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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dating a Sex Addict Ch. 02

group Olibauer 2018-05-09

By the time Sam was ready to cum, Sarah was bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock like her life depended on it but when he said he was close, she pulled off his cock and shouted "yes baby, do it on my face, please, I want it on my face." I suddenly felt my stomach lurch like I had been punched in the gut as Lila let my cock drop from her mouth and we looked over to see Sam stand up in front of the naked slut kneeling obediently between his legs.

An Office Affair Addition

group walterio 2018-05-09

My mouth had also been all over her body; kissing and sucking her tits and nipples; rimming her hot ass and eating her tasty pussy. On Fridays after work we would stop for a drink at our favorite watering hole and on evening Cathleen invited Suzette to join us. Suzette blushed again and then said, "Cathleen told me that you thought that I was cute and that I had a nice figure. Suzette then moved down the bed, gently took hold of my cock and took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, while her hand worked my shaft up and down at the same time.


Wanda and Josie Gangbang Night

group dep258s 2018-05-09

After a few more minutes the guy fucking her mouth couldn't hold back any longer and he shoved his cock a little more into her mouth a then filled her face with her second load of cum. The bald man smiled at the fat old one and spreading his hands like he was showing a new car asked, "You want her to suck you off, or you wanna fuck her in the ass? Josie sucked the fat old man up and down with the rhythm of their fucking; the bald man shoved his dick into her deep ass, pushing her mouth over the other's cock even more. Still behind Wanda, Eric now had one hand on a breast, while the other was buried between her spread thighs, rubbing and finger fucking her moist pussy.

Couger: Predatory Instincts

group BettyFloored 2018-05-09

"Oh, I think I could ask the foreman to spare a man to help with some indoor chores any time we like." She said. "You said Kade is a trustworthy sort?" I asked and the foreman nodded. "He seems a nice boy." I said, staring at young Kade, who stopped by the table to guzzle down a glass of iced tea. Francine came back into the room with me and to my amazement, Kade did not even react to this, just held that huge cock in his hand, casually stroking it to stay hard in my absence. The foreman said nothing but smiled and shook his head at Kade, who did not seem to register the nod.

Katie's Birthday, Part C

group LovesNipples 2018-05-09

While she was sucking away on Chet's dick, she reached up with her right hand and took Chris' cock, which was stirring from watching Katie on her knees, and began to stroke him back to life. She walked to him and bent over, showing her ass to the other three men, took her husbands' cock in her mouth and began sucking on it again Pat gently stroked her hair and face as her head bobbed up and down on Pat's dick. The expansion and contraction of Frank's cock transferred itself to Chris, who let out his own groan and he slumped forward on Katie's tits as he shot several jets of cum into her stretched out, waiting cunt.


Park life (not by me)

group pic-painter 2018-05-09

It was a scorching hot day and I woke up longing for the sun's rays to warm my skin even as men would walk past where I was lying and their eyes would caress my body, undoing my bra top and slipping down my bikini bottoms mentally with their eyes. Dan was rubbing cream into my thighs and his hand briefly went between my legs. "Come over here and lie down beside me," I said, "One on each side." They did as requested and, removing my bikini top, I placed the towel over my full breasts. Next Jon wanted his turn and so I knelt in front of him and he stuck his cock into my married mouth.

Another Time Up Up and Away

group dreampilot79 2018-05-09

My eyes were drawn to Carol, despite the equally naked, drop dead gorgeous, woman also in my bed. I remembered looking into Helen's brown eyes while I was over her, feeling Carol's hand wrapped around my cock. In my peripheral vision, I saw some long dark hair flung to the side as Helen's lips moved to Carol's right breast. I could see Carol's other arm wrapped around Helen's neck, pulling her tight as well. Carol pushed me down on bed as Helen straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. Carol pushed down and enveloped my cock inside her steaming pussy as Helen rocked hers on my face. Carol and Helen helped me hitch the balloon to the van as the appointed time approached.

my first sex

group divedog1960 2018-05-09

and even as big as he was it still felt great to have his fat dick pushing against me and all his weight on me as he would grind his dick in deep and slowly do the circle grind thing I so dearly luv....mmmmm so I would usually have a guy on top of me and one below me ... once in a while we would fuck his b*****r but most of the time we would be taking turns on top of big b*****r pulling down his shorts and grabbing handfuls of dick and make him beg ... he was always letting us pin him and win by grabbing his dick and balls and squeezing and pulling on his most of the time semi or full hard on...

Irresistible Ecstacy

group funspirit 2018-05-09

We had become one writhing mass of lust and passion, and soon I found my lips on this young woman’s, then an instant later on Laura’s, and then I watched as the two women began to kiss each other, their mouths open and their tongues playfully and sensually sliding over each other. Laura turned her head to see who the newcomer was, and when her eyes met his, she smiled and they immediately began to kiss. Her raw wanton lust was turning me on so much that it was hard to resist pulling my cock from her mouth and fucking her right then. She looked straight into my eyes as she began to suck my cock again, and the man moved into position behind her.


group HornballPiglet 2018-05-09

She was reclined on a kind of lawn chair, completely naked, her pussy shaved bare, the nipples on her b-sized breasts already hard as tiny pebbles from whatever attention they'd been receiving. She was close enough to kiss, but instead she started sniffing my face as she had the air, identifying the scent of my friend's juices that still clung to my lips. But just as we all thought we were in some kind of trouble, the woman was suddenly as naked as the rest of us, and she began licking my friend's pussy.


The making of a cock wife

group 2018-05-09

skirts, all the time and that he loved watching other short skirt to show off my legs to the high school boys I told my husband I wouldn't wear a mini, because it husband pulled into the garage and jumped out and husband liked to watch me with other men and that if he and show my husband how a real man fucks." King looked down at me and said, “can we fuck now”? when King shoved his hot young black hard horse cock up I looked over at my husband as the black boy plowed in and boner like mad watching this boy fuck his wife. God, I'm glad my husband likes me to do this kind of

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 04

group Joanmcarthy 2018-05-09

It had always been light and humourous, but the need to respect the girls' personal space had meant there was always an air of formality about it; standing back in a tight companionway to let them pass through without contact, avoiding touching even when nothing more than their mere humanity made Ned feel as though some sort of non-sexual contact was called for. It was almost the only moment since he'd got out of bed that morning that Issie hadn't been there groping him; although only having just left from where she'd been playing with it at the dining table, there was still a pretty strong residual erection pushing up vertically in Ned's swimwear.


Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-09

"It will work out good, because Jeremy also got an appointment for Pamela at the hospital so she can get a follow-up to her health scare from last week." Devon made a face as Kristanna continued, "Jeremy has all of her paperwork and test results from Maryland, too, and says the doctors here can look at them and give Pamela a proper follow-up examination and prognosis." "Are you worried that Pamela is going to try and steal Jeremy away from us?" Kristanna asked. I know that Pamela being a part of our lives, and Jeremy being given the opportunity to love her, and take care of her for all eternity, would be the final piece to the puzzle for him.


The Lars and Paula Diaries

group CameronQuick 2018-05-08

Once naked, I saw that Paula is a young 54, a little overweight perhaps, but with long black hair, a pretty face, and big, slightly hanging breasts topped with very large dark nipples. I knew they wouldn't be able to hold off, and I could see them groping each other's asses and cocks under the water as my hand found Paula's large pussy lips and started playing with them. Julie and Paula sat up and kissed Lars, mixing Mark's cum and their juices in their mouths. "Your wife has a very pretty cunt, Mark.", Lars stated approvingly as Julie dripped pussy juice onto his face. Lars laid down and got under her while Julie opened her cute pussy lips to slowly insert his flaring head.


A Surprise You Definitely Wouldn't Anticipate

group TunaFreeDolfin 2018-05-08

He complies and puts a large amount into the palm of his hand … he slides his lubed hand back and forth over your hard cock smothering it completely, bringing you to the edge again … I motion for him to stop and push him down onto his knees at the edge of the bed on the floor where he waits quietly … I undo your blindfold, kiss your lips, and then move over your cock with my ass facing toward you and my pussy facing him … I slowly slide my ass down your cock, moving an inch at a time until I am able to take most of you inside me … I look back over my shoulder … “I’m going to fuck you and I want you to shoot that hot load in my ass.” You acknowledge me and then I look to him “watch me fuck him and jerk yourself off” to which he nods and slowly begins to stroke his own cock.

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 10

group GeorgeDaBuilder 2018-05-08

I smiled back, "I'm not sure that 'The Pussy Diet' is going to work because I'm hungrier than when I started, but I love it as a first course." I pulled a sheet over us and we snuggled, swapping kisses and running our hands over each other, gently massaging. Britt reached down and grabbed my cock and gave it a couple strokes; "Gina say's Hi." Taking my cock back in her hand, she said, "We have time to take care of this before Gina gets here." Britt laughed as she rolled out of bed and walked, bare ass bouncing, toward the bathroom; "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"


Fifteen Minutes Ch. 02

group hal_tee 2018-05-08

Ethan had told her how badly the conversation with Nate had gone, and her subsequent brief conversation over the phone with Madison had suggested that her friend had been drinking. "They've wanted to do that for a long time," Madison continued, though her eyes remained closed. "Maybe that's what I need," Madison murmured, turning her head to meet Peaches' provocative gaze. "You like Peaches pleasuring you, babe?" the blonde asked, pulling her hand away for a moment and sliding her fingers upwards to Madison mouth. Every time Frankie tried to close in again to rub himself against the tall brunette, Madison allowed his hands to wander for a few seconds before spinning away.


An Unexpected Threesome

group asparagus69 2018-05-08

John's pussy-slamming triggers a feral instinct in Jaz. As her body and C-cups rock back and forth with the clapping of John's hips against her butt, she looks wildly up at me and commands, "Put it back in my mouth!" I snake my left hand around the side of her head and grab a fistful of her natural black cotton hair. Jaz's left hand spit-shines her pussy furiously; her right have stretches above her head and holds on to my waist as I fuck her throat. I let go of my cock and grab her hair, pushing her head all the way down onto John's dick as I begin to hump rhythmically.

Jenna's Train Ride

group prettypussy 2018-05-08

The first college guy dropped his pants and stepped over the two thrusting men so that he was standing above all the action, he grabbed Jenna’s hair and forced her to give him a blow job. Jenna and Sarah were straight, they fucked boys, they didn’t kiss and lick each other. Sarah kept on spooning Jenna till there was no more cum inside of her pussy. Sarah heard the moans of satisfaction and licked Jenna’s clit till Jenna bucked. Just as the operator was about to cum, he pulled out and made Jenna turn around to lick off her own shit that was on his cock. As Jenna finished off her story, she could see her roommate bucking Sarah was cumming fast and hard.

Playing Pick-A-Dick

group CarolynCumlover 2018-05-08

I could hear Mark yell, "Yeah man, give her a good assfucking." I really enjoy anal, so even though it was only one minute, I actually had an orgasm just as Mark yelled time and the guy pulled his cock out of my ass. I took off my blindfold, asked Mark to put one of our big bath towels on floor in front of the easy chair, and told Ron to sit there because it was the perfect distance for me to grip his cock with black-stocking covered feet. They both started pumping me, and though I don't remember doing it, Mark told me afterward that I started yelling, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" As Jeff and Jamal were fucking me, the rest of the guys kept lightly slapping their cocks against my face.

From the Mistletoe to Her Cameltoe

group WayneGibbous 2018-05-08

"Come on, come on, I don't bite, you know," and Lynn nodded to me so I got up and started toward Erica who said, "Oh, come on, let's get down to our underwear, we're all over eighteen," and I stopped, looked at my wife who stood up and began taking her outer clothes off. "Mmm, oh, your tongue, girl, mmm, so good, mmm, right there, oh, yes, yes, UUH, UUH, UH, mmm, mmm," Lynn moaned as I watched her tremble as her hands pulled Erica's head tight into her pussy, holding her mouth there, not wanting it to end.


Cassandra's Revenge

group Winderboy 2018-05-08

At the age of twenty-two, she spent most of her time hanging out at a place was owned by a married couple named Mike and Katie Kay. Mike, twenty-eight, and Katie, twenty-seven, were both much more mature and worldly than the few years separating them from Cassie would suggest. When they walked in the door, Mike took the pencil out of his mouth and snapped it in half with one hand as he saw the look on Cassie's face. With her eyes closed, Cassie couldn't tell whose fingers they were, but when they started moving in opposite directions, she realized that both her friends were fingering her together.


The Demands Ch. 02

group derek33 2018-05-08

When I said that, I heard Megan groan around Richard's cock, and when I wrapped my lips around Tim's shaft, I felt her eyes on me. "Okay, guys, this fucking-little-whore Megan needs some attention; get her up on the bar and give it to her!" Dick looked at me in shock; I knew he was wondering what had gotten into me. Mmm...I knew those hands well and when he started squeezing her tits and working that female flesh between his fingers, Megan's ass lifted off the bar a bit she was so turned on! Tim covered her mouth and sucked in her tongue; his hands cupped her tits hard and Richard didn't hesitate, that asshole!


Dirty Laundry

group Hank_Carey 2018-05-08

Laura didn't understand it completely, and her mind was being selfish at the moment and she was imagining a boy named Tony unbuttoning Tom's jeans and taking out Tom's massive cock, massaging it with knowing hands, getting Tom hard and then bending down and taking Tom in his mouth. Laura's right hand, fingers spread, sensed a slight movement, a tightening of its environment, and it was - she only imagined, she wouldn't dare look - Tom's cock, reacting to the intimate moment between them. Laura looked back as she left, and noticed that Tom was hard inside of those still wet jeans of his, and it turned her on so much that she kept her back to him, even though it was awkward to do so.