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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bachelorette Party

group Johnsexlife 2018-05-05

After about an hour or two everyone in attendance was very drunk including Linda and her best friend Sue. There was a knock on the door and in came a dolly carrying a large gift rapped box with a note "to the lovely bride please open and enjoy". John proceeded to strip Linda and started eating her pussy as Sue was being stripped by Jim and was engaged into some heavy petting. While John was eating Linda's pussy she could see Jim fucking Sue which made her even hornier. As Sue quickly coupled with John just inches away from Linda, Linda started sucking Jim's enormous 8 inch prick.

The Beginning

group bardeen 2018-05-05

Merg put one hand behind his head and stroked his cock with the other and thought for a minute. Merg stroked steadily and getting up on his knees used his other hand to gently scratch my balls and around my arse hole. Rodger smiled, went down on his knees and started to very slowly stroke his cock.. Merg kept stroking Rodgers cock and I shuffled forward on my knees. I though she was going to reach in and start to stroke me but she just looked at my cock and asked me what I was doing at the old boat shed. Turning around to face him, she went down on her knees and licked up the remaining cum from his cock them taking him in her mouth, slowly started to suck him.

Letting Loose

group AL4ever 2018-05-05

But my divorce had left me a little downtrodden, and I didn't have the kids this weekend, so I decided to suck down a few beers out at a local bar instead of getting drunk at home. I thought about it for a minute, but I decided, 'What the hell." I wasn't going to pay for anything, and she was sure good looking. That's my husband, and we're not looking for any money from you." She reached down and started stroking me over my pants. She leaned in again and whispered, "Now if you like this and want me, just do what I say." She stopped her stroking and pinched my head again. "Reach over and rub my husbands big cock through his pants."

Letter to Glenn

group albertrobert 2018-05-05

“Oh come on Lorna, loosen up.” Your mother said as she got up. Oh yes mother, I've noticed his hands before.” Lorna replied as she gulped the last of her drink. While your mother was in the kitchen, Lorna got up from her chair and sat next to me on the couch. (I'm sorry man, I know it's your mother, but she has one nice set of tits.) She took her time, setting the glasses on coasters and moving them for easier reach. “Like this.” Your mother said as she raised a hand and slapped Lorna's rear. Once again your mother surprised me as she reached over pulling up Lorna's skirt and baring her panty clad ass.

Friday Night w/ Cassie & Deb

group romanticwench 2018-05-05

I grinned evilly as I reached back to kiss his neck, nibble at his ear and whisper, “You want to cum in that tight ass don’t you, Mr. Fisher?” I hadn’t had new dick since Mr. Fisher, and even though I wanted to hold out for my mystery man I knew I was long overdue for a good fucking from a total stranger. I could see his hips rise to thrust further into her mouth, and as his thick tongue slipped inside my hungry pussy to the rhythm to Deb’s blowjob, I thought I was going to cum right there. My hand went to my pussy to play while I sucked away at her tit and watched him fuck her with his tongue.


The Third

group FelicityJohns 2018-05-05

He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her face up, and though he still didn't smile or call her Beautiful, he kissed her lips, and she felt Elliot still in there. Even while she grew swollen and wet at the sight of him hard and the promise of having him in her mouth, she wanted him to know she didn't need to think about the boy. He never took his eyes off her, and once in a while he reminded her to think of the boy, of his young, muscular body, his big hard cock. He laid at her side after-wards and tenderly touched her face, softly kissed her lips, rubbed his hand over her ebbing sex making her smile.


Sarah and Marc

group mcfreeman 2018-05-05

" took the thought right out of my head," Marc says, "Look, I got a hard cock like I haven't had in months. Wanting to cum right there in her pants, she tries to hold it and, then finally finding the address book, she turns around and giving Marc a deep kiss, takes his hand away from her now wet crouch, and walks back over to the couch. Sarah adjusts her body and looking over her shoulder tells her husband, "Marc shove that cock in....deep....fuck my me up....I want to be wide and hot for anal all night...There are going to be some big cocks cumming tonight and they are all going to be cumming in here...." She then shoves her asshole towards Marc sucking his cock deeper inside herself.


A Lustful Liaison Ch. 01

group JSKNIGHT 2018-05-05

I got on well with Jasmine and her friend on my geology field trips and while we weren't terribly close or anything, I thought we had a healthy rapport and my occasional glance at their boobs wasn't met with obvious disdain and if anything I think they enjoyed the attention. Both girls were dressed in playsuits - Jasmine's a light blue with little white flowers and Alia's a was white with a big pink swirly pattern of roses. Jasmine and Alia both stood up and looked at me in a way that it was obvious they wanted me to touch them. Jasmine was very giggly about it, in a way that I felt that she found it a bit embarrassing, but Alia was more enthusiastic, and persuaded her friend to let me lick them out.

Crystal Clear Ch. 07

group Romantic1 2018-05-05

I turned away from Jill and Barry and let them keep running; I raised the automatic weapon I had slung over my body, took careful aim, and fired round after round at the helicopter -- defying death as their bullets rained down around me. Mark Ang came racing across the clearing to Barry, Jill, and me with a smile on his face from ear to ear. The fluids immediately started to gush from Jill's cunt in what looked like white suds --- drippy but with lots of small bubbles. Ellen pulled away and started a French kiss with Claire, the two of them immediately snowballing my cum and Jill's girl juice between them.


The Neighbor and Her Friend

group millieteases 2018-05-05

When Ann's hips had risen up off the bed Brad had begun pumping himself furiously, and soon a long, thick stream of semen raced through his body, up his urethra, and burst forth from him, splattering across the floor. "Wow, that was hot," said Teri, getting up from the easy chair that sat against the wall in Ann's room, out of the view from Brad's window. Anyway, I started leaving the lights on and the curtains kind of open, and one day rearranged the room so the bed faced the window. They fell asleep that way, Ann cradled in Teri's embrace, their mouths pressed hard together, their legs intertwined Brad's pretty strong," said Ann. "You know, this scares me and makes me horny all at the same time," said Ann.


Adventures of a BBW Lover Ch. 05

group biggshow13 2018-05-05

Sherri was dropping her bottoms to get her own tan going, and Monique was trying to convince David to go naked as well. Monique immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him into the pool, and we laughed, knowing she was going to jump his bones. At one point, Lola and Sherri were making out in the shallow end, and Monique was playing with Lori's tits. I was sharing David with Lola and Lori, and I felt Monique down below, tonguing my balls as Sherrie rode me like a cowgirl. I filled her snatch with my seed, and David pulled his cock out of my mouth to shoot his load all over Lori and Lola's faces.


I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus

group DrMick 2018-05-05

"That is naughty, my child," said Santa with a look of rapture on his plump old face as my Mommy continued to stroke and suck his big cock. Santa clamped one of his big black mittens over Mommy's mouth to keep her screams from waking Daddy (and the rest of the neighborhood!). "Don't worry, Santa," said one of the elves stepping up to my Mommy and squeezing her nipple nice and hard causing her to yip like a puppy dog. "Now Brooke," he said looking into my Mommy's big beautiful brown eyes, "the boys here are going to ravage you. "Yes Santa," she said like an innocent little schoolgirl about to turn very naughty, "I'll let them do whatever they want to me."


Fun in a Porno Movie

group frenchy19 2018-05-05

We got a couple seats two rows below, There were some guys already playing with themselves as they watched the movie. He looks at me and I feel his fingers going into my pussy as Rick pulls his out. Rick is squeezing my nipples, I come again from the friction of the other guy's fingers in my cunt. The guy hooks 2 fingers in my pussy and finds my g-spot, rubs it and I push against his fingers, I come like crazy and I feel a lot of my juices running down his hand and my leg. One was playing and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and I feel I am about to come again, the other guy has two fingers up my cunt and finger fucking me.

Our Photographer

group DreamOn 2018-05-05

He left you as your tingles lay flat on top of me, still glowing...his head dipped between your thighs...He took my softening wet cock into his mouth and sucked our cum from the end of each stroke along my shaft the tip of his tongue flicked against your swollen lips and circled your dripping ass...he still wanted to cum again...and he lay on top of you and easily entered your pussy...within a few seconds and a few strokes he was ready to shoot his load...he asked us where we wanted rolled off me to the side, he fucked your breasts and came all over your tits and throat as his fingers worked deep inside your pussy...

Best Night of my Life *True Story*

group PhullofJizz 2018-05-05

So the night after my girlfriend of 2 months broke up with me there was a huge party my buddy was throwing. So I banged 12 girls that night and got a blowjob from every single one of them, so did my buddy. (in fact, he was so hammered he gave me a blow job to, which was fine cause im bi...but he's not so shhhhh) Than, suddenly, all of the girls got on their knees in a circle and me, my buddy, and a few other guys (they were there all along, i just forgot to mention em) all stood in the middle.

Angel's Work Ch. 06

group slutbunny 2018-05-05

I was so wet by know that I didn't really need to suck the thing anymore, but I am a slut who loves the taste of my own juices, so I dug the head out of my pussy and sucked as much as I could in to my mouth. The force of his assault on my ass and her tongue beating my clit as the huge dildo pounded in and out of my pussy lead me to one more terrific orgasm. God, you fucking sexy bitch." I lent forward and took one of her tits in my mouth and began nibbling her rock hard nipples.


A summer to remember...

group 2018-05-05

They rehearsed some of the early scenes for a while before Jackie said, "Let's do that part I was having trouble with last night." She turned the script to the page while Paul took his place behind my wife and went right into his role of caressing my wife's ass and kissing her neck. Paul continued feeling my wife's ass and tits and once again, Bill pointed out that Jackie had screwed up her lines and asked her to restart. She noticed my hardness and said "Honey I think Paul accidently pushed his thing in me." Jackie started stroking faster "Did you see how big his cock is?

Gangbang Girlfriend

group bennyhanna 2018-05-05

"Well, you see babe, it's not exactly a regular friend group." So what it is, is this group of mostly guys and a few girls that all hang out and party." "Well, every guy has to be at least 10"+ babe." "I never know til I'm there, babe. "I don't know, it's just a little shocking babe." "I know it is, but I want to be able to be honest with you and not go sneaking around behind your back. "No babe, you don't meet the requirements. "So I just sit here at home while who knows how many guys go raw up in you? "I've let guys in on this, and trust me, you don't want to actually know.

Grace from the Church

group JessTheMonkey 2018-05-05

"Uh no not quite, I'm just a Catholic," Grace corrected him, "here to spread the word of God on this lovely day." The young man stared at her. The man pushed the front door open and Grace followed. Grace couldn't help notice the nude man's cock. His legs spread open and his soft cock inches from Grace's face. "Please stop boys," Grace moaned; her body was betraying her, "I have a husband and a daughter!" Ted's fingers felt wonderful yet they weren't even in her yet. Grace paid no attention to his comment; Brian had lead her other hand to his cock. "Oh man guys, we hit the jackpot!" Grace came up coughing but Jesse forced her right back to it.


Door to Door

group Ashson 2018-05-05

I invited them in and they introduced themselves as Alice and Kim. I told them I might be interested and they took their time and went over the various plans. I told Kim to start making the changes to the contract and to print the amendments. When Kim had moved over to the table to work on the contract, Alice has hesitated, wondering if she should also step away, but as I had continued to fondle her she had remained still, letting me do as I liked. This time Alice was the only one watching, while Kim was making little sounds of shock and appreciation.

Unicorn Surprise Ch. 02

group TCStam 2018-05-05

Kirsten began to go lower, gently spreading Carol's thighs, rubbing, a dichotomy of firm and soft, teasing, her fingers reaching in and tracing the lips of Carol's pussy. She closed her eyes as Kirsten's hands again slid between her legs, and imagined Tony stroking his hard cock, slow at times, quicker and firmer at other times, as this fantasy they had shared together played out before his eyes -- and all over her body. Carol moved her hands, and for the first time, reach out to touch Kirsten. Carol rolled onto her side, and began slowly circling Kirsten's nipples, first with her fingers, then with her tongue.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 33

group SteveWallace 2018-05-05

When they'd finished their games, Fran and I got up and made the rounds of the tables, officially thanking people for coming to the wedding, and joking with them about what would happen later that night and that week. Next to us, Sheila asked, "Fran, can I make love to your husband?" Her voice had that raspy sound I knew revealed her excessive lust for wild sex. Bowman kept a steady patter of words going, describing the scene to her, talking about what I was seeing and how I probably felt watching his big, black, cock fucking her tight little Caucasian pussy as her white breasts pushed against his dark body. His loud voice party covered the final long moan from Fran, as her final orgasm due to his cock dragged across her naked body.


A Trip to Singapore Ch. 05

group BenLong 2018-05-05

Once she was in position, Bridgette pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved slightly aside, holding it for Nan who leaned forward and began to suckle my dick. Nan moved slightly to one side and Bridgette grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her slightly as she began to tongue and suck my balls. Bridgette rolled over and slid up beside me but Nan leaned in and began kissing my neck and shoulder, working down to where she began sucking my nipple, her hand playing with my still not totally soft dick. Facing my head, with my eyes open I could see Nan's hands fondling Bridgette's boobs at the same time she was milking me with her pussy.

Neighborhood fun part 4, The daughters

group big_country_1 2018-05-05

I heard Hayleigh say "see I told you!" And Becca said " Jess and Mindy have got to see this, they won't believe it!" I stopped so I wouldn't cum until all the girls could watch, and saw Becca pull her phone out. They took turns, slobbering and gagging, Stroking up and down my shaft, jerking me harder and harder, and when I was about to cum, I opened my eyes to see their pretty faces, eyes full of tears from gagging, and I watched as Hayleigh, Mindy, Becca and Jessica jerked my cum onto their faces and into their mouths, moving my cock side to side so I shot thick ropes of jizz onto each of them, covering their faces and filling theirs mouths!