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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 02

group becky23kiss 2018-05-05

Once inside his hotel room Mira and Kayla had wasted no time, slipping their outfits off to reveal two of the most perfect bodies Hal had ever seen. ...And the wicked grins on both the girls' faces as, panting, he'd slid his cock out of Kayla's sinfully pleasing ass and stood up unsteadily. "The handjob is one we harem-inspired ladies have always treasured since the beginning of time ..." Mira panted, her oiled hands sliding up and down Hal's penis. Kayla pressed heavy breasts into Hal's right leg, kissing his abdomen gently, while Mira sat back on her haunches, as if gathering herself for the final act of their performance.

Research Assistance Ch. 03

group keynon314 2018-05-05

"I certainly hope not," Felicia said, leering at Dan. She shifted her bag from one arm to the other as she let her coat fall to the floor. "Felicia, you remember Dan from earlier," Alice said, by way of introduction. "That's more like it," Felicia said, stroking Dan's cock while she gave his rump another slap. Felicia slapped both Dan and Alice's backsides, and then lifted her negligee to begin fingering herself. "Don't just focus on the muff, mister." Felicia pulled Dan's short, curly hair with surprising gentleness and repositioned his face between Alice's cheeks. The two big and beautiful women slowed to a stop while Dan worked his way inside Felicia. When Felicia dropped onto Alice, Dan's cock pulled almost all the way out of her.

Introduction to Sex Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-05-05

Mrs. Jones was as discreet as possible, using her Toyota to follow the girls -- who met -- not at Margie's, but two blocks from Ellie's house. As Richie held the door open, the girls hopped into the convertible, Margie into the rear, followed by Richie, leaving the front seat for Ellie, who wriggled her butt across the leather seat and gave Donny a smoldering French kiss. Ellie curled up alongside Donny and Richie pulled Margie onto his lap on the loveseat across from the couple on the couch. A moment or two later he took his semi-hard penis from his jeans and smiled evilly as Ellie's hand came up and wrapped her fingers around him and slowly brought it to her mouth.


Lawful Conduct

group SlidingInSilk 2018-05-04

She stood and bent over at the waist stretching out her firm thighs and full ass peaking around her legs to see if her partner, Mitch Succi was watching from his office. I really don't see the neighbors in question wanting to answer under oath exactly why they decided to video tape the two of you." Mitch smiled handsomely and shook their hands. Nathan's cock stood out rock hard and thick under her nose and Felicia thought she heard a slight moan from Mitch as the exquisite woman's pink tongue darted out to taste the dewy pre-cum on the head of Nathan's cock. Mitch took that moment to stand with his cock still buried deep inside Felicia's quivering walls and he moved them both to his desk.

Fun With Friends Ch. 01

group my fantasies 2018-05-04

Tammy said she thought it looked like someone just sent in a home movie or something. April spoke up and said she wanted go home and watch their video so they could enjoy ours. Even more surprising but definitely arousing was watching Tammy lick the other girls pussy and later 69ing the girl while Dave fucked her. After stroking us to total erection they finally broke their duplicated actions when Tammy removed her dress and April dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. April didn’t try to stop Tammy either, instead she told Tammy to put her pussy over her face and the two of them were in the middle of the floor licking the cum out of each other's freshly fucked pussies.

Their Hot and Exotic Fantasy Ch. 02

group LilaMina 2018-05-04

The next instant, Yumi's delicious pussy disappeared from her sight as she turned to face Natasha. From the corner of her eye, Natasha saw her lover stand up to pick up the dildo, and lick the half that had been buried deep inside the Russian. Do they take you at the same time, like this?" Her voice had dropped to a low whisper, as she slipped two fingers inside Natasha's ass and began to stretch it again. Yumi and Natasha quickly pressed their heads together, delighted to let his come splatter all over their faces and chests. Humming a happy tune, Yumi collected his come on Natasha's face and breasts, and brought it to her lip with a wink.


Players Ch. 03

group Synthia 2018-05-04

We are three empty nester married couple friends in our mid to late forties, Bob and Lisa, Ted and Cindy, and myself, Laura, and husband Jim. We had recently embarked on our own little swingers group, at first just fucking and sucking in separate bedrooms. I wouldn't have minded if we had stayed right there and sucked, fucked, and traded them around, but first Cindy and then Lisa vacated to the bedrooms with their young studs in tow, so I did too. Their situation was the reverse of ours, of course, with the girls sucking the men's by then rock hard cocks in the living room before vacating to the bedrooms where the men pounded their young pussies hard and fast.

Patricia's Gauntlet Ch. 03

group Stardog Champion 2018-05-04

Moments before Will had summarily scooted Sarah's quivering frame off the bed and back to the floor, right as he was on the verge of untapping the most powerful dose of sexual adrenaline the married woman had ever known, Renee had reached over and touched Patricia on the arm. Watching with everyone else in the room as Will shooed Sarah away from the bed, and the way the spent woman wobbled across the floor on her jellified legs, Renee couldn't help but feel the chilling heat of intense arousal and over-riding guilt that bled from Patricia's pores. "It's like watching dominos fall," Patricia thought to herself as she first gazed at Tamara's still naked body on the bed, then over to Sarah and the way her spastic older friend sat in the hotel chair with her skirt still hiked up to her thighs.


Judy's Very Merry Christmas

group larson67 2018-05-04

Judy in her red Mrs. Clause outfit and Emily in her short green velvet dress looked like a helper elf. Judy jerked again and inhaled, Emily had slid a finger inside her and was now, judging by the motion of her hand slowly finger fucking my wife, right in front of me! "MMMMMM, MMMMMM" as her mouth would become free from the lock she would exclaim "oh god, oh god yes, yes please don't stop please...don't...stop" She started to buck violently against Emily's hand, who was hammering my wife's pussy now as fast as she could go. "Hmmmmm" Emily purred "I've always wanted to taste your pussy Judy and now that it is nice and wet I think I need to do just that" exclaimed my wife's former best friend, now lover.


Men's Sexual Confessions: Frank

group PositiveThinker 2018-05-04

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum, on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we missed watching the second half of the game. Eddie discussed his private sexual preferences with the group by telling us that he and his wife Elaine, Mistress El, as did Anthony and Ramona, enjoyed bondage and discipline. Frank, a day laborer standing a mere 5'6" tall and his wife an attractive woman looking so much like a shorter version of June Cleaver, Beaver's mother, was next to go and blew everyone away with what he told the group.

Closing Time

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-04

I still haven't been fucked in my pussy with that nice, thick cock of yours, and I also need it badly in my ass, as does Paul. She licked her lips at the thought of having him inside her again, and then she spoke, "I'd love to suck Paul's cock, while you fuck his ass, if you guys don't mind. Jessie waited until I pulled out of Paul, and then she made her move, licking his butt for several sweet moments, until she had caught and gulped down all of the cum that spilled onto the outside and from the inside of his tush, devouring it voraciously, as she smiled the most impish smile, licking her lips again at the delectable taste of man's milk.

Have Tunes, Will Travel

group AmazingGrayce 2018-05-04

As it turned out, the gig was a bachelor party and while the dudes wouldn't be dancing with each other, I was expected to provide the tunes for a group of strippers that had been hired to placate the seven or eight randy young guys who had obviously been drinking since long before I got there. I got my system set up with a little bit of help from the best man – a broad-chested, blue-eyed gorgeous hunk of man named Tyler – and started playing some tunes for the guys while we waited for the dancers to arrive. When Tyler stood after soaping my legs and ass, I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine.

A Night Out

group 2018-05-04

It was good to have someone to occupy my time while I watched my wife grinding her ass against all these hot college guys. The guy then told me he thought it was hot that I let me wife slut it up with other men while I watched. My plan was to just cum in mouth and let John watch her swallow it, but while she was sucking I started talking dirty to her by asking her if she liked feeling those college dicks rubbing up and down her stomach, and as she slurped and gargles she said oh my god yes.

Heather's Weekend as Cleopatra Ch. 01

group 2Ready05 2018-05-04

Once at her nipples, Helene took turns sucking and biting each breast before climbing onto the table to thrust her tongue into Heather's mouth. She tossed a bottle of massage oil to Rom and said "Prepare her ass and then mount her!" She watched Helene's eyes grow big and heard her moan as she felt Rom's finger spreading the oil around her rosebud. Heather looked Helene over -- from her face that still smiled dreamily, to her well-shaped breasts and their hard nipples, to her nicely trimmed blonde pussy. Then Heather broke away from her, moved to the end of the table, and knelt between Helene's legs and began licking her pussy and rosebud, lightly at first, but soon thrusting her tongue deep into both orifices to taste and lap up the Nubian's cum.

The Ball Game

group MrsCanyon 2018-05-04

Anthony's right hand moved down between my wife's splayed thighs, and she jerked slightly and made a small noise as our neighbor's fingers touched and fondled her furry snatch. Suddenly, with a long, loud cry, my wife climaxed, her pussy clenching powerfully on Anthony's three stroking fingers, her firm butt arching off the seat and her whole body thrashing and quivering as the juice flowed heavily from her succulent twat. My wife's bare legs were in constant motion, now resting on the seat top, now wrapped around her young sex mate, now jerking in the air above his back as she fucked him avidly Though he lasted only a minute longer than Dennis had, Tony's climax was matched by Tracy's.

Summer Storm Ch. 03

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-05-04

A moment later Terry came inside of Kathy, and watching my husband filling another woman with his cum got me so hot, I would have fucked Carl all over again if I thought he could handle it. I saw Larry and Linda standing by the side of the bed watching us, his cock impressive even semi-flaccid, her shaven pussy wet with his cum, and I wondered whether he'd recovered enough that I could pull him down to the bed and beg him to fuck me. In the end, though, I just pulled myself off of Carl's spent cock, crawled over Kathy (dripping some of her husband's cum onto her body while looking at my husband's cum overflowing out of her pussy), and snuggled up against Terry.

Friday Afternoon's Threesome

group fwbinsc 2018-05-04

Sandy got off the bed and got her vibrator, as Logan continued fucking Jill with her vibrator and licked her clit, working on her pussy, he finally made her scream out with pleasure as she came with waves from an orgasm. He kept working on her pussy, licking her, rubbing her clit and fucking her with the vibrator until she came a second time as she sucked his cock. As Sandy continued sucking him and rubbing his balls, Jill kissed him and he asked her to let him lick her pussy. Logan continued fucking Sandy as Jill licked his balls until finally he couldn't take any more and he shot his hot load of cum.

Stepping Out Ch. 07

group RonCabo 2018-05-04

Before allowing Tina back onto Joseph's shaft, Kendall pressed her lips to the new girl's, and the two merged their kiss into double-tonguing his swollen cock. Sensing that all of this action was more than Tina could take and that she was about to come, Kendall pushed her back, sat up, reached between the girl's legs and fingered her clit while Joseph gave her a good fucking. "The fact is, Tina, My stepbrother, Joseph, and I were dating, but in high school, our friends ousted us, so when we came here and hooked up with Mark and his stepsister, Kendall, we decided to pretend that we were dating each other.


Diary of a Menage a Trois - Friday

group Tomcatfive 2018-05-04

Nikki slips free and is about to mount me the same way, but I tell her, "Turn around, honey." I put my feet flat on the tub floor, angling my knees up, and make a little bench of my legs for her to slide down. I feel Kitty's hand slide down over my chest and stomach, and over the blackness of my shorts, till it finds the bulge of my now hard cock underneath. Very soon, they begin to tug more urgently on my cock, and I slip my hands inside the satin and grasp them, letting my palms run back and forth over the diamond tips.


Industrial Annie, Smokey & Stoney

group Dave Evans 2018-05-04

She said she'd like that giving Smokey a big smile. They all sat down, she asked if they were betting men, Stoney said it depended? She started taking off her clothes and asked the men to do the same, her naked hot body made them both get a hardon. The men choose their spots, Smokey wanted her sweet pussy and they got in place, she instructed the men not to hold on to the machine, because when she turned it on it would start spinning like a clothes dryer... The men said they were ready burying their hard cocks in her at each end of her hot looking body... Annie kept sucking on Stoney and Smokey fucked her cum filled pussy while the machine stopped.

Afternoon 3Light Ch. 01

group SexMan1959 2018-05-04

At one point my hand went inside Corrie's bikini top and I felt her nipple against my palm, and it was nice and hard. I stopped for a moment and looked up to watch Corrie's small fingers working Kristy's pussy, her thumb circling on her swollen clit. I moved my face back to Corrie's smooth slit, sliding my tongue up and down, circling her clit teasingly, and then down to her opening, thrusting my tongue deep inside her wetness. Kristy reached down, grabbing Corrie's nipples, pulling on them roughly as Corrie's tongue and mouth worked her wet slit. I continued my own assault on Corrie's pussy, and I felt her tense, then push herself hard into my face as she convulsed in orgasm.

Dirty sex as you have never read before

group Fridagirl 2018-05-04

I slid into her with so much ease, and began to move around feeling her vaginal muscles contract around my fingers, 'Move them in and out like I did yours', she gasped, and suddenly I could feel the power in my arm as Julies eyes closed tightly, and the pained expression on her face as she concentrated, I loved the warm softness she had, the squelching noises her wet pussy made, I was in control, and whenever I changed tempo or did not push deep enough, her facial expressions reflected it.

Office Party Gangbang

group HeyAll 2018-05-04

Being an intern for a powerful woman like Charlotte was inspiring. "If you're looking for someone to help arrange a party, I'm your girl," Becky replied with determination. Charlotte smiled and let go of Becky's hands. As they looked each other in the eyes, Becky knew that the boss was absolutely serious. Charlotte laughed, "You mean, you want to help me run a billion dollar company? The college student nearly gasped thinking about a young Charlotte performing gloryhole duties. Charlotte looked over Becky like a client inspecting a finished product. Charlotte gave little nods here & there as she examined Becky's naked body up close. "I think I've made the right decision picking you as my intern," Charlotte said, as they were nearly face to face.


Hot Shower Ch. 06

group justachicky 2018-05-04

Your fingers resume their quick little circles around my clit, and you start slamming your dick into my ass again and within seconds, I'm panting through another orgasm and clawing at the sheets. Tell me how helpless you felt when he pushed you down into the bed and fucked your ass so hard you screamed. She pulled my pussy down to her mouth, and licking slowly from my clit all the way back to my ass, then moving back to my clit, she nibbled at my clit until I screamed my frustration. She began slowly fucking my ass with her finger, but rapidly increased the pace as she began licking my clit in earnest.

80% orgy