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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun In Englewood

group 2018-05-09

I was in a perfect position to watch as he eased forwards, his bulbous knob parting her swollen pussy lips and my wife's fingers, which were once again wrapped around my cock, tightened their grip, as she prepared herself to take her biggest cock ever. I could tell my wife was getting close to coming as she started to groan around my cock and suck harder dragging me towards my climax, which was what I didn't want at that time so, pulling back slightly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and kissed her, while I played with her breasts and nipples.

Ashley's Bold Move

group walterio 2018-05-09

Ashley could not help but see that Terrence had his hand under Nichole's short skirt and he was rubbing her panty covered pussy. Nichole moved off of Terrence's cock and Ashley stared at the big black shaft that glistened with Nicole's juices. Todd spotting Nichole's signal eased his cock out of Ashley and removed his finger from her ass. Ashley liked the anal penetration as she sucked on the big dick but she almost gagged when Todd placed his cock in her anus. Ashley then thought briefly about her husband and if he could see her now sucking a big black cock with an equally big dick in her ass while a beautiful woman licked her pussy.


The Watchers Ch. 3

group captivate 2018-05-09

Actually, I was pretty used to Jim being a part of us and I was not sure I would even feel comfortable with just Erik alone. I slowly moved my hand down my body, entering my fragrant pinkness and immediately starting to circle my clit. I know I had seen him totally nude many times, but Erik dressed up was lovely too. The guys opened their doors and Jim assisted me out, giving me a look of approval as he saw my outfit. There was a long line of people waiting to enter and I felt very special, moving through the door so quickly. Everywhere I looked, I could see people in various stages of loving, kisses and bodies pressed together, hands wandering.

Teapot Returns Pt. 02

group GreaserBob 2018-05-09

After about 20 minutes, Annie and Karen said they were about to leave when Kim brought me over. Kim was quick enough to film me standing over Bobby as Karen said, "Listen you piece of shit!! Karen and Annie both laughed with incredulity, then Kim with all seriousness in her demeanor looked at both of them and said, "Trevor is my bitch. When Kim pulled back her chair, I followed and got a glimpse of Karen and Annie out of my peripheral vision. Kim took the wand from her and pushed Annie's face right into Karen's trimmed but hairy cunt. Some postgame commentary followed, and about 10 minutes after Kim's orgasm, she got up and pulled Karen aside into a whispering conversation.


Island Fever Ch. 22

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-09

"Each time that I start to feel comfortable and have good thoughts about Jeremy, he does something wrong which makes me have doubts in my mind again." Inside the voyeur room, my eyes narrowed at those words as Camille kept talking, "I cannot believe that he walked out on Amy's birthday party two nights ago and never came back. "Amy said that Jeremy told her that him and Pamela had an argument," Camille offered. "If I did not fall in love with Lindsay right off the bat and Kristanna, Devon and Pamela were not so interested in being with Jeremy," Trish replied. "If he was not focused on anyone in particular, I would really like to try my hand at a relationship with Jeremy." Trish nodded her head for emphasis.


The Trophy Wives Club

group Cumbabynow 2018-05-09

It started a year ago, one of my best friends in the whole world, Teresa called me up, devastated, when she found out her husband has been having an affair the past two years with some woman named Alisha, a younger woman who had not only great business skills, but the desire to please anyone who might help her advancement. I tried to slow her down a bit, thinking I didn't want to take advantage of a close friend when she's drunk and I hadn't touched a woman more than a little kissing and fondling my whole life. As he eagerly devoured most of the whipped cream, he started licking Teresa's swollen lips, bringing a moan from her mouth.


On the Git of Go

group JayDiver 2018-05-09

The purpose of this is getting the most people off the plane, out the door, as fast as possible. These six need to look like a door opening, with the rear most floater as hinge. Most of the people inside the plane and close to the door area are going on that pulse, the git of go. I'll stay there until we get a full head count, we don't want to lose anyone in the dark." He looks back toward the pilot's door area and sees thumbs up from Jace. Reddy's looking, watching for just the right spot, shows a big thumbs up back to the guys in the plane.


Slut School pt. 3

group azid619 2018-05-09

"I was going to let you have some freedom as you serviced these guys, but no as always you want to the do it the hard way..." Mandy cruely told her helpless victim, "But that's ok, I think you'll enjoy it all the more!" "Nice rope job, looks good and tight." Mandy praised, "You know, I got the perfect harness to attach her to, could hang her up in it and you guys can then have your way with her however you see fit." She winked as she walked over to a part of the room, near the centre close to the chair, and reached up to grap a lenght of tough rope that was hanging freely from the ceiling.

Basement Sluts - Nelly's Story

group propovman73 2018-05-09

Watching these two hot sluts in action made her think of the times that Shawn had fucked her tight pussy and made her cum over and over until he pulled out and splattered her face or tits with a huge load of his hot spunk. “I’m all set and I think that would make a good opening shot.” Cindy spread her legs wider and Josh brought the camera down close and started filming. Josh came around to the side and sat on the couch to get a better angle as the knob of Shawn’s enormous cock slipped in between Cindy’s lips and into her mouth. Shawn, if I suck your cock real good will you fuck my tight little pussy with it?”

Heather's Night With The Boys

group heathred 2018-05-09

I moved my left hand to Damon's crotch and began to unzip his fly as he slid his finger into my pussy. Damon went to make us drinks, Ben turned on some music, and Jason and I started to slow dance. Just as I did this, I felt Damon behind me move his hands under my skirt and grab my thong underwear, pulling them over my but and off my legs. I alternated between Jason and Ben for a few minutes, sucking one while stroking the other, until Damon finally gave my pussy a break and pulled me to my feet. Ben pumped my ass a few times between Damon's strokes and started moaning, pulling out and cumming.


Passing Airport Security

group TheItalian 2018-05-09

Sue stopped sucking Mary's nipple and got off the table, so I picked up Mary by moving my hand from her pussy, down passed her asshole and picked her up by the ass and laid her on the table. Sue returned to sucking Mary's left nipple so I moved my mouth off her right nipple and started kissing my way down to her pussy. I removed my index finger from her pussy and glued my mouth to her hole sucking and tongue fucking her while she played with her clit. Mary looked down to the floor at Sue cleaning my cock with her tongue and said "I think we better let Mr. Borelli catch his flight."

The Fishing Trip Ch. 03

group marleywasone 2018-05-09

"Just relax sweetie I think you may really need this after your first week." Lisa said as she slipped a finger into my wet hot pussy. "I am so hot I think I am going to cum," I said grabbing Lisa's hair and pulling her into my cunt. Take off your clothes I want to eat your pussy and make you feel good all over." I said trying to pull her sweater up over her head. As I started to cum Lisa pushed her pussy up against my mouth and said, "Eat my cunt hon, eat my cunt." At the same time she slowly pulled the rubber plug out of my ass.

Hot August Night

group Al Dente 2018-05-09

"Oh shit, that's fantastic," Doug whispered hoarsely as Tricia's warm mouth took his cock all the way to the root and her warm hand grasped his balls which had been down in the cool water for so long. Doug looked up at them when he felt Amy's body quiver; Tricia was rolling her rock-hard nipples in her fingertips as she was gently pulling upward on them. "Lick my ass hole, please Doug, please." She rolled off of Tricia's shoulder and facing away from them, seized the railing of the dock with both of her hands and arched her back. "Here, let me help." Tricia grabbed Amy's luscious ass cheeks and spread them apart for Doug's eager tongue-lashing.


First Cream Pie

group housewife09 2018-05-09

Ron said he was heading to get more beer; my wife wanted me to go to the store and get her some wine coolers. My wife still had her panties on and I thought I would cum watching her strip in front of Ron. She won the final hand and looking me straight in the eye, said she wanted to suck Ron's dick. My wife looked over at me as she licked the last drop of cum off of Ron's cock. I wanted to cum for me once before Ron stuck his hard cock into her pussy. I licked her clit a few more times and then let my tongue slide a fraction lower to where his cock met her pussy.

Hidden Fantasies

group hisemerald 2018-05-09

He turned her to face Dave and Jim, he pulled her back to arch her back and display her body. He knew that as much as he wanted to just drive his cock into her ass she needed to be opened slowly, gently, so he didn't arouse fears she still carried deep inside. He shifted position and latched his mouth onto her swollen clit as he poured lube on his hand and wriggled one finger into her ass. "Lie on your back Jim. Dave you come over here." David clenched his teeth as he watched them get into place. Catie opened her mouth to scream and David slide his cock back in. He moved Dave to her mouth, Jim to her ass and he slid beneath her.


Mr. Alberto's Party Ch. 01

group elleann 2018-05-09

But then he said that if I didn’t want to do that maybe I would be interested in helping with this contest they have at this big party he puts one like once a year. It is at his mansion which is outside of the city and lots of rich people come there and it lasts like a whole week and there are all sorts of sexy things that happen and one of them is a contest for which guy has the best cock. Being pretty and young like I was, I would be of help to them keeping their cocks big and hard during the contest because they could think about fucking me if they wanted even though they wouldn’t actually fuck me.

Fishin' Night Out Ch. 2

group Lodi13 2018-05-09

Feeling her hot lips sliding down my fingers I pressed up and fed her my hand up to the first knuckle...My thumb reached out and made contact with her swollen clit and began to rub along the sides of it making her hips jerk as she closed her eyes to get lost in the sweet sensations Len and I were bestowing on her. I straddled the timber behind her placing my hands above her shoulders and lowered my cock to her ass till I felt it slip into her open hole easily...I was horny as hell and asked her if she could stand a good hard fucking.

Batter Up

group RejectReality 2018-05-09

As the last word passed the blonde's lips, and before Greg could utter whatever lie he'd opened his mouth to say, Carrie slapped him — hard. "Those are the guys who beat Gary's team today," Carrie said. Between the drinks and knowing that her friends were going to get laid, she was seriously considering following Jamie and Tracy's example with Brian. She hung torturously on the cusp of the abyss for what felt like forever with a cock slamming into her, Brian's fingers flashing over her clit, and two men pinching her nipples. A shriek escaped her when Pablo pulled free, and in the midst of the gasp for breath that followed, his pussy-slick cock was in her mouth.


Amy's Bar-Bang At Oscars

group English Bob 2018-05-09

Amy felt Steve's strong arms surround her and walk her over to the corner of the bar. She knew that her vagina was wet and exposed and she could feel her nipples, stiff inside the satin top of her dress, pressing into the wood of the counter top. She felt long hair tickle the insides of her thighs and heard female sighs as the tongue was swept along the length of her wet slit. She tried to suck, but the guy held her head in both hands and started to fuck her face with long deep strokes as he scooped her small breasts out of her dress top. Amy lost track of how many times she was fucked that night, but she knew that Steve was always right by her side.

We Need a Bigger Bed

group Stonedancer 2018-05-09

You move my legs apart and then I feel your tongue, slowly lick up my slit and then push inside on the way back down. My husband comes around to the other side of the bed and starts to pinch my nipples, watching you eat my pussy. You can't contain it much longer and you push my head hard into your pussy with your hands while you are cumming. I stand up and walk over to my husband, kissing him on the mouth so he can taste your cum. I start fucking your pussy with my mouth and he grabs me by the hips and pounds me hard. The moans of your orgasm, your cum on my mouth, and his big cock in my ass is too much for me to handle.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 02

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-09

Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of our family vacation on the island, Devon received a telephone call from her younger brother, Seth, informing her that their mother had suffered an apparent heart attack and was being taken to a nearby hospital in her old stomping grounds of Allentown, Pennsylvania. She was my wife and we had been together for more than three years, yet Devon kept details of her family so close to the vest that I did not even know her mother's name until just a short time ago. The three siblings all joined hands and when Denise began praying, her eyes closed, Devon and Seth followed suit.


Swinging, The First Step Ch. 02

group MaryAnn678 2018-05-09

What could Jim possibly be thinking, watching his wife screaming and urging a complete stranger to fuck her harder, and with a big cock to boot?" She looked up into Charlie's face, smiled, and pull his face to hers. She stood, looked her small audience over, smiled and began, "Hi I'm Ellie and I am in love with my husband." She reached over and fondled his shorts, then pulled them down. I love you so much I want you to have a wonderful time tonight." Then she walked around the room caressing Jack's and George's cock, then pulling their shorts down, and added "I certainly intend to. This time I pulled his pants down, he was fondling my titties, soon he started moving his hips, my signal to get out of the way.


The Emperor's Second Wife Pt. 01

group Taxcollector 2018-05-09

The other maid held his cock in her small hands, very slowly stroking its length, her eyes fixed on the pearl of cum gathering at its tip. She rubbed her fingers in the slippery liquid, and moved further down to kneel in front of the palace guard, still working his cock in and out of Mei-xiu's ass. As the Emperor stood up, gathering his robes around his shrunken, drying cock, the second maiden joined Sui Lin at the job of lapping up the soldier's cum so that they could carry it in their mouths to his wife''s waiting lips. While the other maids continued their measuring of the remaining men, she worked on, gripping Chao's cock with both hands, alternately wringing its girth and pumping its full length.

Becoming 2

group foster2468 2018-05-09

My head was pushed back, and the light shown on my face, I kept the head of Daves cock in my mouth I couldn't see anything, so for an answer I slid my face forward and took Daves cock all the way in my mouth, then just continued to suck him. I stayed on my knees, and wiped my mouth, still tasting Daves load, kind of smacking my lips, when I sensed a shape in front of me the only thing I could see was a cock-head coming at my face, I opened my mouth and took it in. I just nodded, my mouth full of Daves cock, and started sucking it again.