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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our Night with John Continues

group dunno_yet 2018-05-04

I moved myself in between John's spread legs while Sara positioned herself so she could take in the view. She said that John had a sweet tasting cock and really knew how to use that tongue of his on her pussy. Sara leaned over and started sucking my dick while John tweaked on her hard nipples. The blow job Sara was giving me had me right on the edge, but John running in and out of me was fantastic too. Sara was dripping down my leg as John fucked her with sweet abandon. John was the one who started to cum first, but Sara and I were right behind.

Talk and Action Ch. 12

group misterwho 2018-05-04

As time passed and Sunil proved to be a virtual lover, Nalini needed the real thing and took the lessons she learned to her husband. Nikhil saw his uncle hold his aunt's head and guide her on to his cock. He spurted over her hands, face, lips, and hair as Nalini continued to combine hand and mouth expertly to keep him cumming. Nikhil would have liked to feel her warm wet mouth on him but he dare not let go of her ass and thighs before his aunt had committed herself. Nalini's indescribable pleasure caused her to mouth the cock in her mouth with excessive vigor and the boy spurted into his aunt's mouth.

First MMF experience! Cum on tits!

group FortTributes 2018-05-04

We were trully scared as she said those things, maybe thinking that she was really pissed off but all of a sudden, she pulls down her dress a little so her beautiful tits are on show and says the wants us to suck on them so she would feel better! We slapped her face, fucked her mouth as she spat and drooled on our cocks. First, Pedro aimed his monster cock on her tits and started shooting away. We slapped her tits, I tit fucked her againg with our cum acting as lube on those beautiful tits and we fooled around making her taste our cum by feeding the cum on her tits using our cocks and placing it in her mouth.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 13

group Dlicious_49 2018-05-04

"Ooh, that's good, sugar," Ellis softly moaned as he drove behind hubby, moving his right hand so that he could play with my tits while I sucked him slowly, enjoying every bit of him that I could fit into my mouth. Gripping his ass with my hands, I opened my mouth as his cock-head slid past my lips, pulling him towards me as I fought to get all of him down my throat. "Wow, he surely dropped a load into you," I said to Jo as my hands grasped her firm ass-cheeks, pulling her cum-filled pussy to my mouth. With Ellis lying on his back and me, on top of him, his large cock filling my pussy, hubby fucked my ass at the same time.


Nudist Sunbathing in Suffolk.

group yorknudecouple 2018-05-04

The older guy mounted him, his big fat cock slowly sliding up the boys rectum and then commencing a steady thrusting deep up his belly.. The moral to this story is that organised nudist beaches are generally very safe as people know how to behave – as soon as you move away from this safety zone and want to go nude you must be prepared for more excitement which can sometimes get out of control. I have found that the bushes, trees and dunes behind nude beaches are very popular with people wanting al fresco sex with strangers and have had some wonderful times with couples, groups and singles of all ages.

Wav Sounds

group My5InchFMHeels 2018-05-04

My balls were starting to tingle as if I was going to explode, so I tried to think of something to take my mind off of it, so I would be able to last a bit longer. It turned out I was right about licking a lesbian to a couple orgasms, I heard one of them say she wanted to ride my cock too, but it was still only half hard. I had just blown a massive load inside the last pussy to ride my cock, I knew it would be nearly twenty minutes before I would be able to go another round, even if I wanted to.


fell Asl**p

group 2018-05-04

Lots of people who knew Carrie from work were saying hello to her, mostly men. I found her coat and covered her legs up then went back and joined the party. After a while I needed to go to the bathroom and before coming back down, I had a look in on Carrie. I was turned on like never before with images of strange faceless men taking advantage of my sl**ping wife, of them sticking their dicks into her sweet young cunt and emptying their spunk into her as she slept. She's fast asl**p but is still enjoying lots of dick." I joined them, cock in hand and wanked away as the men took turns fucking my sl**ping wife.

Three's a Party

group ZanzeRose 2018-05-04

I'd watch her sit on Kioko's lap, whisper in his ear with her eyes squarely on mine, barely kiss him then move on to me and do something similar leaving us hard and wanting for many moments before coming back for a tiny dose of the same. When Kioko left the room momentarily to fetch another bottle of wine, she straddled my thighs and ground herself onto my hard, clothed cock then took my hand and placed it between her legs surprising me with bare skin under her sun dress. As I continued to firmly rub on her clit Kioko walked into the room and stood by the door watching his wife humping her hips on my fingers.

The Afterparty Ch. 01

group Laetor 2018-05-04

At about 1 am there was the usual mass exodus, which I never minded, because it allowed the afterparty to begin without too many people being upset by it. The toga itself had a purple trim to illustrate her royal nature. She always wore these bras to the party which were one size too small, so her tits overflowed and made her look like some D-cup slut. Now, you haven't answered my question." It was a long-running joke that I couldn't tell the difference between a cunt and my own hand. She'd done that before, and it had really worn her out. This was not an idle question. No one answered. I had worn my usual vintage tuxedo.


My Introduction to Bisex

group Lv2fuk 2018-05-04

I wanted to kiss her, kneel before her and suck her pussy, and fuck her standing up right there on the spot all at the same time. I just had to lean over and kiss it one more time, then I pressed my cock head into the folds of her slippery, wet slit and with one movement I drove my hard 7 inches of fuck meat all the way to the hilt in her belly. For an unknown period of time I was lost in the euphoria of deep tonguing kissing and alternately sucking Mike's cock and fucking at the other end at the same time. I would tongue fuck her a little then when I laid my head back down, he would use my mouth as an alternate pussy.

Seduction, Inc. Ch. 1

group queenbea339 2018-05-04

Shaking her head in regret; Pamela quickly totaled the cash register, stuffed the cash in an empty bank deposit bag and wobbled as fast as her aching feet would let her into the back room. "Pamela – like Tony and I haven't noticed that Mike's been in the store at least twice a week for the last month, hitting on you… If you're not interested, you're little flirting act isn't helping." His voice actually sounded irritated. Did Tony and Mitchell constantly have to tease her about the purchases she'd made at this store over a year ago? Tony would be jealous about that!" Pulling open her back door, he grabbed her gym bag, hit the automatic locks and slammed the passenger door shut.


Party On Ch. 03

group Sensualist2 2018-05-04

After Gwen accomplished at least two climaxes while impaled on my cock, she slid off with a big thank you smile and disappeared into the crowd. We've discovered that it's too hard to sanitize them after you men have ejaculated in them." She smiled, touched my mouth with one long slender finger, took her tray and departed saying, "I'm sure I'll see you later, Greg." Soon the first woman ran her fingers up my naked thighs and sucked my cock into her mouth. Even after our party, we weren't sure how you'd react if Marci tried to jump your bones." Clete grinned and flicked a finger over my rising cock.

Scanning Pics Ch. 02

group clownie7 2018-05-04

Donna on the other hand was impatient, and started pushing my head down, and saying "eat me Edgar, suck my pussy, make my cunt cum, I need to cum baby." Well who could turn down an invitation like that? She moaned as she licked his cock saying "it tastes so fucking good" Donna looked on with her face covered in Larry's hot jism, it occurred to her that she could get a taste by licking the cum from Denise's face. Slide your cock all the way in my hot cunt" Denise then turn verbal montage on Larry, "oh honey Edgar is fucking my pussy so well, do you like fucking Donna's face.


My Swinging Life Ch. 01

group lollipop_beware 2018-05-04

I told him I wanted to feel him inside of me, so I hunched my ass up in the air and felt him rubbing his cock looking for my pussy. I could feel my orgasm building and I started grinding my cum filled pussy on her face. I moved off of Kate so he could plunge his cock into her and let her feel what a real man felt like. I reached down and turned on the vibrator which sent a new wave of feelings from his ass and prostrate down through his cock to Kate. Kate slid down a little and spread her legs to allow Craig to lick on her used pussy while I continued to fuck his ass.

Rebecca meets Jim

group billhipp 2018-05-04

Jim smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips and pubic hair, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking Jim's cum out of me.” She turned back to Jim and began kissing him again. I was watching Jim’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Rebecca, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man's cum.

Carl's Amazing Story: Part II

group Smooth99 2018-05-04

Mary-Rose stepped over her face and lowered her now wet cunt over Petras mouth and clasped the back of her head. Carl felt his cock in Petra’s left hand, he went to put it back inside her cunt, but again Petra pushed it away. Mary-Rose smiled back at him and said “you deserve it, you enjoy it!” Carl was balls deep inside Petra but felt he needed to adjust. Carl stood back up planted his feet either side of Mary-Rose’s knees and slowly inserted his phallus back into Petra’s butt. With tremendous agility and timing he pounded Petra, Mary-Rose looking Carl, Carl looking at Petra’s arse. Mary-Rose gave Petra a kiss on her lips and they both snuggled into Carl’s hairy, manly chest.

Four People Three Firsts

group Jae_one_01 2018-05-04

Chris and Ricky had gone to the bathroom at the same time leaving Amber and I at the table. Chris and Ricky came back to the table to Amber and my laughter. Amber turned on the giant screen television and the stereo; she fixed more drinks, ice cream and the fruit on a big tray and was the first to join Ricky in the hot tub. Amber had sat up on the edge of the hot tub and started playing with her clit. I took Ricky's nice cock in my mouth slowly, while still rolling his balls in my hands. Amber crawled away from me and wrapped her nice lips around Chris's dick.

Misadventures in Swinging

group Imstillfun 2018-05-04

Off premise is usually a dance or party in a hotel or meet at a club where no sex is allowed. You will see couples that do only same room sex or girl on girl action, some do combinations of things. We then started going to on premises parties and mostly play by ourselves with other couples in the same room (same room sex). Mr and Mrs fucked like rabbits after the other couple left the room. 3. We were full swap, in bed with a couple we met at a party. When we married Mr said he wanted to be 80 years old, on a rocking chair, laughing with Mrs about things they did.

Poker Night Ch. 05

group jt123 2018-05-04

When Jim finished cumming he heard an excited moan and looked up to see Lynn and Traci standing together inside the door watching the culmination of his fuck with Beth and Gwen. After Beth and Gwen left that night Jim, Traci, and Lynn finished the night with their own wild and intense three-way fuck. Traci pulled off her panties and since Steve was already naked, his payment was that Lynn got to caress his rock hard cock. Lynn licked a remaining drop of Steve's cum from her lips as she looked around the table holding the gaze of Traci and Alicia for just a split second.


Ex-girlfriend Jennie

group tryinthisout2 2018-05-04

I found out later she had blown like eight guys in high school on dates, because she was didn't want to fuck but was scared of disappointing them. I think she said later it only took her one more year to take a 17 year old guy's cock in her mouth. I started getting so drunk, I tried to stick my hand up Mandy's skirt a couple of times to finger her pussy, eliciting gales of laughter from my boys and a couple of the girls there who were onlookers. The other guy there was Matt, a skinny kid with curly hair, who was by himself sitting next to Brock and Jennie.

Crossing Over Ch. 02

group SingerBabe 2018-05-04

I sucked him like that for a while, feeling his thickness deep in my mouth, tasting him on my tongue, and then lay back down again with my legs open, my wet pussy inviting him. So there we were in Subway the next day, and I said to Nicole, "Okay, I asked Joe last night." Nicole was lying back, legs open, staring right up into Joe's eyes as he got up on the bed too, his cock in his hand, and knelt between her legs. I stuck my face in her pussy and started licking her hole, then her clit, taking it into my mouth, sucking on it the way I knew she liked.


Trading Places Ch. 7

group Bob Peale 2018-05-04

Instead, Dan grabbed Michelle's hips and pulled her against him tighter, running his tongue over her sex faster. He gripped the fingers with his ass, squeezed them as tight as he could, and tried to push his cock deeper into Michelle's mouth. Dan sucked harder on Michelle's pussy, as Bill's cock drove deeper, until Bill's balls scraped roughly against Dan's smooth, well-muscled ass. Bill reached up and fondled Dan's balls, pulling and squeezing them, while Michelle stuffed Bill's cock in her mouth all the way down to the base, swallowing and humming. Seizing the opportunity to even the score with Bill, Dan pulled his cock out of Michelle and slid it into Bill's parted mouth.

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 06

group GreyGoose 2018-05-04

Julie watched Steve’s cock waving in front of us, and my dick throbbed as I looked as Lily’s hand holding him tightly. She smiled at Julie and shot back, “Well then we’d better let you and Steve catch up!” Julie laughed as Lily started stroking Steve’s shaft. Then Julie moved her hands up to the base of Steve shaft letting Lily’s pussy slide down on top of her fingers as she rubbed the base of Steve’s hard cock. I groaned with absolute pleasure as Lily’s hand worked up and down my saliva-coated shaft, and I watched Julie lick the come off her lips and swallow it down.


I Did Not Know I Was Dogging!

group zimabean 2018-05-04

I told Lisa and she looked at the man and then asked him if could see okay and turned her pussy towards him. As he sat there wanking off he asked if he could stick his dick in Lisa's pussy and she said okay. After another minute the man filled my pussy with his hot cock sauce. As we drove home I told Lisa that I have never dreamed of doing this before and that I would be leaking jizz out of my pussy for the next several days. Lisa told me that what dogging is all about and that we could lick the jizz out of each others pussy when we get home.I could not wait!