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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What Do You Want To Do To Me?

group Stryder09 2018-05-06

I looked across the bed and watch her husband tease my wife, her eyes closed in pleasure, her lips pursed in a slight moan. "Mmmm," she moaned, her eyes closed as my teeth squeeze tighter and I pull up, drawing her breast away from her body, before releasing and watching it fall heavily against her torso. Her eyes remain closed as her body once again starts to rock and buck to our two mouths and my wife working the rubber cock inside of her. I can't quite tell, if it is excitement or worry that fills her face, but I know I'm hard, as I watch their exchange, and see my wife's fingers lightly stroking his cock, and her other hand on his wife's upper thigh.

Sharing a Man with You

group jaankarbandhu 2018-05-06

Soon, his hand is rubbing your sexy, fleshy legs, ending up near your ass, trying to get inside your tight shorts. You stop everything you are doing, frozen as you are - with Jim's hand rubbing your pussy, you have lost control over everything - you are in seventh heaven now, unconcerned with anything but that feeling - you moan loudly, and I am surprised by your sounds - you have never moaned so loudly with me - you are really turned on now. You hold on to Jim's slippery and wet cock tight once again, as the two of us cum together, my cock deep inside your beautiful body, my hands resting on your fleshy ass.

Publishing Partners

group cwr2000 2018-05-06

"Did you forget something?" That was all she asked as they stepped in and began sharing her in a deep shared kiss between the strong lips of Tony and the soft red of Anya, as she and then led them back into the living room, all leaving a trail of clothes as Jane sat on the couch with legs spread and played with her pussy while looking upon the beautiful, nude athletic bodies of the couple sporting a hard cock and wet pussy ready for her. The blonde Anya immediately went to her knees and began by first sucking on Jane's breasts, then moving downward and eating out her pussy as Tony knelt on the couch next to Jane and presented his beautiful 7" cock to her waiting lips.


My Second Affair Part I

group korpus1957 2018-05-06

In short order Stan told my hubby that he was in fact serious in the past about taking me out on a date but did not pursue it as hard as he wished, not wanting to ruin our relationship with each other. Lowering my head his cock slowly began to disappear inside my mouth. My pussy opened to accept the head of his cock then held my breath as he slowly eased inch after inch into me. Urging him to fuck me just a little harder and faster I soon coated his cock with my pussy juices. His slipped his cock inside my still wet pussy with a little less finesse than the first time.

An Observed Threesome Pt. 03

group harryflashman1970 2018-05-06

Neil Paul's first thought upon waking was bafflement and then he smiled in recollection of the previous night, but he had little time to think again as Claire had pushed her pussy straight into his face. Mrs. Shepherd had also cum hard when Mr. Paul had ejaculated all over poor Claire King's face and she hadn't even bothered to stop as she continued to frig herself with a desperation that would have disgusted her a mere twenty four hours earlier. If Claire was incredulous, Mrs. Shepherd was utterly astonished and both women thought exactly the same things as Michelle pressed the dildo to Mr. Paul's arsehole: she wouldn't!

Adventurous Outing Ch. 05

group Broadvue 2018-05-06

Eventually the show ends and people file out of the theater, talking about which films they liked the most. The shot changes to a wider view of Kimmy on her knees wearing just those tight shorts and climbing shoes while I am pretty much naked in front of her, guiding her head back and forth along my shaft. I realize I have been riveted to the film on the giant screen and turn to Kimmy sitting next to me for the first time in several minutes. Eventually Kimmy loses a hand to Janet and has to roll the dice. Janet, who is standing next to me leans into my ear and says, "Do you like watching your girlfriend rubbing my boyfriend's cock?" I nod, and I do.


Llisa Gets Used

group Bear299 2018-05-06

We fuck hard and fast, Lisa cries out moaning in pleasure as she feels my cock swelling bigger in her tight pussy. I push your legs apart, lowering my mouth to your smooth sexy thighs, licking the cum off, licking up to your wet pussy lips. As I pump my cock hard in Beth' pussy, we see Mike and you fucking each other harder and faster. We all fuck wildly and hard, Mikes cock shooting his hot cum deep into your pussy and you flood his cock with your juices. I turn around, seeing you smile as I kiss you, feeling the head of my cock at your pussy lips, knowing I am going to fuck you again before we sleep.

Queen of the Nile

group SweetMerry 2018-05-06

I am impressed." I stroke Kebi's golden streaked hair, and shift my hips so that Amunet can concentrate her efforts on my throbbing clit. Amunet teases the tip of your cock with each thrust, and your shaft becomes slick with my juices. Amunet's tongue flicks out to tease my clit in between the visits of your hard cock to that little nub. I know without turning around that he's pumping his cock with his fist, decorating Amunet's belly and chest with his cum. Why don't you repay her kindness to your Queen with a kindness of your own?" I feel the cushions shift and hear Pahnsj's steps round the platform to where Kebi is still attending to me.

Friends...and Benefits

group kitten1964 2018-05-06

Ted poised himself to enter as soon as Derrick gave him the word, and Chris grabbed the back of Marie's hair and began fucking her face, emitting groans of pleasure as her vocalizations made her lips vibrate against his cock. Ted pulled out, then Derrick, and all of the guys looked at Marie, who was covered in cum, cum oozing out of her ass and cunt, and a small string of cum leaking out of her mouth - she was so drunk, she was having difficulty swallowing the spunk Chris had shot. The boys' comments got more ribald as well; Ted was muttering in Marie's ear, "Such a hot little slut, so wet and ready for love us fucking your body, don't you?" while Derrick moaned out what a sweet round ass and perky, full breasts she had.

Bachelor Party Men

group chezrobeir 2018-05-06

I laughed and said, "Ok," and stood up off the floor, moved to the sofa, and sat on Chris' lap, putting my arm around his neck for balance, and started watching Lara again. Roy and Devon had nice, big cocks, and between seeing Lara's hot naked body and my buddy's big hard dicks, I pretty much let caution to the wind. Scott, now naked, looked at me and Chris and before I knew it I just said, "Come here," reached for his big beautiful dick and gently pulled him by it towards my face. Jakob, still sitting on the sofa in between me and Chris and Scott on one side, and Lara and Roy and Devon on the other, was stunned and didn't know what to do.

the flash that brought its own reward

group mjgallag 2018-05-06

She sucked on it and nodded, Chris stood up and said ‘I think I better leave you to it.’ She left the room and retired to her bedroom, Mal was sure she was turned on, apart from her nipples he saw a blush to her neck. After ten minutes he was ready and he felt her spasm on him as she came again, so he went full out and fucked hard until he exploded inside her. Mal pulled Chris further up the bed and Stacey followed licking, chewing and sucking on her cunt. Chris licked her first pussy as Mal fucked her from behind and soon knew this was going to change her life.

A Night to Remember

group lachika5490 2018-05-06

Hannah was sitting leaning back with her legs open and her beautiful shaved pussy in full view of him while Tracey slowly played with one of her exposed breasts. Looking into the front at Garry, Hannah noticed he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it up and down. Tracey quickly moved forward to take the head of it into her mouth while Hannah slowly licked her way up and down his shaft. The sight almost made him cry out so grasping his cock in his hand he slowly rubbed the head of it against Hannah's swollen lips. Garry felt his orgasm rising and, unable to stop it, he grasped Hannah's hips and drove his cock as deep into her pussy as he could.

Business Trip to Japan

group drscar 2018-05-06

I could have used some sleep, but apparently there was no way you would want to keep a man like Mr. Sato waiting. Mr. Sato simply kept his hands on the armrest and let his girl suck his cock. Hiro was checking his phone, and he looked like he was texting as his girl blew him. My girl looked completely confused, but whatever it was that Mr. Sato had said she was accepting it. Hiro and Mr. Sato exchanged several words in Japanese, and I felt completely lost. Turning to me, Mr. Sato bowed and looked at the floor just a moment too long, before standing ramrod upright, turned, and left the room.


A Bride's Tale

group basa930 2018-05-06

I'm very good looking, 5'6" tall 120 lbs, blond hair and hazel nut eyes, big natural breasts on a slim figure and a small yet round butt. "I want to go shopping but before we do, I could really use a drink" Jenny said while playfully placing her arm around me. Jay who felt a little more confident after Jenny's introduction asked "Can we buy you girls a drink?" "We would like that very much Jay, two more appletinis please" Jenny said and giggled. I turned to look at Jenny and I was surprised to see that Jay didn't waste any time and was now kissing her and nibbling on her neck while his hand on her thigh under her dress.


Uk girl age 23 real fantasy she text me..

group Sluttyjo 2018-05-06

One of the guys starts playing with my clit making me moan and making me all wet while the other black guy has his huge cock in my mouth. I unzip one of their trousers and pull them down and start sucking on one of the black guys cock its all hard and going deep down my throat licking and sucking it while one of the guys has pulled down my thong and pulled my skirt up keeping my stockings on he starts to lick my clit and stick his tongue right up me licking my clit making me wet. I get bent right over while one of the black guys is fucking me up the arse and playing with my clit making me moan.

It's Ability That Counts

group Rumple Foreskin 2018-05-06

One look at you nude and strong men would faint while the weak ones would keel over dead." Clay, who had been stroking the area around Donna's pussy, slipped a finger inside and caressed her clitoris. "Oh, no." Donna looked over at Reggie, at his angular body, the penned-up pants leg, his sensitive face with those dark, compassionate eyes. While slowly pumping Reggie's shaft with her other hand, she smiled at Clay and took a long drink. Donna gave Reggie a mischievous grin, then looked over at Clay and winked. Although Donna eased them back from the brink a couple of times, she knew it would be cruel to keep denying them, especially the long suffering Reggie, the orgasm both men so obviously needed.


Everybody Fucks Susan (Office Story).

group trumptight85 2018-05-06

When we got to the toilet door we had to push our way in as it was pretty crowded in there, Susan was lying on her back on the bathroom floor getting fucked hard by some guy and about 12 others cheering him on, he wasn’t on top of her for very long as his body stiffened up, shooting his load into her. After removing my pants I stuck the head of my penis against her ass, slowly pushing until she gave way and swallowed my cock, Susan gave off little squeals each time I thrust into her and watching the remaining cum from the other guys squeezing out around my cock as I got deeper inside just turned me on more.

One Night

group Sir K 2018-05-06

Cathy loved knowing that she would get looked at, that men would get excited when they saw her with Ben, perhaps glimpsing her breasts, making out her nipples though some sheer fabric, even guessing that she was without underwear. As Cathy stepped out, Ben did not step back, so she rose up close into his chest and looked up into his face, now with a few "distinguished" wrinkles and the same blue-grey eyes she first saw twelve years ago. As Robert moved around behind her, Cathy looked at Ben. His face was expressionless but for the faintest smile. Now please unsnap her bra." Cathy stared, mouth opened, amazed at Ben. Robert's finger in the middle of her back.


A Time of War Ch. 04

group doc87123 2018-05-06

She woke up quickly looked at me, smiled and said, "Baby, I've got to pee so badly." I heard the toilet flush and heard the shower start and told her to go ahead, that it should be free. Cheryl got out of the shower and walked up smiling to grab a towel and told Elle, "Linda has room in the shower and would love company," as she took a towel. The parents, who had just come within ear shot when the exchange had started, and Carol had mortified looks on their faces; but Cheryl, Elle and me were struggling to keep straight faces as Cheryl smiled and said, "Why thank you honey, you're as cute as a bug in a rug." The little girl smiled shyly and hid her face in her mom's skirt.


Vacation for Four

group Yael0330 2018-05-06

And it might be fun to watch you two and have a reason to restrain ourselves until you were done," Maya said with a sly smile. "Let's see what rules the boys come up with, if any, and jump in the jacuzzi without anything when we get back." Maya said, apparently feeling bold too. Watching your mouth open with need, I slipped in a finger from my left hand, pleased that you immediately clamped on with your lips, and swirled your tongue around the base. Then I put my lips half an inch away from Him and, knowing you could feel my breath, I managed an "I want..." before you placed both hands on my head and pressed Him into my mouth, desperate to be inside of me.

My First Apartment Ch. 3

group T@nman 2018-05-06

Cut it out, Ruth." Connie was a nice looking black woman with a trim figure, dark hair, and dark brown eyes. In a stage whisper, Ruth said, "I'll suck your cock if you go on down her." I heard Lisa gasp, "Oh!" I began to kiss, lick and suck Connie's pussy lips. I heard Kathy say, "Ruth, don't suck Connie's tits. I told her, "Yes, I enjoyed it and helping her cum turned me on." Kathy said she thought that was the case and that she would like to go down on Connie too. She said, "I want to return the pleasure." She then lifted one of Kathy's tits and planted a kiss on the nipple.


Club initiation

group atat 2018-05-06

I think my eyes bugged out because she looked at me and laughed and said "Come on, a little pee pee never hurt anyone." She stood up and pressed me down to my knees, and pulled my face to her pussy, golden nectar clinging to her pubic hair. I'm going to fucking cum right NOW!" Steve's whole body shook with the f***e of his orgasm, which in turn set off tremors in Gwen. Steve pulled out and Gwen was still on her knees, her pussy gaping from the fucking and cum just starting to ooze out of her hole. "He looks like he might be ready to fuck," Sharon said to Janice while pointing at my incredibly hard cock.

Chateau Rock

group JenC99 2018-05-05

You look with some astonishment at Lucy as she holds my breast and presses her tongue into my mouth as I grasp her ass and pull her tight against me. "I'm going to start getting ready for tonight," says Lucy, raising her summer frock over her head and heads for the bathroom. You scan intently the montage as Julie is shown leading another naked girl, Carol, by the collar and chain she wears, to the front of the stage and onto a raised box where she is turned round and bends so her ass is exposed to the audience.


Mr. White's Cum Sluts

group flashgordon562006 2018-05-05

Then she said, "While I was licking his cum off of them, one guy got behind me and slid his cock in my cunt and fucked me until he came. Mr. White told Diane that I was there to help train her in becoming a great cum slut. As the men undressed, Diane and I watched them and when they finally got naked, we saw their big, hard cocks. Mr. White just came out and asked Maureen if she would like to be a cum slut too. He did Diane first and came in her, then, with his cock still in her cunt, he peed in it, then told Maureen to lap it all up.