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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Off At College Ch. 07

group BarbT 2018-05-03

Looking at my empty glass and Shelley's nearly empty glass I quietly said to her, "Let's go it some re-fills." Then turning to Jesse I added, "Soldier, Shel and I are getting some more wine, would you like another?" I kinda figured that the big bad soldier might expect to have his way with the peasant girl." With that I loosened the girdle under my tits and opened my purse to pluck a condom for Jesse's throbbing cock. I'mmm almost there." We both continued to fuck and my mind was so focused on Jesse's mouth sucking my tits and his cock implanted in my pussy that I did not hear the bedroom door open or Nick, Jesse's roommate, come into the room.


Island Fever Ch. 40

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-03

"Devvy and I, and Amy, are going to show you so much love and affection over the upcoming days, weeks and months," Kristanna vowed to Trish. "You girls want me to spend time and focus all of my energy upon Lindsay during her last few days here." Lost in thought for a moment, I shook my head and continued, "I don't think I can. Lindsay declined, saying she loved her family and did not want to live apart from them, so Trish promptly offered to relocate to Cincinnati as long as they could be together. After my discussion with Kristanna, Devon and Trish - where they convinced me to spend the majority of the next few days with Lindsay - I made the long trek down to the recreation room to find her.


From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: Taking Dares to Share

group glendale22 2018-05-03

As the boys paused to look and let the others see, Lisa said, "I wore this set on purpose, figuring that everyone would like to see me in it. Standing there nude and stimulated, Lisa said, "Let me tell you, Cindy, that was getting stripped, not undressed, and I love the difference." Before Lisa and Jack could sit down, Amy suggested, "You two should stay there and help strip Cindy and Steve and Jay and Kate." So when the girls let their hands comb through the hair on Steve's chest, and when they finally exposed his hard penis, held in their hands, Cindy saw it all without quite feeling the full excitement of her boyfriend's full exposure.


It's What You Wanted, Isn't It?

group RonRyder 2018-05-03

You'd think it was a crime asking a woman whether she likes sex. 'The only place you're likely to find the woman you're looking for is in a bar.' Right? "D'you like sex with two women, Ron?" Angela continued. "I'm good at guessing," the girl said, looking at me full face. "So drink up," said the girl, draining whatever concoction Joe had served her and looking at me expectantly. Dimly, my eye picked out the breasts of the girl who rode me, her rib-cage standing out as she drove down, then up, then down again with ever increasing force, pressing my groin into the mattress, then releasing, all the while, my balls held firmly behind closed lips, tongued, sucked, at once pampered and tortured.


Staycation Ch. 02

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-05-03

"That's what we were counting on," Michelle said, and dropped down on the couch next to me and Tina sat next to Jim. Think clean thoughts, I told myself, and then realized I could look right down the top of Michelle's shirt and see both of her hard nipples. "Maybe one more," she said, taking the head of my cock in her mouth and giving it a gentle suck as she kissed it again. "Sorry, that's not on the game plan today." She backed away, and Tina quickly took her place in front of me, sliding my cock deep into her mouth and sucking it hard.

Dusti's Big Surprise

group Dr. Dusti Lee 2018-05-03

Alfredo had three video cameras pointed right at me-one on each side and one right down at my spread wide open pussy. I opened my mouth and took him inside my mouth and ran my tongue around the head of his cock as I felt his hands up on my breasts. We got so into this I forgot I have the senior Art Staff Faculty meeting scheduled here right now!" Alfredo said as four people walked into his studio on us. "Well, I guess she doesn't mind!" A voice I knew belonged to the Dean of Education (my Dean in my college) said. Mary reached down and French kissed me, taking out some of Alfredo's cum on her tongue, then she lowered her wide open pussy down on my face.

Dick Dallas In: Gymnas-Dicks

group FulBak41 2018-05-03

"and Sylvia" "Girls, this is Dick Dallas and Stanley." The two girls looked at each other and smiled and both licked their lips. Removing Cindy's hand from its grip around his shaft and replacing it with her own tongue she ran it up the length of his cock and began licking around the head, finishing it off with a kiss on the very tip. Emily's moans of pleasure from the fuck she was receiving from Dallas were muffled by Cindy's trimmed cunt. Cindy moved herself around and as Dallas left Emily's sopping cunt she began to lick both his and her friend's juices off of his softening cock. Emily, tired from her orgasm began running her fingers lightly through Cindy's hair and kissing her newfound love object.

What moms go through for their boys. Part 1

group 2018-05-03

He noticed a white stain on her skirt "You spill something on yourself?" Jackie looked at her skirt and started mumbling "Uhh yeah, at work of the new intern's is a clutz she spilled some half and half on me this morning." She grabbed a can of pop and said "I'm gonna go upstaris and change honey." John just nodded and went back into the living room. "Mom can I lick it?" Jackie put her fingers trough her hair and said in a mock c***d like voice "But honey, what would you learn from doing that?" Mike:"I dunno I just have a strong urge to do that." Jackie thought that if she let him see her pussy and finger it this wouldn't be that much more inappropriate so she nodded giving him the green light and he planted his lips on her slit.

A Fun Time

group 2018-05-03

I want every one naked." Pat and her b*****r stripped naked and Ron began to suck her tits and lick them but he also began to stroke her b*****r's hard cock. Fuck my cunt then I will tit fuck you and let you suck my big tits more." Ron fucked her cunt for a long time then told her "Get on your hands and knees and I am going to fuck your ass." As Ron shoved his cock in her ass and began to fuck her, her b*****r got behind Ron and pushed his cock in his ass and ass fucked Ron. Both cocks were buried deep in ass and fucking hard.

The Cock Star & The Cuckquean Ch. 02

group Rubirosa 2018-05-03

As the most accomplished porn star of modern times, Samson lives out popular male sex fantasies on a daily basis. At that precise moment, however, Olivia's warm mouth began tracing a slow gliding path over the sculpted contour of his left quadricep, continuing along the inside of his thigh with the destination of that journey rising into the damp air like a mythological tower. "Just one more time, baby," Anaïs softly purred, her eyes half-lidded, anticipation stirring her blood, her gaze on his towering erection as Olivia nibbled upon his fist-sized glans. He lifted Ava well over a foot in the air, positioned her pussy directly over the flaring tip of his cockhelm, and gently lowered her bottom a slow inch at a time onto his thick shaft.


The Initiation

group susurrus 2018-05-03

My wife lowered the picture, looked straight at me, and without stopping the hand at her pussy, said, "You'll find out. Becky placed me where she wanted me, then gave me a quick peck, saying, "I love you," then she disappeared, leaving me standing naked and blind, in - I assumed - the middle of the floor. Slowly warming to the idea of having another man's cock in my mouth, I started to move my mouth back and forth on the shaft, taking it in as deep as I could before I pulled back and let the head pop out of my lips. I'd never had the real thing in my ass before, but common sense said that no human being ever had veins in his cock that were that hard.


Grain Dealer -or- Invitation Only

group XXscribbler 2018-05-03

She was so tired that for the last couple of weeks she hadn't even given a thought to this trip's extended lack of male companionship. She watched Glenn pour the wine he'd just retrieved from the fridge in the corner of the big conference room. She sighed internally: the USA was one of her two big annual trips, each over six weeks long, each composed of a nonstop string of intense dealings with ranchers, agribusinesses, grain dealers. The other trip was equally long, during the southern hemisphere autumn, down south. Whatever the problems were here, in dealing with Americans from individual huge-landholding ranchers to big agribiz firms, she vastly preferred doing business, and how she was personally treated in the process, in America.


Tara and Jodie's Family.

group Trapper ak Bobby 2018-05-03

I felt her soft tuft of black hair tickling my ear and I put my lips to her one last time and tasted the new infusion of sweet, fresh nectar that came with her orgasm. We both spent hours discussing this and could not make ourselves comfortable with the idea of going to a clinic where Jodie would be impregnated with some man's sperm that for all we know could have been a convict. We started the second bottle of wine and were starting to tease a bit more and the conversation got around to Jodie and he teased about how he had never spent the night with a lesbian and we all laughed.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

group handyGman 2018-05-03

Lisa started pulling her head up and then pushing it back down, over and over again, jacking off my cock and using Jen's talented throat and mouth to do so. Whenever Lisa would hold Jen's head down on my cock all the way, Kristen would administer a loud smack to Jen's exposed ass cheeks, making her choke on my cock a little from the surprise. Then, with a gentle and steady pulling by Lisa's hand, I felt my cock head enter Jen's tight pussy, her walls squeezing and rubbing as I slid into her, inch by inch. Before my next spurt, Lisa had whipped my convulsing cock out and was stroking it to milk more of my orgasmic cum out of my shaft and all over Jen's spread pussy lips, her stomach, and her tits.

My Boss, My Master - Part 5 - Winner's Privil

group 2018-05-03

She held a large box in one hand and a bag from a steakhouse in the other, with what looked like a doctor's bag slung over one shoulder. I opened my mouth to object to the intrusion but she was already unpacking her bag on my dining table and she shot me a look that said that my bullshit was not welcome. The five of them - Mr. Smith, Mr. Evans, and three I'd never met - were seated on chairs around a high glass table, on which were coasters, drinks, chips and cards. I'm afraid my driver was late, so the duties of taking coats and fetching drinks have been handled, Lucy, but you're just in time for the first hand." He gestured to the floor under the table.

Callie and Rebecca Ch. 02

group Chaingun 2018-05-03

Her last orgasm had been loud and wet, courtesy of her friend Rebecca who had spent the last five minutes nibbling the blonde's snatch while fingering Callie's tight ass. I thought she was trying to "comb" it out of her way, but when I looked closer, I realized that she was grabbing small sections of Rebecca's pubic patch and actually pulling at it like she was trying to cause her pain. As Rebecca's orgasm hit her, Callie returned the favor that Rebecca had done her while eating her earlier in the night: she pushed a pussy soaked finger into the younger girl's quivering asshole. When Rebecca stopped shaking from her exerting bliss, Callie grabbed the wash cloth and wiped the liquids from her own face then gave her friend's box a quick swipe.


Elysium: Fever

group SecondCircle 2018-05-03

"That's perfectly fine, sweetie," Mary said, her back turned to Angela. Though it couldn't be helped, Angela began to feel ashamed of her own body. Mary turned and crossed the room, offering Angela a small glass and a polite smile. Mary took a seat on the sofa a few feet from her, crossing her legs and facing Angela slightly. Mary drained what was left of her drink, fetched the glass in Angela's hand, and set the two on a small table beside the couch. "Angela, I want you to do something for me," Mary said. "I can certainly help you Angela," Mary said with a grin. "But you just told me what you wanted," Mary said, her sly grin growing wider.


Chemistry 101

group theimperialmistress 2018-05-03

"Well, well, well, look at this, Rob. Sarah Martin was actually late to a class." The low, smooth baritone came from her right, drawing her attention away from the molecule she was replicating in her notes. Butterflies and hummingbirds started fluttering violently in the pit of her belly as Sarah realized that not only was he right, but that if she didn't do something quickly Nate was going to find out just how much she too was hoping that they didn't have to stop touching her just yet. Sarah had only a moment to feel the chill of the room harden her nipples even further before he covered her breasts with his hands, squeezing them firmly and rolling the nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.


Alex and Kyle Ch. 03

group michaeliam 2018-05-03

Like I said, I've watched that bitch suck that cock so many times that I became convinced that I could do just as good a job as she did." Alex smiled at me and I felt my cock start to stir again. I thought to myself, "What the fuck." And with that, I went down on my knees and reached up for Alex's cock as Chris and Sally clapped their hands and cheered. Chris and Sally were cheering us on and I felt Alex's cock start to expand. She smiled at me, took my hand and said, "Follow me." We walked out of the living room, leaving Alex and Chris behind.

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Foursome

group FrankSinner 2018-05-03

While Riley and Lucas continue their battle for tongue domination, Farkle reaches up to cup Maya's breasts, rubbing them while making her gasp into his mouth. Maya darts her tongue inside Riley's mouth while gently playing with her growing breasts, feeling her nipples getting harder. Farkle lies down on the bed as Maya straddles his face while Riley moved in between Farkle's legs and grabs his hardened 8-inch cock while Lucas is behind her and licks around her thin pink pussy lips. Farkle latches his mouth onto Maya's pussy lips and gently sucks on it and plunges his tongue inside her pink wet hole. Lucas slips his hardened member inside Riley nice and slow while Maya eases Farkle's cock and began to slowly ride him.

Swim Team

group aaardvark 2018-05-03

By Monday morning, the team had gone out of state to compete at the five day meet and no one was at the pool besides Coach Sammie, Brooke, and me. The minutes dragged by as my body churned through the water while my mind ran through the images of Sammie's cleavage and the erotic sight of Brooke swimming in a bikini. Not wanting to get hard, I pointedly looked away from Brooke's body but stiffened at the sight of Coach Sammie leaning over in a yoga pose that revealed the absence of a bra under her tank top. Sammie had presently recovered and came up behind Brooke stared straight into my eyes and with a little groan began to kiss me intensely.

Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 03

group wetwordmixer 2018-05-02

"Do you think they are sexy?" Gloria asked as she placed her hands underneath her tits and raised them upwards. I imagine she was probably going through a major mind fuck right now, and Raj no doubt was working doubly hard to convince himself the blow job was all a dream. "Have you thought about it at other times this week?" I asked as I started dripping the oil onto Katie's naked body. After two orgasms it was much better, but I got some weird looks when I came out and accidentally left my panties in the stall." As Katie made her last revelation, I began to massage her breasts and thighs, with each stroke inching my hands closer to her pussy.



group A_Jerotica6969 2018-05-02

I asked him if he wanted to have a little fun before his next flight, as I placed my hand on his growing cock. He took his fingers out of my cum filled pussy and had me lick them clean, still holding myself wide open for anyone to see in the car window. He took his wet fingers out of my pussy, and rubbed them on my clit, keeping the waves of orgasm coming. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it up and down my wet slit as he told Teresa what I had been up to today. I was cumming, too, with Dan's cock going in and out of my ass.

With A Little Help From My Friends

group ickric 2018-05-02

Jenny tried to cover herself but Andy had buried his head between her legs, his tongue and fingers probing at her, licking her clitoris, his fingers exploring her insides looking for the elusive G spot. Andy waited until he saw the husband go to the bar before knocking on Jenny's hotel room door. He turned to his mates and said "Who wants to get her bra off?" The short dumpy guy advanced on her, his eyes as wide as saucers. The dumpy one was fucking her hard, his hands on her tits as she laid on her back, trying to draw breath when the cock in her mouth permitted. Dumpy moved to allow Andy to take over, the second guy content with the sensation of being in Jenny's mouth.