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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Nevada Brothel - At Garrett's Apa

group keithswest 2018-05-10

The porn movie gang bang started: One man was getting a bare cock blow job ( B C B J ). He moves forward -- I feel his cock spread my pussy lips as he enters my moist pink tunnel. Garrett's hand is between the juncture of my legs -- several fingers are resting inside my pussy lips. Garrett has been licking and sucking my pink treasure and ass hole for about forty minutes. But at the same time, I continue stroking his balls and finger fucking his ass. I slow down head bobbing, ball stroking, and finger ass fucking -- -- but I do not stop the sexual pleasuring. Many minutes pass -- -- as Garrett receives pleasures from my mouth, tongue, and fingers.



group Flynn77 2018-05-10

When Chloe told her about the number of good-looking guys she'd seen wanking openly, I saw Lucy's expression intensify and her eyes mist a bit - I knew that watching a man wank was one of her big turn-ons; we'd seen enough porn together where she'd gotten extremely hot at those group scenes with the blokes jerking and watching the women; and during our wedding after-party adventure in 'Lapdancing' she'd been buzzed by the cocks on show then, too. Lucy groaned with lust; I followed her gaze, no longer on Richard's cock but now on the younger bloke who'd removed Chloe's panties.


Our First Playtime

group bo gun 2018-05-10

It wasn't the idea of the couple that turned Angela on it was Paula, she wanted to experience her first woman. Angela did everything the way I would have, her tongue danced in Paula's waiting and wanting mouth. Angela's kisses worked their way down Paula's neck, as they caressed each others breasts. My hot and horny wife worked her way down sucking Paula's full breasts in her mouth and biting lightly on her large hardened nipples. Angela slowly plunged the phallic inch by inch into Paula's gaping and by this time sloppy wet pussy. Paula played with both Rick and my balls while Angela stuffed her good with this wonderful toy. Angela began to moan softly as Paula work her hand down her belly to her now dripping pussy.

Henry, Rob & Heather

group Irish Moss 2018-05-10

Henry and Rob still stood transfixed at the vent, limp dicks in hand, unbelieving of what they’d heard, watching Heather rubbing her towel over her sumptuous breasts and between her legs. They were walking slowly along the passageway without speaking, each lost in his own thoughts, until Rob summed it all up with, “Ho – Leee – Shit!” That opened the floodgates and the rest of the walk back to their dormitory and for a long time after they’d climbed into bed they talked about how they couldn’t believe what they’d seen (it was way better than even their fantasies) and even more couldn’t believe what they’d heard.

Pizza guy really delivered part 3

group niagaraguy72 2018-05-10

Liz told me to stick my cock up her ass while Spencer continued to plow her pussy. A few moments after he busted his nut inside Liz, I grabbed a hold of her tits and pumped my cock in and out of her ass as hard as I could. The next morning I awoke to Spencer sucking my cock while Liz ate his ass. I told Spencer to put his cock in my mouth so I could suck all the cum out of him while I jacked off. Liz came over to the bed and put the vibrator she was fucking her pussy with up my ass and fucked me as I jacked off and sucked his cock.

Can't decide what to wear

group jakemoran 2018-05-10

Barry enlightened me to the conversation and told me the Dave had commented on how sexy Jo was and that they'd all agreed. I followed Jo into the kitchen to help with the drinks, walked up close behind her and grabbed at her ass, giving it a gentle squeeze. Dave suggested that it would be good if she would dress sexy setting as she was going out with for guys. After she had gone, Barry, Mike and Dave were asking me what she was likely to wear out. We carried in drinking and Dave suggested I go up with Jo and help her decide what to wear. We carried on chatting and after about 15 minutes Jo walked in wearing a short denim skirt and a tight vest type top.

The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 02: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-05-10

I actually felt Jules was safer wearing the suit than Brynn, and her parents had left the decision to me, trusting me to keep them covered, but I couldn't possibly say no to Brynn and yes to a girl two years younger. When Jules and I are out on the field as cheerleaders, doing handstands that obviously have only one object, namely creating erotic fantasies when our skirts expose the panties beneath, how is that any different from these suits?" As they practically danced on air back to the dressing rooms, I wandered through the racks, looking at the swimsuits hanging row upon row, french-laced and diaphanous. Brynn and Jules came out of the dressing rooms, asking what was so funny.

Amy's Gangbang Dream Comes True

group luckylucas 2018-05-10

Darren kept flicking his cock over her clit and Amy could hold back no longer, waves of orgasms started surging through her body, "Fuck me with your huge cock now" As Darren saw her eyes roll back in her head he gave her what she so desperately wanted and rammed his huge cock deep into her pussy. "I want you guys to cum all over me" Amy was now working feverishly on the two hard cocks her hands sliding up and down the two slippery shafts, "that's right you little whore jerk me off good" said one of the guys "I've been saving up my cum for the last two weeks and your gonna get all of it."


The Ski Bunny Ch. 06

group photosaurus 2018-05-10

A few times I slept with Sherry at night, then after she went to work early the next morning, I did Anna in the shower before heading out. Three nights ago, Sherry had walked in on Anna and me in the throes of sex on her living room couch. But I knew that this arrangement couldn't last forever, and even though I knew I would miss it when it ended in just a couple months, I was actually looking forward to having an exclusive relationship with Sherry. Summer was in full swing, and I found myself refusing my friends' invitation to see our local MLB team blow another game so that I could hang out with Sherry and/or Anna at their house.


Dinner for Three

group RenRchllus 2018-05-10

I smiled seductively at Leila and said, "You need to come with me hun," reaching out to take her by the hand. Reaching up to separate the cheeks of her sweet, sweet ass, I propped myself up higher on my knees and placed the tip of my tongue against that area where her pussy meets her ass, and slowly dragged my tongue up the crack of her ass, grazing her tight little hole as I made my way upwards. "Oh wow," he said "wow," when he saw her leaning against the wall like that with me on my knees, my tongue in her ass.


The International Incident

group cbbelden 2018-05-10

The woman raised her cup and said, "Lucia." Loo-chee-ah, like music, Mary thought. Mary, on her knees with her dripping pussy over Pascal's mouth, faced Lucia. Pascal grabbed Mary roughly and pushed her onto her hands and knees between Lucia's legs. She tried to raise her head, to look back at Pascal to tell him no, but Lucia had her by the hair now and was rubbing her pussy in Mary's face. As Pascal started moving more quickly, Lucia reached her tongue up and licked at Mary's throbbing clit. Mary lowered her face to Lucia's pussy and took her lips in her mouth and sucked hard.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 08

group mountaincat4 2018-05-10

I'm going to see if it feels as good to my bald pussy." She straddled my wet cock and Suvarna guided me into her vagina as she lowered herself down on me. I guess the sight of Suvarna climaxing on two cocks and the oral attention we were giving her pussy was too much for Mitra as she came on my mouth and squeezed her legs against me. Vitesha slowly pulled the dildo out of Suvarna and Mitra got off my face so Suvarna could sit up and slide off my cock. "Prem lie across the bed and let me put my legs over you so you can slide that lovely cock in and out of me real slow." Her pussy was still soaking wet and I slipped into her easily.


Baseball Widows

group Clohi 2018-05-10

"It's been five weeks since Kevin fucked me, and I used a handy little toy this morning while he was in the shower." I looked up at her and lifted my hand over her stomach, letting water drip from my fingers onto her skin. Opening Lisa's pussy with my fingers, I pulled her lips wide and pushed my tongue inside. Taking her clit in my mouth, I sucked hard and pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy. Lick that pussy, baby." I dipped my finger inside Lisa again, stroking her and then brought my finger to my mouth. I just love the way Lisa's pussy tastes, especially the time Kevin and Rick both fucked her and came on her little slit...

The Professor's Bride Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-10

The fact that Jessica and Melanie were presently engaged in stroking their own clits while they watched their husband fuck his last wife also exhilarated both the professor and the Anglophile babe underneath him. Jessica's mind got dirtier by the second, as she imagined herself sucking Andre's dick straight from Tamara's butt hole. Just think of it as your wives working hard to satisfy you, without making you do as much as you normally do," Melanie blew a kiss to Andre, and then she sat on his face. After a long series of thrusts by Jessica, who moved her hips with her usual vigor, Melanie took her place in welcoming Andre's stiff cock.


group Svenskaflicka 2018-05-10

Jokingly, Alan got behind her, sneaking his arms in between Ricky and Duncan and wrapped them around Sara's chest, while Jason got in front of her, holding on to her head, walking backwards. Ricky opened his trousers and took out a fat, dark brown cock, and jerked off while watching Duncan lick Sara's pussy with long strokes. Jason and Alan sucked and licked on her nipples, Duncan nibbled on her clit, and Ricky went around the bed and kneeled in front of Sara's head. When Alan put his cock into her cunt, Sara couldn't feel very much; her pussy had been stretched out by Ricky. Jason and Duncan were both jerking off, as they and Ricky watched Alan slowly pushing his slim dick into Sara's ass.

Kelly's Adventures Ch. 02

group auraazura 2018-05-10

Kelly lay spent for a minute and then sat up and took another sip of her wine then said, "I think I'll take a shower real quick then we'll take care of you, sweety." She kissed him fully and passionately tasting herself on his lips. "I think I'd like to give it a go," Kelly said huskily, she kissed Michael again then laid down beside the woman on the bed and began to slowly caress her body. Kelly continued to lick up her sweet nectar until she felt Michael's hands on her ass slowly entering her from behind. "Now that was the best anniversary present a girl could ask for," Kelly purred to Michael as he was getting ready to drop her off at home.

Never Enough Ch. 11

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-10

I didn’t really want to attend the cocktail party not because I’d have to be away from the club but because of Steven’s motives and callousness. Steven hurried out of the club, not bothering to ask how my day had gone. I asked Steven to let me drive, knowing he’d had too much to drink and still be driving but he wouldn’t hear of it. It was hard looking right at Frank and relating what Steven had said and how he’d acted at the cocktail party. “Wish it was Carl but right now I’m not spending any money I don’t have to.” I replied. “Let me call Jackie, see what she and Frank have got going on.” I said.


My Menage Trois

group litman 2018-05-10

I was actually getting a little jealous, but it was such a turn on watching them kiss, breathing hard and pawing each other’s body. My girlfriend then told her friend to lie down on the floor and spread her legs wide open exposing her wet glistening slit. After a few more orgasms my girlfriend pulled her fingers out of her friend and told me to lick her hand dry. I watched her friend eating my girlfriend and my hips went wild as I fucked her wet, moaning mouth. I told my girlfriend that that was a mind blowing experience and that I was very surprised she was Bi. She said she preferred men but occasionally will have sex with a woman.

The Gibson Sisters

group A_Non_A_Moose 2018-05-10

Rose and Charlotte would always wear bikinis, whereas Mary and Amy were more conservative, wearing strappy tops and shorts. Despite the horror of being caught Billy couldn't help but enjoy then feel of Rose's soft hands wrapped around his arm. Rose began rubbing Amy's clit and that sent her over the edge, Billy could feel it coming as her pussy flexed and clamped round his cock. Amy then smiled up at Charlotte and Rose as she grabbed Mary's panties and slid them down her legs. Although unable to match the speed with which he could fuck Rose, Billy got a good speed together and soon Mary was on her way. Billy glanced over at Rose; she nodded then began furiously working Mary's clit, trying to make her cum faster.


Me and Jenny

group 2018-05-10

u feel me tighten around you as jenny starts to cum again her cum running down your face as she raises forward and starts rubbing that hot wet pussy on ur chest as she is now licking my hard nipples fingering my clit as my ass starts shaking as i cummm so hard yellling outttt fukkkkkk mee u bastarddd yeessssss oooh god yessssssssssssssssssss ooooo then i raise up.. i start to lift up as i feel her hands go up under my ass to hold me still while she licks my clit and then runs her tongue up and down as my hips rise and fall then i feel her fingers go inside me..and her tongue still on my clit and i reach down and grab her head pushing it down harder i am moaning , she is licking and moaning only stopping long enough to scream out as I hear her starting to cummmm ..damn this is good but i want your tongue inside me baby..

A Girl's First FFM Threesome

group AbbiZane 2018-05-10

She just took the keys and made to walk away, had gone only three paces when she stopped abruptly, as if just remembering something, turned and looked back at me, scanning me up and down with those densely massacred, enormous brown eyes. When she had gone, I said, "Your wife?" I stood looking into his eyes, waiting to see what he had to say for himself. So I nodded my head and said, "I'd like to come home with you both - but will you run me back to my apartment in the morning?" At the porch I turned to quickly look back over my shoulder for Tom. I saw him getting into the driving seat of the car and in an instant my belly did a backward roll.


Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 3)

group pinks43 2018-05-10

As I lay over the corner of the bed with my legs splayed, cum drooling out of my battered fanny and my chin still glistening with Kevin’s massive deposit, my fucker flops down beside my head, his semi hard cock still slightly drooling its essences towards my sweat covered body. Oh yes, that feels so wonderful, it’s like wanting to shit every time you pull all the way out, a little deeper, please, just a little more. I pump his wonderful, long, thick cock with my tiny hand and slurp up the pre-cum as it bubbles out the slit. Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls on my pussy, his giant cock spearing my arse, his hands playing with a nipple and my ever sensitive clit.

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 03

group thewhitestripe 2018-05-10

Carmen sent me the video early this week and I've been watching it constantly," Gina said, brushing her long curly hair over her shoulder. In the video, I popped my dick from Amy's mouth and swung it across to Emma's face, her hand gripping my long shaft as she took my cock between her lips, her cheeks sucking inward as she fellated me. "So how come in the video you say "is this a good enough show for you, Carmen?", if she didn't know about it?" demanded Michelle. Helen put her hands on her hips and Sadira was smiling to herself, avoiding eye contact with Michelle who looked at her friends in bewilderment.


New Horizons for Rick and Karen

group vk6033 2018-05-10

Emily's head pushed back, and she started to pant; she obviously enjoyed the way Karen was eating her out. I couldn't believe what a difference those piercings made; it felt like she had little bb's on her lips, and each one created a line of heightened sensation with each stroke – especially when she drew her mouth over the head of my cock. Karen, meanwhile, was still tonguing Emily's pussy and sucking her pierced clit. I kept tonguing Emily's pussy and ass as Karen pounded on my hard cock. I saw Emily's tongue part Karen's thick pussy lips and lap up my cum. She then swirled her tongue in Karen's wet pussy, and took her hard clit into her mouth like it was a little cock.