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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black Femdom: Carleton University

group Samuelx 2018-11-18

"My parents, God bless them, are typical Haitians, all strict and all, they pushed me to study Sociology at Carleton even though I really wanted to do construction work, they flipped out when I went to Algonquin College afterwards," Marcus said, shaking his head. "Well, don't be a stranger," I said, and Marcus smiled and nodded, then he got up, shook my hand, wished me a good day, and then walked away. "Amina, we just met but I've worked in plenty of government buildings and I can tell you, with your combination of class and sass, they won't know what hit them," Marcus said, and I looked at him thoughtfully, and smiled, as I bit into a forkful of goat meat.


Mistle-Blow: Three Nerds and a Beauty

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-18

Eugene was a lot like Raj from the Big Bang Theory in how he struggled to complete a sentence when speaking to any girl that wasn't his mother, but through constant work, Amber had got Eugene talking without stammering and to look her in the eyes. Amber said, trying to make Ben feel better, "Well I guarantee you my boyfriend would love the mistle-blow idea." Amber lifted the mistletoe over her head, and said before closing her eyes and puckering her lips, "I'm deadly serious, now come and kiss me, stud." Eugene, who hadn't said a word in a long time, moaned, "That's it Amber, take more of my cock in your mouth."



group bava12 2018-11-18

The helper was groaning as he savoured the feel of his cock inside her warm mouth and low guttural sounds emanated from his clenched lips as he held her hard nipples in his fingers and rubbed them like marbles. The helper released her hands and opened his door and stepped out, I saw him looking down at my mom's pussy with his monster dick swinging above her face. He gave a crooked smile to my mom as he stood by the door, half bent, with his gargantuan cock swinging like a pendulum, "Not interested in your pussy baby, show me your asshole sweetheart." she was paralyzed with terror, this guy wanted to fuck her ass with that giant dick, she knew she would die!.

A Tale of Four Tails

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-11-18

Four women sat on the couch: Jen and Jenny, and their neighbors, two other strippers. Jenny and Tiffany got smiles on their faces, and I guess that they'd had the same idea. Jen was the first to grab my seven-inch cock and took it into her mouth and sucked with a lustful hunger. Tara and Jenny began to remove their clothes while Tiffany straddled my face. A second later, I felt the firm grip of a pussy take my cock, and another loud moan mixed with Tiffany’s. Right at that moment, Tiffany started to grind her pussy into my face. To see Jenny cum must have brought her to the edge, so I slid my tongue inside her and her pussy clamped down on my tongue as she came too.

Liz's holiday threesome

group RobJohnson 2018-11-17

Matt moved forward to kiss Liz, while Paul continued to rub Liz's hands against his cock, which was getting harder by the second. Matt was wanking off in front of Liz, he then moved forward and Liz naturally opened her mouth to take his cock, while Paul continued to tongue her tight arse. Paul then started rubbing his cock up against Liz's pussy, then within seconds he was inside her and Liz was being spit roasted on her own bed. Watching Liz cum got Paul going again, and as she climbed off Matt, Paul lay her down on her back, opened her legs wide and fucked her with all his worth, emptying himself in her for the second time.

A Mistake

group mranonymous7 2018-11-17

I think Wanda realized this because she started rubbing Barbara's thigh and she put her hand on my already hard cock. Moving around, Barbara attacked Wanda’s breasts with gentle caresses, soft squeezes and the easy pulls and pinches on her nipples causing Wanda to moan deep in her throat. "Lick it all up cum sucker, before it leaks out and makes a mess all over our bed," Barbara said assertively as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my head between her open thighs. As I licked her pussy I looked up and watched as Barbara pinched her own nipples and rolled the engorged breasts between her thumb and finger.

Chapter 20. My personal gangbang and pulling a train!

group LuvitAll 2018-11-17

While I was cumming, I felt the guy fucking me unloading, dropping yet another load into my cunt. I was losing myself in the feeling of two cocks in me at the same time, thinking it couldn’t get better when another guy stood on the bed in front of me, slipped his cock into my mouth and lodged his knob in my throat. I dropped my head onto the guy under me and lay passive on him like a fuck queen doing what I was born for; fuck men, have cocks in me, take cum in me, give orgasms, take orgasms. My cunt was full, my arse was full, my clit was bursting, my nipples hard as rocks and being pulled by the guy fucking my mouth.

Wife Forced To Cheat 2

group gumie35 2018-11-17

On the way to work Sharron was so excited she felt like she was going to cum. Next Mrs. Rivers felt a cock start to press at her pussy. Mrs. Rivers also felt someone’s cock against her hand and a wet hand on her tits, squeezing them very hard. Mrs. Rivers felt his cock swell in her throat though and knew that he was going to cum any second. Paul was fucking her pussy like a man on a mission and she felt Ricky’s cock slipped from her lips and another had pushed its way into her mouth. Mrs. Rivers lay there on her desk when she felt another cock trying to enter her pussy.

Revenge Play Part 2

group CirceWand 2018-11-17

Reaching down I picked up the beads from the floor and, still going by feel, still sucking on her clit but more gently now, I inserted them, also by feel as I continued my sucking, alternating it with greedy little laps of her juices. He indicated to me to carry on what I was doing, so I did, but changed my focus back to Cath's hugely swollen clit and pushed my finger as deep inside her as I could so that I could feel what I knew was coming next. Cath almost immediately convulsed in an enormous orgasm and Mark was only two steps behind, pumping his hot seed into her tight little hole.

Anal Sex Harem Ladies

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

Watching this blonde-haired, sexy white chick suck my dick and lick my balls was the highlight of my day. I would grab a handful of her long blonde hair like I've seen sexy black male porn stars do to white chicks in the movies and yank her head back while drilling my cock into her asshole. And yes, I made the proud black chick suck my big dick. Samantha quickly got on her knees and began sucking on my long and thick black cock. Without further ado, I rubbed my long and thick black cock and placed my dick head against Samantha's asshole. Was she loving the feel of my cock in her tight black ass?

Wife's second debt repayment

group bobmb 2018-11-17

She had confessed to me that her orgasms were so intense because both Eddy and Terry were long enough to hit an incredibly sensitive area inside her that my cock would not reach! Looks like size does matter, and when Eddy remarked that it was 'all that extra cock' that Kelly had inside her which gave her those shattering orgasms, he was dead right! As she subsided she returned to Xavi's cock, and Terry gripped her hips and pumped his warm seed inside her! Special treat for yer!" I could hardly breathe as my fingers parted my wife's slippery lips and I felt another man's hard cock slide between them and continue into her depths.

Best Night Of My Life

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

I looked to the side and saw Crystal and Smith making eyes at each other. Crystal smiled at the sight of Smith's naked body, clearly liking what she saw. Nancy had been watching our friends having sex and like me, she was increasingly aroused by what she saw. Yes, I was a big Black man who liked both men and women. Nancy laughed and told me that she liked gay porn and felt weird about it since she didn't know any other female who did and no man she knew admitted to liking the same sex. Usually, I worry about getting naked in front of a chick because most of them expect every man to look like a fitness celebrity.


Paradise Hook-Up: Part 1

group Aruri69 2018-11-17

Their kisses become passionate as Venezia subsides, and Roxie slowly pulls her fingers out to rub at her pussy. Venezia’s moans quickly turn into screams as I begin ramming her pussy while Roxie rubs away at her clit. Having fucked Roxie’s tight pussy earlier, I’m able to easily power through Venezia’s squeezing until she’s shaking so violently that it looks like she’s going to hurt Roxie. I look over at Venezia fingering her pussy like a mad woman until she’s cumming and squirting at me and Roxie. Just as Venezia pulls her fingers out of Roxie and Roxie’s lips touch my tip; a massive stream of precum oozes out and begins sliding down my shaft.

Somali Christian Girl's Story

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

When I ran away from home during my final year of high school, tired of my father's constant verbal and physical abuse, my mother's indifference and my older brother's harsh criticism, Alicia gave me eighty pounds from her piggy bank and let me stay in her parents basement. As I said before, we were friends throughout high school and when that ended, Alicia went to study chemistry at Brunel University while I enrolled at Kingston University, to study accounting since I've always had a head for numbers. I'm on a date with Marcel, a guy I am honestly starting to really like in the same restaurant I once hung out with Alicia, the gal I consider the sister I've never had but always wanted.


Gym Class

group TheSexyWriter 2018-11-17

Megan looked at Tyler with a feisty fire in her eyes, then slipped his red boxers off and revealed his lightly tanned, fully hard cock. I was left there stroking my dick helplessly, watching Tyler thrust into Megan’s, hearing the sucking noises as Megan complied to her urge, and did her best to keep her saliva from getting in the way. Everything then just became too much; the knowledge of the situation that I was in; AJ fucking Megan like a rabbit, making her moan and gasp over my cock in ecstasy; Tyler fondling her roughly, squeezing her nipples and stroking himself in anticipation. And though Megan’s mouth was now full with AJ’s cock (“You like the taste of your ass, huh Megan?”) I could feel the pleasure ripple through her stomach.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 08

group sahebji 2018-11-17

'No need, my child I know what your choot desires' Razia replied, 'Sahebji will fuck you and your sister tonight. 'When I entered the room I found Rashid waiting impatiently' Arti said, 'he was naked with his cock erect'. 'Since two years ma'am' Mary replied glancing at Rashid who seemed to be concentrating on his eggs and toast, 'one morning two years ago Master Rashid came into the kitchen, dressed the way he is now, and displaying his erection wanted to fuck me. Half an hour later when we finished dinner Razia said, 'come guys let us go to my room. She was also so full of life' Sahebji said to me then turning to Jaya added, 'come here my little one and check out how my cock fits your choot'.


Slut week - Day 2 - Student Slut - Part 2

group stickyvix 2018-11-17

I took him deep into my throat as Buzz pinched a nipple hard, rubbed my clit and had his cock push hard against my G spot. Woody pulled back again, his fingers pushing upwards slightly on his cock and his whole length and not inconsiderable girth slid smoothly and effortlessly into my pussy. "Picture" I moaned and Buzz took my phone out and I felt Woody stop moving, with just his tip inside me as he posed for the photo, giving me a moments respite. I grabbed at it hungrily and sucked it as and wanked it whilst Buzz shot a load in my ass, before pulling out and adding more to the mess on me.

Vivacious Vixens

group Trainman2k 2018-11-17

My cock has been wanting you again for a long time, and having Wendy here with us is an even sweeter icing on the proverbial cake. "Give me your answer, NOW!" I say in Wendy's ear with firmness again in my voice as I grab her long hair and pull her head back. "I better feel your tongue on my balls, Wendy!" I proclaim as I begin pumping back and forth in your ass. Pounding you mercilessly I feel Wendy licking my balls several times as they swing rapidly back and forth above her. My time for resisting has passed and so I pull my cock out and unload by sliding the tip of my cock up and down between your ass cheeks while Wendy licks at my rapidly emptying sac.

My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 8

group LuvitAll 2018-11-17

  He slipped his hand under my skirt to feel me and I held my breath.   Loved the feel of it, the thought of it and the raw action of it.   I slid my hand between us and for the second time that day gave myself a rub.   It wasn’t vigorous like the first one; just a subtle finger flicking over my clit while I bathed in the thought of two cocks and two loads of cum in me today.   My contractions came quickly and were so strong I squeezed my boys slackened cock out of me. I lay on my bed that night and thought a lot about the events of the day.

Always A Catch, Part One

group lemanruss 2018-11-17

Michelle was feeling guilty by how wantonly she had gone after her ex on film right in front of me, first sucking his massive cock, then letting him fuck her pussy and ass before taking both our cocks inside her tight body at the same time. I moved lower and briefly licked her pink little asshole, eliciting a loud squeal from Allison that I wondered if Michelle or Rick heard. Good little girl that she was, Allison immediately pressed her mounds together around my cock and made a tight surface for me to fuck. Allison expressed no discomfort, instead her eyes got big and a grin spread across her face as I pushed my full length inside, stretching her against my hardness.

The Department Story Ch.3

group jena121 2018-11-17

So I continued to slap her.  In the meantime, I had been listening for some sounds coming from the other bedroom down the hall.  All seemed to be very silent, but I just thought that I had missed hearing Jean when she came, or they were being very quiet.   My attention was drawn back to the moment as Ann had been squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles and I started to feel my cum about to erupt.   I vaguely heard my wife’s moan as she came, and that did it for me.  I unloaded a stream of hot white cum deep within Ann’s cunt as she clenched her pussy to make it tighter still.

The Shortcut

group older-wiser13 2018-11-17

But the persistent fantasy, the one that kept her awake at night was an image of sweet little Kayla on her hands and knees taking one cock in her mouth while getting screwed from behind. At the same time her lips were sliding all around a big hard cock---didn't matter whose, and oh god did she love giving these guys head, driving them all wild. He was groaning now, the one in her mouth, getting close, so Kayla grabbed him with both hands and pulled short fast strokes up over the head of his cock, staying with him all the way and taking his cum in the face.

Sex in the Wild-Episode 1-The Premiere

group InfiniteLush22 2018-11-17

They sent me a letter saying how much they loved my look and that they choose me to be an contestants on the tenth season of Sex in the Wild. "We are about to start the countdown, once you hear the buzzer the doors will open and you will walk out to join the circle with the other contestants," said a very feminine voice. "So why don't we get to our first competition of season ten!" The crowd started to cheer even louder. I was starting to get worried, but then the cock in my ass and pussy both came at the same time. I started to lick the cum off my face, the crowd loved it.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 1

group gubica 2018-11-17

I let my shirt hang open as I bent over to watch my cleavage in the mirror. Throwing it aside, I started to slowly lower my skirt down my hips. When it was almost off, I turned with my back to the mirror and bent over to watch it clear my hips, exposing my ass. I straightened up, stepped out of my skirt and kicked it to the corner. Standing still despite the music, I slowly peeled the bra away to reveal my breasts and swollen nipples. I felt a chill as the bra material brushed across my nipples. Again I put my back to the mirror and watched as I pulled my thong down.