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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife Sold Me

group bava12 2018-11-17

One day my wife’s friend Sarita came to our house. And surprisingly my wife let her stay in our house and went for shopping. As such Sarita is outgoing and funny woman, but that day her tongue was not making those fast and witty moves. Sarita took full cock in her mouth and she sucked it like anything. I was feeling great pleasure with this cheating wife who was horny like anything. Sarita Turned Out To Be A Nasty Cheating Wife I put my dick in her pussy from the back and we started to fuck each other like anything. This cheating wife was admant that I take out cum in her pussy only. Surprisingly they hugged me got fucked from me just like Sarita.

I Think There's Something Funny Going On Here

group MaleMan 2018-11-17

I felt hands reaching through to jack my cock, and realized it had to be Tom, Bill, or maybe even Billie reaching across, because Alicia had her arms around my neck so that I could play with her tits.   Tom began to dry-hump Alicia as well, and for a moment he and Bill looked like two jockeys racing for the wire. Billie began to kiss Bill, and Frank turned his attention to Mila, moving in to suck on her tit.   Billie moved over to pull Tom and Bill Away from Alicia and Linda, and turned them to sandwich her in the middle.


group boo_dreaux 2018-11-17

On a Friday night, when we both closed the steakhouse down, and we were once again sharing a joint and the feel of each other's body, she boldly took my cock from my pants, stroking it, gripping it as my fingers rolled and played with her nipples. Breaking from our kiss, she looked me in the eyes and lowered her head, greedily sucking and licking my cock, taking more and more of it into her mouth. And with that said, Barb crawled between Dawn's opened legs and dropped her head to her bush, the sounds of her licking and sucking my cum from Dawn's pussy, loud in the dimly lit bedroom.

Please Don't Go

group Sandrine 2018-11-17

Liu combed his hair as I purposely kept the shower curtain open so he could watch me lather my body. “Go to work Liu, no one is stopping you,” Melinda said as she took my hand and led me to couch. She looked up at Liu and said, “We’re going to make love, do you want to watch?” Liu looked at his watch and exhaled as Melinda’s hand slowly moved towards my pussy. Her tongue was slowly caressing my pussy; her lips gently licking my clit. I held Melinda in place as I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her pussy. He pulled his cock out and we watched his cum drip out of my pussy as Melinda licked it up and kissed him.

Summer of Lust Pt. 2

group EllieB 2018-11-17

“Oh Wow!” Jake said, “That’s amazing!” He was breathing heavy, pumping his cock steadily, and the head of his cock was so big it looked like it’d burst. If I was driving Jake and Jeff crazy with the little show I was putting on, Christine, had become the focus of Ben’s attention, as she was now pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt. I watched from only a few inches away, as Jake walked forward on his knees between Christine’s legs and placed the purple head of his cock at the lips of Christine’s pussy. I watched Jeff deftly tonguing Christine’s nipple, and he caught my eye and made a motion with his hand to tell me to come up and work on Christine’s right breast.

OHGIRL: Street Hooker

group ohgirl1 2018-11-17

I had returned to the bar again and met up with Craig for another night of sex and spent two late nights on my corner and had 5 different encounters, but sucking off men in their cars and fucking in alleys for small amounts of cash wasn't my style, but it did add a bit of excitement to my dull days. I began working on both of their pants as they sat next to each other on the one bed and soon my head was moving back and forth between their laps as I sucked their hard, white cocks. I was loving the attention and the fucking I was getting, so I let out a big squeal as I came and told them all how much I wanted all of their big, white dicks.

No Strings Attached - Chapter Nine

group EmBee 2018-11-17

I pull he head forward towards me and she continues to work on my dick with her mouth. This time when you withdraw your finger and the vibrator, I lean forward and parting her pussy lips I take her clit into my mouth. My cock is now just above her face and Maria wastes no time in taking it back fully into her mouth. Once it is in deep and with me giving my full attention to her swollen little clit, Maria starts to buck her ass like a wild horse. You shift position, moving down onto your knees and lean forward to kiss my mouth while still sliding your pussy up and down the shaft of my penis.

What Could I Say?

group mranonymous7 2018-11-17

At the same time, I felt Bruce gently squeezing my balls and trying to lick my asshole (which actually I like) and I started to cum hard. Bruce was fingering her clit and fucking her face while I was slowly fucking her pussy. By the time I felt Paige shudder to another orgasm, I was on my knees with her ankles around my neck and my balls slapping against her ass. I felt Paige start to shake again and then she moaned, “Ohmifuckinggod,” loud enough to let me know that she’d cummed hard from my tongue fucking. Bruce grunted when I slipped my lips up his shaft and clamped them around the base of his cock head and start jerking his cum into my mouth.

She Just Might

group theoneandonlydog 2018-11-17

as she got off Steve and went over to Mike, asking how’s your drink ?, I need freshened up, “You Do Now Do Ya”, Amanda said, taking a seat on Mike’s lap, he instantly went for the kill, raising her skirt once more, showing her silky black panties, taking a Ten off the table and slowly moved it across her panties, feeling her pussy with his fingers, and leaving the Ten in her waistline.

Brockton BBWs Need Anal Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

The big black chick was sucking some dick. His long and thick, uncircumcised black dick unleashed a torrent of hot cum all over Darlene's face. Joel put Darlene on all fours and spread the big black woman's gigantic butt cheeks wide open. Then, without further ado, the sexy Cape Verdean stud set about fucking the big black woman in the ass. Joel pushed his cock into Darlene's asshole, and placed his big hands upon her wide hips. Joel began pumping his cock into Darlene's asshole. The big black woman squealed as she got fucked. The loudest, meanest and most outspoken big black woman in a hood teeming with big, loud chicks was getting fucked in the ass.

Bisexual Haitian Chronicles

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Randolph, Massachusetts. Right now, I'm getting my eight-inch, uncircumcised ( my parents thankfully prefer the natural ways ) Black dick sucked by this fine-looking Haitian honey named Yveslande Joel. My buddy/rival Emilio, a slim, dark-skinned young Haitian man is getting his freak on with his girlfriend Noreen. Ernest is a tall, curly-haired and light-skinned Haitian guy who plays basketball for Randolph University. The basketball stud smacks the hell out of Katiana Vince's big booty as he slams his dick up her pussy, fucking her doggy style. Ernest's best friend Stanley LeBeau is having some fun with Hispanic beauty Ellen Batres.


Winning Over the Football Team

group wchristyw 2018-11-17

Pressing his cock over my face while Ryan fucked me, I extended my tongue and licked Curtis' shaft, his trembles and groans filled the room before I even slid his bulbous head past my puffy lips, when I did that his knees were shaking. Ben thrust balls-deep up into me one last time, and filled me with his warm seed, while Coach McGuire slid his cock deep into my ass and I felt his cum travel down his cock and into my tight asshole. One after another, the boy's cocks slipped out of their holes, just as Ben's left my pussy, Curtis stood in Coach McGuire's place and shoved his cock inside my raw pussy, he fucked me frantically, as hard and as fast as he could before yelling "Let me cum on your face and tits."

Unexpected Threesome

group SubcuriousMD 2018-11-17

I watched as Melanie turned and started to kiss Heather. I watched as Melanie freed Heather's firm little tits and started to suck them. I watched as Heather licked and sucked Melanie's creamy pussy. I watched Melanie's face as she started to cum on Heather's tongue. I felt Melanie slip first one, then two fingers inside me as I leaned into Heather's wet pussy. As I ate Melanie Heather slowly started to work a dildo into my ass. It felt so good I didn't notice the signs of Melanie's impending orgasm until the creamy juices started flooding my mouth. Heather immediately told me to sit up and watch while she lay back and spread her legs.

Hot, Hungry and Horny

group DanielleX 2018-11-17

As the track faded into Stairway To Heaven me and Ashley sat on my bed and Jasmine started to do a little lap dance for us. “Hmmm I think we should play a game of dare!” said Ashley. “OK, you go first Ashley, give me a dare!” said Jasmine. “Go sit on the steps next to those guys and pee,” said Ashley. You needed to go baby!” said Jasmine, looking at the piss-stained steps. “You up for some sexy time?” I said, putting my hand round Ashley and squeezing her breasts.. I think it was the combination of wine, the heat and being with Ashley and Jasmine all night and our little games.

P90sex adventure part 1

group p90sex90 2018-11-17

Allie whispered in my ear, “Those girls were curious about me not wearing any underwear tonight, and they told me that they thought you had lifted my skirt on purpose to show it off to either them or John, like a prize or something. Kim said “Were you even a little bit jealous of that guy who gave Allie her amazing orgasmic massage this afternoon?” Allie and John exited from the same side of the table and I saw him bring his hand to his mouth to smell and taste what was left on his fingers of Allie’s pussy. Kim took the opportunity to kiss and lick Allie’s pussy, tasting not only Allie, but the flavours of John as well.

My First MMF Threesome

group saucywildcat 2018-11-17

I left my panties on, mostly because by the time I got my bra off Jordan was sucking my tits. I actually don't think he ever said a word, but he was very into my body. I came within seconds from his magical fingers all the while sucking on Jordan's big cock. I just kept looking into Patrick's dark eyes and sucking him. At some point Patrick started whispering to me. He started licking and sucking and eating my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He came to the edge of the bed and held me in place while Patrick continued to pound away at me. I went back to my room, took a long, hot bath and emailed Patrick.

My First Cock!

group DarkSide 2018-11-17

The girls broke away, and as June kissed me, Gary started to lift Lezza's skirt and caress her arse kissing her ear at the same time. We eventually started to fuck our respective partners once the tension had got too much and we both watched each couple fuck each other, as it happens we both did it in the same position men sitting on the sofa with the women's arses giving it everything on top. I was with June on the other sofa, kissing and sucking her breasts and Gary was on the sofa licking Lezza's pussy and clitoris. I actually wanted to come on Gary's face while he sucked Lezza's pussy, so I thrust harder.

Summer I Wont Forget Part 2

group KaliDougan 2018-11-17

Your other hand moved slowly down my back and up my skirt, your finger extended and pressed in between my legs. I closed my eyes, the music forgotten, senses concentrated on your fingertips as you slowly stroked across my outer lips, circling my pussy, teasing me. I turned and moulded my body against yours, lips moving hard against yours, catching your lower lip between sharp teeth and biting as I ground my pelvis into you, rolling back and forth against your erection. Her hand lowered and stroked your wet cock, as I just lay there trying to catch my breath. My hands moved up and cupped Em’s ass and pulled her tighter onto me as I felt your cock separate my wet lips and enter me slowly.

Blue Mountains Train Trip Part 3 (Final)

group magichands101 2018-11-17

I turned her around and pressed my cock against her wonderfully girly butt cheeks before pushing my rock hard shaft down to slide between her thighs from behind and rub over her wet, swollen pussy lips. The intensity of my own arousal building higher and higher as I fucked her pussy from behind, my pelvis slapping against her beautiful butt cheeks as my cock slid in all the way before pulling it out and rubbing my cock head over her lips before plunging it in again, balls deep. Abby’s tongue continued to lick my balls and shaft, lapping at the mixture of Vi’s pussy juices and my precum which was soon joined by sticky white semen erupting from the end of my cock and dribbling down from inside Vi’s cunt.

The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.4

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-17

I decided to let Ree explore as I moved to Gayle's head and began to work her shoulders. Your skin is so soft, so different from what I know." Ree's palms were now working Gayle's butt, occasionally sliding into the crack. I have to know." Ree moved down between Gayle's legs and with her fingers she delicately pulled her lips apart, examining and touching her parts and probing the layers of her lips. Let me make you cum." Gayle's lips were locked around Ree's clitoris as her tongue whipped around it. Gayle moved up and placed her head on my stomach allowing her to lick Ree and me at the same time.

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 07

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

My buddy, Commonwealth Tech Men's Wrestling team captain Miguel Fernando and his girlfriend Theresa Roberts wanted to have some fun with me and I was down with that. Miguel is a six-foot-two, big and beefy, mustachioed Latino stud with long black hair, light bronze skin and the hairiest body I'd ever seen. I pumped my hand up and down on my dick, watching as Theresa sucked Miguel like her life depended on it. Miguel was now thrusting his cock into Theresa's pussy while I fucked him in the ass. Slowly, I squeezed my dick out of Miguel's ass and watched him and his girlfriend do their thing. Miguel fucked Theresa's pussy until the big woman begged for mercy.


Thanksgiving Sex At The Cottage - Part One

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-17

Sue turned her head up to me, smiled dazzlingly then reached over to unzip my jeans and haul my cock out into the cool air. Melanie must have heard the sound of the zipper because she turned her head to look at us, catching Sue just in the act of popping my cock into her mouth. Ted was a good-looking older gentleman neighbour of theirs on the lake who had been adopted by Sue as some kind of pet, something that neither Jake nor I fully understood but that Melanie supported wholeheartedly. “'Kay, you take the master, Nick and I will take the guest room.” With that Sue took me off to the bedroom leaving Mel to take care of her husband.

Babette, Johnny And Me

group candytales 2018-11-17

“People like buying things on the beach from young naked girls,” he said, and then he asked Babette to show me one of the beachwear items. Johnny confessed that he’d got really close to cumming but just didn’t want the joy to end so he withdrew from me, and as Babette and I kissed and cuddled on the mattress, he wandered over to the table and flopped into a chair. His moment of joy was fast approaching though and I invited Johnny to slip his cock out of me so that Babette and I could share the enjoyment of his glory stroke. This time his cock was soaked in my fragrance and as he reclined on the mattress between us we told him that we didn't want him to hold back.

An Unforgettable Night

group omeggidon 2018-11-17

We have both decided we will suck the come out of your cock.” Her pussy felt wet and warm, I could feel my member getting harder as I began to rub Steph’s clit, and the whole time we both watched Crystal seductively undress. It wasn’t long before I felt Stephanie back on my balls, licking both of them thoroughly, putting one and then the other into her mouth as she sucked, while Crystal continued to massage the tip of my member with her tongue and then working it down her throat.