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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My birthday sex party part 3

group funbeth 2018-05-03

It wasn’t long before John was shooting a load into me and over me to add to Dave’s, Steve said my turn and whether he got the ok or not he was in my pussy in no time and he like john was off to a fast pace I could feel from Jo’s kissing that Paul had picked the pace up too and then Steve was out of me and adding to the cum all over me, Jo was moaning as Paul fucked her she then reached and pulled my blindfold of it took a couple of minutes for me eyes to adjust but then our eyes met and hers looked full of pleasure as I felt the rhythm stop and she sighed and closed her eyes and kissed me again then moved away from me, I looked around to see the four naked blokes and one naked girl standing around my bed all with smiles on there faces I said bl**dy hell that was fun, who’s going to untie me and get me a drink.

The Party Ch. 03

group CyrusMann 2018-05-03

Karen smiled at Bri and said, "You get the drinks, and I'll get the towels!" She headed up the stairs towards the large hall closet for a couple over-sized terry-cloth towels. Bri thought, "Oh shit, is this really happening?" Yet she relaxed and let Karen guide her, allowing her to take control and feel, for the first time, the feeling of another woman's mouth begin giving her pleasure. With a last swipe of her tongue, Karen pulled away to allow Bri time to finish her final throws of orgasm. Karen looked at Bri and then again at Apryl and Steph, and started laughing. Eliot and Ken watched transfixed, for twenty minutes as time after time, Bri and Karen came in torrents at Steph and Apryl's abilities.


My hubby two lowers

group muse89 2018-05-03

I feel that the fingers of JF untie the laces of a corset and Jose and Jorge request what they think of my breasts when they are finally discovered, offered them a deal. My breasts are tight, pointed, my sex wet even though it still receives no strokes, but so close, so hesitant with envy as I imagine and feel. and I hear this question "did you taste the liquor of this Jorge orgasm?" Even though the my lover's tongue licking my sex, that her lips suck, it sucks and swallows my enjoyment widespread, what a feeling! Jose movements excite me, I must give up sex for Jorge and let me go with the desire of my vagina!

Callie and Rebecca Ch. 03

group Chaingun 2018-05-03

I'd noticed that she had a great body covered by a skimpy outfit, but all thoughts of sex at that time involved Callie and Rebecca so I didn't really let my mind head down that road with this New Yorker. "You don't spend all day every day out here without knowing where the good looking ones are." No seat around the octagonal bar was more than twelve feet from me, so I covered the phone with my hand to try to stifle the conversation from the ears of would be listeners.


Introduction to a Whore

group sleazycouple 2018-05-03

Not being one to let my best friend down I agreed and we quickly left in a taxi where I watched Hannah teasing Johns cock through his trousers as Dan rubbed her naked pussy whilst Scott, Ben and I sat opposite them watching in between trying to fight of the lips of the two men but occasionally I would let a tongue slip past my tight guard and explore my mouth before pushing them away. "Ruin the little bitch then" Hannah commanded and Dan and Ben moved in on me I knew as soon as the gripped hold of my arms they weren't here for soft loving sex they wanted to use me like a toy till I couldn't walk.

Go Ahead Touch It Sissy Now Suck It Femdom

group 425olds 2018-05-03

"Yes mistress I love sucking your cock," I panted as I licked her long jellcock while she fingered my asshole. You want to suck a real cock don't you sissy?" she asked as she eased a third finger up my ass. I could see Julie's fingers stroking Lisa's pussy before I turned my attention back to Gary's stiff rod.  "Yes, I want him to fuck me," Gary panted as I rubbed the head of my cock over his puckered asshole. "I want to watch Gary fuck my sissy husband," Julie said playfully. Gary pushed his big cock into my ass as I lowered my mouth to my wife's soaking wet pussy.

A Neighborhood Sex Party

group Play4You 2018-05-03

One evening we were having dinner with our new friends, Tom and Lisa, when they mysteriously referred to a "special event" we might like to attend. On her knees, Lisa opened her mouth wide to accept Dan's throbbing erection and sucked it all the way down! After giving her partner a thorough nut bath, Lisa took the initiative and grabbed a cloth napkin, tucking his around his collar like a bib. Meanwhile, Lisa and Dan got into the 69 position, his face smothered in cunt; hers contorted with bloated cock meat. After a few more minutes of cock and cunt sucking, Dan got up and pulled something out of his pants pocket. The audience watched with glazed eyes and wry smiles as Lisa got the hell fucked out of her.

Victoria the Slut Ch. 03

group Lifeisgood21 2018-05-03

High school, or college?" I asked, watching Jenny bend at the waist to wash the bottom of the door putting her tight ass on display. I can see why you want to start fresh." I said and Jenny looked happy that I wasn't judging her. This morning I waited a long time hoping I hadn't missed you, but I didn't and I saw her at the door naked giving everyone blow jobs and you all came on her face again." She said, blushing again and looking at the ground sheepishly. "Oh fuck, your mouth is so awesome!" I moaned, steadying myself again on the hood of my truck with one hand and placing the other on the back of Jenny's head.


Late night couple!

group discreteoral4you 2018-05-03

He helped her take her shirt off and started to suck on her breasts and run the tips of his fingers over her naked body. I then started to suck on her pussy lips as she gave out small moans of pleasure. It turned me on so much that I slide two fingers up into her tight wet pussy and started to finger fuck her while sucking on her clit. She then slide over to me and started to suck on my cock, sliding her lovely lips and tongue up and down the length of it. I repositioned myself on my knees near her head and she continue to suck my hard cock as he slide up inside her from behind.

Drunnk Lesbians Experience Their First Time Togeth

group bobcox69 2018-05-03

Sierra kissing and rubbing her breasts and my lips now playing with Kara's, I made out with her fiercely and I was getting wet down under. Sierra went down on Kara, using her index and middle finger at the same time with her tongue, and Kara and I were making out again, my tongue wet and slippery against hers, four soft lips touching as I thought about what I was doing. She got up and went to sip more champagne, getting drunnker when I and Sierra hooked up again, kissing as I put my hand between her legs, two fingers slipping in her wet hole again and again until she came.

Adding Aaron

group erotiklust 2018-05-03

Our kissing became more hungry as I ran my hand slowly from her face, to her lips, then trailed my wet fingers down her neck to massage her gorgeous tits and nipples. As soon as we entered, Lili turned and kissed Aaron with a longing that made me jealous, as I came up behind and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples, before I ran my hands under her shirt, caressing, and quickly stripped her of the burdensome thing. My hand wandered around her sides and belly, stopping to play with Aaron's hair, gently pushing his head a litter harder into Lili's hot sodden cunt. I moved my hand down to help out, letting his rock hard cock slide in between my fingers, while my palm hit Lili's engorged lips with each thrust.


group Ken65B 2018-05-03

Miller looked Linda over, lingering on her breasts and pussy, then went back to staring at Carol as he undressed. I heard Carol inhale strongly and Linda exclaimed "My God!" as she moved to push Millers' discarded clothing over against the wall. Linda picked up my empty beer bottle off of the table and pushed the base of it against Millers' pelvic bone just above his penis. Linda and I looked at each other and grinned as Carol leaned back, slid her hips forward on the sofa, spread her legs further and sipped her wine. As I pulled out of Carol, I heard Linda moan and looked over in time to see her grind down heavily forcing Millers' tool deep into her as she gyrated her way to her orgasm.

The Poke Her Party

group DarkMoon 2018-05-03

The room grew quiet, and when I turned around with the chips, Jerry said hey Martha, you have something under that skirt you want to show off, darling? When I came around to Jerry, he sat me up on the table and pushed two fingers inside me, and pushed me down on the table on my back.He was fucking me with two fingers and then he started licking me. I sucked Jerry off in about 3 minutes and he came inside my mouth. Jerry said Martha, you want to be fucked babe? After Mike's cock Jerry had to purposefully fuck the sides of my pussy for me to really feel him.

The Birthday Treat (True Story)

group 2018-05-03

Leaving her white panties on she moved round and opened my legs wide her hands started to rub on my pussy before I felt her tongue on my clit. I felt Holly's pussy lift from my face and watched her slide of her top, her tits were also rock hard and erect these girls had bodies. As soon as she climax like one unit we all moved I sat up and Sara behind me grabbing and bouncing my tits whispering in my ear ”happy birthday whore” as Holly started on my pussy with the vibrator. In seconds my eyes were closed and I was starting to orgasm as soon as Sara started to rub my clit and I looked at holly fucking me I started to squirt, my juice spitting out as I climaxed into a heap.

Three men and Karen

group littlekarenz 2018-05-03

I was in the hotel bar one night having a margarita and started talking with three younger guys. They took turns in my mouth and pussy, and then it was time for my ass. After we were done they asked me if I “wanted to party some more.” I told them yes and one guy went out and got some pot, whiskey, Viagra, and a margarita from the bar for me. One call the guy who was out said, “Dude, bring a camera.” The three of us began to fuck again, I finished the two of them in my mouth before the third came back.

Tim's Tale Pt. 01

group DickBulge 2018-05-03

Then he pulled out his semi-hard cock through the zipper hanging it right in front of my mouth and nose. This went on for what seemed like hours, one hot big dicked straight dude after the other taking turns fucking my throat like it was their favorite pussy. You like that big straight cock fucking your throat?" Different men were saying things like, "Fuck him." "Yeah, fuck him good." "Take that cock, bitch." I could hardly believe the greatest sexual fantasy of my lifetime was actually taking place, and it was much better than I had ever imagined. They continued taking turns fucking me in the face one after the other while Timothy got it all on tape from many different angles.


Wedding Party

group MrsCanyon 2018-05-03

I took my time in the shower, and finally Hank and Paul joined me there. I sucked him avidly, moving my mouth up and down that long shaft, while Paul pumped my pussy full of his cock. Each time Paul thrust into me, I would jam my mouth over Hank's tool, taking it deeper into my throat. Paul just kept pumping me, while Jeff and Hank started talking about business or something, seemingly oblivious to what was happening only inches away from them. When I returned to the room, Paul, Hank and Jeff were smoking another joint and drinking some beers. Paul now decided to fuck my mouth, while Hank still just watched, stroking his member harder and faster.

Sorority Party 1955 Ch. 05

group highclassic 2018-05-03

"Last night Margaret and Doris said they might stop by this morning before we got off. Doris waited in the lobby while Officer Compton took Margaret through a series of locked doors until they arrived in a more or less open area divided into cells. "That, boys and girls, was me getting permission for us all to go up and, ahem, 'help you pack.' She's leaving in a few minutes and it sounds like she'll be gone for a while." "Here, let me help you with that." Joel looked into Sue's eyes as he unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and slipped it off her shoulders.


Christine and Jonny Ch. 02

group fukensploogin 2018-05-03

"Well..." Jonny said, "kind of." He tried to shut the door to his room but she had already seen Christine, naked and cuffed to the bed. Elizabeth slowed down a bit then, and Christine suddenly felt Jonny's hands on her hips, and his hot hard cock rubbing between her asscheeks. Elizabeth drove the dildo into Christine again, and then the Jonny pushed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. She started to cum again, bucking on the dildo, but Jonny held her steady with his strong arms, hands on her hips, and then he slowly, surely drove his cock into her asshole, pushing it as far as it would go. Elizabeth caught on, and thrust her dildo into Christine as Jonny was pulling his cock out.

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Ch. 2

group p_p_man 2018-05-03

When it was rubbed onto her neck her throat was again being fucked and the hands could feel the movement of the cock through the skin as it thrust in and out, each time pushing further into her gullet. Danny was the biggest built of the group and as her buttocks were again pulled apart Jimmy could see her anus making clutching movements as it fluttered in spasmodic jerks around the monster cock that was buried deep in her bowels. He wanted to watch himself buggering the girl, so he wrapped his large hands around the tops of her thighs, using his fingers to play with her vibrator engorged cunt as he leant back slightly and looked down.

Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 03

group TripleL 2018-05-03

Melanie watched as I fucked her roommate like an animal, holding her in the air and bouncing her on my cock, until she came repeatedly (making quite a mess as she did; turns out Alyssa was a squirter) and until I whitewashed her face with my jizz. Melanie crawled around the bench and took up a position behind Alyssa, on her hands and knees, mouth hanging open, staring up at her roommate's ass and cunt, both red and swollen from their recent use. Right now, I want her ass, so she's going to give it up." I pulled my fingers from her ass and offered them to Alyssa, who took them in her mouth and sucked on them as if they had been my cock.


Villa VI

group MmmmPerfect 2018-05-03

After a moment, you feel soft warm hands on your feet, removing your heels and then massaging your toes in gentle circles. A mouth on your clit and a large cock in your mouth, you shudder in waves of rhythmic pleasure as your own orgasm begins to climb to ecstatic crescendo. You know that you're about to bring the cock in your mouth to orgasm and that you cannot last much longer either, so you shift your focus to the mouth pleasuring your own body and allow your own orgasm to surrender to its full release. Just as you start to cry out with the most intense pleasure you've ever felt, I slip between your legs, slowly at first until I can feel your rhythm, and then faster to match your constrictions.

My wiffe and I Fucke by 4 men Part 2

group diveral 2018-05-03

There in glorious colour was the whole video of our first encounter, graphically showing my wifes cum filled pussy, dripping with the aftermath of her gangbang with the men. My wife had got into the car first and was seated next to the rear seat passenger, who roughly pulled my wifes coat open to reveal her totally naked body, I could hear his audible intake of breath as he surveyed her. The butt plug that had been in her arse was removed and a guy wriggled under my wife and soon had his cock inside her arse fucking it for all he was worth. After what seemed hours the fucking stopped, and the large speculum was placed inside my wifes pussy.

When Four Make a Couple

group Bakeboss 2018-05-03

I went with Mary and Don with Gina but like I said this was church camp so it was holding hands and maybe a stolen goodnight kiss. I told the girls that now was the time before it was too late and Mary followed Gina's lead as she showed her how to put a condom on, I can't tell you which was more exciting Mary handling me or watching Gina do it to Don. Again, Gina took the lead instructing us guys to lie on the floor as the girls sat on top.