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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her First all Male Group

group sinnermanuk 2018-05-04

Three songs in the music changed to slow mellow mood sounds to give everyone a break, but instead of leaving the floor Teo grabbed two of the guys around their necks and started to sway between them in a slow, slow dance, the other two she persuaded to join in front of her making a tight little circle all moving together. I asked her how long would the Viagra take to work and she said on average 15 to 30 minutes, she then told me the drink she had given Teo when she had been dancing downstairs had just three drops in it as well, as the manager had suspected what might happen, he was apparently very good at picking up on the moods of the groups in the club.


Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 16

group HiddenDevil_ 2018-05-04

He's always the one who calls me, and shows up to my house, and…look!" Trisha grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and frantically flipped through her text messages till she found one from Dan. She quickly flopped off the bed and hurried over to show Britney. She felt like there were two different Britneys now: the thoughtful, considerate one who had befriended her last semester when she needed someone to talk to, and now the one who was lying through her teeth, standing by and letting Trisha feel terrible. She wasn't sure if she was right or not, but one thing was clear: Britney was still fucking Dan, and she didn't want Trisha to have access to the same cock.


Rule of Three Pt. 02

group KCWolfe30 2018-05-04

"Oh my gosh, I'm so tired of talking to people about the same shit, which one is this?" the little redhead sounded exasperated, but grabbed her friend's glass of red anyway and took a big swig, almost finishing it. "Isaiah, meet Angel, she's Tara's good friend," Jack made the introduction like he had practiced it about thirty-seven times during their walk down the hall. Before they could get to talking Tara came running in sputtering too fast about how they were about to make the toasts when she tripped over her new heels, emptying the entirety of her glass of red onto the back of Angel's lacy white dress.

Bar Slut

group Rob_Rhodes 2018-05-04

When I was done I grabbed a bottle of whisky and two shot glasses, placed them on the bar next to my friend and went around to join them.He was skull fucking the hell out of her when I dropped my pants and pulled her head to face cock. " If you want to walk that's fine but a ride to town is BJ and pussy for us both, take it or leave it." She made her way to her feet, grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head, those big titties flopped down like wet pillows as she threw it aside.

Cathy 2 Insemination Complete - Beta : AlphaCathy

group AndyFrancis1 2018-05-04

As I set the table and served dinner Cath was babbling on about he conversation with Roger and I only heard the last bit " he's coming over tomorrow night for a drink and then we are all going for dinner" she said Cath touched his arm affectionately and turning to me said "Steve you are a good and kind man however as Roger has explained to me you are a Beta male whereas he is Alpha. Cathy looked a little anxious and went to cover her tits and pussy by readjusting her dress but was stopped by Roger who said

Let The Games Begin!

group antonia363636 2018-05-04

"Mm," she whispered, "do I detect the scent and taste of a certain Julie?" She didn't wait for the obvious answer and quickly popped the nine inches of Tom's fuck-pole back into her mouth and, piece by piece, started to deep-throat him. "Don't waste time talking," Tom said for an answer as his hands grabbed the back of Linda's short hair and forced his cock deeper, and deeper, into the randy fuck-buddy. By this time Paul had lain down on the bed with his head close to Linda's bouncing tits, enjoying the view, as he felt Shirley's familiar mouth take his cock and attempted to get all of him down to the back of her throat.


A Month in the Heart... Ch. 03

group cupbearer 2018-05-04

"It's gonna be fucking great, Alex," said Chris, eagerly shovelling chips into his mouth. "It's gonna fuck everything uuup!" said Chris, in the whiny tone that he adopted whenever it looked like he might not get his way. I got my pint and joined the other guys, and it wasn't long before Chris had turned on his rather oily charm and had got talking to one of the girls in the group, a small, sexy blonde with a long nose, round blue eyes, full lips, perfect if slightly prominent teeth and a faintly amused expression, exactly the kind of girl that Chris normally went for.


Tammy Sluts It Ch. 3

group jamespatrick2001 2018-05-04

Tammy couldn't walk around like that, so she got Jay to agree she could shower so long as she didn't wash her pussy. Jay threw a bag containing a couple of items on to the bed and said: "Okay, honey, it's time to get you someone to fuck." The guy took his cock from Tammy's hungry mouth as Jay went and positioned himself beneath her. A little embarrassed, she turned to the stranger and said: "Truth is, sir, I kinda like the idea of having two cocks in my cunt at the same time." "Guess so," said Tammy, who had always wanted black cock but somehow had never met a black guy that she wanted to fuck before.

Random Acts of Kinkiness Ch. 02

group canda 2018-05-03

I could feel Nina quivering on my dick she was so close to cumming, and that was before Amy slowly pulled the glass dildo out of her ass. Nina was laying on her side next to me, still panting and giggling a little when that dirty fucker Amy rolls over and starts licking her ass, lapping my cum up as it slowly dribbled out of her, making a show of it for the camera. After taping this for a bit I moved one body down the line to see Nina gently rimming Amy's ass while she slowly pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy.

I Warned You Ch. 2

group Fritz 2018-05-03

Red-faced Darrin leaned in and kissed Teri, putting his hands on her naked shoulders. I got wet again watching them hold the kis,s and even wetter when Darrin brought his hands down to Teri's huge tits. I stood next to Donny and watched as his cock rammed in and out of Teri's hot pussy. Kneeling down, I took his dick from her pussy and licked off her cum, just as his slippery cock erupted all over my face. My face was covered with their cum, when I dropped Donny's cock and grabbed Teri by her blonde hair. I whipped her head away from Darrin's dick, pulled her up to my face and gave her a big, slimy kiss. Darrin's spent cock flopped out of my pussy and right into Teri's mouth.

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Chicago

group caprine 2018-05-03

This is the first of a series of stories that I wrote in 2005, that will take Jen from Chicago to L.A. on "The Mother Road," U.S. Route 66. I am known simply as "Jen." The story I'm going to tell you took place more than forty years ago in the summer of 1963. Oh yes, I was going to tell you a story, not give you a history lesson on cars and roads. Although my grades were still passing, I was bored and affected by the influences revealed above, I decided to quit school, sub lease my apartment, sell the house, buy the car, and hit the road. The conductor entered the car from the other end, so Bob quickly withdrew his hand.


Our First Time with Another Couple

group danecannen 2018-05-03

You started to touch my cock, already getting hard from the situation. You took down my underwear as well and my hard cock was free. She took your hand while your mouth was back on my dick. You looked at her hand on my cock. You watched her suck his cock while you took down your wet panties on the couch next to them. She reached her hand over and touched your clit. His dick disappeared inside of her and she rode him slowly, both of them watching me lick your pussy. You grabbed each others' tits, made out a little bit, even played with each others' clits while you were each riding our cocks.

Tristie Ch. 01

group mriceberg 2018-05-03

My mouth reaches Krissie's breasts and as I take the nipple between my lips and press them together I feel her react and her light moan is echoed by Maria's on the bed. I hear her walk away, and after she tells something in Romanian, the four other girls take turn from their position rubbing their tits on me while coming towards my face to kiss me and then going back, the legs not moving and still keeping me in place. You need to be thankful we let you pleasure us, boy." Before I can say anything, I feel a new girl taking position above my face, and I dive into her as the only thing I like more than going on a woman is a woman forcing herself on my face.


Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 02

group Tomcatfive 2018-05-03

When I got up to Alli, she lifted her head with a smile, and we shared a long deep kiss, and I licked some of Kelly's juices off her face. I wanted to plunge my hard cock into Kelly, and watched Alli, stroking myself as I waited my chance. She slid me out again, gasping for breath, but when she started to suck me in again I moved my hands from Kelly's hips to Alli's head and pushed hard. Minutes went by before I could move again, and then I pulled myself over to Kelly and kissed her, tasting nothing but Alli's juices, which covered her lips and cheeks.


Roots Motel: The Sales Reps

group Friskee_cpl 2018-05-03

“She’s a slut” I said laughing “She just loves fucking, I mean just look at her now” I pointed over to a small table where was sitting between two male sales reps who were both on the hunt for cunt. Dave got up and motioned to Pete who pulled his cock out of Sharon and moved over to Gina who immediately sucked off Sharon’s cum juice. Avery had removed Vince from her bag and was pumping it into her pussy when Peter pulled his cock out of Gina’s arse and spewed a huge load of cum onto Sharon’s face. Pete saw what was happening and he slopped out of Sharon and stood up next to Avery on the bed and fed her his cock that soon exploded over her face and tits.

Good times to mend a broken heart-part 3

group dreamythoughts 2018-05-03

They were puffing some bud so i joined em. I ask quickly why tomm, yall not coming in to the party. No make up, no baggy clothes, no baseball cap. She looked like a completely diffrent person. Im thinking damn that bud was good, i look at her and ask whats this about? Im fully clothed, shocked and all smiles. I stood up and motioned the female i was with to join the others. I stood up and just watched for about two min. She screamed and squirted on me and two of the females that were having sex right next to us. She screamed as if it were a command, fuck her harder.


group Blue Rose 2018-05-03

Her eyes traveled over his sexy body while he danced, taking in the tight fitting western style shirt, and travelling down to his ass when he turned, encased in form fitting blue jeans. These heels aren't the most practical for dancing in." Angie stretched her leg out in front of him, and ran her hand lightly down the calf, watching his eyes follow the motion of her fingers. Man, I thought I was going to come in my pants just watching those nipples harden!" Roger said, groaning. It was all he could do not to throw her on the floor and fuck her right there, especially since his hands on her ass had felt no panties under her dress.


A First Threesome to Remember

group Fuxtasy 2018-05-03

As she sucks his cock she slowly moves one hand between his legs, slides back to his asshole, rubs around it then inserts one finger as Jose moans in pure pleasure. While still choking on Jose's manhood, my wife pushes her ass up in the air and says "come on daddy, you first, shove that fat cock inside me now." So I slide between the legs and shove my stick between her lips as she lets out a big moan still choking on the 8"er. We get a rhythm going as Jose's shaft is filling my wife's pussy and I'm stuffing her asshole simultaneously she begins moaning and starts to cum as she screams out "Wow. I'm gonna cum.

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 4

group Aries 2018-05-03

That's quite a stretch for you." Rudy said, placing one hand on Emma's hip and leaning over her to reach the rope. By the time Rudy got the line into the boat, Emma's panties were soaked and useless and the outline of her nipples was easily visible. Quarters." Emma said, giving Rudy and Brad a mischievous look before winking at Gabby. Because you're going to have to take care of this tonight!" Emma said seductively, and pulled aside the crotch of her panties, baring her pussy for all to see. "Well now that we're on almost the same level, I think G should continue her turn." Rudy said, returning Emma's lusty gaze.

More 3some fun for Caroline

group PlateSpin 2018-05-03

David put his hand on my knee and said Caroline are you going to do that to Adam and Simon? On your knees little lady David said, it’s about time you started your cock sucking duties. David sent me out a further two more times to get drinks for the guys and not long after my last trip to the fridge David said, Caroline why don’t you go over and kneel down in front of Adam and suck his cock a little whilst he enjoys his beer. Yeah that’s ok I said and with that I took a hold of Simon’s cock in one hand and his balls in the other and started to play with them.

The Glass Elevator

group mrbinky751 2018-05-03

Bill smiled and tried to slip a hand around Becky's waist, but she quickly slapped it away, and moved back against the wall of the elevator, closing her eyes. Glancing a bit over I watched as he quietly began to brush a hand along the back of Becky's leg, and up behind her knee. I heard shallow breathing next to me and glanced over to see Bill's hand now slipped under the waist of Becky's skirt and down between her legs...she was leaning against the glass as he touched her, watching as the young couple continued to fuck below us.

He Seduced Me First

group pampoon 2018-05-03

I asked if she enjoyed it and she said he was really big and finally admitted that Steve rubbed her pussy and ground his cock hard against her the last time she tried. Steve was very quick to hand me the bottle and then he had his face next to hers and was trying to kiss her lips. Pam squeezed my cock hard and I put my hand between her already open legs. Steve took other swig and she whispered in my ear, "he put my hand on his cock and it is so big"! His first shots hit me on the chest then he turned to shoot cum on Pam. As cum ran down the my stomach I reached down for my own hard cock and started cumming.

The Best-Laid Plans...

group Earthtone 2018-05-03

I felt Gloria's hands on my face as she kissed me, long and deep, her tongue dancing with mine. Those are the rules for now." Gloria chuckled as I felt a hot mouth enclose my cock and swallow me completely, sucking slowly as it withdrew. I could feel hard nipple points dragging against me, fingernails raking my skin and hands caressing me everywhere as tongues and lips licked and niblled my flesh. I could feel the bed shift as someone got in to it on my right, and hands gripped my hair as a sweet, hot musky cunt plastered against my lips. She screamed, then began moaning and I felt Gloria's hot mouth engulf my cock.

Boar Hunt Ch. 01

group Fishnet 2018-05-03

Cindy started giggling uncontrollably, and said it sounded like Julie was making a offer, to show Al what he was missing. When we got back to our cabin Cindy and I went into our room so I could change out of my heavy hunting clothes. Do you know which one is yours?" Julie and Cindy both grinned at each other, then looked at us four guys staring lustily at them! "The last one to do that, has to kiss Al and George too!" The door burst open, and Julie and Cindy quick walked out into view! Al and George said they were going to turn in also, when Cindy asked if they wanted another good night kiss!