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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Do or die - part 2 /10

group blackforblond 2018-05-05

Emeka asked then if I wanted a girl or redhead was already riding on his cock, while Pete was about old men who fucked young girls like her, but I been fucked by Pete and I wondered, how Emeka got both nodded to Pete and I wanted to fuck her too. us and the young girl sucked our cocks hard again. really wanted to be fucked just like the redhead was. Pete was like an a****l while he took that poor girl Pete was taking that young blond girl to her limits as Pete got up and went to shower with the blonde girl. fuck a younger woman like that black girl, the young sucking Pete's cock and soon he shot his load all over

Taking Michelle's Virginity Ch. 2

group MichelleS 2018-05-05

As she let the sounds coming from Jack's bedroom consume her thoughts, she allowed her legs to open as she slowly slid both her hands up the insides of her thighs. Michelle gripped the back of his head and pulled his lips back to hers as Jeanette buried her finger the rest of the way into his ass and said, "Yeah. Jeanette licked her way up from Jack's balls to the head of his cock and took him between her lips. Jeanette gripped a fistful of Michelle's hair in each hand and pulled her lips back to hers as she ground Jack's cock into her cunt.

Michelle My Hotwife Ch. 02

group KINKYCanada 2018-05-05

Thinking long and hard on the best way to proceed, I decided that I needed to catch her in the act again, only this time I would join in. I need to go out of town next week for three days to get a site ready and want to spend time with you until then!" I said putting my plan to catch her again into action. "Michelle, I love you and no matter what you did in the past, hell even what you might want to do now, I will continue to love you!" I said, I immediately thought I may have overplayed my hand. "I think you were fucking his ass when I walked in!" I said looking at the tattooed man sitting on our bed.


Helping out a Friend

group patdown 2018-05-05

Noreen hugged me under the water and ran her hands around inside of the waistband of my shorts saying, "Ummm I like the feel of a big guy in my arms." Well Noreen had my answer in her hand as she jerked me off under the water but I reached around to grab her big butt with both hands and said, "If Jeff wants to show you twice the good time I'll be more than happy to oblige." I was taking my time fucking Noreen working my cock deeper into her pussy with each stroke when she leaned up at me and said, "A lot of cushion needs a lot of pushing Kurt I need to get it big, bad and hard.

He Listened

group StellaAbsalon 2018-05-05

She groaned in pleasure and felt him start to move his hips, trying to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. She could feel him starting to throb in her mouth - he was at his meagre biggest right now, and she felt herself swell with pride at how hard she had managed to get him. Searing pain shot through her body, as a second cock pushed her hands out of the way, and strained against her pussy. It filled her warm wet mouth, and pushed deep into her throat, depths that had never felt this. His warm cum filled her throat, and she felt the fantastic release explode through her body.

Caravan of Courage

group The_inspector_and_the_fish 2018-05-05

I was pretty sure that a manager screwing a subordinate was fairly high on the things-it's-a-bad-idea-to-do-list, and at 32 there was enough of an age difference with Amber and 23 year old Cath that I felt just slightly like a dirty old man for thinking about it. "Because you've been good company so far this trip," Amber said, "we'll show you what we've been up to while you were in the shower." She turned her phone to face me, and pressed a button to bring up a photo of a pair of tits. Remembering what she'd said last night, I wrapped Cath's hair around my hands and squeezed, pulling her head down and locking her mouth in place.


Janie's Summer Internship Ch. 03

group divergirlxoxo 2018-05-05

Mariah pushed her pink-clad tits against my chest immediately, but I could tell that Janie was shy. “Hey, I’m gonna go get some air,” I said to Mariah before making my way off the dance floor. It’s not fair, I thought to myself, straight women can dance at a gay club, but no way is a straight male allowed within 100 feet from the entrance to such a bar. Glancing back inside the club, I saw Mariah and Janie dancing so close, they could have been kissing. Mariah began to unbutton the front of my shirt and Janie went right for my fly. Finally, Janie allowed Mariah a chance to stretch her pretty pink lips around my manhood.


Kate's Christmas Job

group mpqm1968 2018-05-05

With no option but to head home to change, sobbing all the way, I knew my 'work' wardrobe was stretched already, the tight black skirt more apt for the nightclub than the office, the split up the side far from subtle. He glanced my way, thankfully without a hint of recognition (at least that's what I hoped), just that knowing look guys tend to give me whenever they set eyes upon me for the first time: heavy with lust and wanting. After returning to the office to sign the day's cheque requisitions and some of Kate's dictation – most impressive typing I had to admit – I headed across the road to The White Hart.


The Sisterhood of Sex

group GettinAnnie 2018-05-05

Then she hit me with "Look Rachael, I have feelings, needs, desires, just like every other woman, just not at the end of a day filled with screaming kids and while being pestered by a half drunk husband who thinks making love involves a quick grope of my tits and a blow-job". As I looked down at Gabe I could see that she now had her left hand between her own legs, rubbing herself through the thick denim of her jeans, her head moving like her tongue was reaching a feverish pitch and the sound of slurping so great that I could tell Kerry's pussy was oozing with a mixture of saliva and juice.


I Found My Sister Stripping Ch. 08

group Dark_Brother 2018-05-05

Don't get me wrong, Anna looks beautiful, and Amber looks happy, but I don't want to get pregnant myself." She kept her eyes locked on me as she spoke, and I just continued to listen, not sure where she was going with this. "Suzy, I know your tips haven't gone down, but if you want, we can settle this in 'stripper court' style." They both looked at me blankly, and I hoped I wasn't about to make a mistake. Looking me seductively in the eyes, she slowly slid her hands up her calf, knee, thigh, hips, and then threw them over her head, just as some loud base played through my office sound system.


What Are "Friends" For Ch. 01

group sex4u 2018-05-05

"Yes, I know you love me as much as I love you and we wouldn't cheat on each other but seeing you dancing with Sue while I was dancing close with Jim got me slightly excited. I ‘ve had the hots for Rob for a long time and Jim wants to fuck with you. Would you like to watch me suck Jim's cock and swallow his hot cum. And that he would even like to watch her take Jim's cock deep in her hot pussy while he fucked his wife Sue. Thinking about some of the possibilities his cock hardened "OK hun, I'm game if you are, set things up for this weekend if you can and we can have a small orgy."

Another Saturday Night

group angelique1963 2018-05-05

I pushed Zack's tongue into his mouth with mine, which I then drove to the back of his throat, and I grabbed a tuft of Neal's hair and roughly tried to pull his face to my crotch, tired of the slow torture, wanting my due: his hot little tongue licking my throbbing pussy. Fully crazed, unable to remember what it was that I was supposed to do or say, I just sucked Zack's cock with wild abandon, now moving up and down his hard shaft at varying paces, my mouth twisting around him, trying to find a way to take every last inch of him in, finally getting his full prick so deep that I could reach out my tongue and lick his balls.


Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 06

group Saltysooner 2018-05-05

While Nancy felt a rush of discomfort and looked away, Paul and James just smiled at each other as Ann continued her work unaware or her momentary display. Ann gently pushed her head down to take more of the offered prize, then took Nancy's hand and closed it around James' member before moving back out of the way. As she worked her mouth expertly over his swelling cock, she suddenly realized what she was doing and with a start, she looked over her shoulder to find her sister sitting in a nearby chair fingering her wet pussy with three fingers and playing with her breasts using her other hand.


The Woman in Black

group Bigpuss 2018-05-05

"Chris, I'd like you to meet - Scarlet." Richard beckoned Augusta forward; she smiled serenely. "It's a pleasure!" Chris looked at Augusta, taking her in from head to foot. "I'm going for a piss - er, to the gents'," he said, noticing Augusta's feline eyes lingering over his body as he stood up from the table. "This is such a cool car!" Chris looked like a little boy on Christmas Day. "Classy place!" said Chris, catching Richard's eye and making a face, as they exited the car. Richard then bent his head to take Augusta's hard nipples in his mouth, sucking first one, then the other, teasing the swollen nubs with his tongue.


Hell at Work Ch. 1

group Dakota Ryan 2018-05-05

Oh God how good it felt when he touched me, my whole body was on fire at that moment and Jim sat there with that sheepish grin on his face like he couldn't wait till he gave the next order. Jim sat in his big leather chair just smiling, he leaned way back then said in a very low voice " come over here and clean my cock up and then you can have the rest of the day off." He paused for a moment like he was in deep thought "Monday wear that cute little white skirt with the low cut blouse I like so much." Wouldn't you know he has something planned that day, too.

Oral Devotion by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-05-05

Gingerly at first Gloria licked the big head and softly slid it into her hot little mouth while her friend urged, "Suck it girl, suck him harder!!!" After a few minutes of sucking, Gloria released her grip on the big pecker and returned it to Sherri who greedily sucked it back down her throat! Amy ground her cunt into Sherri's open mouth and she did the same to Gloria, while Gloria frigged her own clit hard and fast, making her cunt explode like a tidal wave hitting the beach as all three girls lay in a heap of sweat, pussy juice, and twisted intertwined bodies as brutal orgasms over took them!!!

Sarah's Prom Night

group sarahsmith1989 2018-05-05

It was a text from Ian's brother, Tom. It was telling me he was downtown and wondering if I wanted to hangout. Ian was standing with his brother there, they both urged me to wake up and come join the party in the other room. "I heard rumours you and your friends had a real good time back in our house that night." Ian said to Tom. The other boys continued to fuck my mouth at the same time making me look like a pig roasting on a spit (if you find pigs attractive ). Ian leaned in, looking back at the boy's camera first and smiled.

Hot Tub Hijinks

group John988 2018-05-05

Unable to focus on kissing anymore, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back to rest against the top of the hot tub, letting Sarah's tongue take the place of her own. Shawn entered in one thrust, eliciting a delightful yelp from his girlfriend, while Debbie sucked Sarah's breast into her mouth, producing a loud, contented moan. Shawn worked himself into a fast rhythm, pounding his cock into her hard and deep, while Debbie ravaged her chest, sucking and squeezing her rack and roughly playing with her pert nips. Slowly, she came down from her high, and, after catching her breath, she looked at Debbie and said, "It's time for us to make Shawn come."

Birthday Girl

group Paristar00 2018-05-05

When Rachel rang the door bell I rushed into the bedroom, Cory was returning Beth's favour while Sam was sucking her tits. Then Sam went over, but before he could do anything, Rachel grabbed him and his cock and inserted him into her mouth, started to suck on it, as a starving baby would on his bottle. Feeling left out Beth got on her knees and started to lick Rachel's breasts while fingering her own pussy. Beth moved around to suck off Cory, while Rachel licked her pussy. Cory positioned himself behind Beth and started pumping into her, Sam entered Rachel's pussy while I received a blow job from her.

It's my husband's fault I became a slut

group Bullfrog333 2018-05-05

Then I told them that James gets turned on at the thought of me acting like a little slut. Aaron looked around the room and told the guys they better clean up or Steph would be mad when she got home in the morning. Lying in a bed between Timmy and Aaron, I told her I wanted to be home in case James called, and that yes I had a great time. The next night when he got home I was going to make him eat my pussy and ass, and this time when I told him about how sore they were from getting fucked all day, it would be a true.

Karaoke Idol Ch. 02

group tristantrotsky 2018-05-05

I look up towards where Fifty's stood, and try to smile for the camera, but smiling's not easy when your lips are strained out of shape and your mouth is crammed with monster celebrity dick. He slurs 'here, what's going on?' in his wussy half-asleep voice, as we scarper for the door, Bexx verticals as lithe as his legend tells it, he makes a move to head us off, dick still stood out, waving red and impressively still-hard, glistening with my pussy-juice, his pyjama pants crumpled around his ankles, but he sharply falls forward, legs all tangled up in little 'Roy Of The Rovers' prints, head over arse.


Hairy Hotel Sex

group belab 2018-05-05

Did hairy armpits and thick bushy pubic hair make me look repulsive to him? Nita massaged my back and surprisingly touched my bushy armpit hair. Nita’s armpits were a virtual forest; jet-black hair was growing wild and her untrimmed bushy armpits looked very sexy. Have you ever shaved your armpits I wish our movie stars had bushy armpits too” I was past caring at what he was saying as his warm cock was sliding in out of my mouth as I sucked him as fast as I could. I am ready to explode as Shyam put his head into Nita’s bushy armpits. Shyam continues to pound my bushy pussy, pulling his cock almost all the way out and slamming deep inside with each thrust.

Finally Getting Miranda

group sexxxkitten007 2018-05-05

Without missing a beat, Miranda said "well, is he the only one?" Carl smiled and said "of course not, but I wouldn't want to cock block." I was still too stunned to speak and then Miranda stood up from the table and started walking toward the bedroom. Soon, Miranda was on her knees, sucking on Carl's cock while stroking mine, then switching. She had amazing pussy muscles - she was able to open it and close it around my cock as I began to fuck her with slow, steady strokes. Miranda knew what was coming and opened her mouth, just as Carl began cumming. I stroked my cock and when I heard Carl finish, I flipped Miranda onto her hands and knees and fucked her as well.

Caribbean Holiday Ch. 05

group B. Beattie 2018-05-05

I must have fucked her and Penny 6 or 7 times yesterday and here I was getting a hard cock at the breakfast table. Many of the men around us were having some long looks at Irina and Penny Irina and Penny started stroking my cock while Peg was playing with my balls. As soon as Irina and Penny started stroking his cock with their oily hands Bill started cuming. Penny was grinding her pussy on Bills face telling him his wife was sucking another mans cock. Irina told me Peg had asked her and Penny to help with Bill. Irina took some pictures of Penny with Bill and I holding her tits and she had a cock in each hand.