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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Wanted to Try a Gangbang

group rpg849 2018-05-05

Four pairs of strong hands grabbed me and flew me to the bed in the middle of the salon and in no time I had a tongue working my pussy deliciously a cock brushing my lips asking permission to enter my mouth and two other guys were guiding my hands to their balls and their shafts. I got rapidly double penetrated again, this time the guy fucking my pussy alternated to kiss me with the guy sticking his dick into my mouth and when I received the load he asked me to share with him, which I did and we exchanged the load from mouth to mouth while kissing swallowing later half me half him like good friends while he shot his load into my pussy joining the ones already there.


She Wanted to Watch

group crazysexychica 2018-05-05

She was watching James' cock a look of lust in her eyes as his hand pumped up and down his entire length in slow, steady strokes. I wanted to make sure Rachel's tight cunt was ready to be stretched by James so began sucking on her labia and slowly inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy, stretching them apart slightly inside her before inserting another finger. James let me take control, grabbing the base of his cock and guiding Rachel down to the tip, sliding the head around her cunt, teasing her for a moment, covering him with her juices. My fingers easily slid deep inside my own cunt as I switched between spanking Rachel's beautiful ass and teasing James as they fucked.

Knocked Up

group xtor 2018-05-05

Looking away from Rikki's soaked pussy, I saw Anna, She had lost the top, letting her big tits dangle in the air, and she held a buzzing dildo. Her palm closed over it as she began to stroke back and forth, at the same time pulling out the dildo and holding it straight over Rikki's clit. Anna now turned to me and began to fondle my balls with her other hand as she played with my cock, a little precum leaking from it as she stroked faster. Anna was stroking faster now, other other hand moving frantically all over my thighs as she began to thrust her hips towards Rikki, breathing hard.

Blindfolded Wife

group jason1000 2018-05-05

I know it's strange that a husband would want to have his wife fucked by another man, but Laura was just so hot looking when she was having sex with me that I had this overpowering urge to watch her doing it with another man so I could see every detail, every move she and he made. I could tell that Laura knew it wasn't me touching her, and I saw her body tense at first, then slowly relax as Bill's tongue-work began to get to her. For a few moments there was no sound in the room other than Bills balls slapping Laura's cunt from behind and the juicy sounds of a couple fucking and a slippery dick being jacked off.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXVIII

group Victor2K 2018-05-05

Convincing Allan that she wasn’t the perfect person for him didn’t gave me the goal I wanted. There was this day that Allan wasn’t there and Dorothea appeared at the clinic. I know we don’t seem the best of friends here, but I feel you are a good woman and I just want to make the things cool between us” Soon, Dorothea and Allan went to kiss me like they were in heat for so long. Who knew the girl that I didn’t felt any good feelings could do a girl like me enjoy lesbian stuff...

My Dream Come True

group SweetcheeksSt 2018-05-05

Rob pulled him to me again and I engulfed his cock, licking it up and down and sucking on the head. Don pushed Rob's legs further apart and really started sucking on his ass hole, trying to stick his tongue up inside Rob. With one hand, Don grabbed his legs and with the other, spread his cheeks apart. Don started to fuck me harder as he watched me lick and suck Rob's ass. I waited a moment longer then pulled Rob's cock slowly back down and forth, stopping with only to engulf the head inside my mouth .I hungrily suck up and down licking as I sucked his long cock. He then guided my head to his cock as Rob fucked his ass and ate my cunt.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 39

group Reindeer58 2018-05-05

Once we exchange vows asking me if you can fuck this wonderful man and cock will be moot." Veronica smiled as her hand ran along my morning erection. "Do you think you'd like to eat me while he fucks you?" softly asked Gwen of Carol as Kim followed Veronica off the bed. Kim and Gwen's were to be titled separately, Veronica's, Cheryl's, Lauren's, Cindy's, Mary Claire's, and mine were to be titled to us. When I asked what if I gave my notice today he said that he'd authorize the appropriate three month severance package, and that I could start taking all my accrued vacation and sick leave starting tomorrow, that's another forty-seven work days worth. "Kim and Gwen said they'd see you tomorrow night as they were leaving," reported Lauren after she nodded acknowledging Cheryl's starting her employment with us.


Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 04

group Ebolaone 2018-05-05

Her boobs were big enough that I was able to push them together and suck on both her nipples at one time...that really got her hot, as I was doing it; she started grinding her pussy against my leg. When she made it to my pussy, she scooted up a little bit and rubbed her hard nipple up and down my lips and stopping with a swirl on my clit. "I'm sure you'll get over it," as Connie said it, she reached out with her foot and gently stroked my cock with her toes. I reached out for Daves rock hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. She reached up, wrapped her hand around me and started stroking in time with Daves pumping of her pussy.



group magas911 2018-05-05

Through her kisses, she said, "Get your cock in your wife's pussy." I was at a fevered pitch and as quickly as I could, I obeyed. I wanted to know why she had sex with him, if as she said, "I Love You. And I enjoy our intimacy, immensely. She came over and gave me a quick peck on the lips and said, "Now you find out what kind of cuckold you are, as you 'Watch' another man fuck your wife." 'Feed me your cum,' she said." I cringed at hearing my wife ask another man to cum in her mouth before he fucked her. I expected to watch him eat my wife's pussy until she had a moaning orgasm.

Getting Rid Of Sally

group Bazzza 2018-05-05

I later found Becky sunbathing face up on the beach in a rather small bikini, and it was the first time that I'd got a good look at her without much clothing. Sally has this bed time ritual which involves undressing to her panties and bra, she then hangs or folds her clothes neatly before heading to the bathroom to remove her makeup, clean her teeth and do all the other things that women do. After a few seconds I broke the kiss and turned Sally round so that she was facing Pete, I nibbled her neck just how she liked it as my hands roamed over her breasts.


Kate has Two for the Road

group KateD 2018-05-05

Richard came into the office one day to take Marty out to lunch, and I couldn't stop looking at him. One day Marty mentioned that he and Richard were going away for the weekend, to a town a couple of hours away, and that they would probably be hooking up with a girl there. Richard lay down next to me on the bed, and started sucking on my tits and fingering my pussy again. He let go of my legs and pulled his cock out of me, still wet from my pussy, then started jacking himself off. "Oh my god, Marty, I love the way your cock feels!" I said, closing my eyes.

My Wife's Birthday Fantasy

group Wet_dream_maker 2018-05-05

Kevin immediately began to eat his cake, and Karen began to eat hers as she took Paul in her small feeble hands putting the tip of his cock between her lips. Paul and Karen locked their arms in a strong embrace, Her tits squeezed hard against his muscular chest, while his cock probed to locate the entrance to my wife's cunt. I zoomed on Karen's cunt and did a few close-ups of Paul's black cock going in and out of my wife's milky white cunt which was stretched to obscene and painful limits. Kevin reached in front of Karen and squeezed on her nipples as he began to enter her lovely lubricated ass hole.

Boys will be Toys

group JosephBarnosky 2018-05-05

She starts pulling him up the stairs when she looks back to Andrew and says, "Close the door behind you, sweetie." "Not yet boys, she says as she moves over to the bed and flops onto it to pull off her panties, revealing a clean shaven pussy to both the brothers. His precum drips onto her lips and Sabrina reaches down to grab his cock, pulling him in toward her. Andrew pulls away his cock and slides down the bed accepting a breast in his mouth. Sabrina moans almost sadly as Bobby moves off the bed, but quickly Andrew takes his place grabbing her hips and guiding her onto her hands and knees. Sabrina moans as he starts to slowly slide his cock back and forth.

My First Threesome

group acfirering 2018-05-05

Eventually I guess she made up her mind, because she turned to him, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and started going to town with her lips. She started pushing back against my hand as I rubbed her through the pants, and moaning as she continued to bob her mouth up and down on her husband's dick. I pushed the flimsy cloth aside and started to finger her wet & tight little pussy from behind, finger fucking her with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. After a few minutes of this arrangement her thighs started trembling and she started to buck back against my hands with more and more force - and then she came, hard, still with a mouthful of her husband's cock.

The Circle Ch. 30

group SteveWallace 2018-05-05

Cuddled up in the bed, naked, and wrapped in Bob's arms, Renee turned and kissed him. "I didn't think you noticed." Bob turned around, "Oh, I brought you something." He reached around, and presented a small dish to Renee. After dinner and clean up, Renee was a little unsure about where to go or how to behave despite the long talk with Alice about living in the house. At the end of the film, Renee had Bob's cock out and was using it as an all-day sucker as she watched the film with her head in his lap. After shedding clothes, Bob and Renee joined as The Circle's first movie continued to play on the TV.

Generation Gap

group Dakota_North 2018-05-05

Kevin's wandering hands were finding new ways into Debbi's shorts, even going so far as to stretch beneath her skimpy thong to squeeze her buns tightly. More brazen on Debbi's part were the times she'd let a hand reach under his shorts to give Kevin's hot hard cock a few playful strokes, just for a tease. Her hot mouth bobbed up and down as he leaned back once again, this time though Kevin kept his hands in place on her head, gently guiding Debbi as she sucked. Debbi was already very wet from the time they spent teasing each other on the couch, and even more so now after sucking Kevin's cock.


Jono and I Ch. 03

group bigk1w1 2018-05-05

Jono's body, sensing my pleasure, began to tighten and he soon erupted -- his warm cum joining mine. Mandy then said that judging by the noises they could hear through the walls we were both very good with our tongues and that she and Jill would like to experience the sensation. Soon Mandy and Jill stood up and turning their backs to us, they bent over resting their hands on the bed. I heard Jono moan that he was going to cum and with that he buried himself deep inside Mandy -- the sounds of his orgasm together with Jill moaning for more was too much and with that I released my waiting cum.

When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 02

group Lady_Blackhawk 2018-05-05

Callia groaned into her mouth as Delilah's fingers parted her nether lips and inched closer to her clit. Delilah moaned and Callia let out an ecstatic sigh as she slid a finger inside of her. Callia let out a moan as she sought her lover's lips and kissed her, slipping her tongue out to dance with Delilah's. Then Callia slipped in a third finger and Delilah's head snapped back, her hips rocked, and a low and desperate moan escaped from her mouth. "You are so wonderful, my sweet," Callia purred as she pulled the ivory phallus out of Delilah's tight ass and sought out her lips for a steamy tongue filled kiss.


Tropical Vacation Ch. 02

group Drakon66 2018-05-05

He was now sitting above her knees and when he would lean over, Chloe could feel the heat of his hard cock lying in the valley of her thighs, leaking pre cum on her hose. To emphasize his point, Jeff rocked his hips forward causing his cock to glide along her pre cum soaked nylon covered thighs and push into the outer folds of her pussy. Jeff released her arms and pushed himself up; sliding back off her legs, he grabbed her ankle and flipped Chloe over forcibly. Placing her silky legs on his shoulders and moving forward once again, he had her nearly folded in half as he took hold of her wrists, pinning them to the bed.


The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 15

group thewhitestripe 2018-05-05

Vanessa likely had no idea about the politics going on between Gary, his wife, Carmen, and me, and at this point she didn't need to know. My hand reached across to touch her milky thigh as I leaned closer to her, my fingers slowly creeping up toward the hem of her skirt. I moved my hand back to her thigh, higher this time, nudging the hem of her skirt as my fingers tickled the soft flesh of her inner thigh. Vanessa reached up to the table again, taking her coffee cup and sipping it casually-at least as casually as she could with my fingers sliding in and out of her dripping pussy.


A Walk In The Park

group bouncytig06 2018-05-05

It did feel good to have this hard cock in my mouth and I was begin to give him a proper blow job when I felt another pair of hands and knew this was David he was pulling my panties down, opening my legs and began kissing up my inner thighs. Suzi stopped what she was doing as Paul had cum and moved over to me kissing me full on the lips and passing my husbands hot cum into my mouth, it felt good. Oh god I was cumming again and noticed Paul kneeling behind her cock in hand, she had no idea but soon felt him pull her panties to one side and ram her full of cock she moaned and tried to move but was pinned down.

adult theater

group satyricon6969 2018-05-05

In the middle of the theater there were two guys sitting together and as I watched, one bent over and started to suck the other guy’s cock. Her cock covered with cum didn’t stop other guys from sucking her clean and that looked hot as hell. One guy quickly went under her in a 69 position and started eating her pussy as she sucked his cock. The guy underneath just kept licking and sucking as the 8 inch cock in her pussy slipped into his mouth every now and then. After a few minutes the guy eating her pussy moaned, “Uuuum,” and filed her mouth with a load of his hot salty cum.

No Pretender

group pwapp 2018-05-05

When I opened it, there stood three woman, Tina, who I had seen a few pictures of, her girl friend, a little older lady, taller, with huge tits and nice body and a young girl who looked like she was 13 with no make up on and wearing shorts and scoop neck top. I had explored Tina and Sara thoroughly and they had both had good holds on my cock when I leaned over and took Terri's face in my hands and kissed her hard. Her climax caught me by surprise, but I could feel her tension starting inside her pussy and going all over her body until the dam burst and she lost control of her motions as arms and legs flew in different directions and her hips bucked up and down to take my fingers in deeper and deeper as the waves of orgasm flooded through her young body.


Rhiannon's Dream Night

group wazzup 2018-05-05

Although Rhiannon liked women, she also loved to feel a hard cock penetrating her just as much, and she resolved to try both before the end of the night. CHAPTER II The lights dimmed and the MC announced the imminent arrival of Lia, blonde, slim, green eyes, and sex on legs, her appearance through the gossamer curtains made Rhiannon draw her breath. As the dry ice smoke effect drifted into the club Rhiannon became aware that as she was dancing Lia's eyes were fixed firmly on Rhiannon's legs. Rhiannon thought she might come where she sat and her legs lazily drifted apart to show Lia that she was really turned on. Rob produced a long, sturdy cock which he proceed to push into Lia's pussy fucking her right in front of Rhiannon's eyes.