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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Azuldrgon 2018-05-08

June had no chance to react when Sandy threw her on the bed and began to lick her pussy and ass with a fierceness. Sandy then went and grabbed June's favorite paisley vibrator and began to pound her pussy as she tongued deeper into her ass. Then both girls start to pull down the trunks and began to stroke harder until the boys were stiff. The boys watched in wonder as sandy and Jan began to kiss in the middle, their tongues parting each other's lips as they embraced each other's bodies together. When the girls felt them about to cum, they got up and started to French kiss as the boys shot all across their faces and tits.

Three Makes a Party

group saviorofmisbehavior 2018-05-08

You can feel my other hand moving back and forth between your nipples, rubbing, pulling, circling, it's making you crazy. You move slowly down my body, kissing my neck, my chest, my nipples, stopping at my nipples to suck and bite, your hand moves down to my cock, rubbing and squeezing, your mouth moves down my body, kissing my stomach, my lower belly, rubbing my cock, kissing my thighs, sucking on my inner thighs, rubbing my cock, licking and gently sucking the tip of my cock, opening your mouth wider and opening up to the top of my cock, finally you open your mouth all the way and take me in.


A Wife's Newly-Discovered Fantasy Ch. 02

group Disbi 2018-05-07

When Keith came home from work that day, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when he walked up behind me, kissed me on the cheek and casually mentioned "Mike called today." He caressed my nipple with his lips and tongue and said, "Wouldn't you like to feel Kate doing this to you?" He then took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck gently. Later that night, I asked Keith, "So, did Mike send you an email today with a picture of Kate?" Mike was his usual handsome self, and Kate looked even more gorgeous in real life - even though she was wearing hardly any make-up and had dressed way down.


College Cathouse Ch. 01

group DaviBlack 2018-05-07

She always liked to wear really skimpy outfits to these kinds of parties, and to tell the truth, I probably got a little bit of a kick out of watching frat boys drooling over my gorgeous girlfriend. "Hey Jess!" Stacy yelled, motioning to her friend Jessica to come over. Jessica doesn't really like these parties too much, but Stacy always bugs her to come along. I watched Jess walk across the party to Stacy and the guy she was teasing. "Thanks, but I got two more for you," Stacy said. "Hand jobs aren't a big deal," Stacy said. As soon as we got inside Stacy stuck her tongue down my throat and grabbed my dick through my jeans.


group Acompanname 2018-05-07


My First Apartment Ch. 07

group T@nman 2018-05-07

Frank took my cock out of his mouth and held it with his fingers, “You look ready, Rich. I heard Kathy say, “Shoot your cum on my tits!” I looked between Frank’s legs as he shot his load onto Kathy’s chest. She grinned at Frank and me, “Do I love sucking and fucking or what!” She was laughing as she rolled off my cock and fell onto her back. Frank looked over his shoulder, “Slip it to me.” I held and guided my cock so the head was pressing against Frank’s puckered butthole. I like to eat cumming cocks and I love having my ass fucked by men with big hard dicks.” “That’s right, Frank, you’re a cum eating, cocksucking, ass fucking slut.”


Camilla Ch. 118

group MawrGorshin 2018-05-07

In a large, dark, circular room on the fourth floor, naked Camilla saw an orgy being carried on by many of the spirits of her naked former lovers, the masked men, and some of the women in the mansion on Grouse Mountain. "Resist them, Camil!" Candice said after she, Agape and Don broke through a psychic barrier the masked men had put up to separate Camilla from her friends. "Let's grab her and drag her up, if she's unwilling," Candice said; but just then, another, stronger psychic barrier was set up by the masked men to keep Camilla's friends from helping her.


Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Monday. I

group rampage86 2018-05-07

I sighed, saying as I looked at them, "Okay, you boys know the rules, only ten per afternoon session." Of course, my Russell was there, and I immediately grabbed him, and said "The first nine can follow me." As we walked down the hall to a available breeding room, I whispered to my lover, "I'll take you last." I nursed on his sweet cock, tasting Amber's pregnant pussy on it, as the last guy pulled out and left the room, now letting me fall to my side, as Russ leaned back against the wall, and stroked the curves of my body with his hand.

Asian girl, Hearts, Part 2

group 2018-05-07

She bent her back and began sucking Ten as Ace walked back to his spot and unzipped his pants, rubbing his cock on the exposed and bunched up slit of her pussy, as he tried to hammer it inside her as she lay sideways. He pumped his cock faster and began to soak her face in his come, the first shot missing her tongue and hitting her nose, the second her chin, the third huge jet of cum cartwheeling sideways, half catching her cheek and the other landing in her mouth. “Come on, Jack, it’s your turn,” Hearts said encouragingly, shifting her open legs and wiggling a little.

Cassandra's Revenge Ch. 04

group Winderboy 2018-05-07

"It's alright, Dear," Mike consoled her, "We're all friends here, right?" A look around the room was answered by nods and smiles. Pat, Chris, Katie and Ashley sat in complete silence, all dreading the inevitable outrage that was sure to come. As soon as the words left her mouth, Katie squealed like a child at Christmas and flung herself at her best friend. "Sweetie," Katie redirected her comments to Cassie, "regardless of my fuddy duddy husband's obsession with practicality, I for one think it would be hot as hell to watch him put a baby in that belly of yours!" "What about me?" Pat asked, suddenly feeling like his chances to be with Cassie were slipping away again.


Our Fifteenth Marriage Anniversary

group kvijaya508 2018-05-07

They included Gunjan and Kajal, Raman and Binita, Vishu and Priya, Shubho and Moumita; they all are married couples. Vishu started the music and Vijaya removed one chair from the centre. After dancing, Soma went to sit with Vishu and Priya. Gunjan's dick was hard, and Binita started to rub her clit with his erect cock. Vishu lay back on his back on the table; Priya got on top of the table and started riding her husband's cock. Vijaya came to me, kissed and asked if I wanted to see whether Binita and Raman would stay with us for that night. I was watching Vijaya's boobs and Raman's big hairy balls to swing like pendulum; I instantly got erection.

The Policeman's Balls

group 2018-05-07

"Oh I love to suck your cocks" Sharon said, "My pussy is wet, fuck it's wet." She rubbed her pussy and wiped the juice all over the older cops cock and then licked it off. Sharon returned the cock to her mouth and sucked hard on it pulling the cum into her throat. She let the cock in her mouth flop out and she looked at the camera as she said "You want to fuck my arse John? My cock was still semi hard and Sharon held it as she looked at me and said "So you got the message about no work tonight then"

Education ... Education

group pandsal 2018-05-07

"Oh dear," said Connie Davis, "you must be in a bad way." It was Sunday morning and she had brought me a cup of tea. "Well," said Reg, "when I was your age, it never crossed my mind to think that sex was anything other than what happened between two people, husband and wife if you like. "Connie and I," said Reg, "we like sex. When I became aware that her body was begin to twist and buck, I left her breasts to look at Reg. He gave me a signal with his head that I should take his place between her legs. When it arrived, Reg lifted his head so that Connie could reach down and grip my hand, imprisoning my fingers still inside her.


Mistaken Identity

group neutrona 2018-05-07

While Faith proceeded to the car and put her hands on the roof, she asked "What's going on? Faith reached towards the dad's cock and stroked it before she pulled it into her mouth. Faith did as she was told and focused on the older man's cock, using her tongue and hands to pleasure him. Faith then turned to the son and focused on him, treating him to the same caresses, quickly taking him to a groaning finish. She moved up and down a few times and soon felt the dad's hands on her breasts, caressing them. As Faith groaned her climax, she ground her pelvis on the dad's lap and held the son's face tightly against her pussy.

The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 05: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-05-07

I couldn't define it exactly, but every time she drew close to me, especially when we were exerting ourselves and working up a running perspiration, I began to feel dizzy... Her hand running up and down my shins and thighs, her fingers gently pinching my bottom while she measured the progress in dropping pounds and fat, her palms cupping my breasts to assess the slight increases in firmness and tone, all these brought chills and shivering want to my mind, so much so, that I had given up attempts at trying to hide the trickles of excitement that would often wander down my inner thighs. "Now, Mary," she murmured in a mesmerizing mellifluous flow of words, "bend over, feet apart, and place your hands on the mats in front of you, close your eyes, and relocate your core to the tiny pucker of your anus.


The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 07: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-05-07

However, the crotch of my cotton panties, which Morgan always made so much fun of, were moistened by my thoughts by the time we reached the flourescent purple cabana just a block from the beach. Micah chose to let Brynn and Morgan walk ahead, his eyes fastened to her ass. We walked back to the cabana from dinner, I arm in arm with Brynn, who was slightly unsteady herself, and Morgan arm in arm with Micah, shamelessly disguising their periodic staggers to 'accidentally' grope and play. I assumed Morgan had a plan, but I couldn't fathom how she was going to introduce into the equation, a dick that was bigger than Micah's, the man, my husband, that she was intending to fuck.


Cum Spraying Hayley's Boots

group Turpitudus 2018-05-07

As they left the room Ant glanced back over his shoulder, his cock was already stiff at the thought of seeing in his wife in that outfit and once Jim had had his fun she was going to get a good fucking before she took it off! Hayley took hold of Ant's stiff cock and began to wank him slowly with her gloved hand as she continued to watch Jim, she didn't take her eyes off him. Hayley and Ant slid down until Jim was able to hold her legs together and ease his slippery cock between her boots.

Sally Company Slut Part 5

group AndyFrancis1 2018-05-07

" These are from our more adventurous range and our firm belief is that woman's clothes should celebrate their bodies" Rosy said as she showed models wearing crotchless trousers and sculptured tops that fully displayed their breasts. David started to copy what Rosy was doing on Sally's right breast and actually synchronised with her so both tits were squirting streams of breast milk at the same time. "Do you like big black cock up your hot cunt" Rosy asked as she slapped and squeezed Sally's tit The men got up leaving pregnant Sally on the floor with cum dribbling out of her pussy and off her chin, whilst her heavy tits still had droplets of milk on her nipples.

Pet Ownership Ch. 11

group KY ridgerunner 2018-05-07

When she was finally dressed and ready to leave she kissed us both and said, "Now you guys have fun but I expect to be able to have a weekend away with Pet myself. Pet jumped on the bed and said, "Now fuck me right Uncle Dave." I kissed her full on the mouth and said, "I love you too, Pet, more than you could know and I never want you to leave." She held me so tight I thought she might break my ribs. I rolled beside Pet and was stroking her when she said, "I guess it's not going to be just the two of us this weekend." We both started laughing and kissing.


The Evaluation Ch. 01

group Elixxxher 2018-05-07

Relieved that the wait was over, Liz and Sam both stood, gathered their things, and queued up with the other travellers at the gate, keen to start their Caribbean cruise. Liz had promised Sam some time ago that she would bring her on one of her 'evaluation' trips when the opportunity arose. Since Mya had caught the flu, and David was on his scheduled vacation, Liz easily convinced her boss that Sam could fill in, providing a new perspective on each of the three assessments. Nodding ahead of them and nudging Sam's shoulder as they walked Liz said optimistically, "I just hope things work out, including getting to know those two!"


My Awakening: Spring Break Ch. 03

group nosliwec 2018-05-07

James laid a hand on Paige's knee and I saw a look on Paige's face that looked like she was going to apologize, possibly retract the question, but I started talking before she had a chance to. I was still nervous, but the look on James' face revealed the truth in Paige's words—I did have the power here. While kissing my body, her other hand slipped off my remaining strap. As soon as my panties were over my ass and I was laying back on the bed, Paige deftly slid a finger into my pussy. Paige whispered to me, "Want to let James in on the fun?" I nodded. I disentangled myself from Paige and stood by the bed letting James see my naked body, fully.


The Rainy Day Game Ch. 2

group captivate 2018-05-07

As Gina settled onto Erik's lap, I could see him pulling on his wrist restraints, aching to get his hands on her incredibly sexy body. I couldn't help myself, I leaned forward and placed my face against that wonderful pussy and started sucking on her distended clit while my fingers continued their probing rhythm. I stood up and moved closer to my captive lover and climbed onto his lap, facing him, my legs straddling him, my wet pussy grinding against his straining cock. Gina helped me off his lap, holding me as we walked to the desk, directly in front of Erik. She turned on the vibrator and I could feel it deep inside me, while her fingers continued their play on my clit.

Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 08

group SusanJillParker 2018-05-07

With Mike on one side of the bed and Jim on the other side of the bed, they reached their hands in to feel Becky's tits and finger her nipples as Tony continued kissing her while Jack licked her pussy. With Jack's tongue and fingers inside of her pussy, with Tony lips on hers and his tongue impaling her mouth, and with Mike and Jim's hands all over her ass and tits while fingering her nipples, she never thought she'd have these sexual feelings that she was having now. Mike and Jim continued feeling her tits and fingering her nipples, as Tony continued French kissing her while Jack licked and finger fucked her pussy.


A sexy Romp through Space-time

group wraithe_13 2018-05-07

Her aching pussy spasmed pleasantly as she recalled being on her hands and knees while Ron and Harry took turns thrusting themselves into her from behind as she used her mouth to pleasure the other one while her body shook through uncountable orgasmic waves until both boys finally screamed her name as they shot their hot loads all over her face and ass simultaneously. “Fine,” the stranger grumbled, apparently more frustrated than surprised to see a flying phallus cock block him, “I'll take the other hole.” Hermione didn't care what he did at that point, her wand was already fucking her just the way she liked, hard and fast, and she was building towards yet another orgasm.