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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Dancer Ch. 1

group Evesdemise 2018-05-08

I did this after every "set" as we girls called the two dances we each would do in turn for the guys at the rail, the ones with money in hand, who would watch as we each took turns teasing them with our lithe bodies, and kitten-like movements. I thought I would choke on the roll of twenties the one older man handed me after one of the private dances I did that evening. I had sat naked on the lap of the older man, feeling his hardness beneath my naked thighs, and as I pressed my flesh against his shirt, I looked over just in time to see the apparently entranced boy look away.

Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 6

group nawty48 2018-05-08

But the sun alone can't be blamed, for the big lady, named Betty, radiates lots of heat too, especially from her eyes. The very girl in question wants Sandy to join in the dancing and leads the reluctant redhead to the front of the gathering. Betty tries to bring her around by repeatedly slapping her face, but Sandy stays inert while her nagging conscience again comes calling. So two girls board Betty, who leads the way like a circus elephant, and two mount Sandy, slapping her ass to hurry her along. Sandy's eyes, however, are filled with sights divine, for her face is nearly stuck up Betty's big ass.


Being a single mum my adventures continue

group michaelalwayshorny 2018-05-08

It seemed to go on forever then it stopped I had my bum in the air and my face on the bed dripping in cum and feeling amazing, I turned my had and saw three of them breathless and smiling and I just slowly moaned and smiled back, "hay weres the other one gone" I said wondering what was happening and then I felt heavy breathing on my pussy and looked back one of the boys had brought his german shepherd, before I could ask what was up the dog mounted me his cock slipping into my pussy with ease, then he started to fuck me deeper and fasted then I have ever been fucked before, "FUCKING HELL" was all I could moan out as this dog had his way with me, it only lasted about 30 seconds and then I felt him start to cum inside me, I was breathless shocked and very turned on I never thought about a****l sex but now I was, the dogs cock was still pumping his cum into me "hes just knotted here hes going to be cumming for awhile" one of the boys said "we will come back in a bit".

Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 10

group nortythorts 2018-05-08

Aunt Anne was to partner Jack for the first session and the rest of us – Bill, Lucy, Caroline and I – were to form a foursome. Aunt Anne shuffled the green role-play cards and held them out to Lucy. I watched the delicious little surge of her ripe breasts as she stepped away from Bill to stand behind me and felt her hands on my collarbone and she began to work her fingers on me, then inched to my shoulders and the base of my neck. I heard footsteps above and realised that Aunt Anne and Jack, Caroline's partner were in the back bedroom that was right over the dining room where I was now ensconced with Bill, his wife Lucy, and Caroline.


Sharon's Surprise Ch. 08

group SharonMWF 2018-05-08

About a week after we got back from the weekend at the river on Bob's boat Marijean came up to me before school started. "I loved the way Bob's cock felt, Tom was a pretty good fuck, and I found out that he is a tit man. "Not as good as Bob or my husband, but he likes tit fucking," I said, "He shot quite a load between 'the girls.'" "Oh, one more question, did you do your little trick with the condom on Tom, or Mr. Harris," Marijean asked? "Nope, Bob was my first when he was fucking me on Zoo Road," I said. "Rumors were flying at the district office as to why Bob got this major promotion," Marijean said.


An Afternoon of Shared Pleasure

group tripper87 2018-05-08

They made room, as the guys began stroking another, Steve giving a hand to Bruce, Tom giving Steve and myself a hand, and Mary beginning to play with herself. As her climax subsides I relax a little as I enjoy my own cock, stroking Toms for him as he is stroking me… I began to really enjoy myself and felt the pleasure building for my own climax, I began to moan as I exploded in ecstasy as I watched as Mary moved a hand to her pussy to enjoy watching the first man explode. I continued stroking on Steve’s cock for him as we all watched as Mary’s hands worked their magic on Bruce as he begin to moan with pleasure shooting his climax and pleasure.

Double Trouble Pt. 01

group Yman67 2018-05-08

At Christmas that first year I went home with Debi to meet and spend time with her family. Debi looked just like her mother; who showed me pictures of her twin sister; Debilyn. By the time he came home from Viet Nam in January 1971, Debi and I had been married for three years. The next week, since school was out for the summer, Debi called a couple of the clubs that advertised swinging. Then the woman pulled out a dare card and read, "I dare you finger the pussy of a woman other than your wife in this group." I paused to see if Debi would object; she didn't.

A Slow Unwinding Ch. 02

group deSilentio 2018-05-08

Contrary to their expectations, Marc and Theresa managed to beat them to the cottage by a good half hour, and had already unpacked and gotten in beach mode by the time John and Sara arrived. It's not like you've got school tomorrow." Theresa shot what might have been mistaken for a friendly, encouraging look to Sara, but John knew it for what it was. John began rubbing her clit rapidly and again started fucking her, moving his hips far to the left and then to the right with each stroke, clearly hitting some perfect spot for Sara, who was now moaning "oh yes" softly with each thrust.

My Barista: Double Shot

group Azuldrgon 2018-05-08

I watched a her eyes were glued to mine as Cathy leaned down to start nibbling on my wife's earlobe. As my cock sprang into view, I saw Cathy pull down her shorts, an identical piercing shimmering as she bent down. It compounded as Cathy bent down next to her and started to lick around my balls as my wife kept licking my shaft until their tongues connected right near my head. This time, I watched as my wife started to stroke me again as my vision became impaired by the sight of Cathy lowering her shaven pussy onto my face. She raised up from my cock as she told Cathy bout how she needed her pussy licked.


swinger holidej

group parasutist03 2018-05-08

I moved and I stop in front of the door to the room from which they had heard screams and sobs, I felt like just a peek through the keyhole, (for me, the most exciting moment otherwise I watch his wife fuck and how to incorporate the right time. That night Mikica and Sonja did not close the doors, but we are, seated morning we sat and drank coffee, soon to appear, and my wife sitting on the arm chair while we were having coffee today, I suggested that few hikers, Sonja and refused Mikica smoothly, we continued drinking Emma coffee while getting ready, Hiking ended unexpectedly after 1h.

The Danger Of Afternoon Drinks

group Jessitallhappened83 2018-05-08

Although he seemed to be chatting casually enough, the huge erection that was desperately trying to get out of his boxer shorts, just out of view to Tess below the visible line of the fence, showed that his conversation was not entirely platonic. I looked at my traitor husband and then fixed a grin and picked up the two gin and tonics handing one to her. Tess only flinched a little as I instinctively slid my hand down her bikini bottoms cupping her pert nineteen year old ass. As I pulled up one of Tess's hands to work my tits and the other to tease my pussy I felt a familiar shaft start to work my cunt open.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 05

group Andyhm 2018-05-08

I very wisely handed him a beer before replying, and I could see Mike out of the corner of my eye struggling not to laugh, "Err, not really a problem," I said, "We sort of decided last night to stay here another day," I struggled to look him in the eye. I was moving rapidly and her groans were growing in volume, when I felt Angie's hand slid between my legs, and stroke my balls and shaft in passing before pressing her finger onto Simone's clitoris and massaging it. After a few moments she relaxed and I slipped out of her and she turned to me, and gave me a kiss and told me she loved me and I needed to look after Angie.


My Visit With Tony Ch. 3

group Salsa105 2018-05-08

His hand passed over my cheek, feeling the outline of his cock through it, then up to my head, stroking my hair. Besides, I want to watch your lovely mouth sucking on my cock." I released my mouth instantly, and Tony moved up on the bed, spreading his legs wide. He reached down with both hands and held my head in place while his hips raised up and jammed his cock as far into my mouth as he could. Tony saw a look of interest in his eyes, as he went from the top of my head down over my bulging test to my feet. Tony stuck his head out of the bathroom and, with a mischievous look, asked me if I wanted to move into the other bedroom after Ronnie left.

Short Taste.

group UnHalo13 2018-05-08

Jen normally loved the cute, unbearable agony that drawn out foreplay put on Zac's face, him whining for her to take his whole cock in her mouth rather than continue to tease it with sweet kisses and licks for another half an hour, but it had been far too long since she had had the taste of pussy, and herself couldn't take another second of wait. Jen purred and took her lips off just long enough to whisper "Fill me, beautiful." Zac pressed his hand to Jen's soaking pussy which caused her to give a muffled moan. Jen took out her fingers and pressed her tongue as far as she could into Sara's ass, no longer with the concentration to use fingers from the pleasure she was deriving from the cock buried inside her.

Wife Gone Crazy

group publicnude 2018-05-08

By the time the first song was over she was moving better, and she had removed her blouse, and stood there in her bra and skirt. The third song began, and she threw the bra aside to the cheers of the crowd. She danced that way for a few minutes, and if I did not know better, I think she liked it. These is nothing like seeing your wife standing happily nude on stage in front of an audience. she placed in her mouth, then before starting to suck, she told the other guys they could relieve themselves if they wanted. Then she looked over at the sofa, asked each guy in turn to take my place.

The Instructor

group tinman69s 2018-05-08

I just stood there as Darlene unzipped my pants, reached in and got hold of my now half-hard cock, and pulled it out. Little John (big as a bear) had Debbie’s ankles and he raised them up to his head and then got her by the hips and just drove his cock into her hot pussy. I made myself move and went round the bed and got on my knees in front of Darlene, bent down and pushed her back a little so I could get to her clit with my mouth. Frankie saw that Darlene was still going on Dave, so she went around and started sucking on Darlene’s pussy.

Rock and Roll Chick

group Mag58 2018-05-08

There was an excited nervousness in the mirrored lift but within seconds of entering the bedroom Jacob slid my jacket off and spun me towards him; his piercing baby blue eyes were twinkling as he kissed me; a long lingering kiss with his tongue swirling around in my mouth as his hands caressed my arse through my wet look leggings before I was passed to his identical twin and we kissed in exactly the same way as the brothers played with my tits and arse. "Ok; give the lad a gobble." Ryan laughed as he pushed my head away; and got off the bed; "I need a piss anyway." The pretty twin quickly slid into the photographers place and guided my face to his cock; which I eagerly began sucking; but my eyes were on the giant walking around the bed with a monster dick swinging between his legs.


Memorable Experiences

group Lozo44 2018-05-08

I started making cocks cumm in my mouth and had cumm dripping down my chin as my ass kept getting fucked by different guys who had formed a line. A guy brought out a flogger and wanted to introduce me to it's erotic effects, first swatting my ass harder and harder with his I moaned in pain thru the cocks in my mouth. I wanted to taste my hubbys cumm so I really focused on him...finally getting a big load spurting down my throat as I got the hardest swat on my ass....and I began squirting after the swat with a simple touch to my clit...mmmmmm I thought as my juices emptied on the carpet.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

group cashNcarrie 2018-05-08

It was very likely that he would be all for it but she didn't want to just come out and say,"Let's tape ourselves fucking." No, she would use a woman's cunning way to plant an idea in a man's head and make him believe he thought of it! That night as they lay quietly in bed, Kenny turned to Karen and said apologetically, "I'm sorry baby. Kenny laughed and said,"Oh stop with the bullshit Ty. You know I'm nervous as hell!" He left the room to check on Karen. I'm ready." As they walked to the door she said,"Let's go fuck like dogs!" Karen laughed hoping to loosen up her husband.


Canadian Spends Christmas with the American Ch. 02

group SweetcheeksSt 2018-05-08

Rita lifted one foot up to the edge of the hot tub to give Amy better access and she moaned as Amy’s tongue licked the length of her wet slit, ending with a circling motion on Rita’s clit. Rita leaned against the wall of the tub, biting her lip, Amy’s hands moved from Rita’s breasts to hers, to pull and tug on ours nipples. Rita lay and listened to the soft wet slurping sounds as he licked and sucked Amy’s cunt and her clit and the muffled moans from her as she slobbered all over his hard cock. “You wanna join in?” Rita swung around to join Amy down by Jeff’s cock .Jeff could smell her heat &could see the outlines of her pussy.

a****l sex stories -2

group savita009 2018-05-08

Head in the clouds, she backed away from the hungry pony. "Oooo, Beauty!" she gasped, swaying in the saddle. buttery pussy cream oozed from her virgin cunt and soaked the smooth Priscilla grabbed the saddle horn, held it tight. saddle, greasing the sleek leather with hot sticky cream. The pony, agitated by the c***d's squeals and her passion, began to "Ahhhh!" She shook, released the saddle horn, and leaned forward. smooth leather saddle, and her clit banging into the hard horn, Priscilla's virgin pussy exploded like never before. brown hair swished over her bare back as her head snapped from side to Virgin pussy cum gushed from her exploding cunt hole. Beauty lowered his head and nibbled his lips over her glowing tittie

The Desert Part III

group atlsexyguy 2018-05-08

Jessie winked at me as he was applying the oil and shoved his hard uncut cock into Dan’s hole without asking. Dan Said he was coming so Jessie plowed home like a pile driver ad I capped his cock with my mouth. Jessie pulled out of Dan’s hole and shot his load on his slick ass, which immediately licked and swallowed. Andy got a few lashes himself and Doug came up and pulled at my hard cock, and dribbled lube into my ass crack. I went to the store and took off the gear, but Rex gave me the Chrome Armbands and cock ring.

A Remarkable Phase of My Life Ch. 04

group bdrew86 2018-05-08

On Friday evening, when I usually had Gopal's cock deep inside my pussy, I was sitting in my living room eagerly waiting for Suma. Gopal was now sucking her breasts hard, making a sucking sound as he pulled her nipple with his mouth. Suma broke the kiss and pulled Gopal away from her breasts and said, "This is so wrong." I stopped sucking Gopal's cock and let Suma take over. I and Gopal started laughing hard and Suma soon joined us in the laughter. "Let me show you how the experts do it" I said and took Gopal's cock inside my mouth. I stopped kissing Gopal and asked Suma to lick my pussy.


The Tequila Shot Orgy

group Grouchojim 2018-05-08

The front of the dress was zipped only half way, revealing a sports-bra that strained to keep its heavy payload in place. I did just that, letting it fall heavily to the floor. She squatted and proceeded to piss on the poor girl, saturating her face and then the remainder of her body right down to her ankles. "Don't bruise the fuckers," was all she had to say about it. They were already bruised, but I eased up and she seemed content. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly. "So, you're saying she goes both ways." Red took my member in hand and squeezed the last of my semen from my shit-flecked cock and then sucked the cockhead until it was cleansed of her shit.