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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Client

group njmgb 2018-05-02

You move from your chair to the side of the bed and pull out your cock, which is already stiff from watching the client eat my pussy so recklessly. He’s sitting back in his chair, watching me suck your balls, stroking his own cock which is beginning to become hard again. Supporting yourself with one hand, you slip the other between my legs and begin to stroke my clit in small, deliberate circles as you push the tip of your cock against my pussy. He is staring at my face, watching my eyes, knowing that I’m cumming, enjoying the sounds of my moans as my pussy convulses powerfully, sucking at your cock through the thin flesh that separates my ass and my pussy.

Roger N Me

group alberto52 2018-05-02

Using his cock as a come-along, Jan pulled Roger's now hard dick to her face and began to suck it again. After a few minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder and Jan said, "It's time for Roger to cut in." Jan kissed him and she pulled me up to her, kissed me deeply and tasted cum and pussy juice on our tongues. She turned her head and said to me: "Come inside me honey, doggy-style, OK?" I got behind her and slipped my hard cock into her pussy as she sucked Roger. Jan was wild, like I'd never seen her before and as soon as I'd finished, she turned around to suck my cock and positioned her dripping pussy toward Roger.

Lust by the Pool

group Monifaquoi 2018-05-02

His eyes nervously shifted back and forth as he tried hard not to stare at her breast. All of the men including this young waiter stared intently as she boldly placed her hand into the opening and took out a very large, very hard penis. She opened her mouth and lowered it over his head and began to suck his hard cock. Finally she felt a hard cock rubbing up and down against her the lips of her pussy. She felt two strong hands close over her naked breast and squeezed them tightly as his dick pounded her pussy into submission. She turned her head to protest, when she felt a new pair of hands on her hips that guided her dripping wet pussy onto his engorged dick.

86% orgy

Hairomatherapy Ch. 2

group belab 2018-05-02

Samuel is least bothered that his sexy hairy wife is about to be fucked by the massive Don as all he is interested is cramming more of his footlong oversized prick deeper into my mouth. Samuel than adds in an encouraging tone to his wife “Yeah fuck him completely Lisa look at this woman she has more hair in her bushy armpits than you too and look at the way she sucks my huge prick” Whether he needed her permission or not was immaterial but Samuel shouted “Lisa loves a cock up her ass and one in her pussy too but you can see I am fucking this hairy bitch so go ahead and impale her hairy asshole”.

The Party

group KAnneMeinel 2018-05-02

None of the men who had accompanied him gave him more than a cursory glance as they looked at the woman at the end of her chain who was beginning to feel the effects of her drinks and was moving sensuously. The men sat apart from each other their legs out in front of them spread slightly as they each watched the woman dance to the music, it was no longer soothing, it seemed erotic and each wondered what was in those drinks, what had they eaten that the boners they all sported were now so hard in their boxers. "Touch us" the master ordered and Tanya began on the far right touching the firm young body of the man nearest her and caressing him, kissing him gently, slipping him a little tongue as she aroused him further.


A Night Of Tall Tales

group tightie 2018-05-02

With my hand down her panties, Andrew came up behind us and slid her panties off for me, for then I really was fucking her hard with my finger, Andrew came up started rubbing on her and then feeling up my thighs...I began to move with Lorraine in a thrusting move...I could feel Andrew slipped his two giant fingers inside my tight pussy, I moaned so loudly that Lorraine stopped and looked up at me and grinned back at Andrew. Andrew pulled out his 6" hard dick, he slapped it around my the lips of my wet pussy, I put my hands on his back and started to rub down, grabbed his ass and pushed down where he thrusted his huge member inside of me.

Hallucinogenic Aphrodisiac Tranquil

group sam_pool 2018-05-02

She lowers her glistening vagina an inch, her shining smooth outer lips are just above my nose and her pink puckered arse hole is in sight, I can't resist it, I stick out my tongue and run it up and down first her outer lip on the left and then the right, I feel her sigh against my genitals, her soft pink inner lips are protruding, I lick the edges of them and they seem to open up, she's spreading her cheeks so I can see right into her wet cunt. An erect cock appeared above me and moved towards the gaping vagina I was licking the clitoris of, the oiled helmet rested against her hole two inches away from my tongue, then slowly entered, sliding inch by inch into her now dripping pussy and started to slowly fuck her, his smooth balls sliding on my face with each stroke.

Bottoms Up Again

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-05-02

Sally rushed to join her and my cock was now as stiff as it could possibly get from having two Southern cuties suck my dick so hungrily as a team. I want to feel both of your mouths on my dick, licking and sucking away at it," I instructed the young man. Shannon, same principle, suck his dick like it's the best thing that you have ever tasted in your life and you never want it to leave your mouth. You won't regret it, Master!" Sally agreed enthusiastically, planting her sweet twat on my mouth for me to begin licking away at it. I want to start breeding you ladies as soon as possible," I grinned at them, "though, of course, Mary and Belle are already in the family way.

Tonya Has Her Package Delivered

group 1RedRider 2018-05-02

As Brad teased her thighs and pussy with his fingers, Eric worked his way around the chair to face Tonya as she continued to caress her tits. As Brad continued to kiss Tonya he slid his rock-hard dick into her waiting pussy. As Brad rhythmically stroked Tonya's eager pussy, she continued sucking Eric's dick until he couldn't hold back any longer. When Brad felt her pussy grabbing his big dick, he exploded inside her, filling her with his hot cum. Before she let Eric fuck her, Tonya wanted to taste Brad's cum. While kissing her, Eric slid his dick inside her pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Eric put his arms around Tonya and lifted her out of the chair, all the time stroking her pussy with his dick.

Sex Surrogate

group midnightfalcon 2018-05-02

All I had to do was put my hand over my cunt and let my index finger stroke my clit several times before I had one hell of a breathtaking orgasm. I took another deep breath and sort of questioned, "Troy?" He nodded and asked back, "Cheryl?" I stared at him and mumbled. When he abandoned my throat, his lips moved down and his mouth captured my breast and its hard nipple. Now he took his hand off my breast and I felt his fingers slipping between my outer lips and parting my inner pleats and folds, exposing my humid womanhood. First I felt his warm breath, then, from very low, almost at my ass, his tongue swept upward and I felt the mentholated wetness of his mouth kissing my inner lips.


My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 05

group Plato 2018-05-02

"Put the coffee down," was all I said as I reached under his robe, feeling his hard and dripping cock. Like how hard and fast he was going?" And I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock while I gently cupped his balls. His cock got bigger, he grabbed me by the hair and fucked my mouth just like I had fucked his wife's pussy a few minutes before. The only person who was freaking out at the moment was Steve who was getting serviced at the breakfast table by his wife and his bisexual lover. Steve pulled me up off his cock, "Good morning," he whispered and he kissed me deeply, tasting himself and his seed as his tongue searched my mouth.

Fun with Wife's Friend Continues

group hornyhubby 2018-05-02

I realized one of the guys sitting alone at a table got a clear view up my wife's dress and I'm sure he could see her pussy clearly. She looked at him with a sexy grin, and said "no thanks, I'm going home with these two for some incredible sex." The guys mouth dropped open as we left some cash on the bar for the drinks and walked off holding hands. Just as I was thinking itI couldn't get a better, I looked over and realized CJ has started playing with my wife's pussy from around the seat. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and came again, I'm sure having just managed a few drops for my 4 cum of the night.

Three People, No More Excuses. Ch. 02

group irvlyn 2018-05-02

Jen had cum as explosively as Kit only moments before him, and then another time, as she watched him shoot his hot juices into Anita's enveloping mouth. Doing as she was told and responding to Jen's wanton innuendo, Anita slowly, teasingly rolled her body toward Kit and lifted her leg over him, pausing to fully expose her pussy to his narrowing eyes. Jen paused, again reaching between Anita's legs to gently stroke her pussy with Kit's now-throbbing cock. Kit's head was thrown back on the pillow in oblivious ecstasy, his hands kneading the fleshiness of Anita's heavy tits, stopping only to let his fingers twist and tease her stiff and hardened nipples, grown nearly twice their size from the cascade of her coursing blood.


group 2018-05-02

I felt him roll on top of me and his big thick cock rammed deep into my cunt and he began fucking me hard as she moved my hand down to her pussy and I took no time rubbing her clit before I pushed two fingers in her cunt and shoved them deep and gave her a rough finger fuck. But he did not pull that big dick out he kept it in my mouth and I kept sucking as the wife now had three fingers in my cunt and her tongue in my asshole fucking both holes. As I fucked his ass I grabbed his dick and began jerking it hard and fast and the wife took the time to finger fuck my cunt as she rammed my ass deep with the fake cock.

Vegas Initiation

group bscrazed 2018-05-02

The second that elevator door closed with just the three of us inside, Jessica turned her back to me and started kissing her husband. Jessica sat up with her treacherous smile, held my head with both her hands and before I could react in any way leaned in and kissed me. Mark had positioned himself with the pillows lifting him up and Jessica took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him slowly. When Jessica interrupted her sucking to kiss me next, I leaned in before she did and we did kiss, but this time the kiss was intertwined with Mark's dick and I gently kissed the head.


Nude Beach for Christmas - 3

group 2018-05-02

Next we moved to Heather and repeated the process only this time Nick worked her pussy from the front, me from the back and Rolf played with her tits until she had her orgasm. Rolf said they had another week and Suzette mentioned that they had a couple more days and hoped to they could still get together after Babs and I left and Heather pointed at Nick’s cock and said she hoped so too. I knew I wasn’t close to cumming yet so I continued to suck and work Suzette’s pussy and brought her to a second orgasm before I finally emptied my load into Heather’s mouth.

Season Finale Ch. 01

group Shunga 2018-05-02

So we had just the two girls, me, Glenda's husband Jeff as well as Bob, Johnno and Mike for what was sure to be a much more subdued Saturday lunch party at our home. Then the hems dropped back into place and, as the music gathered momentum, Angie turned to Glenda and slowly, in time with the incessant beat, unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it back. Normally, I would have taken the chance to look at Glenda's lovely full breasts, but my eyes, and the eyes of every guy in the room, followed those hands. As Angie brought herself and her show to a shattering orgasm in perfect time with the music, Glenda began to stroke the huge bulge in Jeff's pants.


Subway Seduction Ch. 02

group shez 2018-05-02

From this angle, Tyson could see Jinx pull her tongue out, and watched her slowly glide it along Rayne’s aching pussy. Jinx began to lap at Rayne’s clit like a puppy, as Rayne fucked herself with Jinx’s two fingers. She slowly wriggled her way underneath Rayne, and pulled Tyson’s fingers out of Rayne as she began thrusting her tongue in and out of Rayne’s leaking pussy. Rayne started to lick Jinx and let her tongue tease the inside of Jinx’s pussy. Tyson took his fingers out of Rayne’s ass, and pushed his cock down over Jinx’s face. As Tyson began to thrust in and out of her, Rayne pushed her tongue deep inside Jinx’s pussy.

Professor Grey's Anatomy

group Shade_Colbourne 2018-05-02

I reached into my pants and began stroking my cock as Mark face-fucked Pam while she held and teasingly fondled his balls. I don't want to cum yet..." Mark pulled his big cock out of Pam's mouth and shoved her face down into his ball sack while he began slowly stroking his massive hard-on. Mark reached back with his free hand and began to stroke my cock while he jacked his own, and Pam worked diligently on his balls. With one hand playing with his hairless balls and the other smoothly following my mouth as I simultaneously sucked and jacked his cock, Mark's breath began to come in short pants.

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 05

group temp171 2018-05-02

Dorothy stood up and said to the girl, "May I?" As if she were reading Dorothy's mind, she gasped out the word "Yes," and moved aside, making room for Dorothy to take her place, straddling Phil's face. Dorothy could feel her orgasm building, and she put all of her passion and expertise into sucking that big cock -- she was dying to taste Phil's cum. As Phil began to lick and suck Angela's pussy, Dorothy was too aroused to remain a spectator. Dorothy went for the nipples again, and then took Angela's breasts in her hands, offering them by turns to Phil's mouth, and meanwhile trying to position herself so that Angela's leg would rub against Dorothy's crotch.

Careful What You Wish For

group DarkMoon 2018-05-02

I’d be insanely hot and half drunk and Randy would almost have to fight his way out of the club with me hanging onto to him to our car. By this time they realized we were both drunk on our asses, and the other cop told Randy to get out. The other officer lifted my shoulders off the blanket, and slipped his finger inside my mouth. I jumped with surprise, and then seconds later was moaning as he sawed his fingers in and out of my ass and pussy at the same time. Saturday night they took me out in a squad car and Tim, a big Irish cop, held me naked on his lap with his cock inside me.

Game On Ch. 02

group erossmantic 2018-05-02

"Number one, your purpose this weekend is to pleasure me at my beck and call," she said with a resolute tone and sultry smile, reaching her long fingers to take hold of my rock hard dick. "I think it's time to go to the living room to play our first game, don't you Sam?" Danielle picked up her purse, reached down and took my dick in her hand. "When I hit start on this stopwatch, you're going to drop to your knees and begin licking my pussy until I give, soaking your face with my cum." My tongue continued to work its magic up and down her soft soaked pussy, focusing on her hyper-responsive button while I also gently stroked my dick to maintain firmness.


A Club Of Dangerous Delights

group Ug! 2018-05-02

She watched, and saw movement of bodies touching, a kiss, hands touching flesh, heads raised in pleasure, even the very occasional neck bared to someone's lips. Within moments, she felt him move again, and then a hard cock was pressing between the lips of her cunt, pushing slowly into her, and pushing her bare arse against the cold wall. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm, moving hard, slamming into her, and her legs left the ground to wrap around him, and she started screaming again, desperate for him to hear her pleasure against the throb of the music.

My Playmate Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-05-02

Courtney's light hair and pale blue eyes were flipping left and right to address the volume of adoration being sent her way so that she never lingered on any one guy for more than a minute, much less looked towards me. A ping-pong table in the back of the lounge also caught my attention, and with Courtney's encouragement I challenged one of the new guys to a friendly game. Then spreading her legs, Courtney lifted up her skirt to prove she had gone without panties for the entire day, and a juicy wet pussy was now staring me in the face, covered only by a thin strip of blonde fuzz neatly trimmed and pointing the way.