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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Start of a Beautiful 3some

group suaveliso 2018-05-07

“You look good,” said Jean-Louis, “don’t you think so, Sweetheart?” She leaned back against the wall of the sauna and put her hand on her husband’s thigh, occasionally rubbing her little finger along his awesome dong, which didn’t seem to react. Sometimes you sound English-speaking and at others a bit Spanish,” said Jean-Louis. “Well, it’s getting hot in here,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh dangerously close to my cock, “how about a few minutes in the hot tub, as we have to leave soon.” Then I felt her left hand take my semi-erect penis, give it a little squeeze and rub her thumb over the head.

The Daughter Ch. 03

group motorcyclemaniac 2018-05-07

Jen started kissing me again and took Joan's hand and placed it on my chest and told her she could rub my body. Joan devoured my dick with her pussy and moved her little pelvis back and forth while facing Jen; they kissed and played with each other's nipples. Jen said she wanted to watch my cum shoot out in Joan again and placed herself between my legs and kissed on Joan's ass, licking her butt hole and then worked her way down to my balls and back. Jen said they would share my cum and she took me in her hand and started stroking me and told Joan to get her mouth next to hers and they would catch it when I shot out.


The final of Date night

group amadbaker 2018-05-07

Right there in front of me my wife had her hand around the shaft of my cock and the Clerk was just about to drop his mouth that still had some cum around his lips onto my mushroom head and Shawn was rubbing my balls. After hearing this from Sandy i hear Debbie exclaim "Fuck my married pussy you mother fucker!" Not sure if it was her dirty talking or since she had shifted her position so now with the angle that she was in leaning on her elbows so his balls were now smacking against her clit but she just went completely still and started shaking visably and screamed "i'm cumming on that fucking hard cock!

A Bungled Robbery

group English Bob 2018-05-07

"That's a nice trimmed little bush you got there, honey!" Ray exclaimed as Caroline began to sway her hips and walk slowly towards him. Mark and his brother Jimmy stared on with a fixed expression of awe as they watched their boss fellate Ray. Her top still covered her dark breasts but she had spread her knees wide allowing both men a good view of her pussy. Ray began to rock his hips back and forth as he fucked his thick meat into Caroline's hot mouth. He looked over Caroline's shoulder and watched fascinated as Mark ejaculated thickly into her mouth. He looked back at the monitor and at his wife, Caroline, as she took the man's hard cock deep into her ass.

Carrie's New Life Ch. 6

group Tom Donner 2018-05-07

Carrie was pulled up from the bed and was pushed down on all fours with her mouth inches away from the brunette's pussy which was leaking cum all over the carpet. Another wave shot through Carrie's pussy as the man straddling the blonde shot his load in the girls mouth. Another man pulled the brunette away from Carrie's face and pushed his cock into the short haired girl's mouth and began pumping furiously. The leader pulled his cock out of the blonde's mouth and started jacking off, aiming his prick directly at Carrie's face. As the leader pulled away, Tom immediately replaced the leader's cock with his own and began to fill her mouth with a huge load of his sperm.

Memories of Old Camp

group TxRad 2018-05-07

We unloaded everything into a pile, and then Mr. Harlan said his good-byes, got into the truck, turned around, and drove back the way he had come. I stared at her with my mouth open, as Carol looked hard at her friend and said, "Gale, you're being way to blunt here girlfriend. I looked at Gale and said, "Interestingly enough, Carol seemed to enjoy the second act of the show as much as I did." Carol sat there for a moment with her mouth hanging open as she stared at Gale. We had walked about a half a mile, when I stopped and quietly explained to the girls that the road was going to start down hill into the bottoms shortly and that we needed to move slowly and quietly along in single file.


Helping Out

group WayneGibbous 2018-05-07

She took my cock in one hand as she swept back the covers in the other, then got up on the bed on her hands and knees, her pussy looking back at me from between her legs, and said, "Come fuck me, Perry, I want that handsome cock of yours inside me making me happy." My hands were so happy with them, they were upright and round and firm and, like Jean, her pussy was tight, more so than I'd though a woman of her age might be; she was sure good riding my cock like she was. I knew you'd like Penny, just be sure to save some of that nice cock for me, hon," Jean said as we fucked away next to her.


Naughty or Nice?

group Geminiwriter 2018-05-07

With a heavy sigh he walked to his green chair and just sat there in cold contemplation, imagining Martha checking up on the elves or working the weather forecast before the flight and scheduling the best route through the timezones of Earth (it was also Mrs. Claus' idea to modernize the entire village with technology to compliment elvish magic and old fashioned working hands) and just stayed there in his chair looking distant and bored and outright disinterested in the most important day of the year.


Kit & Kaboodle

group temp171 2018-05-07

She looked a little shocked and hesitant, but her fingers continued working her clit, and after a moment she opened her mouth to taste Becky's juice. She began to rub her pussy sensuously against my mouth, with increasing intensity, to the point where she started to cum, over and over, as I lapped and sucked greedily at her cunt. Becky reached over, placing her hand on my cock, and sort of whimpered, "Can't we just go back home?" But with another wicked smile, Kit replied, "There'll be plenty of time for that. As she watched Kit go to work on Becky, she slowly unwrapped her skirt, revealing a pair of lacy bikini panties, and turned to me, saying, "You don't look too busy.

Madamefifi's Ch. 04

group madamefifi 2018-05-07

When you touch my clit like that I don’t think I can control myself” And with that she began rocking harder on his cock, her breasts jiggling and she rode her way to a climax, taking him right with her. Moving her mouth from John’s cock, I heard her speak in a low sultry voice “I’m an anal virgin, but I think it’s time I got over that don’t you?” Even I could see Paul’s cum, but Jack appeared not to care and began to gently lick the lips of her pussy, moving his tongue around her clit before pushing it in. She giggled slightly, making her sound embarrassed, I wasn’t sure why she was after earlier, but as he caressed her breasts, squeezing them her giggles turned to moans, and taking his cue his pushed his cock into her.

Cindy's Amateur Photoshoot

group missbliss101 2018-05-07

Cindy said she would go and get ready and told the guys to get ready to start. The guys all then started taking loads of shots of her in her sexy outfit, doing all the normal poses all over the bed on her hands and knees, pouting and licking her lips. They all agreed and Cindy told me to get undressed and started sucking my cock in front of them. The man at the front was still touching her all over and she told him to come closer so she could suck him off. She took it deep into her mouth and made me shoot my load with her lips wrapped tightly round me, looking straight at me whilst she did it.

Private Little Captive Audience

group Tavis 2018-05-07

Audry was slowly and firmly stroking the crotch of her panties now, and the two of them looked into each other's eyes, then kissed fiercely; Tammy groaned into Audry's mouth as I slid her panties down to her ankles. I guided Tammy to stand up beside me and slid my hand behind her as she wrapped her arm around my waist for support, my hand teasing her ass with my fingertips as she slowly stroked her pussy and watched Audry fuck my cock with her mouth. Tammy and Audry each began to kiss and nibble my chest softly, teasing my nipples with their tongues as their hands which were laced together moved down and together slid over my firm and sticky cock, slowly stroking it together.

Strangers at the Movies

group HornyCh1ck 2018-05-07

His hand reaches the top of my thigh and brushes against the damp material of my panties as I start to feel an orgasm building. He gets to his feet and I feel two pairs of strong arms lift me up and turn me over so I am kneeling on the seat facing that gorgeous thick cock. I feel them start to tighten and I move my hand further back and slide a finger into his ass. I feel the cock between my legs pull out, and more come streams over my ass and back as he shoots his load all over me.

A Penny for Walt's Thoughts Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-05-07

Astrid moved her body as if she were trying to get my hand near her pussy so I slid it between her legs and stroked the outer lips of her labia. I ran my hands all over Astrid's ass, thighs and pubes feeling her wet pussy. Astrid looked so hot leaning over the table with my cock sliding in and out of her pussy that I just couldn't prolong my ejaculation any longer. Astrid gently took hold of my cock and took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, while her hand worked my shaft up and down at the same time.


Sexploits Ch. 10: Jessica Pt. 02

group dpingjessie 2018-05-07

At last, after what felt like an eternity of awkwardly waiting in the living room with the husband of the woman I had obsessed over for years, the door to the bedroom swung open, and out stepped just the right leg of my best friend, but it was enough to get me hard right away. The second I began to lick Jessie's pussy, Jessie slightly pulled away from Brian's cock and moaned loudly as she kicked her left leg straight up into the air, the bracelets clattering against each other as Jessie allowed me full access to her cunt. In response to the double-fucking, Jessie cursed loudly and sank her nails into her husband's chest before pushing herself up in order to angle herself just right, halfway between us two men as we slowly worked up to a shared faster pace.


Girl Toys

group NickyFaulkes 2018-05-07

Setting the bag down by the car, Charlie pulled a long, black lace blindfold from her pocket. Before she could respond she heard a small feminine voice from between her legs say, "Yes, Sir, she does." With the realization that it was another girl eating her pussy, she moaned loudly, about to come. She wondered if the driver or the people on the street could hear her screams as she thrust her pussy hard against the unknown girl's face and flooded the invisible mouth that had been tormenting her for so long with her come. Jackie automatically spread her legs wider, encouraging Sam. Once, twice, three times Sam drug her fingertips along Jackie's outer lips, then she shoved two fingers deep into the panting girl's hot wet core.


Rental wife

group harvin007 2018-05-07

Gupta now took off riitus pantys and picked rittu with both his hands and placed her chut on the tip of his cock while gupta was standing and rittu was pleading with gupta to leave her but then as the tip of cock entered rittu chut lips and gupta was not penetrating his cock and told rittu to relax and rittu got comforted from guptas words and soon the cock and chut were tingling with each other.Gupta was taking aal the load of my wife weight with his hands on her thighs and his cock trying to enter the chut lips.Rittu was now passionately kissing gupta with her tounge and gupta was also slurping rittu saliva in his mouth.Soon gutpa now started penetrating rittus chut and rittu chut was very hot and was slowly giving way to.guptas cock.As gupta pentarted a little bit in rittus chut he gave a deep jerk and penetrated deep inside rittus chut.Rittu shouted in deep scremed like a virgin chut fucked for the first time and she was now crying loudly but gupta did not listen and was fucking rittu harder and harder.Soon rittus chut lips adjusted to gupta cock and became wide and soon she also started stroking vigoursly.It was realy strange to see a old man fucking with such a stamina and that too standing and rittu was thusrting her chut on gupta monster cock.

First night at club part 1

group 2018-05-06

She turned around and slowly bent I've slightly spreading her legs, she lowered her head and took my hard cock in her mouth whilst wiggling her arse at her two new fans, showing them both her soaked thong. I reached down her back and pulled the thong tight over her pussy, one of the guys asked if he could come on her arse, Tru heard this and nodded, my cock still down her throat. I asked Tru if she wanted more cum but she was still recovering from my load so she reached behind and spread her arse cheeks and told him to shoot over her thong.

Three's A Party, Not A Crowd

group Trav316 2018-05-06

I withdraw my finger from her ass then grab her hips and start pumping she's gasping, this time it was followed by a string of unintelligible words as I slam my cock in and out of her, she comes again and again I feels my balls boiling. Greg was moaning and telling his wife what he was going to do to her, the sound of Chrissy's mouth working over her husband's cock, and also the slurping and squelching sounds that emanated from her pussy as I worked my now four fingers into her pussy. As I got out and started to dry off, she stuck her head out of the shower and said, "Greg and I want you to come back again real soon..." and as the door of the shower closed she added, "...and next time maybe bring your wife"

Who Knew

group jusduit 2018-05-06

One last trick she used in this little act was to fake a sudden release of the bin as if she'd lost her balance and let her torso move forward, pushing her mound right into the man's face. They were both pleased with the results: Mark got his "feels" and Beth felt the man's hands on her stiff nippled breasts. When she leaned down and over his body to put the coffee in the receptacle on the arm rest between his and the empty seat beside him, the Captain had seen fit to first hit the brakes, which she was able to sustain, but then let them go just as quickly, which she was not prepared for.


Loving Neighbors Ch. 02

group every_horizon 2018-05-06

Her story was driving me mad with desire for her, and the picture of last night, of my wife and Michele dancing, laughing, kissing and stroking, was coming into clearer focus. Before I knew it, I had peeled Michele's top off and was suckling her breasts like a hungry baby. "Can you imagine how I felt, watching your cock disappear into Michele's mouth? I had frozen the image of Alan's turgid cock popping free of Linda's mouth, then erupting again and again, his opaque spurts arcing up and splashing in my wife's hair and on her shoulders and dripping down her soft curves, hanging in a creamy ribbon from her lower lip.

The Invitation

group newpaulman 2018-05-06

I contacted Indicpl and exchanged messages with Atish, who seemed like a nice guy and said he just got a kick out of being there while his wife sucked someone else's dick, plus other things. Atish got off the bed and went over to the camera, while Norah lay next to me. I got the feeling that she wanted to put her arms around me and do it lovingly, so I let them go and she did just that; she kissed me like I was her new love. Atish let out a low moan as she licked me up the underside and round the head, her tongue wanting to examine everything I had.

One Good Turn...

group figjam44 2018-05-06

She was desperate for a fuck...she used her vibrators daily but it had been weeks since she had a thick hard cock in her pussy...she could feel her pussy throb as she imagined the feel of the initial impalement: her outer lips goaded to part by a silken mushroomed cockhead as it nosed its way inward with exquisite slowness, compelling her snug inner walls to become accustomed to its shafts' thickness so that its full length could be thrust repeatedly to the hilt, its ball sac bouncing off her sensitive perineum allowing her slick innermost walls to greedily milk the shank of its load as they both reached nirvana.


Azzie's Silver Tipped Surprise

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-05-06

But last night, opportunity had presented her pretty face and he was able to enjoy fucking his secretary hard and wild like he had always craved he would be able to. Eight months ago he had a wild night out with Azzie and two of his co workers, John and Steve. While his friends danced Pierce arranged for a strobe light room with specific furniture and was assured it would be ready in the exact way he wanted on the day and time he had chosen. Pierce guided Azzie's beautiful blind folded face into his crotch and felt her lips encircle his throbbing need. The audience was pleasantly seduced when beautiful Azzie started loudly begging for the trim, muscular men's hard cocks, back inside her.