horny from licking Anna's tits because she started shaking uncontrollably and all of the sudden squirted all over Rose's face!

The girlfriend

group 2018-05-11

Then I see him pull her head off his cock throw her on her back and he started fingering her and licking her sweet pussy he kept putting more fingers in her until he had 4 in her. I then told her to set her pussy on his face and suck my cock at the same time. Then i told her to get on top of him and ride him she did and she was moaning uncontrollably then I got behind her and put my cock in her ass and me and the guy doubled her for a long time then I came in her ass went and sat on the bed and watched her keep fucking him.

The Plastic Purple Pussy Reamer

group EmeraldEye 2018-05-11

Riley, Hollie, Whitney and Gwen stood in a circle, looking down at a large, purple, plastic device in the middle of the floor. Whitney and Hollie murmured "oh, yes" and watched in awe as Gwen continued to work Riley's swelling sex button. The rec room was filled with the sound of female grunts, groans and whimpers as the girls struggled, inch by inch, to force the inhuman cocks inside their young canals. They had a pretty good routine going-Hollie would take my head and shaft into her mouth, circling the circumference of my rod with her quick tongue while Whitney cupped my bag in her delicate fingers and slipped as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Her 21st Birthday Ch2

group nugget 2018-05-11

The 3 girls went out and got in the cab with Melanie and Rachael in the back seat and Lisa in the front. She leaned over and whispered in the cabby's ear "Can I give you a blowjob to get my night started right?" The driver couldn't believe his ears or his instant erection at the thought of this extremely sexy girl blowing him in his cab. Lisa who was now sitting behind the steering wheel grabbed the cabby's balls and started playing with them as Rachael fucked him from above. Then, to Rachael's surprise Melanie took her right breast in her mouth and started sucking her tit as only a woman can.