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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dixie Saga Ch. 5

group X-Bard 2018-05-06

Dixie looked askance at Willow, the light finally dawning. “Right now, though,” Dixie said looking at her watch, “I think I’m going to go on home. Dixie sighed and pressed her hips towards Willow, closing her eyes. It didn’t take long before Dixie was bucking hard into Willow, shivering with an intense orgasm. When Willow waved it in front of Dixie’s face Dixie never hesitated. Dixie moved a bit faster, enjoying the moan that Willow let escape. She placed the dildo at the apex of Dixie’s legs and held it there for a moment, teasing Dixie. Willow began moving her hips, thrusting the dildo back and forth into Dixie. “That tape you wanted me to watch was blank,” Willow said through the receiver.

Spanish Holiday

group xtcnymphette 2018-05-06

The way he looked at me in my underwear was quite exciting and it made me feel just horny enough so that, after he left I retired to the bedroom and fantasised a little about him until I felt wet and then manipulated my clit thru my panties until I came. I crouched on all fours and slid my panties aside and rammed two middle fingers into my sopping pussy, imagining Paulo teasing the rim of my sex with his cock and then plunging inside me. Paulo came home shortly after 9-30pm and I was conscious of how passionately Sofia greeted him at the door grinding herself against him and kissing him like she wanted to go to bed with him immediately.


Sharing My Erotic Confession Ch. 03

group a butterfly 2018-05-06

I could hear soft music coming from the living room, and stifled a giggle as I thought of big, macho Frank Stone putting on easy listening. His mouth slowly made it's way down my neck as I buried my hands in his hair, kissing the top of his head. I grabbed my shirt from the floor and started to put it back on as the door opened up and Frank stepped back in followed by another man. I could feel Frank's hands as the last button was undone and he pulled my blouse away from my skin. Do want his cock?" Frank whispered into my ear, never taking his eyes from Jesse. I let go of Jesse's balls and put my hand in Franks hair, loving the feel of it.


Libby's Whorehouse Ch. 2

group Bigtuna 2018-05-06

I went to the room with one of the girls - who wasn't particularly memorable -- and when I returned there was a new lady there who Libby introduced as Teri. I didn't need to answer Teri's question because two of the four ladies in the room knew first hand all about my pussy and fanny eating desires. Norma was kind enough to help me with the rubber and as soon as she was through I rubbed my cock on Teri's wide open asshole a few times and after fooling around like this I penetrated her pussy and pumped slowly and deeply while she moved back and forth along with my motions and made sounds of pleasure.

Jen & Me Ch. 5: Jack, Jen &...

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-05-06

I often met the guys from work for golf, but this Saturday I had agreed to help Marisa move in with Jen. Jack had agreed to meet us at Jenny's. "Ok, I'll start in the study, and Jen, you can show Jack where Marisa's room will be and where things go." I headed off to the study, figuring it would be nice to give them a chance to get reacquainted after last night's first date - and get any potential awkwardness out of the way. Ooooohhhhh, Jenny watching you completely lose yourself in me -- Ahhhhhhhh, GOD, I'm cumming, Ohhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, JESUS, Ahhh, Ahhh, shit, shit, shit!" she was trembling uncontrollably, and I had just barely started working the dildo up her ass as I slowly fucked her pussy.


My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 2

group 2018-05-06

Her spread, wet cunt and knees pressed into her tits looked so hot I asked Melinda, "My god, this is an amazing view. If Kevin were standing here right now what do you think her would do?" She looked desparate for cock and cried out, "Probably fuck me silly like he does to Sara. She says no man has ever fucked her like him." God, just the thought of Melinda and Sara talking dirty about Kevin turned me on more. Melinda screamed, "Oh, Kevin eat it, eat it, baby!" I jumped up and buried my cock deep into her cunt. I as fucked Melinda's incredibly juicy cunt, I leaned down and began kissing her panting mouth with passion.

Lesson Three

group BurningGarnet 2018-05-06

I feel my clit swell in anticipation as you push your tongue into my mouth, allowing me to suck on it like your cock. You warn about the use of my hands, but I choose to ignore you and tighten my squeeze, rubbing her nipple between my thumbs until it slips away and she gasps with painful pleasure. When she reaches the mouth of my pussy, she turns her hand, palm up, and slides her slender middle finger into me. She nuzzles her face into my pussy, her chin fits neatly into the mouth of it as she sucks and licks my clit. She says she loves watching your cock disappear inside of my ass and while her index finger is fucking my pussy hole, her thumb strokes my clit.


All for One

group luvitbi 2018-05-06

Chrystal smiled at me, then leaned out to suck on Brad's cock. As Chrystal kissed me, she grabbed Brad's cock and pulled it closer. Angela held my cheeks apart so Brad could watch Chrystal drive her index finger into my asshole to the third knuckle and twirl it around. Angela took the lube from Chrystal and applied it to Brad's cock. Chrystal and I held each other and watched her suck on Brad's big black cock. Angela held out Brad's cock for me and I took it in my mouth. Chrystal felt his balls jump and watched my face as Brad shot his load over my tongue, filling my mouth with his potent nectar.

Football Party Ch. 02

group MLPatricks 2018-05-06

At the climax of our threesome, Todd's cock was in my mouth, shooting massive loads of cum down my throat while I released my load inside Jessica. Jessica slowly stroked Todd's 7-inch cock, taking long, slow slurps, holding the base of his shaft with her right hand. Todd leaned back on the couch and placed his hands behind his head while Jessica leisurely slurped at his throbbing penis. Jessica began sucking Todd more quickly, and making quick, short movements with her hips, fucking herself with my finger. Jessica reached down and took Todd's cock into her right hand and began stroking it. I felt Todd's cock grow in my mouth as well, as Jessica pressed her finger firmly against his prostate.

Las Vegas Best Friend Threesome Ch. 02

group SluttyBisexualGuy 2018-05-06

Elijah felt Jenny pushing down on his bobbing head as the orgasm spread over her entire body—the sudden surprise of her pussy squeezing his cock while she came, coupled with her forcing him to deepthroat Noah was also too much of a combined turn-on for Elijah and he too felt his cock starting to cum deep inside of the girl he had grown up with. "Ya know," she mused, rolling over on her belly and lifting her head up on her hands as she cutely kicked her feet behind her, "I know a lot of girlfriends who have shared stories of the very first blowjobs they ever gave, and very few of them end with a successful porno-worthy cumshot like that one," Jenny leaned over to where Elijah was laying down and kissed him sweetly on the lips where she could taste and smell Noah's cum.


Just Good Friends

group fotisampini 2018-05-06

This went on for about five minutes, John could feel the heat coming from Chloe’s pussy as she rubbed up and down, letting out more moans and breathing erratically. As John slowly rubbed her pussy, running his fingers over her swollen lips, Chloe groaned and moved her pussy onto his hands. At which point Chloe slid her hand up his thigh, and rubbed John’s hard cock. John, slid his hands up her stomach, and finally got to touch her breasts, over the velvet, but they were still a wonder to feel, soft and round, John could make out her hard nipples through the fabric, he rubbed his thumbs over them, making her twitch.

Morning with the Girls

group thisridiculous 2018-05-06

We spent the evening watching a movie, after which Dom and Alison retired to bed, and Cassandra took my hand in hers and led me to her room. They explored each other's bodies with their hands while they kissed, and then Cassandra pulled away and glanced over at me, still lying on the bed, fully clothed, though I had long ago tossed my book aside. My hand found Cassandra's foot, and I slid it up the back of her leg to grasp her ass, then I pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and pressed my thumb against her clit.


Summer Lovin'

group BJcumcraver 2018-05-06

After a couple of long sensuous sucks and lip-smacks, the man pulled off the head of the standing man's cock and looked at me. I pulled his cock out and worshipped it for a minute, rubbing it around my face, licking the head while looking up at my new best friend. I returned to Jim's cock, stroking him with my hand while pistoning up and down on his head – all the while waiting for that sensation I dreaded – Hank's hard cock pushing up against my sphincter, demanding entry. Feeling the encouragement, Hank began thrusting his hard cock into me. My wife looked like she was going to turn and run, but her friends hand on her elbow stopped her.

Fit to be tied up

group pdaddyo 2018-05-06

I couldnt say no!I left my car i was to d***k to drive.When we got to thier home the blonde headed one asked me if i ever had a threesum i told her yea,Then wanted to tie me up?I said hell yea!I layed down on the bed an they took my cloths off. They tied my hands to the head board an spreaded my legs apart an tied them to the foot board.My dic was so hard it was throbing.Then they poured warm oil all over me,When they took off thier cloths i found out the dark headed one was a tranny.The blonde had a strap on.At first i was alittle mad.Before i new it he was suckin my dic an she was easeing her strapon up my ass.Dam after a few strokes it was starting fo feel good.Then they switched places,He had a big dic before he got it all in me i came like hell .That was only a few things they did to me.But no what?like really enjoyed it .i wish we could do it again


group luvjuice43 2018-05-06

Nelson, Susan's boyfriend, moved-in in September but it only took a short time to see that we were really the "odd couple". I moved my hands to the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them over her hips, kissing my way down the line of soft dark hair trailing between her navel and the thick dark triangle which hid all her feminine secrets. I guided her to the table and stood between her knees as my hands unfastened the buttons of her blouse exposing her small, perky breasts for my lips to kiss. By the time I slipped Lynn's panties off, Susan had dropped her bib overalls and shirt in the floor and was also ready to get into the tub of warm sudsy water.


Getting Over an Ex

group zmoorez 2018-05-06

She wasn't the type to cover herself in makeup every day, although Zack had seen quite a few facebook photos where she looked really sexy. Cam had been applying the finishing touches of her makeup as he called, since she was getting ready for a night of partying out with Heather. Zack decided that it would be best if he jerked off once more before the girls got here, in the hope that it could make him last a bit longer inside them. As they sat down, Heather said, "Just continue where you left off, Zack, I can fill Cam in on the details later." "Alright, I just retold the story to Cam and Jenna while you were out there," Heather said.


An Unexpected Appointment

group bishop899 2018-05-06

I pulled my dick out of the blonde's mouth and made my way back around to the other side of the bed where my wife's pussy was still dripping and ready for me. I started to fuck my wife from behind but soon realize that with the butt plug in her pussy is way too tight and I am going to cum quickly if I don't do something about it. I pull the butt plug out of my wife which makes her moan into the blondes pussy and helps finish off her orgasm. After a while my wife tells the blond to lean back against the shower wall while she gets down on her knees and starts to eat her out again (and she said she didn't think she was going to like the taste of pussy).

Naughty Librarian Ch. 03

group sophia jane 2018-05-06

"As I told you," Michael finally said, "my fantasy is to watch and then I want to join in. Jon slid his hands down my body and lifted my dress. In reply Jon bit down on my nipple and I moaned, enjoying the quick pain that shot through my body. I paused on Jon when Michael pressed against me, his cock pulsing against my ass. Slowly Michael pushed in and out; looking down at Jon I could see the pleasure on his face; he could obviously feel Michael's movements. Seeing Michael's hand so close to him, Jon exploded inside me. Michael's hand pinched harder on my clit and I cried out; pleasure rippled through my body as I came.

Four Plus One 06: Two into One

group ReefBeach 2018-05-06

Coincidentally Andrea and Danny both started on Atlantia in the same way, by kissing her shoulder and stroking it. Atlantia writhed with pleasure, dimly aware of Danny's light fingers over her ribs and across her bottom. "He's moving inside you!" Andrea's fingers could sense the pressure and rhythm of his shaft pushing into the soft flesh. "Let me feel that!" Inside, Atlantia's fingers felt into the familiar passage of her vagina, but immediately noticed the thrusting cock just behind. Andrea slid her hand under Atlantia's, tickling her palm as she spread her lips and found her smooth, firm clit. With hands and lips roaming over her, fingers over nipples and across her face, Atlantia quickly felt her body rising.

West of Boston: Outrage & Lust

group Softouch911 2018-05-06

The case concerns the alleged rape of Emme Thompson, 32, by one or more of the following: two residents, Eric Drudziak, 18; Chad Perreault, 18; and a vagrant, Marcus Wheeler, who gives his age as 42. Officer Tom Nolle has determined that Mrs. Thompson first encountered both Eric Drudziak and Chad Perreault shortly after 3: 00 last Wednesday at the Big Bunny where both men are employed as stock boys and baggers. Before Officer Julius arrived on the scene, Officer Nolle observed one of the suspects, Chad Perreault, stagger away from the vehicle, holding his hands between his legs, in apparent pain. But then Eric tied a piece of the rope around my neck and pulled it tight and told me that he would hurt me if I said anything.


Spying On My Cheating Wife

group nckboy 2018-05-06

The pounding of her fanny is relentless as one shoots his load, another is ready to fill her hole back up, some like to pull out and finish by wanking over her hairy bush, rubbing their cum in to her hair with their cock ends. As Sue stirs from her little rest she grabs my cock, which is semi hard and sucks on it like there is no tomorrow, I reach down on to her cum soaked fanny and start to rub her clit. Our hands are bathed in her squirting fanny juice, all excited I start to fuck her mouth making sure the dirty slut receives every last drop of cum from her husbands cock.

John Billionaire Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-06

And just when it seemed like we would finally wake up and get started with our days, Nicole picked her head up and stared at me, her hazel eyes bright and sharp at the same time. Somewhere in New York, a woman was yelling to her friend "I TOLD you that was Jonathan Kwong!" The final shot was of me getting into my Maybach just this morning. I've got other stuff I have to do." The fact was, a Celebrity Sightings report that New York's 'It' couple of Jonathan Kwong and Taylor Brynn jetted off for a weeklong fuck-session to Paris would pretty much kill my chances with Nicole, forever.


The Masturbatorium Ch. 04

group jehoram 2018-05-06

(When I asked one of the new attendants about that, she said that some of the women had been highly aroused when they got there, and didn't require much stimulation.) After that, it was pretty random for the next three hours, without much attempt to synchronize orgasms. For another thing, I had the pleasure of being tit-fucked by five women in a row, each one clambering on to the table and wrapping her breasts around my cock. "I want to feel you cum in me." At last, I felt my cock thrill with the same sensation it had experienced four times before that day. So that's what it feels like to piss after cumming six times in a day, I thought.

Drive Home

group Tamerlane67 2018-05-06

By time we were going to leave, I looked around and saw that Darlene and Greg were talking. "Okay, I gave you a ride home Darlene, maybe you should do something for us," Greg said. Darlene held my cock with one hand, and then started moving her head up and down on the shaft, occasionally looking up into my eyes. I pulled my fingers out, looked at Darlene, and then stuck my fingers into my mouth, tasting her pussy juices. Even when Greg turned on the light, Darlene couldn't find her panties, so she pulled her shorts back on, along with the rest of her clothes and said that it was late enough that her parents would be asleep in bed.