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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Late Night Fun In The Jacuzzi

group topheavykylie 2018-05-10

"Hi, don't mind us, go ahead and keep swimming, if you want," said the less tanned white guy ion the right in the dark blue shorts and light blue shirt, and lighter brown hair. "Yep, they're real, bro, feel for yourself!" Clay said to Eric, who promptly came over and started massaging and groping my right boob, and playing with my super sensitive nipples. I knew that people started to come to the pool and gym almost as soon as dawn broke, so I grabbed my keys and cell phone, put on my flip flops, and had to run home naked, boobs bouncing like mad, coated with dried cum.

The Adventures of Julie Pt. 04

group pastmyprime23 2018-05-10

You didn't do as I instructed." I proceeded to pull my cock out of her ass and placed the vibrator back in her pussy. I proceeded to place my cock back in her ass and she tightened her pussy as best as she could. Once again I slid the smooth white vibrator into her pussy and proceeded to stick my cock into her ass. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and I told her, "Much better, let's see how it compares." Removing it from her pussy I once again placed it in her ass. I recovered and said to Julie, "You are going to have to work on it," and I got up and headed to the shower, leaving her handcuffed to the bed.

Memory Lane

group unblest 2018-05-10

Watching as Karen serviced this stranger with the familiar face, hands clutched behind her as if they were bound there, brought a quiet moan to Shari's lips. With one last nudge that was almost a push, Karen's face slid that last fraction of an inch and her mouth came into contact with Shari's moist pussy. Once both women had calmed down, he pulled out of Karen and walked over to Shari, his rick hard cock pointing straight at her face. Shari's hands quickly wrapped around Karen's legs, pulling her in so she could taste every last drop that dripped from the soaking wet pussy resting against her lips.

The Kirby Vacuum Salesperson

group Writer69 2018-05-10

Peggy moved to kiss Lisa first lightly on the lips an then more and more passionately, all the while rubbing first one then the other breasts, lightly pulling on her nipples. I kissed Peggy and grabbed Lisa's head fucking her face faster and faster as my cum moved from my balls. As she sucked Lisa's breasts clean, Lisa rubbed the cum on Peggy into her tits. I moved up and rubbed my cock over her ass and pussy pausing only to allow Peggy to suck the head a little. Peggy reached up and squeezed my balls and that was all it took, I drove my cock deep into Lisa's tight pussy and came, my first shot of cum driving Lisa over the edge.

My First Gang Bang

group littlegirlinlove 2018-05-10

Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 men in the room all starring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my pussy red and leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me. I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum dripped out when the guy in my mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my face. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pool while the guy in my mouth came all over my face.

still fucking my ex girlfriend

group disorted 2018-05-10

me and my girlfriend started to undress in our bed next to thiers but not that close she grabbed my dick with her hands playing with it and my tongue in her mouth and my fingers in her wet juicy pussy, the friend and her boyfriend started the same thing as we were hearing and seeing their shadows goin up and down. my fingers went in to her pussy finger fucking that pussy ,her pussy was abit smaller and tighter then my girlfriends, i didn't mind my dick was headind deep down into that tight pussy, so i was fucking her slow and slow she goes to me "FUCK ME HARD BABY" so their i go making her moan ,she constantly kept moaning like she had never done, i didn't care how hard my cock went in or how loud she moan or even if her boyfriend and my girlfriend woke up.

Remember When Ch. 07

group PaulStevens 2018-05-10

We had a new arrival, the nearly one month old Leah, Mel was still on maternity leave, and Ashley was still teaching as her reason to stop wouldn't arrive for another year." Brandon said to the three ladies. After a brief talk with Ashley and Katy, Brandon headed upstairs and found Mel sitting there breastfeeding Leah. Like Mel making the best of her maternity leave, he had to make the most of his 'daddy time' because he would get only a few years and that would need to last him until Leah and the baby Katy would have were old enough to learn the truth. Not that Katy and Mel minded, they got to spend all day with Leah and were really glad Brandon wanted to spend time with her.

She's A Handful!

group English Bob 2018-05-10

"Listen, Sally," I said as my wife and I left the girl to unpack her bag, "I know you'll most likely want to spend some time on your own, but for tonight I've booked us all a table at Luigi's. "Even so," Jenny continued, now looking back at Sally but still massaging my leg with her foot under the table, "maybe you'd like to join me and some of the local ladies for a girls evening at the house?" At first she used her own hands to show the younger girl how she liked to be touched, but Sally was a fast learner and after only a few seconds, Jenny was able to leave her star pupil to explore by herself.

Fun at a Pioneer Camp

group russianguy30 2018-05-10

From time to time slight moans of pleasure reached me and I was sure as hell that they came out of Olga's mouth while Mike was giving pleasure to my shy girlfriend with his tongue. When I heard it, I opened my eyes and saw that Mike raised Olga up easily with one arm so that the girl's face was turned to me. I felt so good when my cock slid down her clutching throat and the girl made slurping sounds as Olga watched it with the blurred eyes. Like a good slut, she just opened her mouth and my cock slid inside as Olga let out a long moan. I didn't see but I was sure that Sveta was finger-fucking the girl's ass while her boyfriend's tongue was lapping Olga's pussy.


Adam & Two Eves

group Mister Ree 2018-05-10

Sharin went on to tell Ingrid about the flirting she and Mister Ree had engaged in when he did work for the bank. Sharin and Ingrid each sat in a lounger and admired Mister Ree’s body as he rose and went into the house. Ingrid smiled and said, “Well if this is the Garden of Eden, Mister Ree must be Adam.” Ingrid laid face down on a lounger and Mister Ree began applying lotion to her legs. Ingrid moaned slightly when Mister Ree’s hands slid between her legs and up her thighs. Sharin watched as Ingrid parted her thighs and Mister Ree’s hands slid across her bottom and touched the lips of her pussy. Sharin looked down and watched Mister Ree’s fingers caress Ingrid’s hairless pussy lips.

90% True Ch. 06

group rhev 2018-05-10

I sighed and headed off to my typing class, knowing I'd see my most recent lover, Keri, there. Apparently Staci is saying that the rumors are true." Keri frowned for a moment and then typed, "that's not all she said." I typed out, "If you're just saying that to try to get me to break up with Jen..." My fingers paused as I realized I didn't know what the end of that sentence would be. "Yeah," Jen said, bobbing her chocolate hair frantically, "It's not that, it's just that..." She paused and I could swear I could hear the gears turning in her head, "I just want to sit down and get something to drink ok?


Monica's Art Class Ch. 07-08

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-05-10

When the time came to pack everything up Dennis took Lenora's hand, kissed it in a gentlemanly way and led her toward the guest bedroom. "Now that that's settled," Angel said, using her thumb to point toward the guest bedroom, "shouldn't we be joining Lenora and Dennis?" She opened her eyes to see Lenora's smiling face as she began to kiss her way up Monica inner thigh. Shawn's hips were moving at a slow and leisurely pace as they both stared intently at what Monica, Lenora and Dennis were up to. On the floor in front of Monica, Lenora lay on her back with Dennis' head between her legs and his tongue giving her pussy a workout.


Paradise Island Ch. 06

group asitsn 2018-05-10

With each step, they took a handful of rice and showered Tom, Jill and Macy and the crowds surrounding them. Tom pulled Macy's body closer, grinding his suddenly hard cock against her soft centre. Tom and Macy were surrounded by Jill, Esha, Serafina and the other girls who had followed him to the platform. The wet feel of Firni's mouth on his cock brought Tom to his senses and he stopped spanking Esha. A few minutes later, John had apparently recovered, for he moved in front of Tom and started fucking the second girl. When he got his senses back, he saw John's head thrown back, his eyes closed hard as he poured his seed into the girl's cunt.

Danger Ch. 5

group snowsquall 2018-05-09

Ashleigh quickly dropped her hand to Cheryl's crotch and began rubbing her friend's rubbery clit and managed to get a finger between her soft lips and into her hot pussy causing her buck and giggle slightly. The scent left by Ashleigh's cunt on her panties combined with the sight of Danger lapping away at her pussy was quickly driving Cheryl towards orgasm. Cheryl climbed off of Danger's cock and allowed him to bend over Ashleigh and begin fondling her tits, rolling her left nipple in one had while sucking the right one between his lips. Ashleigh took the Baby Oil from Cheryl and squirted some on her hand and began stroking Danger's cock from behind before sticking it into Cheryl's oily pussy.

The Hazing Ch. 10

group jallen944 2018-05-09

The twinges spread through her body outward from her vagina with ever increasing intensity, like he was turning up the volume inside her. She sighed, trembling with fear, and braced herself to feel the cold tip of the dildo touch the tender opening of her asshole. He gently rubbed her warm, soft, fleshy ass, spread her cheeks apart, and Pam felt the icy cold machine touch her asshole. Pam wondered what it was going to feel like when he cut her. If she lifted her hips way up high, she could feel the head poking into her soft labia, but instead of going in when she lowered her hips, it would just slide up the crack of her ass and smear her juices all over her skin.


The Birthday Party

group magas911 2018-05-09

During the second slow dance, Cathy again felt a hard male cock grinding against her mound as her tits were crushed against the man's chest. He danced erotically to the music making suggestive coital thrusts of his hips right at Cindy, Jane, and Cathy who were next to the runway. From the way her hips were moving, Cathy was certain the man with her was finger fucking her pussy. Jane moved further away from the bedroom so Derick wouldn't hear his wife grunting every time the cock drove to the bottom of her cunt and hit her cervix. Max had his hands beneath her ass while he fucked his 8-inch cock into Cathy's dilated pussy.

Never Enough Ch. 02

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-09

“We’re getting ready to shoot another video in a few minutes.” Carl stated. “You seem very inquisitive about the internal workings of the adult video business.” Carl stated. The camera operators moved into position and the guys with the boom mikes made some last minute checks asking Richie and Angie to say something in their normal voice. “Hey, Barbara said you talked with Carl this afternoon.” Andrea stated. I checked over my version of the contract that I wanted and mentally ran the presentation I was going to make to Carl. “You must think your pussy is awfully damn hot to think I’d even consider this!” Carl exclaimed. I didn’t know how many girls Carl did have working for him; I’d just thrown out a couple of numbers.


Wild Vacation Tryst Ch. 01

group Bkat 2018-05-09

Sleep seldom follows, as it's only a matter of a few minutes before I either roll her on her back to eat her out- pulling multiple orgasms from her or, she slides up over my face holding onto the headboard as I lick and suck her into waves of pleasure that drive her to clamp around my head until she cums as many times as she can handle. When she's on her back begging for something bigger in her pussy than my fingers and tongue, I like to pull her legs way up over her head and split her an inch at a time with my long and thick cock.


Drunken Encounter

group Gunnerstu 2018-05-09

As Tara got closer, she noticed that Steve's drinking hand was perilously close to the girls chest – he was really flirting and it was obvious she fancied him. Her self confidence had gone and she moved to get back to Steve but as she turned the guys other hand traced her stomach just below her breasts and she smiled up at him – it wouldn't normally be her first reaction to flirt with a stranger while Steve was there but he was tall and cute. Steve moved down her body and started to circle her breasts with his tongue – Tara knew she was being watched by the majority of the pub and it was getting her more and more turned on.

San Francisco Treat Ch. 01

group stroker``` 2018-05-09

As she continued to stroke and tease me, Beth slowly, agonizingly took the head of my cock into her mouth, then sank all the way down until it was lodged in her throat. "Y'know Jennifer's flying up tonight," she teased, holding my cock like a microphone stroking it slowly back and forth, bringing the shaft to her soft breasts, rubbing the tip into her smooth, pliable tits. I slid my tongue down to her slit as my hands reached up to caress her breasts, my nose rubbing back and forth and back and forth across her wet juicy clit. As I continued to slam my cock in and out of her wet pussy, Beth rubbed her clit furiously and again was on the brink of cumming.

Strangers on the Train

group IrishGirth 2018-05-09

In contrast to Ruth's bald, tight, little fuck hole, Claire had her muff shaved into the shape of a heart, sitting just above a very full clit and two stunning labia that hung out of her pussy like the entrance drapes to some exotic VIP sex parlour. While Ruth deep throated my enlarged member she was also following Claire's lead and finger fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. "I'm game for anything," I replied, "so long as I get to fuck Ruth's sweet pussy and cum all over your face, Claire?" Claire stood up and quickly moved above Ruth, not letting a single drop of cum leave her tight pussy.

Two Best Friends and One Boyfriend

group roseflavoredgypsy 2018-05-09

Trent loves to suck one whole tit in his mouth at a time. Trent has thick wild curly hair that I love to cling to when he licks my pussy, sucks on my tits, and moves his mouth all over every inch of my body. So fucking wet, so fucking horny, I slid my finger all the way up her crack across her pussy to her clit. She moaned right into my pussy, making me even more horny, so I started licking her clit. Tabitha and I were licking, finger fucking, and moaning so hard into each other's cunts when we heard a voice. I pulled my mouth off, grabbed the bottom of his shaft and the back of Tabitha's head forcing his cock down her throat too.

Hafida the Moroccan

group cameljockey3 2018-05-09

waiter, his left hand releasing Hafida's arm and dropping down to fondle The waiter passed Hafida's left arm to the bell boy, and to my his hand up Hafida's dress, and it looked as though he was finger fucking the waiter lifted up her jalaba to show his young college Hafida's holding the waiters huge cock in her right hand! The waiter gently pushed Hafida backwards, and began to and his finger deftly working her pussy, the waiter had reduced Hafida to a waiter leaned forward a little, bringing the head of his big cock into Hafida placed her hands on the waiters chest Whilst the bellboy and I had been busy with Hafida, the waiter had also

I Enjoy Two Threesomes in Two Days

group TheBusinessMan 2018-05-09

She looked up and smiled at me and said, "I've been wanting you to fuck in the ass since the last time we were together." With that, she climbed up and straddled me, and began lowering herself on to my cock. This got her started fucking me and after she got the hang of it, I didn't need to lift her and so my hands found their way back to her nipples, where I pulled, twisted and squeezed them, causing Kayla to gasp and groan at the pain and the pleasure, and then, while her blood filled nipples bounced with her thrusting, I returned my attention to her now bigger than ever clitoris, which stood proud above her parted hairless wet pussy lips.