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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Teacher Plays Strip Math

group hotrod1969 2018-05-07

Mrs. Gibson looked at him and said, "s*******n is correct." Standing in front of the board, she leaned over and lifted her leg, took off her right shoe, held it up, and dropped it. Mrs. Gibson said, "Very good, Ivan," and with a smile on her face, hiked her skirt up almost to her crotch, and wiggled her slip down her legs and stepped out of it. Jim was next, and when he announced his answer, Mrs. Gibson gave us a big dirty grin, crossed her hands at her waist, pulled her sweater out of her skirt, and lifted it. Steve announced his answer, and Mrs. Gibson threw both fists in the air, said, "Woo hoo!" and shook her tits.

Marlene Teases the Boys Ch. 1

group bnlnutwo 2018-05-07

As she walked away, she flipped her skirt at me and said over her shoulder "I hope you like the sofa." As I turned back to the table, I caught Adam looking at her ass with animal lust. Chris looked thoughtful for a moment, then said "wait here, I'll be right back." He went out to the living room and huddled for a long while with the other guys. I spelled out a few basic rules, hoping they would be followed, closed my eyes, and said "Yes." I wasn't precisely sure what was in store for my unsuspecting but deserving wife, but I thought at least this way I could keep it from getting out of hand.

A Fantasy of Three

group penguindance 2018-05-07

Breathlessly they sat and stared at each other for what seemed to Kevin like an eternity until Sara reached out one hand and slowly pushed Chelle's straps from one shoulder, then the other. Kevin drew in a sharp breath of excitement as the girl bent down and softly kissed one of Chelle's breasts, then cupped them in her hands and ran her tongue over her dark nipples, teasing them with the tip of her tongue until they stood taut. Chelle reached her arms above her head and gripped the edge of the bed as Sara ran her tongue up and down her wet slit, tasting her juices, then shoved her tongue inside her.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 03

group lamoureuse 2018-05-07

Adonis paused at the door, his hand resting on the handle, and turned back to look at Elena over his shoulder. Petros stepped toward Elena and took her in his arms as Adonis released her; his hands rising to smooth her wild hair back from her face. Petros murmured something to him in Greek that prompted a satisfied groan from his brother as he likewise snaked one hand down to feel Elena's moist sex. Elena's raised arms, rather than dropping back down by her sides, wound backwards around Adonis's neck as he turned her head in order to kiss her already bee-stung lips. He leaned down to Elena and cupping her face in his hands, pressed his mouth to hers in a long, sweet kiss that hinted at a profound depth of feeling.

My first swinging experience Part 1/4

group toydevil 2018-05-07

Now she pushed my hand even higher on her thigh but this time under her short skirt, and I felt that she was not wearing panties, I hesitantly started stroking her pussy, but she guided my hand and showed me what she wanted, she put my finger on her clit and whispered: "Rub me", I obliged soon her clit swelled and I was getting more adventurous and let my fingers slide up and down her shaven pussy, slowly exploring, the by now moist pussy, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper and massaging the pussy lips alternately - but not forgetting to rub her clit as requested before.

Three Friends?

group Angel088 2018-05-07

"Course not, we've wanted to try it for some time but we were to embarrassed to ask," Jen said, trying to avoid eye contact. I looked over at Chris who was sat next to Jen on my bed, hunched forward obviously hard from the ideas in his head. I felt his hands running through my hair and he began moaning. She began moving slowly, up and down, up and down, her tongue wrestling mine and her tits pressing against my chest. I felt Chris shoot his warm load into my arse which was an amazing feeling and Jen screamed with ecstasy as I shot my own into her warm and damp pussy.


group seadaddy 2018-05-07

As I watched, Lianne moved closer, still on her hands and knees took one look up into Sam's face and then buried her mouth into my girlfriend's cunt. Lianne had her ass invitingly up in the air as she licked Sam and Chris got up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her skirt covered ass. Chris was licking between Sam's pussy lips now and she had her hand down by his head, rubbing her clit as she watched me fuck Lianne. As Sam and I looked on, Chris let the tip of the plastic cock travel down Lianne's body until it was nestled between her cunt lips.


5/15/2004 TS ENCOUNTER... TRUE !! TRUE!!! TRUE!!!!

group Benv221445 2018-05-07

After about 5 minutes of this Marisol stopped us and she moved me over the side of the bed with my legs on the ground and her friend moved spread eagle and grabbed me by the back of the head making me eat her ass and balls this made her go crazy with moans and groans. Then she grabbed my dick again and I told her lets switch position cuz I didn’t want to cum so quick cuz she felt so good, so I went to the end of the bed and bent over with my legs on the ground and she spread my legs grabbed my hips and fucked me hard.

The Island of Fantasy and Deceit Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-05-07

Sophie felt the tongue on her pussy and she first though that either Francine or Helena had arrived on the scene. Sophie told Francine and Helena that she wanted them to fuck her and Elsa with the fake cocks. Francine and Helena removed the rubber dicks from the women's pussies and looked at the dildos glistening with Sophie's and Elsa's juices. Francine could once again felt the nub on the dildo work its magic on her clit and she began to thrust her hips into her lover as she fucked her ass. The dildo nubs were doing their job as Francine and Helena rapidly fucked the two shapely asses of Sophie and Elsa.


Betsy's Birthday Party

group OneWhoKnows 2018-05-07

Betsy only lasted about two minutes, until she was squirming, making soft little sounds, clenching her muscles tightly down on Paul's fingers, three of which he had buried in her cunt, and on the dildo in her ass, lost in her own little orgasmic world. Susie was still sucking on her nipples, she still had the butt plug up her ass, and Paul had the vibrator turned up on high, thrusting it in and out of her pussy in long, slow strokes, as her vaginal muscles rhythmically contracted on the vibrator. When they got to the bedroom, Paul said, "Okay, Betsy, lay down across the bed, sideways, on your back, with just this one pillow under your ass. Paul spoke, "Damn, I hate to break this up, but I'm going to put this hard cock in Betsy's pussy.


More Than Some Hugs

group guinness44 2018-05-07

He knew how I had felt about Kristy since the first time I had laid eyes on her back in high school. A couple of minutes later, she came back and said, “OK, Sarah and Kate will come out with us, but Alex and Heather can’t.” Since we knew none of these people, that meant not a whole hell of a lot. Kate spoke up again, “See, Mike, it’s like this: Kristy knows you were in love with her in high school. Kate was still riding Shawn, but when she noticed that Kristy was in the process of removing my pants, she stopped and instead of facing Shawn, turned away from him. Kate had slid away from Shawn and Kristy had her come over.

Staycation Ch. 04a

group Gary_Alexander 2018-05-07

My wife Tina decided to go topless as well, and then in very short order I went from rubbing sunscreen onto Michelle's body, to sneaking my hand under her bikini bottoms, to pushing her bottoms to one side and finger-fucking her, to pulling down my bathing suit and slipping the head of my cock into her pussy, hesitating just long enough to give her a chance to stop me if she wanted to. Unfortunately she did, but as soon as Jim and Michelle left, Tina stripped naked and let me fuck her on the grass next to the pool, so I have no complaints about the morning. I heard the door open and close, but I couldn't see her come in because we have a heavy, opaque shower curtain.

The Physicians' Tale

group queenhobart 2018-05-07

"You know," Beltz said, looking up from a half-finished messy plait in her dark hair, "We could pass the time with stories," What shred of professionalism I have left in me, exposed cock and all says, "please miss, keep it down," thinking if my supervisor came in right now and saw me with my cock out, fist inside of a patient, that would be the end of it for me, and more's the point, I'm stuck in a finger-trap tight vagina--escape would not be swift. "Intern, I think you can go home, now." My supervisor says, smiling and more awake than I'd ever seen him, with a look like hunger on his face.


Jilly and Myranda Ch. 03

group texastornado 2018-05-07

As she said this she began to slide herself off of Ric's lap...I went to her, taking her face in my hands and kissed her gently on the mouth. I pull his face away from her breast and kiss him hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and letting Jilly's cum spill onto his waiting lips. At that moment Ric appeared at the foot of the bed, I felt him touch my soft, round ass, and I leaned back into the palm of his hand, feeling him bring his cock to rest in the cleft of my cheeks. That was all the encouragement he needed with two final hard thrusts, I saw his body tense, his muscles flex, and he let out a roar as he came inside her....and was like watching a flower bloom.

Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 04

group GreyGoose 2018-05-07

"Well, you know," she began, "as much as Sara and I are dying to rock Patrick's world, I believe he has some unfinished business with Lily and Julie." The three of them smiled in agreement. I knew that Julie would not disappoint, and watching Lily squeeze that thick hard-on was starting to make me really excited to see what Steve had in store! I loved the feeling of Drew's hands on me, but even more did I love the way Julie watched him touching me. Satisfying Lily's curiosity and his own, Steve began to split Heather's cheeks and rub his fingers down toward her pussy. I could tell that Heather didn't have the willpower to defer Steve's curiosity until Julie's story recommenced.

Island Fever Ch. 28

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-07

"I really don't think that you or Jeremy would like it in Norway," Kristanna countered, reaching out and grasping her friend's right hand with her left. "I would love to live on an island like Malta or the Bahamas, but I also want you to be happy, Krissy," Devon offered. "I talked to Jeremy last weekend about the possibility, after the rest of the girls go home in two weeks, of us taking a month-long vacation in Norway," Devon said, which caused Kristanna's blue eyes to light up with glee. There were no kind words or happy smiles from Pamela as Kristanna showed off her engagement ring at the breakfast table earlier this morning.


Date Night with My Wife Pt. 03

group amadbaker 2018-05-07

While I was loving sliding my cock into the clerks mouth I've always wanted to fuck my beautiful wife's tight ass. As I eased more and more into her tight hole she started to ride on Shawns cock again, in and out of her wet hot pussy as I pump in and out of her tight ass. The sounds were incredible, hips slapping against ass checks, the clerks cock being slobberedon by Shawns mouth, the grunts and groans coming from Debbie's mouth as she is DP'd with my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass while Shawn is holding her hips pumping into her wet pussy. I wasn't done however, as Debbie's wet pussy slid off of Shawns cock I just grabbed her hips and started pounding her tight ass.


Island Fever Ch. 36

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-07

"Devon, Trish and Amy are all going to skip breakfast?" I asked Kristanna, my arms draped over her shoulders and gently encircling her from behind, my hands also linked at her midriff, as I followed her into the formal dining room. And, your decision to basically set Lindsay's family up for the rest of their lives in terms of finances." Kristanna paused, then wondered, "Are Trish and Amy even friendly with each other? Kristanna dropped down from the edge of the dining room table, then made her way over to Lindsay and promptly planted a long, tongue-laced kiss directly upon her lips. "Devvy, Trish and Amy went out for a morning picnic," Kristanna said to Lindsay.


Judy's Firemen

group Sparky Kronkite 2018-05-07

He cocked his head toward the shower room and said in a rather low voice, "I hope that doesn't bother you, as you might be able to tell, we're pretty close around here, it's no big deal to us but they can shut the door if you wish." To a bit of my own surprise I simply said, "Yes I'd love another Guinness." With a sly smile James asked, "Great! James said, "Harry will be back soon." James then, went on about his business, what that was, I don't know but I was now left relatively alone and like a magnate, I couldn't keep my eyes out of that shower room.


Ex girlfriend was black cock crazy

group ajanarchy 2018-05-07

She said it kind of jokingly but seriously so I threw on a porno that was a mix of interracial and white on white and we were watching it together and she was all making fun of the girl in the white on white scene sayin she was fat n shit and the dude's dick was small then the next scene was sean michaels and some little red head bitch and i went to skip it to see what she would do and she told me to wait because she wanted to see what would happen.

Center of Attention

group itshotinhere 2018-05-07

During the first two hours, each guy was supposed to show up at a specific time at one room, where he would meet the husband, and then be let in to the other room through a connecting door to spend 20 minutes with the wife. The passion built higher and higher and she came again, just a couple of minutes after the previous orgasm, her whole body shuddering and her moans filling the room. This time I had taken her clit into my mouth and was sucking and nibbling gently on it, while the other guy continued to explore her vagina with his fingers, and we again brought her to a massive orgasm just like the previous one.

Small Movements Ch. 01-02

group TiedUpKitten 2018-05-07

My hand kept creeping between my legs and my finger slid across my cum covered pussy lips, slipping easily between them and right to my still hard and swollen clit. "I'm going to wait my turn actually," I said, "all that flirting and playing gave me goosebumps and I want to shave my legs again." Lexy pulled the curtain back and showed her sexy bottom lip poking out. He pulled my pants from me, and kicked my legs apart so that I was spread eagle in the door frame, his hands expertly tilted my hips back and in the same motion drove his forward burying his rock hard cock into the willing folds of my, now dripping sex.

Ann's Surprise From Santa Ch. 2

group Hitchhiker 2018-05-07

With Peter' cock in her pussy thrusting back and forth in long slow firm strokes that applied a wonderful pressure to her G-spot; and Don fucking her mouth and squeezing her luscious globes and pinching her nipples. Peter rolled Ann and himself over so he could screw her from the side, this allowed him to massage her large a wonderful tits and also tickle her clit and fuck her with long hard thrusts and also stare into her eyes with pure lust. Sabrina moved toward Ann and stroked her naked flesh saying, "I like women as well as men and want to get to know your body first. Peter was stroking and kissing both women, he had pushed two fingers into Sabrina's pussy, and was hand fucking her at the same time.


group PAUL C 2018-05-07

"What if I were to stop the car here," He said pulling into the side of the road, "and told you, Sonali, that I wanted you to pleasure that old man with your mouth whilst Viplove takes you from behind." Viplove could feel his own cum starting so pulled out of Sonali and shot all over and between her ass cheeks. Mary reached down between Viplove's legs and pulled his prick from Jane's hole as she finished coming. Jane climbed from the bed and Mary led Viplove by the prick to Sonali's open hole. The man on her other side had finished coming over her face and started to rub his cum into her skin with the tip of his prick before presenting it to her lips for cleaning.