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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Roommate

group LaPapillonette 2018-05-06

She began to moan as I alternated flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking it hard with my lips, never neglecting her internal massage with my fingers. As if reading my mind, Jessica reached her hand down and began to knead my pussy with her long and able fingers. Charlie pulled out of her mouth to hold off on his orgasm and looked down at Jessica's hand. Charlie began to pound into her tight anus as he came inside her, and the pressure caused her to climax again, only seconds after the initial orgasm. I felt Jessica's lips on my pussy, tasting my juices mixing with Charlie's as they dripped out together.

Weekend Swap Ch. 04

group BobBaker 2018-05-06

My kitty just loves to be kissed." With that, Cindy put her small hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her slit. Then Cindy lifted my cock and started licking my scrotum and sucking gently on my balls. "It really turns me on when Jean does me like that; I love the feel of her big breasts pushing into my back and when she reaches underneath and strokes my cock at the same time, it feels marvelous." I did as she said, and as soon as I settled down on the bed again, Cindy placed the tip of her plastic cock against my anus and pushed slowly but steadily in.


The Yearning Tree Ch. 2

group april_memories 2018-05-06

But I reckon you could help me along a little bit, was you a mind to." MayLee let out a little squeal and kissed me full on the lips, stickin' her tongue right dab into my mouth. I pulled one foot out and MayLee scooted in between my legs and used her fingers to pull my pussy lips apart and then she mashed her whole face into my pussy and started tonguing me. I hooked my legs right up over her shoulders and started humping my pussy against her mouth and tongue like I was tryin' to fuck her whole face. I bent forward and swabbed my tongue around her clitty, then I started suckin' on it real gentle like and I could hear MayLee purrin' just like a cat above my head.

Chance Meeting Ch. 2

group majka 2018-05-06

Slowly, you slide your hands up to my breasts and playfully pinch my nipples over the bikini bra. Your hands are eagerly grabbing my tits, massaging, pinching, and just as I lean back to kiss you, Rebecca appears with a tray of cocktails, wearing nothing but a sarong. You look unreasonably beautiful sitting at the edge of the pool, lights reflecting in all the right places...Rebecca takes gentle hold of your cock and starts stroking it gently. Then she breaks away, kissing your chest as she licks her way down...down...she opens her mouth wide to take all of you in and then closes her lips around the base of your shaft.

Fucked By the Boss and the Boys

group ericrodman101 2018-05-06

And as Jimmy pushed his fingers into her ass and with the other hand grabbed her mouth and pulled her head back, Gina heard more voices. And when Tracey made way for the guys to stand around while she went behind and started fingering Gina's ass, she was convinced this was going to be the fucking of her life. "Cough it up, slut," Tracey said, roughly turning Gina's head round so she could spit on the floor. And all the while the woman in the porno playing on the TV was yelling 'fuck me harder you pussies' and the guys were responding 'suck my fat cock you whore', and Tracey's laugh and the clicking of the camera kept going round in her head.


And After the Pranking

group Averlin 2018-05-06

Well, on occasion of her having given me bad marks on the last couple of assignments (which I know for a fact were well done), of having kept me after class twice in the last week (quite undeservedly, I was so paying attention, I just had no idea what she was talking about), and of having made me look bad right in front of everyone so many times, she was going to get such a pranking. I started to squirm in Professor Edwards' grasp, but Miss Waters quickly got my attention again. As I dropped the shirt to the floor, I started to look over at Professor Edwards again, but Miss Waters' voice rang out with a demanding sharpness that yanked my eyes back to hers.


Another Stripper Story...

group SexyDoubleLIfe 2018-05-06

Dave and I agreed I should wear my leather bra top with the nipples open, black thigh-high leather boots, and a pair of tiny leather shorts – so short and tight, my butt cheeks peeked out in the back. His fingers gradually moved lower, stroking my pussy, lightly teasing the tiny thatch of hair I left just over my slit, and sliding down over my lips. But I was surprised when instead of feeling his cock pressing against me, I felt his mouth, licking and lapping my slit, and sucking against my asshole. As he fucked my asshole, another guy, got down on his back and slipped his head in underneath me, and placed his hands on my hips and pulled my pussy down on his face.

Meeting My Online Friends

group PartyGirlMolly 2018-05-06

Alex and I walked in and I just felt so good that I gave Paul a big wet kiss on the mouth and hugged him and then did the same to Carol. Paul slid his other hand up under my top and was massaging and caressing both of my tits, using his fingers to pinch my nipples, just as Alex and Carol came into the kitchen. I rested my hand on Paul's thigh and crossed my own legs very slowly; watching Carol and Alex looking right up my skirt. Sitting back on my haunches I looked up at Paul as I place my hands under my tits and squeezed and pressed them together and then leaned in and started to suck him in earnest.


Late Night With Coworker And Intern

group liquidtoast 2018-05-06

"Dean," he dared (for we were far past the 'truth' section of the game), "I want you to suck on Sarah's breasts." She looked at me, and, one hand wrapped around my now-semi-erect cock, Sarah started to play with her pussy. Holding my cock in her left hand, Sarah wrapped her right hand around Jim's throbbing erection, and opened her mouth wide. Sarah moved her mouth up and down the length of our cocks, and, feeling his body moving next to mine, hearing his breaths and his gasps alongside mine, I tried not to focus on the office. "I was really fucking turned on watching Jim play with his cock while he ate you out.

Love Bruises Ch. 02

group aliaspeterj 2018-05-06

"What does a girl do with bad beer?" The blonde flipped her hair back in a practiced move and leaned down sighting him in the crosshairs of those cold hard nipples, this while still eyeing a guy by the sofa who, for some reason, was naked except for a diaper. "Three coats are for those really hopeless blondes, the ones guys will only fuck if they're drunk and the light's bad; the ones they only call if it's 3 AM and their hands are too tired to do it for themselves..." Jon grunted and jerked his cock harder. "I'm going to give your pussy and your throat all they need, baby." Jon said rubbing her nipples with one hand while his other massaged her ass.


Hot Weekend Ch. 2

group kittys_pet 2018-05-06

Triggered by the sounds of his moans the man under me bucks harder, lifting us all off the bed and explodes inside me...and that heat and the hard pulsing of my ass and cunt cause you to spill your cum deep inside me. I hold onto your face and kiss you deep and hold, squeezing your cock with my inner muscles till you are moaning and starting to go wild...then you feel one of the men behind you and the smaller man starts rubbing something cold and wet on your jump then moan as you feel fingers sliding into your ass....after a few moments, the fingers are replaced by a cock and he rocks at the same speed as you.

Rule of Three Pt. 03

group KCWolfe30 2018-05-06

Angel felt a low moan, like a growl from his chest as his hands moved down to grab her ass. Fingers joined Kelly's tongue, curving to massage her G-spot just as Jack's teeth grazed her nipple and Isiah softly bit her lower lip. She moaned blissfully, her mouth still harboring Jack's cock, as Kelly gently pushed his girth inside of her. Angel noticed Kelly with that easy, playful grin, stroking his cock as she was being ravaged by Jack and Isaiah. The ginger grabbed two handfuls of her braids, and worked her head to his own speed, matching the off-tempo rhythm of Jack and Isaiah. Nearly one after the other, Jack's cock throbbed harder, Isaiah's shaft widened her near to bursting, and Kelly's stiffened in her mouth.

Good Neighbors Ch. 3

group agent74 2018-05-06

The next day it went through my head all day...thinking of Ginny and they had the other times letting us in on their private little world. Robert, who by now we'd seen nude a few times, sipped on his drink , watching his wife taking the little dark-haired woman's tongue deep in her ass. Robert, seeing Shelly's legs wide open crawled between them and returned his digits to her pussy hole and playfully licked her little love button. "Russell get your cock ready ...for my ass." He did as he was told grabbing the tube of lubricant, he gave it a dozen or two good strokes making it slick.


Doing Anna

group fuzzyb2 2018-05-06

Anna was about 10 years younger, but I couldn't be sure because she had the kind of tight body that came with good diet and energetic workouts (yoga and stuff, not just sex). The bench she was getting moved looked exactly like the one that Ray had been reclined on to fuck all those women at the party. I saw Jackson and Ray do the same thing, but William seemed comfortable with is growing member making a long ridge along his fairly tight pants. Not wanting to lose a second of her show, we each worked out pants open, sliding down our zippers almost in unison, but never taking our eyes off Anna's body.


We Could Make a Better Porn Movie

group ExoMani 2018-05-06

"We could make a better porn movie than that, couldn't we girls?!" Adele said to her friends Holly and Paige. The following Saturday, to my continued surprise, everyone in our little 'production company' gathered at Adele and Drew's house to build the set, work on the script, and do all of the other things we needed to do to make our little movie. Holly and Paige looked from the kitchen table just long enough to say, "Hello, Lance." Turning her attention back to the movie script, Adele said, "The guys are working on the set in the basement. Paige joined us, a little later, and lectured, "We want to make a really good, high-quality, couples-type erotic movie, not just a series of raunchy, unrelated, in-and-out, in-and-out porn loops."


At the Villa Ch. 13

group uvlas45 2018-05-06

He started to push just one finger over her slit while his mouth and the other hand tried to squeeze her nipples and send some more signals to her hot sex chakra. He pulled his finger out of her ass and as quick as a thunderbolt he had the head of his steel hard dick ready; so as Stella was pushing her ass backwards to meet his thrust, her rosebud jammed against his cock and in split second the hard cockhead was inside behind the sphincter. An immediate cry of pain escaped Stella's mouth but in a split second the steel hard purple mushroom head went deeper and deeper inside her ass.


The Wild One

group hotmann 2018-05-06

The third girl I'd dated after breaking up with Mary, and who'd let me come in her once, something I'd enjoyed, though the joy was short-lived when she immediately went into the bathroom to clean out. I did sleep in Lacey's room that night, thought she made me sneak out in the morning to 'keep up appearances.' This went on for about two weeks after our freshman residents arrived, before one of my charge's turned me in for having a girl in my room, something I had busted him for a week before. Realizing that any arguing would be fruitless as Stacey always thought she knew what was best, I went back to putting the plastic up, determined to cover Nico's door before she came out.


Yummy bi couple

group tabernac 2018-05-06

So I say 'you guys wanna finish these drinks and have our next round at the hotel?' They agree and I immediately start getting hard but now it's time to leave so I focus on anything else to keep it in check and my boxer briefs help keep it not noticeable. M asked me if I wanted to cum on her asshole and I said demurely 'yes very much'- I was so lost in the sensation of how fucking good this felt- but almost as soon as I said that I felt my orgasm coming on fast and I let T finish my cock off.

The Call of Duty

group fanatic282 2018-05-06

It looked like the surveillance snaps had been taken at 10 second intervals and I watched Amy and the men walk from the front door of a big house to a waiting car. I saw lips of her cunt hang open and cum begin to leak out just before an older, heavier man took his turn with my wife who by now had her head turned to the side sucking and stroking a big black cock. One by one these black men took their turn being sucked by, or fucking Amy, and as they did I looked at the men who were standing about, waiting for their opportunity and I spotted three with what can only be described as mutant cocks.


Sorority Scavenger Hunt

group gdavis 2018-05-06

But Yvette seemed unfazed, in fact she even gave me a look letting me know that Melissa's joke was a definite possibility. "No one is going to help me?" asked Jason causing the girls to groan. Evidently a little too much; Melissa twisted her hand around the head of his cock and suddenly I saw a look of panic in his eyes. Once everyone stopped laughing, at least a minute later, Maria matter of factly turned to me and said, "Okay Lance, looks like its your turn." "Look I don't even think he is hard," pointed out Rachel causing me to realize that I wasn't hard despite being in a room with drunk half naked girls.


A Circle of Friends

group PMDlite 2018-05-06

To our understanding a circle jerk was a bunch of guys (like our assembled group...) who sat around and stroked off until everyone came... Taking a glance, I could see we were all a little different...Dan who had the nickname "Brillo" because he had the best curly afro I had ever seen on a non-black, non-Jewish guy was uncircumcised and had a reddish bush of pubic hair that was like a mini version of his 'fro. Janet spoke "C'mon guys...come in touching, but you don't need to be THAT far away, and maybe you need a little more incentive..." She reached down and slowly slid her bottoms off...wiggling her cute little ass on the blanket, moving it down a little slowly until her dark bush came into view.

The Group Ch. 3

group susurrus 2018-05-06

While I watched Becky in her halloween costume/wedding dress sucking on my cock, I started to realize I had some weird kind of bride fetish. Virginia was sucking my cock, Doug's cock was in my hand, and Vern was getting a handjob from Ariana while she kissed me. Beck was furiously pumping Carson's cock in and out of her mouth, and he was evidently loving every minute of it, and with good reason. Carson suddenly pulled his cock completely out of Beck's mouth and before she had a chance to put up much of a fuss, he laid her down, hiked up her dress, stripped off his damn tutu and plunged into her cunt in one stroke.


An End to Silence

group kween_akasha 2018-05-06

Kandi felt the warmth of Jessica's hand through the thin fabric of her skirt and a shock went through her body like lightning. Nervously, Kandi looked away and then towards Tommy, who was just now heading back to the table. Kandi felt Tommy behind her, lifting her own chestnut locks away from her neck so that he might kiss her there. Kandi let her hands move down Jessica's torso over that flat tummy to tug at the waistband of those velvet pants. Kandi heard the noise of Tommy's pants being unzipped and then she felt him thrust with great precision into her own hot canal of pleasure. Kandi felt Tommy's seed spurt into her even as she quivered against Jessica's spasms, moving to kiss her mouth as if to swallow her cries.


group NYBoss 2018-05-06

I met Stacy while working at a law firm about two years before we got married. I buried my face into the next of hair and began to nibble away at Stacy's cunt lips, avoiding her clit. "Cumming, cumming," and with almost perfect timing, I came deep inside Stacy's cunt. We started to talk about where we were living, and that's when the guy said, that he and his wife moved into an apartment in Westchester County, New York. Stan said, "Yup, married about eight months ago, but between finding jobs and getting the apartment, we decided to postpone the honeymoon until this week.