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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Paige's Initiation

group soubrette 2018-05-11

Paige, with her dark blue eyes covered with her hand, passed the towel to Sydney, who stepped out of the shower naked, patting her body dry. "I don't know, Sydney…" Paige replied, still keeping her eyes away from Sydney's gorgeous naked body, although feeling her pussy getting wet. With a shout to the bathroom to let Cole know that they'd be in the bedroom, Sydney led Paige into her room, discarding her useless towel on the way. Sydney slid down and touched her tongue gently to the hard little nub, and heard Paige moan. "Ohhh, oh my God, fuck, I'm going to come, a little harder baby, ohhh yeah!!" Paige writhed on the bed, her pussy exploding with juices.

A Mexican Holiday Ch. 03

group graydave 2018-05-11

Carol finally broke the silence saying that she certainly understood why Dan couldn't seem to keep his hands off her; Ginger blushed and said that she had nothing on Carol who seemed to have Tom wrapped around her little finger. At one time Ginger spotted her old friends across the dance floor, they were dancing in a corner with a couple of young gringo's, they looked like hell! Ginger looked away to see Carol dancing in Tom's arms as others stood watching the elegant couple. Tom was a little confused when Carol walked past Dan's room to the next door and ask for their keycard; his confusion continued as they entered the room only to have Ginger appear beside the window as if by magic.


More Than Recruiting

group greenside80 2018-05-11

As we began making our way out of the bar, two of the soldiers, Rodney and Dominic, offered to walk me to my quarters. Dominic got on the bed behind me and after rubbing my shoulders for a little while longer he slowly worked them down my back and then from behind me, he reached around and began softly squeezing my tits through my shirt. After enjoying my naked body for a few minutes, both guys got up and quickly undressed themselves, revealing two nicely sized cocks to my eager d***k eyes. This time around, I climbed up on top of Rodney and began to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position as he squeezed my ass cheeks and guided me.

Teaching Her a Lesson

group vicegod 2018-05-11

Jada came back in the room with a fresh drink and saw her little friend eyeing me down. I would bet money that there was some cheerleader or prom queen type girl that looked a lot like Brandy at Jada's high school when she went there. The way she stood and sipped at her drink, taking her time, made her seem more adult than the girl who was two years older standing across from her. I saw Jada coming back with Brandy's drink and I used that moment as an excuse to walk away and go to the bathroom. After I finished my business, I was walking out of the bathroom and I ran right into Jada who was holding a drink in her hand.


Mary, Robert and the Prom

group Just Plain Bob 2018-05-11

You came pretty quick earlier." She looked at her watch and said, "We've still got an hour before my mom gets home." I fucked Mary a good twenty minutes before I came and all the time the other guys were crying, "Come on for Christ's sake, we want some too." And then my night really got good! Our wedding reception was not what you would call traditional; Mary got fucked by twenty-one guys that night while I watched and waited to be last. Our tenth anniversary is coming up soon and Mary wants to celebrate by asking the twenty-one guys who fucked her at the wedding reception to a party.

A Night Worth Remembering Ch. 01

group kandie 2018-05-11

John spoke up and said, "Jeff, you know your wife Erin is one hot sexy babe, if you don't mind me saying so." One day when they were talking, John said, "I just cannot stop thinking of ways to fuck Erin. Kandy then started grinding her pussy onto John's hand yelling, "I'm horny and I need a good hard fucking." She then cupped her tits and said, "The girls want your sweet lips sucking them hard." Kandy's reaction startled John when she said, "Oooooh god, I have always wondered what it would feel like to have Jeff fucking me." John then said, "You know Jeff, I did not think getting the women drunk to see how far they would go sexually would work.


The Third Year

group mycaprice 2018-05-11

All three are hitting climax, kissing fucking pushing and rubbing as fast and as hard as they ever done before getting right in to the mood all three hit climax together they all stop and take a break lying down, Lyn turns her head and notices the cameras record light is a bright red and she says oh my f%@king god Trent and Nole say what the hell is wrong she turns to them and says you won't believe what I am about to tell you both, they say what so she tells them that the record light is a bright red and they don't believe her so they check for themselves and they say to each other holy shit they turn back around and notice Lyn is feeling herself up all over again and Nole walks over and spreads her legs and moves down her leg kissing it , moving closer towards her cunt and while Nole and Lyn are going at it Trent is enjoying himself watching the taping Nole gets to her cunt finally and he takes a hold of her clit and while it is in his mouth he wiggles his tongue she goes wild is jerking all over the place he leaves her clit alone and goes to her wet hot swollen wonderful smelling hole and puts his tongue in and out quickly.

Summer with C Ch. 21

group morefunnaked 2018-05-11

The first stop was at a dry cleaner's where I had her take some things in for me while I remained behind in the car to watch as she strode across the parking lot, disappeared inside, then reappeared a few minutes later with the receipt slip in hand, breasts jiggling away. Just off the main entry was the social hub of the place with a good sized dance floor, a thirty foot bar that returned on both ends, an area with a couple dozen tables a small stage with a stripper pole, and a DJ booth (although it was often appropriately referred to as the BJ booth).


Memoirs of Chacha Jaani Ch. 02

group chachajaani 2018-05-11

"Wah Mausi maza aa gaya, aapne to kamal kar diya," (Hey Aunty, we enjoyed a lot and you were wonderful) Raju said. "theek hai theek hai, lekin dhyan rakhna ki doosron ke saamne, main abhi bhi tumhari mausi hi hoon, koi faltu baat nahi karna nahi to kisi ko shaq ho jayega" (OK OK, but remember I am still your aunty in front of others, so no loose talks otherwise somebody would get suspicious) She started enjoying and said 'ek se kuch nahi hoga, do ungali ghusa ke kar' (one wont do, insert two fingers). This time he was less gauche and gently pushed his cock upto his balls in her hungry cunt and laid on her tummy without moving, kissing and caressing her.


group P3Driver 2018-05-11

A real man knows that when a lady is looking to get lucky she always wears matching bra and panties." And with that, she let her tiny little cream colored lace thong unravel from her clenched fingers, reached inside my jacket, and stuffed it into my inside breast pocket. I noticed that Sam and Nate were both paying close attention to Tabby as she talked about something that I had lost track of since I was staring at her boobs and daydreaming about other things that happened on that Jamaica trip.


s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs

group royby 2018-05-11

They all stopped when Judy smiled back at them and said, “You bet your hard cocks it’s me and I’m going to let you all fuck me tonight.” When she finished she looked at him and said, “You boys taste so fucking good, I want more of it.” Pete dropped to the couch to get his breath back and replied, “Bring it on s*s, you’re a fucking dream coming true.” “I’m going to give you the best hand job you have ever had and I want you to fuck my throat when you cum and don’t hold back on me, ok?” she told him as she inserted two fingers into her wet cunt and pulling out her juices.

Learning to Love Cum with Deb and Nikki

group drtang 2018-05-11

You can tell her how to do it.” Nikki looked up at me and said, “I want to learn how to suck cock, not talk about how it’s done.” The words came out as almost a guttural cry. My cock was even with those gorgeous tits and I started shooting load after load all over Nikki’s 36 C’s, looking directly at her eyes and feeling Deb’s finger at my hole. “His cum always tastes great.” Nikki looked at Deb and said,” I’m not eating it until he eats it. I smiled at Nikki and said, “You’re going to learn a lesson tonight that will let you keep any man for life.” I moved forward and felt Deb’s hand guiding my head.

Othello and the Whore of Venice

group sanchopanza 2018-05-11

DESDEMONA pushes IAGO back onto the cushions all the time never loosing the seal around OTHELLO’s monstrous cock. IAGO pulls his wet cock from her pussy letting it fall to his leg and crawled off a little humiliated that OTHELLO was still going. OTHELLO lies on his back and DESDEMONA dutifully sits on his dick, even though she was dripping wet with her own juices and the jizz of IAGO she still has a hard time taking in OTHELLO’s colossal length. DESDEMONA sucks up and down his dick with a tremendous force making it unbearable for him to hold on, all the time she does she is still grinding her cunt onto OTHELLO’s manhood, all those looking on are amazed at the virility of the Moorish General.

The Neighbor's Daughters

group Urtoy2be 2018-05-11

Since I wasn't sure what Taryn and Karyn looked like I tried to find girls who resembled Shell. I really liked watching two hot young women that looked identical taking loads in their wide open mouths at the same time side by side. Both girls looked at me and smiled before Karyn said, "Now Mr. Matt you are not that old." Perfect, just the reaction I had hoped for. "Hey girls do y'all like swimming?" I was hit with, "We sure do Mr. Matt." Perfect, I couldn't have planned this better. I swam to the deep end of the pool and did a couple of laps before moving back to the side seat in the pool and watching these young beauties play grab ass in front of me.


Their First Time Ch. 02

group mryogibear 2018-05-11

Ann laughed and spun away from Rob. When she did, her short skirt flew out and up, exposing her naked pussy and tight ass! Steve pressed his dick up against Ann's pussy and put his arms around her and gave her a passionate kiss! Rob watched as his wife and her ex-boyfriend were locked a steamy kiss, he took one look at his wife's naked ass and exposed pussy and thought, Between Ann's legs, Steve could see Rob's cum oozing out of her tight pussy! Rob smeared Steve's cum all over his still hard dick and slipped it into Ann's demanding mouth. Steve slipped between Ann's spread out legs and slammed his still stiff dick, clear to his balls, in a very cum filled pussy and hammered it with great pleasure!

When Dad's Away, Chelsea Will Play

group BradGarrettStories 2018-05-11

The large couch, which ran along the back wall of the den and faced the plasma directly, was occupied by Terry, a 39 year old white guy with a daughter two grades below Chelsea, and Trent, a 40 year old black guy with a gorgeous son who had played Varsity football at her school. She paused and looked at the guys, whose eyes were glued to her and said, "I'll be outside taking a swim if you guys need," she paused, "anything." She then flashed a sweet smile turned and tried to open the door. He handed it to her and she said thanks and then turned around and leaned forward, flipping her hair forward so that she could put it in the towel, but also so that these men could get another great look at her ass.


Condominium Ch. 10

group SteveWallace 2018-05-11

"De facto, you are still meeting unless the two groups happen on completely different nights." He paused and added, "One other thing to consider; I think that most of the other people in the condo who aren't attending your 'parties' have a pretty good guess about what's going on. It was like a billion butterflies making love to your clit all at once; being washed in the loving light from a trillion stars on a warm summer night; feeling awash in an endless sea of love; and having an orgasm that spikes into every corner of your brain with such intensity that you can't help but physically surrender to it with your complete body, knowing you'll be such a better person afterwards." Susan asked, "How long has this been going on?" She looked around and studied some of the other people in the room who were laughing and having intense conversations.


Tastes Like More

group StiffClit 2018-05-11

She begins to slowly, almost imperceptibly, nod her head watching me slid my other hand along the sheets toward your ass. Still dozing, you must sense our presence, and I continue to watch her face to see if it will show me that your cock is beginning to harden. Arching your back, and raising your groin to meet her mouth, you begin to thrust your cock deeper down her throat. She slowly begins to move her body around and swings her slender leg over your chest and straddles you as she sucks. I plunge my hard tongue up your ass, the fingers of both my hands rubbing your balls and cheeks.

Camper Girl Ch. 02

group Dr_Hotspur 2018-05-11

I got my shoulders low over Pete's thighs and licked over his tight balls, maintaining eye-contact while making a performance of reaching back and peeling my panties off the bounteous curves of my raised arse and down my legs. 'Crazy little fucker,' I squealed when Tom pulled off the trick only a shorter guy could do, arching his back and pushing up my tits and planting his hot moist lips on one nipple then the other while he fucked me. I looked past Pete to admire Mac's pecs, big and tense in their covering of wispy black hairs as he supported himself on his elbows over us, our only point of contact his vigorously poking cock.


Unexpected Threesome Ch. 11

group Joanmcarthy 2018-05-10

That question was answered when Issie slipped her hand between her legs, grabbed the top of my erection and brought it forward to bury in her crease, using two fingers to push it in between her lips as she started circling her bud on it. It was less a protest at what she was doing than an immature thought that if I stayed above it, in effect merely passively tolerated my body being used by Issie for her own purposes, that somehow I would be seen by Ellen as innocent of any public display of sex. Looking over her shoulder, I could see Ellen by the mast awkwardly trying not to stare at us but betrayed by the frequency of the turns of her head in our direction, but I was determined to let Issie be the one who eventually broke contact.


From Soccer Mom to my Pantyhose Slut Part III

group jarhead40 2018-05-10

As he pulled his cum covered b**st from her the guys cleared a path so he could bring his cock to Lori’s hungry lips as she hungrily licked and sucked him clean with a huge grin on his face Bob exclaimed,”See boys i told you she’s a cum loving slut.” Matt was the next to enter Lori her now stretched cum filled hole. Steve moved in to Matt’s place but only after he got it lubed up from Bob and Matt’s jism and Lori’s juices Lori felt the tip of his cock pushing against her asshole. Leroy moved behind Lori I could see her stretched swollen pussy cum flowing from her wide open lips her asshole still not fully closed dripping the white jism Steve had left there.

The Best Anal I Ever Had

group Mistress_Athena 2018-05-10

At a lull in their planning, I said that I've always sworn if someone walked in on me I'd just invite them to join, but I'm not sure what his power role is, and am on my period really heavily and haven't had sex in four months. My friend just stood, awed and aroused, next to the full-body easel mirror he'd adjusted for us to have a side view of my bright red dick reaming his buddy's ass hole. I'm not looking to be particularly involved with anyone, but damn if I'm going to pass up someone who's reasonably respectful, caring, vouched for so heartily by my best friend, and can take my dick in their ass like that.

More with Jeremy and John

group alexcarr 2018-05-10

Watching each of them enjoy me like that is a feeling so good and belonging, how they plant their faces into my crotch pushing their long tongues into my hole and licking it around, sometimes the added bonus of when Jeremy is fucking me like that, getting a perfect lovely deep penetration, John stands facing Jeremy, rubbing his cock and balls over my face, me getting the full extent of him, most times he having just taken his jeans down and he is rubbing my face with his soiled briefs still in place, me smelling the rampant potent scent of ripe cock through his briefs, he manipulating it through his briefs, rubbing and wanking himself until he spurts his cum inside his briefs, then he opens them up to smear my face all over and I am suddenly treated to fresh wanked soiled cock still climaxing freely into my mouth as Jeremy watches and hard fucks me all the more, hearing them both moan and grunt telling me about how good my ass fuck is and then as soon as Jeremy has cum too, I get a dose of his sticky cock into my face and mouth so I enjoy a bog off so to speak, and another very strong taste of potent ripe well fucked cock into my mouth and over my face until we are all well and truly sucked and fucked.


Wish of Jeanie

group RejectReality 2018-05-10

Jeanie looked up upon hearing the voice, and her eyes homed in on the bulge in his shorts — a rather significant one. When the first dryer stopped, Jeanie saw the attendant's friend walk out into the room just as she reached the machine. Jeanie opened the dryer and pulled out a pair of her panties to rub her fingers over them, making sure that they were dry. When Joe broke away from the tongue-wrangling kiss, Jeanie got her first good look at both of them. She admired the two gorgeous cocks up close, and then licked each in turn, looking up into the young men's eyes. After a few hard sucks, Jeanie let her lips slide back to the head, looking up into his eyes.