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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First House Party

group Thebmansupreme 2018-05-04

I could see that David was watching from the rear view mirror and said, I think that is the shortest distance from me starting to suck her pussy to her cumming ever. About that time, I felt the bed move, and her boyfriend was pulling his cock out, ripping the condom off, and shooting his cum all over the pussy and belly of this hot lady next to me. About that time I announced that I wasn't going to last much longer, and she said that she really wanted me to pound her pussy full of cum. I heard the door open back up, and all of a sudden a lady I'd never seen before came in and said, Hey Pam, I hear you have a juicy pussy full of cum.


Sharing Her Creamy Quim

group Corkskrew 2018-05-04

I've been dying to feel that tongue of yours thrusting into my creamy pussy and sucking all my uncle's sauce out.I want you to tongue fuck my pussy until I cum and then I might let you fill me up with another load. I opened my mouth wide and fastened it to her gaping quim, sucking hard and swallowing her load of hot cum and tongue fucked her looking for more. Maybe he could bugger you while you fuck me, or perhaps you would like to taste a hot load of cum direct from that big hard cock. You might enjoy feeling him spurting in your mouth and hitting the back of your throat with his hot cum instead of second hand from my pussy.


group zodia58 2018-05-04

Well, I got more important things on my mind, like dressing to get undressed! Told her that my partner and I are very happy having sex together and with others, man what balls I got! Went home got dressed, got to my partners house, waited for the man to dress. Well we started to dance, more like grind and touch. Alas, did not hook up with anyone, only because, it was the first time at this club, for my partner and i. And I know my partner wanted his fill too. My partner loves for me to give him head, and I love to see him enjoying himself, it actually gets me going.


Desert Heat – Pt 2

group jdwhitings 2018-05-04

While I loved her breasts, my hands made their way down her back and I slid them into her bikini bottoms and cupped her wonderful butt. Stopping in a semi-hidden doorway, we embraced and kissed and I managed to work my hands down into the back of her skirt and panties, feeling and holding her butt for the first time. I did my best to make sure my cock was hitting the right spot inside her and it wasn’t long before I saw her start to build towards her orgasm. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, but my curiosity was getting the best of me and I asked her what came over her to allow this to happen outside in the pool.

Bob & Susan Ch. 05

group mostanything 2018-05-04

She felt her hips beginning to move, thrust, and was suddenly disappointed when Gina stopped and looked up at her, wanting to tell her to continue, to start to lick her pussy and clit. Instead of licking or kissing, Susan began by touching wetting her fingers in her mouth and touching Gina's pussy, feeling everything gently, then slowly slid one finger inside her friend. Susan responded by licking Gina's clit up and down rapidly, then moving side to side with her tongue, the way she liked hers done. Oh my God, she thought to herself, her eyes widening as she imagined watching Bob fuck Gina and then eating her pussy.


Sometimes That's How it Goes

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-05-04

I tried really hard not to think about what Scott had said to Jack about it being his "turn." The idea of my big brother and I fucking and sucking each other into oblivion was totally beyond any fantasy I'd ever had. I had one orifice that hadn't been claimed, from the look I had given Paul, Scott and Doug knew better than to put their cocks there -- maybe some other time. I repeated the same ministrations on all three cocks and over the course of several minutes I fucked three men's cocks with my mouth, lavished their balls with long licks and hard suckling as well as ground my pelvis against my brother's face and his best friend continued to plunge his rod deeper and faster into my pussy.


Swinging Square Ch. 01

group simaddict 2018-05-04

"It's your first time, isn't it, being at an adult resort like this," Kelsey said with a smile. I could see naked men and women walking past us in the sand not very far away, and it felt so strange to see naked people walking around, but I got used to the sight quickly, and my self-consciousness about being naked myself disappeared, so I laid down and sprawled out naked on my stomach. "I was just fighting off a sneeze," I finally replied, causing Kelsey to burst out in laughter, and Robert and Michael have a perplexed look on their face, wondering what the joke was. Robert had a hard time because he didn't want to get naked in front of either Michael or Kelsey.


A Day in the Life

group Elizabeth_Cameron 2018-05-04

"Yeah, go ahead, laugh now but when you see her, man your just going to blow." Jack chuckled but followed Alex as he went down the hall of the art department. At the sound of the car door slamming, Jack turned in time to see Alex walk across the street. "Great, my turn." Jack looked up at Alex and noticed he was already undressed and stroking himself with one hand. "God, whatever the hell you're doing, keep it up cuz I'm definitely reaping some benefits," Alex gasped out as he held her head and began to steadily fuck her open mouth. It's tight and I bet you want to fuck it." Alex pulled his cock out of her mouth and she gave a long whimper.


Putting up the Tree

group Torg 2018-05-04

After everything was ready, they fell into a passionate kiss standing in the living room, tongues dancing wildly. He bit hard into her shoulder and she gasped, revealing more of her neck to his teeth. They kissed hard for some time, and then she broke the kiss, saying, "Hey, let's continue this after we go get naked!" She led him upstairs. Red grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. He went back to biting her shoulder, and his Hispanic lady said, "She's telling you to get the condom, because she really wants to fuck." He looked back at his red-haired love below him, and her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

I Think I Might Be Bi Ch. 01

group CSK 2018-05-04

"Chris, with all the tail you pull, no one is going to think you're gay, trust me," she said, "you are a handsome, dominating man that make women weak in the knees and when you get them on your their knees, you give them a treat with that big cock of yours." They all laughed and then she said, "well, to be honest, Christian here has never been with a guy and he informed me tonight that he had been having fantasies a lot recently and being a good friend and fuck buddy of his, I felt it was my duty to find him some hot guys to dominate him and introduce him to the gloriousness that is the male body."


Fuck the MILF Slut

group RiaBella69 2018-05-04

Matthew, a 38 year old man looks on, turning on his video camera and begins to roll film, walking to the sluts face, and focusing on the cock that is moving back and forth. Fuck your milf slut!” She screams out throwing her head back violently, her back arching, and her tits pushing into Lewis face. Matthew walks to her face, zooming in, then slowly he scrolls the camera down the gorgeous milfs body as if a before shot to the imminent after shot of Maria covered in each mans hot sticky cum. “Fuck boys lets cover this cum-slut.” Lewis moans out stroking his cock rapidly over her left breast.

aunt offers it all

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-05-04

So I whispered to the sl**ping non-beauty: oh husband my lover is pushing his cock in me, oh he is fucking me hard, come on save your wife, oh he has turned me on my hands and knees, oh he is rubbing my clit playing with my nipple while his cock is thrusting hard in me, cannot you stop him? My dress moved up exposing my bottom so my nephew took his cock out and filled up my cunt This made it easier for me to suck the manager's cock and after sprutting his cum over my face and chest he signed his approval of the loan.

Being watched

group hiwirefox 2018-05-04

Finally Chris told me she had some time off coming and would be visiting Nancy over a long weekend. After a drink, Nancy said she would leave us alone to say our good byes and that after her day at work she needed a nap anyway since she knew she and Chris would be up all night anyway. I was kissing my way down her stomach, licking and teasing with my wet tongue, when I noticed Nancy quietly moving closer, just out of view of Chris. She miled and nodded her approval and I kissed my way lower, licking and teasing Chriss wet swollen clit, never taking my eyes off Nancy.


group Bella_Seni 2018-05-04

Stacy had to know I was leaning towards going when I started asking questions like that. Who knew so many good-looking guys even lived in this city, let alone came to things like this? Jim slid the fingers of one hand inside my dress and made contact with my left breast. Just as the man we were watching began seriously sucking on the woman's tit, Jim put his palm on my nipple and kneaded my breast gently. I didn't think it was probably a good thing if I came from the simple touch of a man's hand on my breast while watching a couple I didn't know have sex.



group 2018-05-04

She then brought the third man to to the man sitting on the stool and they then showed how the man could suck cock as he got his cock sucked by Joe. The four men put on a good show for about forty minutes till they began cumming. He pulled the front of her dress down and sucked on her tits and played with the nipples as he fucked her cunt hard with his big cock. One of her male guests got behind Joe and fucked his ass with his hard cock. As Joe tongued Ava's cunt two more men fucked his ass. Ava held Joe's face tight to her cunt as the men took turns fucking his ass.

Calahan's Campaign Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-04

I want my share of his piss, and I have been a very good girl, lately, haven't I?" Kara pouted, desperately craving some of Bruce's amber liquid. After he had the cock-ring on and felt the initial vibrations, Bruce entered Dana suddenly, reasoning that Kara had gotten her wet enough for him. "Ahhhhhh......grrreeeaaattt!" Governor Calahan shot his first spurt into Kara, and then took advantage of his cock-ring and continual hardness to pull out and release the rest into Dana's pussy. Taking off the ring, to ensure that he didn't damage his anatomy from prolonged use, the Governor of Massachusetts inserted a butt-plug into Kara and a vibrator into Dana. Naturally, therefore, Bruce finally exploded into Dana and dipped his cum-covered dick into Kara just long enough to give her his seed as well.


Giving In

group SwtCountryGirl 2018-05-04

Kaylin's breath became more shallow as Eric pulled on her braid, forcing her head back, and Sam began nibbling on her exposed neck, his mouth and tongue hot, even against her quickly overheating skin. Kaylin gave a soft moan of assent, and this time the vibration sent Eric over the edge, his hands tightly gripping the sides of her head as he came hard into her mouth and she swallowed eagerly. Eric pressed his hand firmly against Kaylin's mouth before both men pulled almost completely out then slammed into her hard. Finally, just when Kaylin thought she would have to beg them to stop, first Sam and then Eric began to shoot their cum into her, both of them panting into her neck as she groaned her thanks.

Boy Friends. And Husbands.

group MadisonMadness 2018-05-04

He looked over his shoulder at me and didn't glance back...I saw a bit of his gorgeous cock peeing and decided that in my horny state from the boys at the table, I couldn't wait the three minutes for Alex. Alex strides to the door and unlocks it to let in my husband, not realizing that his cock is still out of his pants, and that Suit Guy is still feeling me up as his cum drips out of my asshole. Hubby kept licking his balls till he started cumming and then used his hand to guide Suit Guy's cock as it shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my face.

My First Master

group maturegal4u2 2018-05-04

After we arrived at his farm he took me on a tour and told me that I would be his slave to use whenever and by whomever he want. He then took me to the living room and Master Tom sat down and told me to strip out of my clothes as I would not need them anymore and that I would be kept naked at all times, no matter who was there and that I had to be ready to service him or whoever he had there. I did as ordered and took his cock into my hand and began stroking him. I then took his cock into my mouth and sucked him until he finally cummed into my mouth and down my throat.

My Biker Gang Bang

group Mag58 2018-05-04

In the middle of the afternoon, as Craig and his pals looked at the bike display, I wandered down to the stage, with my friend Polly, who was wearing tight jeans and a white vest. Polly and I loved the attention we received as we walked through the crowd, with Snakes arms curled around our waists, and occasionally grabbing a handful of soft tit. On the way we met Egg, and a couple of other gang members, who talked about bikes with our husbands, while Snake openly played with our tits, shocking some ‘regular bikers’ as we passed. Crow and JJ stood talking to my husband, about bikes (!) while Polly and I started dancing with Snake and Woody, who was completely ‘out of it’ on more than just booze.


Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 05

group Genderal 2018-05-04

Irene seated next to Elaine on the sofa looked relaxed and chatted naturally, casting the occasional glance and smile at Gavin. His mind was looking for a way out, "OK Irene it's like this I was sniffing your knickers and rubbing my cock because I don't find you attractive and there is no way we can continue a relationship involving sex... Gavin wanted to scream "Yes.Yes.Yes. Too fucking right Yes." He was not at all sure how Irene felt about having his wife being present at their adultery but he knew he was up for it. Elaine took Irenes hand and pulled her out of the chair, Gavin led the way to the bedroom.


Strip Poker

group bigcanuck 2018-05-04

"Bend your head back," Darren read, "have the player to your immediate left pour a drink of their choice down your throat for ten seconds." Hailey smiled and then got up to retrieve the bottle of tequila from the counter. Amy, Trevor, Craig and Darren all folded, Hailey won and Melanie lost, taking off her socks. Craig, Hailey and I all folded the next hand, while Darren won and Amy lost, removing her pants. "Close your eyes," Darren read, "while the person to your immediate left caresses your face for one minute." Melanie stood up and caressed his face, then we dealt the next hand.


The Jacuzzi Party

group novaguy703 2018-05-04

The girl blowing me decided she needed some attention, and she sat on the side as the hostess slid over and planted her lips on this sweet girls cunt - sucking hard on her clit and making her squirm. The rest of the guys knew what was coming - they indicate that it was their turn and you move one guy to the left -- this time, there is no hesitation, the guy has his prick all up and aimed -- you let it touch and open your lips slightly, before pushing down part and fast all the way. As he yells, and tries to lift you off -- you grab him tightly and ram yourself down on his prick -- all the guys mouths dropped as he starts to pump his cum deep into you cunt.

The Test

group Insomniac13 2018-05-04

Melissa walked over to Scott and kissed him deeply, driving her tongue into his mouth. When she pulled away, she said, "Natalie confessed to me today that she has had this big crush on you for a long time. Melissa lay out on the bed and Natalie crawled between her legs and got to work. With Melissa moaning in appreciation, Scott admired Natalie's round ass, running his hand over the crack and slipping a finger over her pussy. Natalie was deliciously tight from behind and Scott gripped her ass and drove into her, enjoying her struggle to continue to please Melissa. He felt his own orgasm coming fast and he pulled out, stroking himself a couple of times before exploding all over Natalie's back and ass.