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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Ride

group Astra 2018-05-09

I watched in fascination as his cock finally sprang free of its confinement, and when he told me to start sucking it, I trembled and felt the heat rush between my legs. I moaned around my mouthful, and then I felt him rub the head of his cock against me, teasing me with it, as if he knew exactly what I wanted but was deliberately making me wait. Curtis was holding my hair while Todd gripped my ass, and he started pumping into me harder until I could hear wet smacking sounds and feel his balls slam against my pussy. I could feel my excitement mounting with each thrust, could feel the way Curtis' cock started quivering in my mouth, and knew he was going to come the second before he did.

Swingers Hotel Ch. 01

group duckandbunny79 2018-05-09

'You sound a little overly shocked if I'm honest' said Jenny 'While very early in the morning, it's hardly a novelty' Both I and my wife must have looked puzzled at this point. Lis moaned, her eyes closed, enjoying the warm wet sensation of Jenny's tongue, flicking her nipple and then her mouth sucking it deep until she could fit no more of her breast in her mouth. My wife was bucking so hard on her face, that it caused Jenny's big tits to wobble and made it difficult for her to keep her hands steady holding open her cunt. Jenny continued to stroke my chest occasionally flicking my nipples with her fingers as I watched my wife taking Troy's black cock in and out of her mouth.

Twelve Months Ch. 03

group bifantasyuk 2018-05-09

There was silence for 10 seconds, then Sarah said, "I got a tattoo a fortnight ago, was keeping it off-camera as a surprise for tonight, want to see?" She stood and turned to stand in front of and facing Carly, and slid her dress up to her waist saying, "Inner top of my thigh, just here." From where I was sitting with my sofa facing theirs I could see Sarah from behind, and the raised dress revealed naked buttocks. I saw Carly sit forward a little to look, and Sarah raised her right leg to put her foot on the arm of the sofa, knee bent.


Four for the Ride Pt. 01

group billyb1972 2018-05-09

All the while Jessie sat back in her chair wondering how she was going to approach Billy about her plans. After the meeting Jessie stayed in the conference room wth Billy and helped he clean up and put way the A/V equipment. Jessie was amazed by how at ease Billy made her feel, like she had known him for years. "I want to take you back to my place and have you fuck me with 2 other guys..." Billy stopped for a second, smiled and sat back in his chair. "I'm game!" stated Billy, and the two of them finished their wine and drove off to Jessie's place where Leo and Jason waited...

The Rainy Day Game Ch. 3

group captivate 2018-05-09

Then I slipped his little finger into my mouth, sucking it and licking it slowly, closing my eyes and making love to his digit. I moved down his body until my mouth was directly over his cock, noticing Gina taking the same steps. The entire time, my mouth continued to explore and make love to his cock, slurping and licking and sucking. Again, we playfully licked his balls and kissed each other, our tongues entangled as we made love to Erik. I felt Erik explode inside me, filling me with come and I leaned into a deep kiss with Gina, massaging her nipples as she came on Erik's tongue, her liquids gushing from her.

Darling Nikki

group RomanSteel 2018-05-09

In their time together, and knowing that Griffin "was cool", Drew had placed his large hand on Nikki's thigh, pulling the gown up a bit further. Drew closed his eyes, not noticing Griffins vigilant stare, letting his hand move to Nikki's hair, stroking her as he licked his lips. In Nikki's last few visits with Drew, Griffin had realized that he couldn't deny that she was interested in the man, now it was only a matter of time. He watched with awe as his tiny Nikki took the giant, her hair plastered to her face as one of Drew's large hands slid underneath her causing her to convulse and cry out as he stroked her clit.

Being Vicky for the first time

group vicky_cross33 2018-05-09

Come on dress up put it back in your pants man we make a little joke with Ellie nothing more ( is he nuts did he just like that put out his dick ?he is so hot I am feeling dizzy wet hot horny aroused I can’t control myself I want to suck his cock ) J:you are getting your little pussy wet Vicky I can see that under your sexy mini dress Come put in your mouth I want to feel your sexy tongue licking me and I can see how much you want it too ... Me: yes i am yours fuck me with no mercy yes you are my first Fucker Ellie John I can’t without your cock give ti to my mouth I want to suck it6 all the time ….

THE UNINVITED - The Nanci Report- Chapter 4 - Par

group elausente 2018-05-09

Nanci had no idea what Randy had meant until she saw him pick up the funnel and return behind her, she suddenly jerked forward as the funnel was shoved up her soaking wet cunt and thrust a couple of times to coat it in her juices then she felt the relatively thin end of the funnel slide into her ass, then it was shoved hard and f***ed its way a good three inches into her before the wider funnel part came to rest against her stretched asshole, she heard the ripping of tape and funnel was fixed in place.

The Club Ch. 3

group sexvoyeur 2018-05-09

Excited, I found she was looking at Jim and Sasha, the couple that introduced Emily to the wonders of group sex the first time we came here to The Club. As Paula continued to look up at Emily's face, she touched her for the first time as she moved her hands forward and placed them on either calf before slowly moving them up each leg, enjoying Emily's soft skin as well as working to stimulate her even more. As we continued to watch closely, Emily soon started to slowly grind her lower body into Paula's face as soft moans began to escape from her.


More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 08

group Annatartywife 2018-05-09

Frank and the two young lads, Gary and Mark were sat watching. Ron's hand had strayed down to my cunt, and as the other four men watched intently, he slowly rubbed my pussy lips and then slipped a finger up me. Gary had been very quiet up to this point, but on hearing Ron calling me names as he fucked me he began to open up a little bit. He slowly nudged my pussy lips and entered my very wet and wide open cunt and he slipped his young cock into me It felt amazing to have such a young, virile lad fucking me. Ron began jetting off quickly as he watched young Gary's cum flying onto me.

My Shaved Experience Ch. 2

group Lucien_Al 2018-05-09

Katherine slowly moved closer to Rory and by now her hand was down the front of her wet panties, her fingers caressing her juicy pussy. Katherine slowly slipped two fingers deep into her tight pussy, her thumb rotating on her hard clit. His cock started to harden and he quickly put the wine down and moved to where Katherine was sitting and took hold of his now throbbing cock he slowly guided it to her waiting pussy. As she slowly slid her lips back I felt her start to suck hard on my throbbing cock until it burst from her mouth with a "pop". Marina started to slide her tongue deep into my throat, her hot pussy gently rubbing my now hardening cock.


Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 08

group Abby_Normal_7 2018-05-09

I smiled at Geoffrey, giving him permission to enjoy hugging my very cuddly friend, and before there was any uncomfortable silence between us, I encouraged him to go take a shower and change while we finished up dinner. Clearly I wasn't the only one who appreciated his strong shoulders and cute ass, I thought as Jessica ogled Geoffrey outside of his line of sight. My loving husband pretty much enjoys anything I put in front of him and like me, Jessica's mind wasn't entirely on the dinner. Jessica looked at me and winked, then smiled innocently at Geoffrey as she offered him another finger-full of whipped cream. His look quickly turned to shock because he wasn't sure it was my foot touching him and not Jessica's.


TAM - Three-Way Ch. 01

group maxxmann81 2018-05-09

I had to get up a few times to grab more beers, but whenever I returned I happily resumed my place and Chris happily re-draped her legs over my shoulders. After about an hour of this I noticed, as I returned with another round of beers, that Chris' short had ridden up quite a bit and the thin material proudly outlined her pussy. Chris' orgasm hit and she tightened her athletic thighs so tight that I thought my jaw would break, but I continued to lap up every bit of love juice that oozed from her pussy lips. I could hear Chris having another orgasm, and grabbed her shorts from the floor.

My Wife her Ex and Friends 2

group mikeron 2018-05-09

"All of my boobs are almost showing now Cole and you want me to pull my dress open more, are you sure?" Sue asked as they had planned. "Yes, I want Sandy and Geoff to see your perky tits babe!!" Cole replied. "I think this is a fucking dream!!' Geoff moaned staring at Sue's perfect tits. "Show Sandy and Geoff your cut little ass Sue!" Cole told her. "Thank you guys I'm glad you like looking at my ass, because I love showing it." She let her dress fall back down and went over to the bar. Cole was taking photos of his lovely wife standing their naked in front of his friends, knowing the video cameras were all capturing everything also.


group shortsharpblonde 2018-05-09

Then, raising one leg over the arm of the chair, she moved her hand downwards and began to rub gently at first, then more rapidly, until she felt her body stiffen and heard her own cries as she came. I've got to say something, she told herself fiercely, but the two hands gently stroking her were taking her to such a state of arousal that she felt quite weak and wondered if any voice would come out, even if she tried. A moment later, someone else removed one of her high-heeled shoes, first rubbing the sole of her foot, then taking her toes into his mouth and sucking them gently through the stocking. Alicia was desperate for the hands gently stroking her thighs to find their way to her clit and her pussy, which was by now dripping wet.

Sex or Suicide Ch. 01

group SecondCircle 2018-05-09

We were sitting in Nicole's apartment at the kitchen table, with shot glasses and red plastic cups in front of us. so now that we all know each other a little better," Nicole said with an awkward laugh, "I'll finish telling you how to play the game." "It's why the game is called Sex or Suicide, baby," Nicole said with an evil little laugh. Nicole let the numbered die fall to the table, where it bounced and rolled to a stop in front of Cory. He gave me a very pained look, and I couldn't help but dread taking a suicide shot after watching Cory. I could hear Nicole laughing wickedly, and glancing over at Cory I saw him cringing with what could only be sympathy.


Surprise Threesome

group Waxme 2018-05-09

"Oh, God, you are sooo good at this." I exclaimed, "It's a shame I have a monopoly on your talents." Sam chuckled a bit then began to hum as she worked her tongue around the glans because she knew that really sent me over the edge. I thought about moving on Sam but after she got undressed and crawled in bed I could tell all she wanted to do was read and get a good nights sleep. With that Sam rolled over on top of Derek and began to make her way down to his cock. Derek made his way up on his knees and Sam continued sucking hungrily on his cock.


The Wasted Birthday Present

group UrsaMajor69 2018-05-09

I had just enough time to turn around a couple to times to show off the fantastic outfit before striking my final pose, head flung back in abandon and one hand raised in the air in triumph. I could hear loud slurping noises from Mike as her tried to dislodge my panties with his mouth and taste my swollen folds directly. He stopped and stood near Mike's head and I had to motion him closer until I finally held his penis in my hand. I pumped my hips harder down on Mike's cock as I opened my mouth wide and took Andrew in. He put his half erect dick into my mouth, but Andrew was pumping me so hard from behind that I couldn't perform a really good blow job.

A Baffling Shower

group xxfreddyxx 2018-05-09

Telling myself I should leave, I simply stared at the way her breasts pressed against the glass, the way her erect nipples moved as her breasts rolled against the door, and the ecstatic expressions her face made as her body was jolted by each of Mike's thrusts. I noticed that Mike, his cock still soft and dripping a bit of white cum had moved up behind Donna, close enough that when she backed off my erection, her back pressed his cock. When she calmed a bit, I began fucking her, moving slowly and deliberately, drawing each sensation out of her, as her magnificent, delicate folds opened and closed around me, as her wet soft walls enveloped me in her warmth, as her and Mike's cum coated me in a liquid pleasure.

Confession of a Cock Worshipper

group tulsaliza 2018-05-09

I was so turned on my pussy juices were dripping onto the floor...I reached down and began to finger myself while I sucked and licked on the cock in my mouth...I wanted to watch Father Chris suck Father Richard's cock but I my head was being held in place by my hair...the man began to fuck my mouth, thrusting in and out, faster and faster...I stopped fingering myself and reached up and gently massaged his balls...I could tell from the way they were tensing that he was about to spew his cum load...and he did...he started cumming and yelling as his cock spasmed and squirted his hot load into my mouth...I sucked harder and made sure I didn't miss a drop...his cock quickly wilted after spewing...

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 82

group SteveWallace 2018-05-09

Moving on, our group formed around our sexual preferences and high libidos, but if we live together as you suggest and at the size we become, the family or clan is going to fragment into smaller groups with affinity not only for sex, but also for other activities, sort of like Elsa, Cindy, and you and your flying; or Sheila, Mike, and me around gourmet cooking; or Melanie and James about photography. This trip we had a full contingent of passengers starting with Mark, Ryan, Deke, Mike, James, and Carter on the male side of things; and Cindy (my copilot), Melanie, Sheila, Izzy, KC, Marcia, Alice, and Stacy on the female side - six men and nine women.



group firedream35 2018-05-09

Never taking your hand from my hair, "unzip my pants, take them to the floor and suck my cock you naughty bitch, you know how I like it." I slide my middle finger from the tip of my pussy down deep into my cunt to get it all wet and slick. When I have finally arrived at my treasure and start to really taste it your hands go into my hair and pull my head up. The girl gets up, goes behind you, gets on her knees and starts kissing and licking all over the back of your legs and ass while one finger goes up your ass and the other hand goes to your balls.


Stacy's First Porno

group jasliz 2018-05-09

"Well with my pussy they were crazy because it really didn't matter I was so wet from all the licking and fingering that they could pound me silly but when the director told us it was time for anal they were slower and let me get use to their cocks before hammering me. Holy shit Stacy it was nuts they both started to move in my ass and I'm not going to lie it hurt and I screamed but they thought I was liking it because I didn't want them to think otherwise.


My wife's dream 01

group newsub4rall 2018-05-09

Angela was focused on sucking me off while Jason was fucking Eva. She was on all fours with her ass in the air inviting someone to put something up her pussy or to lick her ass. Jason and I rearranged ourselves I wanted to be under the two "ladies." I lay on my back between their legs and ran my tongue along Eva's cock as it went in and out of my wife slit. Angela came hard and stopped Eva's fucking cold as her pussy clamped down on that beautiful dick. Ben must have been watching the girls as he sucked me because he had been teasing my ass with a finger, and as his wife had started to lick Angela he pushed his fingers into me.