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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Foursome Fun with Tracey Pt. 03: Final

group Annatartywife 2018-05-03

He didn't need telling twice and within seconds Tracey's boyfriends cock was buried deep up my wet cunt from behind as I finished off lapping at her quim lips as she subsided from her climax. My anklet was swinging around my heel as I was being pummelled very hard by Jason and I could see Tracey was almost on the verge of cumming again on Nathan's fast, pounding cock. Once the guys had finished jizzing all over the fucking place it was time for more tender 69 fun as Tracey and I got onto the floor and lovingly tongued, lapped and cleaned the spunk from each other's chins, tits and then stomachs.


group maksut 2018-05-03

I think she wanted to show her long legs that were the best part of her body and not to repeat her sister's strip tease starting from her red shirt. The guy with the biggest dick was sitting on the carpet close to her way stretched out and caught her leg. At the same time the black guy let my wife lick and suck his dick. First, he rubbed that stuff to his dick and then her ass hole while the other guy was fingering her pussy and sucking her hanging 34C tits with big nipples. The shortest guy approached her from back and rubbed his dick to her small ass and slowly entered her virgin hole.

An Air Tight Fantasy Comes True

group Save the World 2018-05-03

The head of the cock push forward and for an instant she thought it wasn't going to work. Willie doesn't hesitate as he realizes this is going to happen just like his little mind was wishing. By the time you look back to Willie, you see a very long, very slender cock growing in his hands. It may have been hard to bring you to an orgasm on occasion, but the wine, the story, the cocks -- it's all just too much and you start to cum. Willie and Jordon look at each other for a minute and then Willie says, "Yeah, I think I can bring him and a few others who know a lot about these kinds of things.

The Pussy Cafe

group REDnMIST 2018-05-03

It didn’t matter how I came into contact with these men, online or offline, there were men desperately wanting to select what they need from my café. In a few days, my life of boredom was spent using all of my free time with my legs open letting any man enter the café and use it. The most customers my café served at one time was when I went to a small town in Sweden, Dals Ed. There were not any available women for men to fuck. Amazing after having thousands of dicks in a week, my pussy still felt overwhelmingly hungry as if it wanted my body to be a slave to it and I should live out my remaining days on my back with open legs.


The Swimming Pool

group sandoula 2018-05-03

Girls this is Jack, my gardener." They were introduced, as Barbara, Mary and Louise. I didn't have much time to ponder on this because Barbara and Mary stopped stroking each other's breasts and joined me in the pool! I had the wonderful view of watching Louise's delicious bottom moving up and down Georgina's body. Louise kissed her way slowly down Georgina's body to her pussy. Barbara and Mary positioned themselves within my sight and Mary slowly applied sun lotion to Barbara, but my attention was soon brought back to my own body as I could feel Louise's hand beginning to massage my butt! Sensing this, Louise slowly slid her body forward and her nipples rubbed against my chest.

Captain Cook's Cruises Ch. 01

group techsan 2018-05-03

Turning to the pilot station, I set the computer to calculate a ten hour sail, since sundown would not be complete until after nine o'clock at this time of year. She took hold of the wheel as if she had experience at sailing and although she let it drift a couple of points to port, she soon corrected it and had us back on course. Ellie sat on the short bench facing the pilot station and we sat for a time just enjoying the fresh salty smell of the ocean air. I felt the autopilot shifting the sails and turning us in a southerly direction so I got up to go topside to verify that it made the right course corrections.


Rudy and Gurt Celebrate Christmas

group DickClifford 2018-05-03

Rudy pulled Daniel closer to whisper cheek to cheek, pushing his body against Daniel's and his left hand free to stroke Daniel's chest muscles straining against his shirt. Leaning over the rail for a better view, Gurt found his body pressed against Bobby's: his chest pushed against hers, his crotch responding to the pressure of her butt against him. Glancing down, Rudy's eyes met Gurt's with a definite smile, as Rudy pushed his hand down to massage Daniel's crotch. Lowering herself onto Rudy's oversized manhood, Bobby gestured for Daniel to stand in front of her so her lips could caress his cum-soaked dick, while Rudy took up position behind her, with his bean pole pushing into her wrinkled ass hole.

Sex at Work Ch. 5

group JenJo 2018-05-03

I locked his door and turned on some music and started to strip as I am doing that I tell Ryan "that I'm not going to do see Rick and Jerry again and that the lock on my office door needed to be changed." While I was stripping I assumed that Ryan got hard because the next thing I knew Sheila is unzipping Ryan's pants and taking his prick into her mouth. After a while he told Sheila to lie down and he plunged his huge prick into her pussy I decided to finger her clit and suck on her tits. Sheila decided to suck on my tits and finger fuck me while Ryan pushed his prick in and out of my ass.

Mrs. Montrose in Antwerp

group qhml1 2018-05-03

Time to go home. Is she staying here again tonight?" Serve us please. Serve yourself and join us. Ice cream, our favorite." Cherry vanilla, her favorite. "The next time you get a treat this will insure you don't have a mishap." "You get a special treat tonight. She looked at the clock and saw five minutes left, so she started running a bath. Stanley was almost dancing, as Chantal would slowly stroke him, then jack furiously for a minute or two. Thirteen years her senior, Edie began treating her like a surrogate child, buying her little treats, dressing her. Two months later Clive signed the contract for full assessed value, two million more than originally agreed upon, so the earl basically got the Spanish villa free.


Werewolf Adventures Ch. 05

group desire7 2018-05-03

"Now," He smirked while roaming his one hand on her breast before grabbing her pussy, "We'll fuck you like you deserve bitch." While the black man continued to plunge his fat finger in her pussy harshly with a smug look on his face, one other man tried to enter his finger also in her tightness. He needed to cum every time she fucked a man by getting sucked by the woman surrounding him to complete the ritual. With one hand he rubbed his cock from tip to end and from the other he rubbed her pussy from her clit to asshole, rubbing his cum carelessly while saying to himself like an inner joke, "Nice pussycat."

The Larkins Ch. 03

group ChristopherMaxwell 2018-05-03

The look on Donald's face made it clear to Heather and Kat alike that Kevin had given his blessing to the arrangement. Heather and Kat locked lips with Kevin in turns, their tongues becoming aggressive with him as they made out. Heather ran her tongue across her lips in lust as she thought of Donald fucking Kat and her again. She planned to have another turn with Donald while Kevin enjoyed Kat. Perhaps some time alone would be nice for the next session, with each couple using different rooms. "Baby, I have an idea for our next fun in the sack," Heather told Donald as they drank some soda from the two-liter that came with the food.

More Party Games

group shambles 2018-05-03

My guy must have had wonderful will power to hold back all that time, because I'd hardly fastened my lips round the rim of his knob and begun to suck him off, before his prick started to throb and thrust deeper into my mouth. I had my hand between my own legs, timing my own masturbation to his spurts, and squeezing along his prick and sucking hard on his knob, savoring the sweetness and swallowing greedily until I'd sucked every last drop of cum out of his sperm organ. After all the tension and the thrills that my cunt had been enjoying as six different guys frigged me, and the throbbing deep inside with every orgasm, the feeling as my vagina became steadily more filled with hot pulsating prick was the most delicious sensation of all.

A Slut Got Fucked Pt. 03

group bitch2015 2018-05-03

Dex, Jim and Max forced me to take the whole of Tom's cock in my ass. I started moving slowly up and down on his cock but Dex stopped me and positioned me at such an angle that he could fuck my pussy simultaneously. Both of them then started thrusting wildly in my ass and pussy, I was going to shout in pain but before I could shout I felt a cum soaked red ball of cloth was stuffed in my mouth. I cooked him dinner naked as vibrator in my pussy and the buttplug up my asshole kept stimulating me. Too exhausted to say anything, I fell asleep soon with his cock in my pussy ,the buttplug in my ass hole and my left nipple in his mouth...

Halloween Masque

group kinpatsu 2018-05-03

"Like a costume party?" I asked, becoming somewhat interested. "That's the last rule: you have to arrive in costume and alone, and you can't know what your partner is wearing. "I'm not sure I'm that good." I said as I slipped my opposite hand down her ass and between her legs. It wouldn't be any fun if it was the hostess who answered the door, because everybody would know at least who SHE was." Well, I suppose I could tell you but you don't want to spend your time talking to ME." He set his drink down and made a megaphone with his hands.


Bob, Beth, & Katie Ch. 01

group nicknak84 2018-05-03

"It gets my blood pumping." Katie grabbed my left hand and put it down on her thigh just above her knee and held it there as she hugged my arm and didn't let go. I was about to put it around Beth and give her a hug, but Katie grabbed it and threw it around her shoulders and finally placing my hand on her stomach. I was about to bring my left arm over to feel up Beth when Katie grabbed it and suddenly put it on her tits and mashed her nipples into me hand. "Fuck, that's hot!" Katie said, pulling away from my dick and once again pumping it with her hand.


Three Is Not Always A Crowd

group sam3 2018-05-03

Although the massage had been very good Alice had noticed that every so often the girl would linger on her ass and began slipping her hand between Alice’s legs. Alice was little disconcerted at first but when she looked at the girl she noticed she was breathing quite fast and was stroking her tits with her other hand. I thought that it was time that I began to get more involved so I knelt behind Alice and, putting my hands up her skirt, pulled down her knickers. As I did so Kate slipped her hand up Alice’s skirt and carried on finger fucking her. Kate quickly got on her knees between Alice’s legs and started licking and sucking on her dripping cunt.

Crystal Clear Ch. 18

group Romantic1 2018-05-03

There'd be a buildup of the music, from simple chords on various instruments, to the entire band playing the song's intro, and then Crystal and I would come racing down different aisles, climb opposite stairways, and move together at stage center, just as we needed to start singing. When you hear this song end – and in no more than ten minutes from right now – I want you to get Crystal and the band members off that stage and running, and I mean running to the other end of the stadium.


Jassy's Story Ch. 2

group Jassy 2018-05-03

I had no thought now of licking her, my body continuing to twitch, in fact in falling forward I slipped away from Adrian's cock and away from Katie's mouth, my juice filled cunt below her breasts, and my head on her knees. It was only seconds later when I felt the bed move as Adrian lay beside Katie, my eyes opened as he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. As I continued to watch Adrian began sucking on her lips first one side then letting it slip out to lap the tissue with his rough tongue, before moving to repeat the process with the other side.


The Club part 3 - the dark room

group little_devil 2018-05-03

Now, I cannot tell all that has happened there, because my wife had to explain me after the fact what she did enjoy, I can only believe what she told me because after about 10 minutes in the room.... So we entered the room, and start enjoying the smell and the noise. So we sat on one of the sofa and i quickly got down on my knees to lick my wifes' pussy. I ventured a hand on her pussy, she did react positively, so I got a finger in it and start playing with her. I quickly "got dressed" (condom) and start to fuck her. we fucked each other badly for a while and got out of the room.

The Limousine

group misspandp 2018-05-03

'My name is Tony' the dark one said 'And he is Marcus.' 'Would you like a drink?' Marcus asked at the same time handing me a drink. 'This slut is so juicy, I think she wants a good fucking!!' 'Are you a slut and a wanton tart?' Tony asked in a voice that had now passed the point of reason. 'Well!?' Marcus asked ' Are you a slut that wants fucking?' ' Oh Yes! I'm Richard's tart and I do what ever he tells me to do and I know he wants you to fuck me!' 'Suck this!' said Tony as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

Brooke & Mary

group BrazenSlut 2018-05-03

I sat and watched as Mary laid Brooke on the floor, stripped her of her underwear, lifted Brooke's skirt and ate her hot pink pussy. Then all at once that big slippery cock was shoved in my asshole and I felt a long tongue enter my pussy alternately lapping at my hole and sucking my clit. I felt Brooke pull the cock free from my ass and suck it clean, then she stuck her tongue in my backdoor and scooped out the cum. Both dildos were being shoved in and out of Brooke's wide open asshole while four of Mary's fingers fucked her pussy shallowly so her cum splashed like droplets of rain.

Kinky Birthday Surprise

group stephyoung2 2018-05-03

Jack, seeing Devon's face in my pussy beginning to lick me hungrily and Chris's dick up my ass fucking me hard, felt his own dick get harder. As Devon kept on licking my pussy and Chris kept on fucking my ass, Jack started sucking on my tits harder making his bites a little bit more aggressive the hornier he got. Devon could hear my moans of pleasure as I got fucked by Chris, licked by him, had my tits sucked by Josh, and my mouth filled with cock by Steve. I felt my orgasm hit me and all I could do was thrust my pussy as hard as I could up into Devon's tongue so he could lick my clit quickly and taste my cum juices.

Kink Night Ch. 02

group Lethaine 2018-05-03

Also they want to you to enjoy your long weekend and pending the client's reactions to the projects there will be more news on Monday for your team!" Flashing a blinding smile she wished us well and went back to the upper offices. Lets get inside and cool off a bit before we get cleaned up and start getting the basement set up." I grabbed my duffel and followed her into their kitchen. "Ok let's head to the basement and start getting everything ready." We made our way downstairs and every step was a burst of pleasure as the plug rubbed all the right spots and my balls swung as they began to grow heavier and heavier in my excitement.


Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 03

group Sweetcheekss 2018-05-03

His right hand had slipped into the front of my panties, slowly massaging my pussy. Mike had a great body, large upper chest, broad shoulders, a very slim waist and muscular legs. He looked into my eyes, slowly and passionately kissed me, slipping his tongue inside my lips. Mike's right hand was massaging my pussy through the fabric of my damp panties. Mike's hand stroked down my right leg pulling it up till my knee was bent. Mike pulled my panties slowly down my legs till they were around my ankles. His strong hands held my legs apart as he pressed the length of his cock into me slowly working it back and forth.