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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Polyandrous Queen Ch. 01

group drelord2102 2018-05-10

Twenty Second Captain of the royal guards, Endom was a tough man and dedicated to his duties. Endom complied and looked down keeping his eyes low only before getting a fleeting glance at the Queen capturing the most he can in his mind. Olorom pushed the Queen away but the crocodile had bitten some chunk of flesh from his left hand instead. For a common man like him the dream of being with the divine Queen was never going to be true. Her mother the Late Queen Malina had thirty six children with her twenty seven husbands and when she passed away Princess Lamana her seventeenth and youngest daughter was only six years old.


An Unexpected Foursome

group walterio 2018-05-10

Biff soon stiffened and shot his load into Becca as she rubbed her pussy hard against his cock bringing herself off with him. She had to know it was Steffi eating her pussy as she sucked my cock and Biff fucked her ass. Biff filled her asshole with his second load of the night and Becca came all over Steffi's face. I watched them fuck and marveled at Becca's shapely ass as she undulated her hips rubbing her clit against Biff's cock. Biff slipped his dick into her ass and began fucking her with short deliberate strokes. As his cock softened and slipped from Becca's ass Steffi gobbled it up in her mouth and she milked him dry.


Pearl's Anniversary Suprise

group Pearl1 2018-05-10

Neither she nor Jack could help but try for a glimpse every time Pearl sat, stood up or moved across the room. Holly stood beside her, gripping and tugging Pearl’s hair and spanking her ass and legs. Jack stood in front of Pearl with his pants down, stroking his cock. I barged into the bedroom to see Pearl, with torn pantyhose getting fucked doggy style by Jack and chowing Holly’s muff. She drained Jack, “Oh fuck!” Pearl’s face contorted with her mouth gaped and eyes tightly shut. As she laid there, breaking a slight sweat, hair irresistibly tattered and milking every last drop from Jack’s cock, I erupted with a hot load onto Pearl’s face.

A black male stripper's long day

group 2018-05-10

Portia was staring into Devlin’s eyes again when Natalie put her hands between Portia’s thighs and opened her pussy up before inserting her two middle fingers into her vagina and commenced to masturbate the birthday girl fast and hard and, hardly surprising really, she came very quickly which was the spur for the other girls to go into action. The girls lifted the naked Portia up with her thighs wide apart and they carried her close to Devlin and lifted her higher as Natalie opened her wet pussy up again before gently lowering her down on to his massive erection.

Widening the Circle Ch. 11

group fntsymn 2018-05-10

Kathy and John watched with interest as Robert directed Karen in a series of poses, first with all her clothes on, they she took of her blouse and did a few more poses topless and raising her skirt to show her freshly shaved pussy. Kathy had watched the two women sucking her husband's cock at the same time while Robert kept fucking her mouth. As he watched Kathy lost in her cloud of pleasure produced by the husband of the woman sitting next to him and who had just fucked him, John felt a wave of love for his wife filling his whole self, and he thought that he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.


Las Vegas Best Friend Threesome

group SluttyBisexualGuy 2018-05-10

When graduation came and it was time to apply for different schools, they all ended up in the same city, both Noah and Jenny had been accepted to a prestigious private university studying slightly different disciplines, while Elijah followed in his father's footsteps to study business downtown at the family alma mater. "Actuaaalllllly..." Jenny began as she fetched something from the inside of her clutch, "I was wondering if you guys wanted to escape a little bit further this evening." She reached into her bag and pulled out a compact, when she opened it she slid the mirror out of the way and out popped three pills that the boys recognized immediately.


The Living Room Window

group flat5ive 2018-05-10

Chris stopped sucking me and sat watching, mouth open in imitation of mine, slowly rubbing my cock against her face and tenderly stroking Joni's calf. I heard Chris whisper, barely audibly, "oh my god." She was really working my cock with her hand now, seemingly not even realizing it, as Joni's body moved in smaller and smaller waves until she went momentarily still. Joni leaned forward, moved my fingers from Chris's mouth, and, for the first time, kissed her. The two women both responded to this new level of contact between them, and Chris freed her hands and wrapped her arms tightly around Joni as they kissed, grabbing and scratching at her back and clearly losing control.

Loving Jeff Ch. 1

group Daddys_Temptress 2018-05-10

Stacy had moved forward with me, and was kissing the back of my neck as she slid one hand under my shirt, and the other played with the waistband of my pants, darting her fingers in, and curling in my soft pussy hair, and then sliding out, to play with my bared stomach. Awe struck and breathing heavily, I slid my hand over my belly and let my fingers tangle in my soft pubic hair before parting my lips and sliding two fingers in, scooping out some of Jeff's come, and then sliding my fingers into my mouth, savoring the taste of our juices mingling together.

Doing Us Both

group receptive2 2018-05-10

When we exited the elevator my wife stumbled a little and I told Bill he better get a finger in her and guide her down the hall and he readily slipped his hand under her dress and slid a finger inside her which made her moan and she stated to quit teasing her and about that time I put my hand under the back of her skirt and slid a finger into her ass and said we aren't teasing baby. My wife moved around behind me and said it looked so good to see my ass spread by such a big dick and then she started licking Bills cock and my stretched asshole which sent shivers up my spine. After a few minutes I slid down and rubbed Bills ass and told him to let her suck her own pussy off his dick and after he moved to her face I proceeded to assault her pussy with my dick.

come with me to the casbar

group rudepunkfoc174 2018-05-10

Swinger parties are usually thrown by a home owner who invites their friends and other like minded people within their network, but swinger clubs is like going to a night club , but with one catch you can most likely fuck someone inside the club with little or no game , because everyone there is also looking for a sexual encounter. My Saturday nite started like it usually does when I was done with work , sitting in of the computer looking for what I could get into or whom I can get into , when I was on yahoo IM with Blondedread , and had another window open with Tee checking to see what was her and Cee's plans were that night .

Welcome Home

group Herne13 2018-05-10

Amy had her head buried in Sams pussy and was apparently doing a great job from the low moans escaping her mouth. Never one the disappoint I work my way deeper into Sams pussy feeling her walls tighten around my rock hard dick. Amy starts to lick me clean of Sams juices as Jane gets on all fours looks me in the eye and tells me to, "Fuck my tight ass" Amy grabs the forgotten dildo and slides it into Janes snatch as I work my way into her ass. I put Amy on my lap and trafficking her cowgirl as I am shoved down onto the bed and my face is mounted by Jane and my left hand is put to work on Sam.

Kali calling

group 2018-05-10

As I licked and slurped and sucked away, first at kali’s lips then up to her clit, then moving from one to the other, Katy took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard again. With Kali in control and with Katy kissing her it wasn’t long before she cum. Once she was used to me there and I started to build a rhythm it was definitely pleasure but with Katy working her clit with her mouth and my cock in her arse she came quickly and I was not far behind. Once Katy came again with me and Kali taking turns sucking her, I was far too tired to do anything else.

Our Little Secret Ch. 05

group Midfielder86 2018-05-10

A black man entered the room and sat alongside Kelsey, and she introduced him as her business manager, Paul. The other girls looked gorgeous as well, but both Maria and Kelsey seemed to hang around me and Paul – life was good. I was loosening up for the first time on this trip, and I couldn't help but notice Maria looking jealously in my direction, becoming more antsy as Kelsey and I flirted. I hopped over as they kissed and removed Maria's panties, dropping them to the floor in the dark black-lit room. Maria ran her hands through Kelsey's hair and pulled her gently to her pussy. Maria rolled off and Kelsey helped her clean her back, and the three of us dressed ourselves and headed out.


Red Riding Hood's Dilemma

group AngelaK 2018-05-10

Devon, a tall, dashing man with long, curly brown hair, had been standing off by the bar eyeing me for a couple of hours before he finally approached and asked for a dance. Across the way stood a woman in a very short dress similar to a young girl's and wearing a wolf's mask: she was talking to three overweight men who could only be the three pigs. I also saw another Red Riding Hood: a small auburn haired girl wearing a fox mask! I looked over and saw the other Red, on all fours, feasting on Granny Wolf's cock while another wolf buried himself into her pussy....or, possibly, her ass.....I couldn't tell!


A Neighborly Surprise

group moneysex23 2018-05-10

“So hard, yet so soft, and oh, so perfect.” With one hand on my thigh and the other wrapped at the base of my rod, she leaned and kissed the tip softly, running her tongue along my length, pursing her lips and swallowing the head. Sandy pulled away from the kiss and placing her hands against Toni’s shoulders turned her to straddle the diving-board as well, facing her, then encouraged her to lie back. Sandy moved up and lapped at the girl’s clitoral hood and Toni began to buck her hips intensely, moaning loudly around my cock. Toni continued to stroke my cock with her free hand and was soon in sync with the rhythm I’d found with Sandy.

Hottub Fun With My Wife & Friends

group hubbydoug 2018-05-10

At that point I turned to you with my hand caressing your balls as Cyndi stroked and said "I wonder what Cheryl said, probably something like "oh your hard cock feels good in my hands, and I like the way you fondle my breasts, and my pussy, would you like to see more?" Mmmm, standing at the window, watching the stranger feeling my wife's tits, then seeing his hand drop down her bikini to her pussy... With that Cyndi replies, "I love the view and watching you fuck another girl's mouth all the while letting your wife get eaten out by another man as she sucks on his cock.


A Different Type of Party!

group MaxiJ 2018-05-10

When my eyes open I do see Loraine standing in the door looking at Tony and I. I close my eyes again and enjoy the feel of his lips on my neck and his fingers sliding up and down my leg. Both are very good looking but the kind that know that they are and love the attention they cause. I feel his balls start to swell in my hand and he suddenly pulls out of my mouth. He is so good to me… knows I like it very rough at times and I am sure that my mouth made him so very ready and his sheer will is keeping him from cumming in me.


An Anal Awakening Ch. 2

group C_Duke 2018-05-10

Cliff loved having the choice between Jo's sweet-like-honey pussy and Jack's big strong dick to choose from, and took a great amount of pleasure in sucking on them both, pleasuring with his tongue, fingers, lips, teeth ... Jo felt Jack's soft and very oily finger pushing into her newfound pleasure hole while at the same time still enjoying the thorough pounding she was getting from Cliff, who was also sucking on her erect nipples as he plunged all of his 7" into her with vigour. Soon Jack was finding he could push in to the 3rd knuckle without too much resistence, and wanted to take it to the next logical step - his first anal experience - fuck his lovely Jo in the ass with his big, hard cock.


Unsuspecting Trophy Ch. 02

group Curiouswatcher 2018-05-10

He had had his way with Maggie in the back seat for over an hour, as I had had to watch them through the rear-view; I wanted some relief, and Janet looked bored anyway. Maggie just licked her lips, and said "Any time you're up for a re-match big boy!" At which point Paul moaned and said, "I just hope those other idiots haven't worn out El. Looks like my rides going to be otherwise occupied for a few hours!" Maggie just grinned and kissed Paul on the mouth whispering, "I have more than one hole that needs filling stupid!" And clunked him on the head.


A Hotwife's Excellent Thansgiving

group KenLukin 2018-05-10

A few minutes later, hubby poked his head into the study, beamed a wide smile and held up one hand with all five fingers in the air. Hubby encouraged me to sit and continue my chat while he looked on. Hubby continued the e-chat with our on-line buddy and provided blow-by-blow details as I urgently sucked on Justin’s hard cock right beside the desk. Hubby rushed over to answer and it was Mark, Brian, and Justin’s college buddy, Donny. Brian escaped after he’d fired a load up my bum and came back to the study to carry on the chat with our patient friend who was waiting on-line.

Tamarindo Beach Ch. 04

group Jolt2727 2018-05-10

Jake slid his cock into Zoey's ass and began fucking it as Jessica's face was filled nearby. Their nephews, incredibly well-hung nephews, fucking a brazen slut on the bed (Zoey) while Jessica, their sister-in-law sucked on her step-son's cock! "Taste your ass, you slut," Dex said, "it's clearly had larger objects than my thumb." Jess just went with it, licking and sucking his thumb. "You like that?" Dex asked, "tell everyone how much you love to taste your ass; no, leave it in your mouth." Jaden stood on the other side of the bed filming a close-up on Jess. Jessica was sweating a little bit, she had forgotten about Zoey's pleas of 'fuck my ass' and 'taste my pussy on that cock.' Now that's a little difficult to explain.


She Strips To Conquer

group pixandwords 2018-05-10

"All you'll need to do is put on a show, like you do for these photos, particularly this kind." Mr Jenkins tapped the screen on an image showing Carol with both hands in her panties. One man had unzipped his slacks and slipped his hand inside to fondle his cock as he watched Carol's breasts shuddering in her bra. Carol leaned forward and saw their eyes move from her breasts to her legs as she bunched the material of her skirt in her hands and began to inch it up from her knees. Slowly, she let the bra fall to the floor, teasing the men with her hands still clasped lightly over her breasts.



group 1seeyou69 2018-05-10

James continued to watch, their eyes locked in a stare as Emily pulled her hand out of her bathing suit. Mya looked great - taller than average with smooth dark skin, long hair, smallish but firm breasts and long legs - but what she liked most was her ass. Mya wasn't tired and wanted to spend more time with them so she said she would grab her suit and meet them at the pool. Mya watched from the bushes - feeling a bit silly doing so - as Emily sucked her husband's cock by the edge of the pool. Mya was still a bit stunned by all this when James stepped up to her, took her face in his hands and kissed her the same way he had Emily.


Tucker's Studio Ch. 17

group riverboy 2018-05-10

"Yes. Just let me check in with Mike," Kylie said as she took her phone out of her purse. Liz was a bit put off by the unexpected phone call from someone she didn't know, but she'd been chastising herself for being a boring stick-in-the-mud so she agreed to meet Kylie for lunch the next day. "Well that's a bummer, especially when we've got two sexy women right here," Mitch said, flashing his hypnotic eyes at Liz and Kylie. Sparkle was kissing Ryan while her hand roamed on Kylie, finally zeroing in on the soft tit hanging under her, pausing for a nice fondling squeeze. She looked over at Liz, licking Sparkle's pussy while Mitch fucked her doggie, and she yelled out as yet another orgasm threatened to consume her: "God I love America!"