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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt4

group imornery81 2018-05-08

Smiles and even a couple of words of praise came from the rest of those in the room and though she continued to shake her head, Jane got up and walked up to her husband and planted a big wet and sexy kiss on him which earned her a few dirty names from the girls. The sound of the paddle was so much more violent than that of the cane or the slipper that Dad had used and when Jane yelped with the first slap, I looked at James to make certain I hand not exceeded what he wanted!

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 05

group oldhippie1949 2018-05-08

"Before, when I watched you sleep, I thought to myself, "I love this man." I want to be with you always, Ray. You complete me." She sat up. I thought that I agreed; I would like to see the old Ray, too, although I knew I was 'back' because I felt that joie de vivre again after so long in stasis. The best party, however, took place at another beachfront property, this one on the Montauk cliffs where Doug and Lora lived. Doug and Lora had been long-time friends and lovers; my favorite playmates. "Let's go where it's more comfortable, shall we?" Lora took Caren's hand and led us out of the concrete floored studio into the house.


Freshman Photo Shoot

group Dimetrius 2018-05-08

Miss Annie gobbled my 10-inch cock up, while Miss Bri was at my rear, sucking on my balls and running a pair of fingers around and into my ass hole. I could feet Bri's hot breath on my balls as I fucked Annie and she minded Annie's clit and occasionally snuck a finger into her pussy alongside my cock, producing a squeal from Annie and a shot of pleasure from me. Now Paul was being sucked off, Jimmie was sinking his Irish cock into my wife's ass and Miko was condom wearing and into her pussy.


Three Person Pile Up

group GoddessKaren 2018-05-08

Rob quickly joined us on the lounge chair and positioned himself at the entrance to Lauren's hot pussy. Oh Rob, Karen - that feels so damn good!" I continued playing with Lauren's ever-hardening clit, stroking it now lightly, then harder, constantly varying the rhythm. Rob started thrusting in harder and Lauren began to wail as she came. I spread my legs even further, opening both mine and Lauren's pussies wider, and Rob went to town thrusting hard into me as I tried to concentrate enough to keep rubbing Lauren's clit. I began to buck upward at Rob, meeting his thrusts, and causing Lauren's clit to come into contact with Rob's lower belly every time he thrust into me.

End of an Era Ch. 01

group vicegod 2018-05-08

"It's just a quiz," I said as I handed her one of the drinks before I passed the other one to Jessie and reached over to grab my beer from the desk where I'd left it. She stared for a little longer while Jessie switched over to the other nipple her arm showing signs that her hand was working furiously inside my girlfriend's pants. Those pants must have finally annoyed Sarah enough, because she took her hands from Jessie's head and arm and reached down to pushed them over her hips and down her legs, taking her panties with them. Sarah pulled her hand out of my mouth quickly and grabbed Jessie's hand that had been reaching for her pussy.


Beach Vacation 3way

group slapnuts69 2018-05-08

We chatted as she applied the sunscreen and she told me that her name is Cheryl and that her and her husband were supposed to be here together, but that he decided to fuck a woman he worked with so she left him. We both sat on the chaises for a while and soon enough Sarah came down the beach wearing a sarong around her waist and nothing else. When we got into the room Sarah asked her if she would like a dip in the hot tub. Sarah asked Cheryl if she had ever had sex with another woman, which she had, and then asked if she would like to join us for the night.

The Dungeon

group Irish Moss 2018-05-08

My hands were on Tracy's tits but my attention was on Theresa's as she slipped out of her bra and it remained riveted as she started to lower her panties. As she was kicking them aside and moving toward the bed, Tracy started cumming again causing Theresa to pause briefly then quickly climb up to straddle my head. Again, though she wasn't cumming rapid fire like Tracy had, Theresa did cum pretty quickly after she'd started riding me. I knew that I owed Hugh big time, though I suspected he'd never hear the full story, but if he hadn't dumped Tracy and me in the dungeon then fallen asleep, I would not have two hot mouths currently taking turns sucking my cock.

Alice: This Year's Model

group Marcothegod 2018-05-08

We had a short break while I fiddled with the camera, in reality touching nothing, just looking like I knew what I was doing while Rose chatted quietly to Alice, reassuring her that it was going well "See, told you it was easy, you look beautiful, Steve will be back like a shot once he sees these photos" We then got her to sit on the sofa for a few more innocent shots before Rose made her lie on one side with her legs curled up beneath her. Rose, knowing where we wanted the session to end up them made some more suggestions for poses, leaning forward on her hands so those breasts hung down , nipples brushing the cover of the bed and then turned the other way so that the bulge of her pussy was clearly visible between her thighs as her arse was pushed up in an open invitation to be spanked or fucked.


The Apartment Part 3

group dasilva1672 2018-05-08

Robin is sucking me much harder and much faster, his hand is stroking his father's cock now, seeing that tips me over and I gasp and cum in his mouth! George looks a little shocked at first but when Robin starts reaching for his cock he stands so that Robin can suck on it! Robin is sliding in and out of George's arse, I lean to my side and take Diana's cock into my mouth. I can hear Robin grunting like a rutting deer as he cums in George's arse; Diana pumps her cum into my mouth and Roger sprays me with cum.

Driving Miss Katie Ch. 02

group Erlikkhan 2018-05-08

Diane fed the hard meat into Katie's mouth and watched as the swollen shaft slowly disappeared through her open lips. While Diane was getting ass fucked, cum began to pour out from the corners of her cock filled mouth and run down her face. The cock fucking Diane's pussy pulled out and pressed against Katie's lips. The cock that had been fucking Diane pulled out from her cunt dripping cum and cunt juice across Katie's face. Over the next hour they were fucked repeatedly in the pussy ass and mouth by one cock after another until cum was oozing from their bodies and splattered all over their face, hair and tits.


Naughty Girl

group NaughtyBiFem 2018-05-08

The mystery woman quickly took his cock into her mouth, no teasing, and just rapid hard sucking. Amy was in dire need of an orgasm, her pussy was hot and wet and as her friend took her clit into her mouth she knew it wouldn't be long. Although Amy hated the thought of Mike's cock leaving her pussy she agreed and quickly took another position. Mike could feel her pussy throbbing against his cock, and was relieved when she screamed that she was about to cum because he wasn't sure how long he could hold back from orgasming.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 06

group Benny024 2018-05-08

The black man, whose cock I had stopped sucking, decided he wanted a turn in my ass, especially, since the man I had been stroking did not step forward. The black man's orgasm triggered the man I was sucking because only moments later, he came so hard his cock jerked out of mouth and he shot two big blasts of cum out into the dark theater, before he could put it back into my mouth. With her nose mashed against my stomach, I let out a deep moan, as I unabatedly began to shoot as much sperm down her throat as I could while my entire rectum squeezed the cock inside it as hard as possible.

From Curious to Cuckold

group magas911 2018-05-08

After taking a long sip of my drink to try to get rid of the lump in my throat, I said "sure, let's talk to him." She flashed me a smile that made her look giddy. Their heads were already cocked to either side and their lips were nearly touching when Ally said to the younger girl, "You're so fucking hot." Grunting, Tony said, "Tim, fuckin' get over her and fuck this bitch's pussy." Now I saw why he had maneuvered Ally into the reverse cowgirl position. He was pumping in and out of her furiously while she sucked off Tim. Brad began to moan loudly and then pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot his load all over my wife's belly.

Making a Whore Pt. 11

group dna27fog 2018-05-08

Guys call you a whore because you are suck a slut they don't want their friends to know that they really want to fuck you. "Fuck her hard" I said and she arched her ass up toward him while continuing to work on Ryan's cock. I was above her as she was now sitting on the couch with Leo on his knees between hers and Ryan was on the sofa with his cock pounding her mouth as she looked over top of her where I was taking pictures. She got excited selecting her favorites and talking about how hot she looked with Leo's cock in her mouth or how good a whore she was.

Hott Wife

group qchedocpl 2018-05-08

It would be to have one half of the couple, usually the male that will be layed upon the floaty mat, then the women in the hot tub will all lick and feast Jamaica's finest Rum Cream from his genitals and nipples, all the women in the group will take a turn in between the legs of this male when the idea is to make them welcomed to the resort, no longer a Virgin.

bi couple

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-05-08

I guess it was taking me longer than I had thought because 20 minutes later the Mrs came to tell me and that the couple was fine with just hanging out since it seemed that I couldn’t participate because of work. As I walked back to where the couple had been chatting with Mrs I see the wife sucking, the now naked, husband’s big thick hard cock(he is 5’10” ripped body & 8″ very thick). and more!” We moved to the bed where I began fucking her (she moaned about how much she loved my “big thick cock in her tight wet pussy”) and her husband rimmed my ass at the same time. We said our good byes and after they left we proceeded to eat, suck and fuck till Mrs and I both came really hard.

The Fraternity Party

group GMB 2018-05-08

I asked the guy Jack it they could let me out now, but he said that I would have to stay there until the end of the initiation party if I wanted them to allow Greg to be a member of the frat. Jack came out of the kitchen and helped Steve by grabbing my hands and kept me from pulling the rag out of my mouth. I started to moan threw my gag and on of the guys pulled it out of my mouth and said, Do you like what we are doing bitch. The licking stopped and I felt someone grab my ass and worked the head of their hard cock inside of my tight wet pussy.

Wild College Days Ch. 01

group Lionheart72 2018-05-08

Kevin released her head and Liz, no longer held down, pulled her mouth up off his dick. Liz smiled up at Brad while pushing her breast into Kevin's hand. This one," Liz said firmly, giving Kevin's dick a painfully hard squeeze, " and this one." Giving Kevin a vicious grin, she turned to Brad and took his mostly flaccid dick in her mouth. Liz felt very pleased with herself when Brad's dick started to swell in her mouth. Liz opened her mouth and relaxed her throat, ready this time when Kevin pushed his long shaft into her mouth. Kevin wrapped his hands around Liz's head, holding her steady as he started pushing harder into her face.

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 13

group Genderal 2018-05-08

He re-entered the living room to find is wife and Louise stood next to each other holding hands, Mike was still sat on the couch, he was looking at his feet. If Louise had said that at any time in the past he would have been on her like a rash, but this was so different, his wife was just a few feet away doing God knows what to another man, he was being offered a winning lottery ticket but he was paying as much as he was going to win, and it felt too expensive. "That looks like fun." said Louise, "I'm really sorry to disturb you but I need Mikes wallet."


Gang bang fuck up

group jahniannis 2018-05-08

You feel the length of him slide up and down on your gooey mound and moan thru the gag in protest, but he sinks his cum-coated cock inside you with a quick thrust that makes you gasp. The poor bastard lasts about five thrusts before you feel his throbbing penis expand and burst with a hot seed explosion inside your womb. Each long thrust of his oversized pole makes a meaty wet smacking sound, and you feel as if your abused pussy lips and swollen clitoris are being spanked with wet leather. My cock has been hard all the while, and without even trying, the swollen tip slides slowly inside you as our bodies press close.

Roger's Reunion

group fantasyhunter2 2018-05-08

Steve knowing exactly what Carla had in mind, hooked his fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled the thong to the floor, exposing Carla’s neatly trimmed patch pubic hair and the puffy pussy lips below. Roger felt Steve’s throat grab onto his cock as Steve buried his lips into Roger’s soft bushy pubic hair. Roger was in heaven, Carla’s sweet tongue fucking his ass, her hands gently massaging his balls and Steve deep throating his cock. When Carla screamed out in orgasmic pleasure, Steve grab the base of his own cock and began fucking Roger’s mouth. Roger immediately slid under Carla and took her tit into his mouth sucking hard as Steve pulled his cock out and reaimed.

Dish Of The Day

group VeniVici 2018-05-08

Just as it looked like the man would cum to the blonde's slow but purposeful endeavours, she suddenly realised she was being watched and turning towards Zil, she stared straight at her and gave a smile and a slow knowing wink. Zil said "Hello" and closed her eyes as she licked her lips and felt her cunt being opened up as her first man pushed home hard, all the way up her. Zil moaned her approval at the double attention and started to cum beautifully, but was not aloud to savoir it for a moment as Jake kept right on fucking her faster and harder and Zil knew he really only wanted to spunk her, to shoot her full of his hot seed.


group wellard94 2018-05-08

She actually looked a little relaxed as I walked the tray up the path and almost smiled as I placed it on the table. I like the sound of that, maybe I have some too." Rosemary looked positively mischievous as she winked at me with a wicked little smile on her lips. "Lovely tea Jack, as always." Said Rosemary as she placed her own cup safely on the tray. As I cleared away the tea tray I noticed that Carmen's laptop was still on the kitchen table. Let's take this wine to the table and open the red between courses." Rosemary and Carmen were carrying small dishes to the dining table overlooking the garden.


Fulfillment Ch. 02

group SilviaViolet 2018-05-08

Nick and Allen were on their sides on the bed, their legs twined around each other, their mouths fused. Kerri couldn't take her eyes off Allen's hand as it slid up and down the length of Nick's thick cock. Nick looked positively primitive with his long dark hair hanging down over his shoulders and a feral smile on his face. Allen shifted, pulling himself from her mouth, and she saw Nick pump himself a few times before he released jets of come onto her belly. When Allen's had tended to every inch of Kerr's breasts and belly, he sucked Nick's softening cock into his mouth. When Allen released his lover after giving him a thorough cleaning, Kerri saw that Nick was getting hard again.