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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naked Nanas Negative Nude Day

group andtheend 2018-05-02

He hated having to wear confining clothes put on him by the conventions of a sexually retarded and emotionally dysfunctional society, a culture that restricted his freedom and choked his individuality from living his life the way he wanted to live it. His late wife, God bless her soul, who didn't subscribe to his nudist lifestyle, understood his need to be nude and allowed him to live his life naked without complaint or comment. Those who exposed themselves in public, for that one day in the year, had no idea what the Nude Day holiday did in disrespecting the lifestyle of living life naked, as a nudist.


The Howling Wind Ch. 02

group TheyCallMeDelly 2018-05-02

As my hand landed on the door lever, Dane fluidly wrapped his muscular arms around Ava's rib cage, swinging her body over his broad shoulders. "What are you horny, dirty old men going to do with an innocent, little girl like me?" she teased, pushing her right index finger seductively through her pink, smooth lips. A groan slipped from Ava's lips as Dane continued teasing her aroused body. As Dane stood, with his flaccid cock swinging between his legs, Ava was striving for her sixth climax. I couldn't clearly see from my angle, but as soon as his head was in that spot, Ava erupted like a windup toy, thrashing underneath Dane's tongue.

Barb and I Part 3

group j-birds 2018-05-02

Barb smiled back and we went over to Jan and Mike and Barb reached up and took hold of one of Jan’s breasts and lowered her lips on her breast and licked her erect nipple as she squeezed her firm breast. Mike backed away and let Barb continue to pleasure Jan with her tongue as she massages her breasts Jan then removed Barb’s blouse and bra and then massaged Barb’s ample tits. Mike went back over to the women and rubbed Barb’s ass and Barb then reached over to Mike’s crotch and squeezed his manhood.

Visiting Our Little Secret

group AdorableAurora 2018-05-02

My eyes just about popped out when I felt her big toe hook through the leg band of my panties, push their crotch out of the way and then poke right into my surprised pussy! Just as the hand was finishing with our resounding victory, the returning player said, “Sophie’s waiting for you Karla,” to which she responded, “I can wait a little longer so let Jillian check out the goodies and while I teach Aurora here our house rules for Euchre.” After about fifteen minutes of intense card plating and constant under table “board talk” my dear friend returned and told me it was my turn to see Sophie’s wares.

A trip to a club

group 2018-05-02

We then took turns fucking her, she came several from the combination of two different cocks , soon he was cumming deep iside her hot pussy , when he pulled out you could see a small string of cum from his cock to her pussy lips.I then got down between her sexy legs I could smell. The hot sex from her pussy , I started licking and sucking the fresh cum , mmmm it was so good . By this time our play partner woke up and joined in we switched places and now he was fucking her hard n fast .I could see his cock sliding in and out her juices covering his cock with our cum from just hours before , my wife then grabbed my cock and stared sucking it ,soon he was picking up the pace then he let out a groan .

My Awakening

group Amy Part y Girl 2018-05-02

She opened one box and took out a pair of red 5-inch stiletto heels with sexy thong straps that wound around the ankles and calves. With the loud music pounding, Janie and Don lay down, and she spread her legs wide and put her high heels up in the air as he played with her pussy opening with the head of his big cock. Alan's tongue caressed both pussy lips for a few seconds that seemed like minutes, and suddenly it just barely tweaked my engorged clit! Alan had gotten up from between my legs and had moved over to Janie's face and now she was eagerly slurping his still hard shaft, savoring the combined taste of his jizz and the juices from inside my own pussy.


Amy Downstairs

group litpervgrrl 2018-05-02

"Okay," I said as the door shut fatefully behind us, "but if we're going to be friends, you've got to stop calling me 'Mrs. Katz'. Oh God. My clit, which had been obnoxiously perky ever since Amy had said 'Hello' suddenly swelled up like a hard pink pencil eraser. "So how was it?" I asked once we were both inside and the door was shut, "To kiss a girl?" I could feel her eyes on my naked body, and I blushed once again. Then her soft, sexy, still a little bit shy tongue was running up and down my swollen, hungry crack, making me jump every time it met my clit.


The Strip Club Ch. 2

group Fritz 2018-05-02

Barb put both knees on the chair seat, pulled her skirt up over her naked ass, spread her legs a little, and brought her fingers up to part her pussy lips. Debbie took Barb by the arm and whispered to her that Rudy was a little embarrassed by the size of his manhood. Barb's eyes got big, as Debbie explained that he was afraid that people would think he was abusing his petite wife with such a huge cock. Debbie took hold of Barb's hand held it against her shaven pussy lips. Barb's eyes were glued to the immensity of Rudy's manhood, as she started fingering Debbie's clitoris. Barb took her hand from Debbie's pussy and brought it up to her lips to spit out the precum.

The hot neighbors (first bi)

group bufffreak 2018-05-02

Stan and I moved to mixed drinks and Nancy laid down to tan Cindi and I had talked about experimenting but I got the impression she wasn't ready as Nancy ran her hands down my chest Stan took me in is mouth. Nancy asked how Cindi stayed fit as eh kept her hands on Cindi's butt Nancy moved close and kissed Cindi They separted a little and Nancy slid Cindi's top off "I love your tits"Nancy said as she played with Cindi. Nancy and Cindi kissed and played with each other's titties Soon Cindi didn't resist as Nancy puhed her back on teh bed and slid off her bottom Nancy slid next to her and rubbed her tits as Cindi recovered

Stranger in the Bedroom

group misspandp 2018-05-02

I inserted the dildo into Sue's cunt, and asked her who she would be fucking while she sucked my cock. As she suck my cock and fucked the dildo, I grabbed her legs and pulled them to me, caressing and licking her feet and toes, and allowing room for Colin to get into position for the change. Sue was starting to really get worked up, thrusting her pussy toward the dildo as much as she could manage, with her legs pulled back. On signal, I removed the dildo, and Colin moved up and inserted his cock into her sweet, wet pussy. Seeing her fuck Colin like this was more that I could handle, so I began to fill her waiting mouth with jets of cum.

The Interview

group DaisyMarie 2018-05-02

Because she was taken up so much by this she barely noticed the break in the kiss until Erica put her lips to the exposed nipple of Sarah's breast and her hand kneaded the other. "I want to suck on your tits." At that pronouncement Erica turned and winked at Michael then offered Sarah her full, ripe breast. Erica moved herself out of Sarah's reach and took her breasts in her hand. Erica reclined in front of her face with her legs splayed open and Sarah reached out with her fingers to touch the older woman. She pushed the young woman's face against her crotch as Michael reached around and stroked Sarah's clitoris with two fingers.

Home Early From Work

group berk1234 2018-05-02

After I made sure that every inch of your pussy was licked clean, I took off my clothes while doing my best to not let go of your clit with my mouth. When naked, I slid all the way up the bed and slid my harder than ever before cock into your soaking wet pussy in one long stroke. As we kissed for several minutes, I could feel you stroking your lover's cock with your hand. Since I am a guy, I could also tell by the way your lover was reacting that he was getting close to coming too because of the hand job that you continued to give him. As your tongue reached out and kissed your lover's cum off of my lips, I knew that I could not take anymore.

A Pair of Au Pair Ch. 02

group BookWurm 2018-05-02

More French flowed between the two of them and Christine raised her head to look at me just as Sophie bent her head down and took the other girl's place, lightly flicking the small flap with her tongue. The wet slipperiness of Sophie's cunt rubbing against my calf, the tingle running through my thighs as her hard nipples brushed against my thighs and the rush caused by her hand and tongue on my aching cock. To these sensations I added the feel of Christine's soft lips on mine, her hard nipples pressing against my bare chest and the amazing feel of her juicy cunt as I ran my fingers over her clit and down through her wet pussy lips to briefly tease her cunt opening before sliding further to press ever so gently at her puckered anus.


Three in a Tub

group Dogshark 2018-05-02

Just as I thought my eyes were about to pop out of my head, Kate slipped back down into the bubbling hot tub, hiding her lower half from view before leaning forward to slip the dripping wet costume down her legs and off completely, before sitting back up. It took me a few seconds to realise what she was doing, but when I did I almost came right then - Kate was looking intently at Liz sucking me, and she was definitely fingering herself under the water. Kate released my cock and sat back in the tub, resting her head against Liz's thighs as my cum dripped from her face onto her full tits.

Road Tripping

group fotisampini 2018-05-02

Mark reached under Chrissie and began to rub her sopping wet cunt with Mark buried his face in Chrissie's ass, his tongue darting all over her Mark was buried completely by the moan Chrissie released around my cock. pool with Mark, which allowed Chrissie and Todd get better acquainted. Chrissie point blank refused to let go of her cock, and dragged Mark I found Chrissie alternately working on both Mark's and Todd's cocks time Mark again filled her pussy with his cum. Just as Todd was about to cum, Chrissie said she wanted to taste his Todd said he didn't think Chrissie would mind if another girl came too, Craig, Brent, Todd, Mark, Chrissie and I were all to go over to Dawn's

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 24

group mountaincat4 2018-05-02

Reverend Mother told us that she had been apprehensive about the three of us sleeping together and having sex when I first suggested it but the meditation and the bathing and what we were doing now had, in just one day, made her feel like this was actually better than sleeping only with me. I was already half way to an orgasm when I said, "Suvarna take your mouth off me and tell Reverend Mother where I developed a taste for this kind of sex." We got cleaned up and went down to breakfast and Mitra said she wanted to get Reverend Mother started on a yoga program and it would be gentle stretching at first, changing as her pregnancy progressed so that by the time Victoria was ready to be born she would be as ready to give birth as she could be.


Chapter 01: The Journey

group sexymani1i 2018-05-02

As I walked into her house, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. As she pulled me into her arms, and we went into a passionate kiss that seemed to last for hours. She planted a very passionate kiss on my lips, and at the same time, Ashers came up behind me and started to kiss my neck. As soon as Caroline noticed that Ashers was behind me and I had nowhere to run, she started to unzip my pants. Caroline stopped licking my penis and walked behind me and started to kiss Ashers. My penis was getting even more erect as I saw my fantasy play out in front of my eyes.

The Battle for Brynhildr

group CopperSkink 2018-05-02

She then looked with favor over Hildy's breast-filled sweatshirt and gave her a most warm smile, a smile that she began to remember seeing from that same girl several times ever since she arrived, but she was too withdrawn to notice a nice face. She never dreamed a woman could make her feel that way, having only gotten the idea an hour earlier when her leader touched her breast and kissed her. Her lips parted at the insistence of the woman's tongue, and a flood of come held in her mouth was released, and Hildy swallowed it all, unable to resist, not wanting to. The blond dove between the red-head's legs, getting her off her feet, pulling her panties up just far enough, and attempting to jab her fingers inside.


Good Friends Give Good Head

group GreyGoose 2018-05-02

(I didn't dare tell them that their fantasy mates were open to threesomes!) Trevor and Matt found ample reward for their evening-long investments, however, in watching the two girls dance together—even though this usually meant that Kate and Rachel had given up on finding a man worth their time. Smiling at me as she rubbed my pants, her eyes seemed to speak: "I could gaze at you all night, darling, but wouldn't you much rather watch Rachel suck on Katie's neck?" Unable to fight it any longer, I chuckled, wrapped my arm around Melissa, and finally began to trust her.


Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 03

group sothickwidit 2018-05-02

I let out a grunt and forced my cock passed her lips into her mouth. I felt my orgasm bubbling in the pit of my sack and involuntarily thrust my hips into her face, forcing my rock hard cock deeper into the pit of her throat. Brent worked her mouth first while I went to town her sweet smelling pussy. Her nipples were piercing my t-shirt and I couldn't help wanting to feel those black pearls in my mouth again. Giselle said she loved sports and couldn't wait for the upcoming football season to begin. Her pussy started contracting and her body began shaking once I finally got all of me inside of her.

Late Night Office Fun

group BlondeLoveBug 2018-05-02

I stood up and the cleaning boy asked “me too?” “Of course, you too” Michelle said. I want you to eat me so good, that everyone in this building can hear me screaming because you’re making me come so hard.” She pulled her skirt up around her waist, again, pulled off her panties to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy just like mine, and sat on the edge of the table with her legs spread wide open. “Sit in the chair, and since cleaning boy wants to taste you so bad, I want him to eat you while you do me” Michelle said. Right then I felt two fingers pull part my pussy lips and his tongue took one long lick of my soaking snatch.

My Siren Pt. 02

group jakebarnes06 2018-05-02

Tanned legs, no shoes, white shorts - not tight, black sweatshirt declaring her love of the performer Meatloaf and failing to hide two substantial breasts, nice face, great smile, red hair tied in a pony tail and stuck through the hole in the back of a Cubs baseball cap, not skinny, not obese, about Karen's height, mid-40s I would guess. Like you, I've already fallen in love with this place." Karen's smiling and stepping closer to Peg. And sitting here with Karen and her bare leg's touching mine and every time she moved even the slightest, I got tingles from my toes all the way up to my pussy.


The Wedding Night

group diamondph 2018-05-02

As I thrust into Sue's body while exploring Jane's arse with my tongue, I felt Harry's hard cock push between my cheeks seeking entrance to my back door. When I pushed my finger into her tight little hole for the first time, Sue briefly broke off from licking her pussy smiled and blew me a kiss that said go on take my girlfriend's arse right in front of my face. As I started to fuck Jane, Harry removed his hand from Sue's arse and immediately thrust his rock hard cock all the way up her arse, the very same cock that a short while earlier had been pleasuring me was now well and truly inserted into my wife.

Parting Gift

group BiancaNoire 2018-05-02

Anatoly liked me in tight red dresses and big hair. To be fair, Anatoly liked me in his Armani dress shirts, but the men he entertained in his hotel suite liked me in tight red dresses and big hair. I reached back for the zipper of my dress, but Val held up a hand. I held out a hand, which Dmitri took to steady me as I stepped out of the dress. The big man took the red dress from my hands and laid it carefully on the chaise. I moaned around Val's cock, sliding wetly in and out of my mouth, when Dmitri pressed a thick finger against my slippery flesh.